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What if in a scenario at the end it says that all characters get boons equal to cards in the AUCTION PILE?

I just played a scenario where all unaqurred allies or other cards were put in an auction deck. At the end of the game it says characters can total the amount of cards in the auction pile and aquiree that many boons of any type for those characters. Does that become my new permanent hand?

And what if it says (one of the characters gets a certain weapon)? Do I discard from my deck to obtain it?

I figured it out!! Those are additional cards that are allowed on the back of a hero card! Now I have got it!!

I think it seems impossible to win this game by playing with barriers and
scourges. I already mixed my deck with the crimson guard cards. I think the only way to win is to put powerful cards in my deck and only use 0 cards for monsters and barriers. It is my game and that is how I want to play.

I have cards in my deck with the number 2 but will only fight monsters with a 0 or a 1. I mixed in crimson guard cards into my box of cards. I tried to play that way but some of those monster number 2 and 3 have like a 17 or 19 strength.

So yes the cards in my characters decks are of 0, 1, and 2. But the barriers and monsters I will only encounter 0 or 1. Otherwise it is suicide!!

When a character loses a battle with a monster and loses does the monster go in the vault(I have been returning it to the deck after taking damage). Maybe that is why this game seems so hard.

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The vault should only have cards in it equal to the level of the scenario you're playing and lower. So if you're playing a scenario with # = 1, then the vault should only have level 0 and level 1 cards in it (both banes and boons). When you begin Adventure 2 (# = 2), you add in the level 2 cards but don't take anything out. Once you add later adventures you'll remove non-Veteran cards of low enough level, consult the rulebook or storybook (don't remember which) for more details.

If you fail to defeat a bane, it gets shuffled back into the location.


I think that one of my problems is that I forgot about the use of blessings power to bless and therefore I hardly ever defeat a monster!

When you use a blessing to bless does it just add an additional die(let's say a 10 sided die) or is the +2 for melee bonus become +4?

I have not been taking advantage of melee cards (like 1d8)combined with a blessing with a 10 strength making it 2d10+d8!! I would roll a d10 and wonder why I never complete a scenario. Starting tomorrow Iamm going to start from scratch with Valeros, Amiri and Seoni with the first adventure again and then it will be more fun!!

One more question----if Valeros is fighting can AMIRI(THOUGH IT ISN'T HER TURN) use her blessing that reads(help comrades attack with an extra d12)????????

Since my deck will always be the same I have chosen cards that are number 1 and 2 even though they are just level. My reasoning is"I have to live with this deck for this guy's whole career"!

I am sorry for all the texts-----I read in the rule book about playing the game as you want(but with enough difficulty to be challenging). I decreased the amount of locations and changed the hourglass from 30 to 20.
If I fail to close all locations do I fail the game?

Please forgive my excessive emails. Someone tell me everything is cool.

A quick reply to your post-Skizzerz posts:

A monster only gets shuffled back into the location if you don't defeat it.

Blessings generally only add dice, not any modifiers.

Blessings can be played on any turn. More on the timing of cards can be found here: link.

The default way to win the game is to close all locations. So if you don't close them by the time the hourglass empties, you lose. If there's a villain, you need to corner + defeat the villain by the time the hourglass empties.

Have fun...

Thank you---I think I have the basic idea of the game. I will need your help when I get to the crimson guard.

Good luck. Some Crimson Throne clarifications can be found here: Link.

Hello! What is the poison trait? I couldn't find it in the rule book.

Poison trait is ... a trait. Just like every other trait. It only means something if a card says it means something.

So if a card has the poison trait, and a monster says it's immune to poison, then you can't play that card to fight it. But it only matters when something makes it matter, it doesn't have any built in "meaning".

Can I play my characters from the core set on the skulls and shackles card sets?

To add to my last text----could I buy rise of the runelords expansion decks and play my core set characters?

Yes, you can mix and match characters between any of the games. There are some conversion rules if you're using old-style (Skulls or Runelords) characters with the new (Dragon's Demand/Curse) games. And generally speaking characters that come in the box are going to be best in that box (because each box has its own specialized game mechanic, and the characters from it are often designed to work with that mechanic). But once you get good at the game and want to mix/match a bit, you can certainly do that.

Since I already have the core set do I really need to buy the rise of the runelords base set or can I just buy the expansions?

If I buy all 6 expansions of the runelords will I be able to play characters from the core set? Do they have adventures in the expansions or just cards?

That is my main question: Do the expansions have just cards or adventures like dragons demand?

The Adventure Decks for the first four Base Sets have one Adventure's worth of Scenarios on cards in the format those sets used. They also have the new banes needed for those Adventures as well as new boons for the characters.

Those Scenarios, however, were designed knowing that you would have the Base Set that goes with that deck. Thus you may be missing cards that are needed to play the Scenarios, like Locations, Henchmen, and any set-specific Support cards.

You'll also be missing the first Adventure for each AP; those came in the Base Sets.

So if I bought the rise of the runelords base set could I play my characters from the core set in the adventures in runelords?

How similar are the rules about the core set and the rune lords set?

I won't get to the Crimson game until next April but instead of playing the harrow deck I will play it like dragon's demand. I don't get the harrowing.

The rules are not a whole lot different even between Core and Rise of the Runelords (the first set). There are a few major differences, but mostly they're things that were added to the rules by Core - so you just wouldn't need to worry about them. (The biggest exception probably being "one boon per type per player" in the old sets.)

However, the card design is very different, and this is true across all card types (and even in the most recent pre-Core set, Mummy's Mask). From non-displayable body armor to lack of secondary effects on weapons and spells, no "on this exploration" effects for allies and just plain boring blessings... you'll find a lot of the conveniences you expect won't be there. Don't get me wrong, the old sets are still fun, but you might be disappointed if you're expecting the same experience as Core.

Would you suggest skulls and shackles base set?

And can I ignore harrowing in curse of the crimson throne?

What about ultimate intrigue?

It is really disappointing that PAIZO isn't making more sets for the core.

Do you think I should just go back and play all the old Pathfinder card games?

I am thinking about getting wrath of the righteous. If I did would rise of the rune lords been compatible with that?

I am thinking of getting wrath of the righteous. Are those cards the same size as the core set?

Is the wrath of the righteos more complicated than the new core set?

You can probably play Crimson Throne without the Harrowing, yes. It might be just a little harder, since you won't have the use of the Harrow cards, but I wouldn't imagine it'd make a huge difference.

All the cards are the same size and have the same back. However the base sets aren't really designed to mix together, so you would be in homebrew territory if you tried that.

Ultimate Intrigue is not an Adventure Path. It has only boons and no story scenarios. So if you want more story to play through... that's not it.
Of the card sets, only the four base sets (plus the adventure decks), the Core set, and the Curse adventure path have any story scenarios.

However, if you're looking for more story and don't care so much about more cards, you might be interested in the Society adventures for year 6, which are played with the Core and Curse cards and cost much less than the old adventure paths. You could also find out if there's a local Society group in your area.

If you're still looking into the four older Adventure Paths, Rise of the Runelords would be the simplest while the other three each add on unique rules to that base. I haven't played all the sets so I can't speak as to which of three add-on rule sets is most complicated.

(In my opinion, it's too soon to say they're not making more post-Core adventure paths - it's not that long ago that Core came out, in the grand scheme of things.)

Thanks. Is wrath of the righteous similar rule wise compared to the core set?????? I watched a playthrough of wrath and it seemed very much like the core set. In wrath are your cards your life like core?

All of the older sets have the same basic rules as Core, with only a few minor differences, as I've said. This includes such things as the deck that is also life, the hourglass timer, the villain rules in their entirety, the many different ways to play cards (except that reload was not a keyword yet, and recovery wasn't formalized), and how characters and character decks work.

The two rules differences that are likely to throw you at all are,
1. Locations don't cease to exist when closed
2. Each character can play one boon of each type, rather than the party as a whole

Other than those things, you can just assume all Core rules apply and while some will never come up, it shouldn't ever steer you wrong. (Unless I'm forgetting something, which I don't guarantee I'm not, but the point is, the rules are almost exactly the same.)

Thank you for answering me!! It is incredibly helpful to me!!

After I play all the adventures of Wrath could I use my characters from Wrath and play them in Rise of the rune lords?

Oh, are the cards the same size in all the sets?


Thank you for answering me!! It is incredibly helpful to me!!

After I play all the adventures of Wrath could I use my characters from Wrath and play them in Rise of the rune lords?

You can, but doing so would make you overpowered, and the game assumes you start a new character for each playtrough of each set. But you can use character cards from one set in the others, though some are rather specialized towards certain sets.

That being said, this blog describes how you could go from Runelords or Skulls and Shackles into Wrath: ongAwaited..

But I would probably recommend playing all the sets the ordinary way first.

Oh, are the cards the same size in all the sets?

Yes, to make all cards compatible with each other, they are all the same size, and all have the samme art on the backside.

I am really interested in Wrath of the righteous. Couldn't I play Rise of the runelords after?

Sorry-----you already answered the above question!!

Could some of the other base sets combine with the new core set?

I am thinking of playing Wrath and then play LOTR Card game. Yes, skipping rise of the runelords and skulls and shackles

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