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We are getting weapons? I will exercise my right to bear arms then!

The when wrote:
By coincidence, all of Pulg’s wives are named Brandy.

No, Brandy is my sister, a child, like myself (and my brother Pulgh), of Mr and Mrs Finegold. She married a sailor, called Walter Cord, who ran off to live a Life of Sin with Poseidon. As the song goes:

Brandy, you're a Finegold,
Walter Cord's wife you would be,
But he left for Labrador kisses,
With the sea.

I thought Brandy was a girl in a harbor town bar? a braided chain
Made of finest silver from the North of Spain
A locket that bears the name
Of the man that Brandy loved...

Sovereign Court

While you clowns are discussing such irrelevant topics, some bricks are drinking my private stash of my best alcoholic beverage! Do you know how expensive it was and how hard it is to obtain!?

Sovereign Court

Obviously you haven’t been pun-ished enough.

They're porous, Doctor, so it'll run right through them. Just get them to put a cloth underneath and you'll be able to squeeze it back into the bottles afterwards.

Sovereign Court

*Looks aghast with such a suggestion.*

No thank you, I'd rather give the soaked cloth to Nosferatu Fester Addams...

*Shivers in disgust.*

What a waste! Such good brandy, turned into filthy bilgewater!

Ducktron... dorktour... Buckfast Alpen... woshishname... Ballgirt? DOCTOR! Shnot a washte... Shlovely brandry! *Hic!* Shlovely. You know what you are, eh? Dja know, Smallpart? Yer she... Yer she... YER SHENILE, YOU ARE!!! Gerron back to the home and cash yer pension aharharhar.


Sovereign Court





Sovereign Court


I may look rather like a walking shtreimel, but no.

Sovereign Court

Your mouth says no, but your blue hair says yes!

Sovereign Court

I'm starting to think that The When lives under a bridge.

Technically it exists everywhere.

True, but I think it likes bridges best. Maybe it's part troll, or a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Sovereign Court

I believe Dr Wily is implying that the The When is a troll. -_-

Well, until I see a properly referenced and peer-reviewed piece in The Lancet, I'm not sure why I should believe him.

Sovereign Court

Reminds me of that Who song. I’m a troll, I’m a troll, but my ma won’t admit it. I’m a troll I’m a troll, if I say I am I get it!

*fires net gun at "The when" * ha!

Sovereign Court

Fires the net back. Ha! Yerself !

*Reverses time back at the when again!* ah ah flesreY!

Sovereign Court

.ti ekorb uoy won ,spoO


Sovereign Court

!norom uoY

!ti ekil I

Sovereign Court

!uoy dluohs rehtien dna,t'nod I lleW


Sovereign Court

!siht xif dna pu yrruh ,woN .seog ti woh s'taht tub ,yrroS

Sovereign Court

.si uoy nehw si era uoy nehw ;drawerof ro sdrawkcab ,tuB

…siht xif dluoc I

ew tsuj deen a doog emordnilap TACOCAT! Ok their we go all good now. I think.

You guys just didn't want me to have any fun.

I know, I know. Back to work.

Sovereign Court

Very good, now check to see if I've had any calls and launch this garbage at the mayor!

That falls under the category of taking coals to Newcastle, surely?

Sovereign Court

No, that's when I want to spend time in my autumn resort surrounded by my vast and wealthy collection of "black diamonds". Although, it would be Schism actually taking the coals there.

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I win!


Not any more!

Sovereign Court

No need to follow up on the previous comment.

Sovereign Court

Somebody get the snake a prize.

The prize is that it gets to put on a ruff and crawl through all Our trombones, thereby cleaning out 500 years' worth of Fairy Gunk, which it can keep, if it likes.

I thought those trombones sounded a little off.

If I had a computer brain, I could become super intelligent and take over the universe. But the universe if finite... so then what?

Well, if you ask me, then BEANS.

Sovereign Court

Remind me, is your title lord or president?

Sovereign Court

Both, obviously.

It will be prisoner!

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