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Sovereign Court

Someone was just talking about me, yes?

*Observes that Schism is trembling.*

Are you alright, Schism, or have you been stricken by a most foul ailment?

*Prepares examination/operation table.*

I have recently finished my research on Comte de Malodor. If you would please lay here, I'll begin immediately.

Sovereign Court

Time to call in Safety Cat! Dun tah dah dun!

Sovereign Court

You are a very weird little ball of gilded pyrite,you know that, right?

Sovereign Court

I know when to hold ‘em. Know when to fold ‘em. Know when to walk away... Know when to run.

Sovereign Court

Right... What actually happened to your cousin, The Win, anyway?

Sovereign Court

Mr. Grinch wrote:
Right... What actually happened to your cousin, The Win, anyway?

Good question. I don’t know. I’m not a cousin though. More like a cheap knock off.

Sovereign Court

Could've sworn it was a cousin of yours. I know that The How is a cousin of yours and that you have 4 siblings (The Who, The What, The Where and The Why).

Sovereign Court

Don’t forget Thin Lizzy.

I've been looking for you!

Sovereign Court

Oh no, quick, run for your life The When!

*Looks at Timemaster7.*

I guess we now know what prize he is after.

Sovereign Court

Are you mocking them, or are you being genuine?

Sovereign Court

Make an educated guess.

The why?

Smurf power!

Form Smurftron! or is that the wrong cartoon?

Smurf of omens, give me smurf beyond smurf!

Sovereign Court

*A great tidal wave rises out of the sea and washes over Pulg.*

Oh, sorry, I thought you said "surf". Live and learn.

Smurf-Malkovich. lol

Sovereign Court

*Dumps trash all over the little blue pests.*

Sometimes, it's just not worth making an effort.


A little help Boss?

Sovereign Court

*Gets infuriated.*

Bleeding hearts of the world unite!

*Effortlessly grabs Schism with one hand and pulls her towards safety.*

What's wrong with you? Constantly getting into trouble like this?!

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Sorry Boss.
I'm so focused on the task you gave me I don't pay attention to other things going on around me.

Sovereign Court

Well, next time be more aware of your surroundings. Not that I can talk though.

Carry on with... Whatever it was you were doing!


Very smurfy day.

Sovereign Court

Don't be so glum, chum. It can (and often does) always get worse.

*Vidmaster7 then suffers from whatever his version of "worse" is.*

See, just like that! Now that it has happened though, things can now only get better!

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Ack! More little blue creeps!

Rapid Fire
Whizz. Whizz. Whizz. Whizz. Whizz. Whizz. Whizz. Whizz.


Enemies eliminated.

Sovereign Court

Very good Schism, you've even managed to catapult all of the garbage.

*Gives Schism a headpat of approval.*

Now, back to the cave! We've got a lot more mischief to get up to!

*A sly grin develops on my face.*

There's only so many days till valentine's, and then we have to focus on St. Patrick's Day!

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Floats 2" off ground after receiving praise.

Give them a medal, Mr. Grinch, then see what they do.

Sovereign Court

Good idea!

*Presents Schism with a shiny medal.*

Here you go, I found this in Pulg's trash last week! I cleaned it up really well.

The Grinch’s cave fills with smurfs. The sound of lalas fills the air.

Sovereign Court

That didn't rhyme, you guys always speak in rhyme!

Sovereign Court

Like you don’t? One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

So is the Grinch seasonal or is this a new thing all together because January is almost over... just saying.

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Hits The When and Vidmaster7 agent of hydra each with a bag of dog doo.

That is Mister Grinch, and don't you forget it!

Sovereign Court

Why thank you, Schism, saves me the trouble of dealing with them.

And, in answer to your question Vidmaster7 agent of hydra, I'm a new thing altogether!

Seriously though, I did mention causing havoc on Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day.

Sovereign Court

Don’t mess with the Easter Bunny, Grinchie-poo. That bunny is too much for you...

Actually, thinking about it, most any leprechaun will be more than you can handle.

Maybe the feline with the stripy hat could help you.

Sovereign Court

No offense, but all I'm hearing from you is: "please throw stuff at me, Mr Grinch, I love getting attacked!"

Honestly, you'd be better behaved if GoatToucher was still here!

I bet ya'll thought I wouldn't find you here on the second post down but aha!

Sovereign Court


Sovereign Court




Sovereign Court

Fun fact: I'm came to this planet looking for intelligent life... I made a mistake.

Well if you would stop looking at the vampires...

Sovereign Court

It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.

HA found it!

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