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GM, would you mind setting up gameplay so we can get this game onto our campaign tabs?

GM supervillan wrote:

I have a tentative table split. Grimdog, tables will be better balanced if you can join the high tier, although if Gummy Bear or Otha want to play up that would work. I wouldn't recommend adding a Wizard into the high tier party that already has an arcanist and a psychic though.

I'm suggesting the following:

Low tier
Gummy bear's wizard 7
Otha's archer 7
Banesama's fighter 6
Top's sorcerer 5
Noral's bard/oracle 6
Shadow Dragon's paladin/hellknight 6

High tier
Gerald's psychic 8
Zin's oracle 8 plus bear
Phaeton's arcanist 9 plus riddywhipple
Yim's bard 8
Mike R's mouser 7

How's that look?

Low Tier works for me! Vosk can stomach playing second fiddle if he was playing high tier, but third fiddle?! :P

I have a level 8.1 Cleric I'd like to play.

Player name: Gummy Bear
Character name: Lutorinus Exsuberia
Character PFS number: 74244 - 8
Faction: Dark Archives
Day job: None
XP track: Normal

Lutorinus is NOT a healer. He is a Herald Caller of Lamashtu that summons creatures into flank with the frontliners, then throws out a buff or two. He has a rogue's skill set, capable of handling scouting and traps (regular/magical) quite well. In my experience, it is better to think of his table contributions as that of a rogue than a traditional cleric.

Hi :)

I have a level 7 Wizard I'd like to play.

Player name: Gummy Bear
Character name: Vosk Lazav ("Kiango" for reporting)
Character PFS number: 74244 - 15
Faction: Sovereign Court
Day job: Vosk forgoes a day job roll in favor of the Rising Star Boon (9-08), where he rolls Nobility vs a scaling DC (15 + 1/2 lvl) to earn progress towards becoming a Viscount (currently he is a Baronet). If he beats it by 10 or more, he gets two boxes worth of progress.
Nobility (DC 18): 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (13) + 17 = 30
XP track: Normal

Vosk's shtick is enchantments and when that doesn't work, he buffs the party. He brings some knowledge, spellcraft, and linguistic skills. His ideal situation is to bypass combat entirely with diplomacy/bluff though.

I'd like to dip my toes back into the world of PbP after some time away. Last time I played Starfinder was... 2017? And it was only for a handful of games. Is it alright if I tag along for this one?

I found Raging Vitality to be well worth the feat on my Invulnerable Rager. Dying or becoming fatigued because you dropped unconscious and stopped raging are both miserable.

The rest of your build would be impacted by your party and expected level, in my mind. The DR is great, but the extent to which you can sacrifice defense will be dictated by those two things. I was lucky in that I could have an AC of 16 (10 while raging with Reckless Abandon) for his entire career, but only because I reliably played with a dedicated healer who could get around his Superstitious Rage Power (Life Link, Channeling, Shield Other cast before raging) after about level 9.

How attached are you to an Earth Breaker? I'd advise a reach weapon and Combat Reflexes. Getting free attacks is a huge deal as a Barbarian, mine used a Lucerne Hammer.

This question is quite old, but one that's become relevant to me! I commit the ultimate paizo board sin (at least among those that can't get me banned) of thread necromancy to float this back to the top! ARISE THREAD, ARIIIISE!

Looking at the archetype and your build, you've no way of avoiding arcane spell failure chance if you put armor on. Avr mentioned "being armourless," but I'd just like to explicitly point out that even though you use bard spells, you lack their ability to cast in light armor. I don't know what your games are like, but any game I've played in, someone up front without a boatload of HP and/or a reasonable AC is going to have a bad time! Unless you finish everyone you hit with "one devastating shot," that sounds like a recipe to draw aggro to me. Just something to think about.

My Heroes! <3 :D Thanks y'all!

Is there a way to take a game off of the "Current Campaigns" portion of the "Campaigns" Tab? I know the GM can mark the character inactive for you, but is there a way a player can get it done?

BT, would you mind marking me inactive please? :)

Y'all are going to have a sick table :) Happy for y'all, enjoy!

Chronicle looks good and has been downloaded. Thanks Xave :)

Yeeeees, this is great! Thank you :)

I’ve been considering the Reclusive Curse for an Oracle of mine. My Google Fu shows that a decent number of people seem to think it gives a +1 to CL for spells that only target yourself, but the whole sentence is as follows:

“Instantaneous spells you cast only on yourself affect you as though your caster level were 1 higher.”

All the instantaneous spells I can think of you either don’t want to cast on yourself (fireball) or probably never would (dispel magic). My first thought when looking at this was to have a nifty little bonus for buff spells, but all of those have a non-instantaneous duration.

That leads me to the question: what spells actually work with this part of the curse? Either from the Cleric/Oracle or Sorcerer/Wizard spell lists. Alternatively, directing me to a spell search engine that still works and allows for a search by spell duration would be great :)

That’s totally fine with me!

Please don’t drop out for my sake, I’ll get in on another game :)

Anyone looking to start up a game for level 8 characters? I’ve got a summoning cleric with a roguey skill set that I’d like to dust off!

Eschie, FYI your ninja dot in Gameplay didn't seem to go through.

EDIT: The wizard I had in mind has already been through the Confirmation! That's what I get for all my excessive level 1/before playing at 2 rebuilding, glad I double checked! I do have an oracle that can join at level 1 though, and this would bump them to level 2! :D GM, would you mind marking my wizard as inactive for this game please?

Thanks for posting the list! I stopped counting replays after I hit six from the list, so as much as I’d love to, I don’t think it’d be feasible. Good luck!

Player: Gummy Bear
Character: Skjor Windrime (I'll probably use a pregen though, depending on party makeup)
Level: 1.0
Classes / Levels: Wizard/1
Race: Samsaran
Faction: Dark Archives

Things you believe I should know about your PC: Nothing worth noting at this level!
Are you new to PbP?: No
Have you played or GMed this scenario before?: No

I don't have a horse in this race, but I'm curious:

Does running a game solely for new players (whether that is PbP or PFS in general) count as an "open" game? No seats reserved, posted in an online lodge, etc., you just specifically ask for new players.

Tusk, the only thing that sticks out to me is that both characters are quite squishy. What do you think about toughness and/or redistributing any points into con?

D'oh, that's right Tusk, my bad. You mentioned work arounds for teleport before I thought of the problem! To that end (where we will need to be looking at consumables to solve certain things), what does everyone think about splitting cash an additional way to save up for when we need something? IME, gold is spent once it is split. This way, we'd just have X amount being saved for when we need a specific scroll (for example), or that we could pull from for anticipatory purchases (like remove blindness/deafness).

Just a thought. There are many ways to approach the issue!

GM, what are some appropriate Lore options for this AP (per the background skills)?

I think it'd be interesting to go without an arcane caster. UMD is probably worth the investment for someone with charisma though for those moments where we really want it, but it could make for a fun challenge. I agree with Cellion in that lack of divine is usually the bigger worry between arcane and divine. I suppose teleport is the one thing that is really hard to replicate, but we can cross that bridge when we get there :)

I'm opposed to the three action system (although it is looking like I'm in the minority here). As far as I can tell, it is an all around nerf to the build I have in mind.

Spoilered for Length (apparently my objections are many):

Specific to my build:
  • Bodyguard and saving shield look pretty nerfed. I'd get one reaction (2 when dex is 14 with combat reflexes) and then choose which to use (I'd just not take saving shield at that point, since it is a lower bonus and would therefore never be used). There would also be more attacks going around, which would make the reduction in uses more painful. With the normal system, I'd have another use of bodyguard and be able to stack saving shield on it for a big boost to AC.
  • Combat Reflexes takes a slight nerf (1+Dex mod vs Dex mod).
    Challenge, my only swift action, becomes a third of my actions in a round (used to be "free" since it isn't competing with anything).

    General questions/comments:

  • It seems like it nerfs haste. You get the extra attack, but still take the penalty for an iterative, right? IMO, that's not worth the spell slot. It is basically an expeditious retreat + bless with a lower duration at that point.
  • Echoing Cellion, it makes some monsters really strong. Anything with one brutal attack (not just damage, but with rider effects) just became way more lethal. PC's don't typically have those kinds of attacks. Especially touch attacks that deal stat damage/drain. Taking a -5 or -10 still makes it quite likely that you're eating three of those attacks in one round. The lowly shadow, already the bane of an ill-equipped party just became an absolute murder machine with up to 3d6 str damage a round. Even 2d6 is going to risk a one round death for every build that hasn't invested in strength.
  • We are keeping crits to PF1, right? Where we have to roll a certain number, not just get their AC +10?

  • If the majority wants to add the system, that's fine. I'll rebuild a little. The idea is the same, would just need to tweak some of it.

    Tusk the Half-Orc wrote:
    Gummy Bear wrote:
    [snip] He can't give the outflank feat to his allies (tactician is gone), but that means someone else could take it if they like and have a guaranteed partner! :)
    Gummy Bear, I think Zsofia (Sanduro's phantom) would be happy to take outflank or other melee combat teamwork feats anytime starting at level 7, once she's done with the combat reflexes/bodyguard/in harm's way chain. Sanduro is not likely to consider taking coordinated shot or another ranged/melee combo teamwork feat before level 11, so at least as far ahead as I can see she should have 1-2 feat slots open that could work to team up with you or another of our front-line fighters.

    That'd be great! :D It only comes in at level 10, so definitely nothing to rush into getting. With your Phantom going the bodyguard route too (no in harm's way for me though), is that a bonus that stacks? I think it does since it is via aid another, but something we'd want sorted by the GM sooner rather than later :P If they don't stack, I'd be ok with swapping to some other feat, but having two people able to buff AC's for different people would be nice anyways...

    Thanks GM! I'll take a look and maybe follow some rabbit holes :)

    GM, how would you like to receive the answers to your questionnaire? Should the other players know/have access to these answers, or would you prefer we keep them secret/for the purposes of discovery via RP?

    I'm glad you think so, it seemed like a very thematic choice to me, one more so than many of the others that the player's guide mentioned (I mean, actual ties to the lore, not just a passing mechanical relation!). On that note, does anyone know where I can find more information about Arnisant and all that hullabaloo? I'm sure there is wiki information, but I'm a little hesitant with doing a blanket search because of PF2 being the chance for the Pathfinder Universe to resolve AP events. I'd rather go to specific sources (I'll poke around regardless, just trying to mitigate risk!).

    Here is a build out of the current iteration of a Knight of Arnisant/Knight of Ozem build. Again, this is more of a defender than a striker that would want to be upfront with someone who could dish out the hurt!

    Build Plan:

    Human Knight of Arnisant Cavalier Order of the Dragon 8/Knight of Ozem X

    Str: 16 Dex: 13 Con: 14 Int: 10 Wis: 12 Cha: 10
    Traits - The Lawbringer, Indomitable Faith
    FCB - +1/4 Banner Bonuses

    Skills (4+Human -> 5/lvl)
    Climb/Swim/skills for aiding
    Acrobatics for 3 ranks/skills for aiding

    1 Combat Reflexes
    B Bodyguard
    B Shield Focus
    3 Saving Shield
    5 Missile Shield
    6 Covering Shield
    7 Power Attack
    9 Greater Shield Focus
    10TW Outflank
    11 Iron Will
    B Improved Shield Bash

    Level two is where the build picks up, since his aid bonus rises to +3. Level three is where it is in full defender stride, since he can boost AC as an AoO AND spend an immediate action to give an additional +2. Then some investments in saving himself with the shield, power attack, and a dive into Knight of Ozem from level 9 onward. He can't give the outflank feat to his allies (tactician is gone), but that means someone else could take it if they like and have a guaranteed partner! :)

    Hey y'all! :D I've met all of you except for Tusk, so nice to meet you!

    As far as builds, I'd like to sit on the frontlines if that's ok.

    I've been thinking that a Knight of Arnisant Cavalier (no investment in charging beyond what the class gives, so totally fine if the horse isn't around for a bit) from the Order of the Dragon would be really cool. They'd be defensive focused and invest in bodyguard/saving shield. Obviously they'd be able to hit things, but they wouldn't be winning any DPR competitions and would work best when there is another person to stand up front with them (to bodyguard/saving shield on!). Probably even better if more damage is coming from range too, as I'd imagine this character could "hold the line" well enough. Probably not right off the bat, but I'm considering taking the character into the Knight of Ozem prestige class.

    Other frontline characters I have in mind include a sword and board slayer or some kind of brawler. They aren't as developed as the above, but could get there.

    With Tyrant's Grasp being so undead heavy, I think it is safe to say condition removal is going to be important. As a party, we should probably have a consistent way to deal with that.

    It is impressive to have made it that far! :)

    5 is actually my preferred number of players, but I'm never opposed to a 6th. I'm ok with running while recruiting, or waiting to run while we recruit.

    What does the group composition look like without Dax? I know he was going for arcane trickster, but iirc Lebraerio can handle magical traps and Ilathor/Nylthe can do arcane magic too. I think ultimately we lost versatility, but can still handle the same type of situations as before.

    If we do try to recruit another, maybe someone with melee capability? Looking at Moose's character, maybe someone would could take advantage of her teamwork feats.

    Hello :) Looks like I'll be joining y'all, at least for a probationary game!

    The more talking the better for the character I have in mind and any that have a tie in to sovereign court/royalty would be prime! I have a preference for later scenarios since they tend to have more built in versatility in terms of how things get solved.

    Would the new game be in this thread or will there be a new one created? Just for dotting purposes.

    GM Blue Moose wrote:

    Hopefully, I'll have an opening post for the next scenario by Wednesday. Sorry for taking so long running this.

    Will this be in this thread or a new one?

    Hooray! :D Thanks y'all. I'll get a post up soon. The profile might be a little later than that, but will be done today.

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    Ok, one Arcane Trickster coming up! GM, let me know if you have an issue with anything and I'll fix it. How do you feel about partially charged wands? As far as aid another (since he has the Helpful trait for Halflings currently), what is your policy on that outside of combat?

    As far as combat, I think he will be fairly flexible and mobile. Either he can get into melee to flank/sneak attack or aid, he could throw a buff(s) around, and, spells willing, he can attack from range.

    Out of combat, he is a sneaky trapfinder/disabler :)


    CG Exploiter Wizard 2/Halfling uRogue 1/Wiz1/AT 1
    Alternate Racial Traits
    Fleet of Foot (Sure-Footed)

    Traits - Magical Knack, Helpful

    Str: 8 Dex: 16 Con: 12 Int: 17 Wis: 14 Cha: 10

    Skills (rogue -> 11ranks, wiz-> 6ranks w/FCB x3, AT 7ranks 36 ranks)

    Adventure Skills
    Escape Artist +10 (4 ranks, 3 class, 3 dex)
    Disable Device +22 (5 ranks, 3 class, 3 dex, 3 feat, 1 class, 2 circ, 5 comp)
    Arcana +10 (4 ranks, 3 class, 3 int)
    Perception +20, +1 vs traps (5 ranks, 3 class, 2 wis, 3 feat, 2 race, 5 comp)
    Stealth +15 (5 ranks, 3 class, 3 dex, 4 size)
    Spellcraft +11 (5 ranks, 3 class, 3 int)
    Nature +11 (5 ranks, 3 class, 3 int)
    Acrobatics +9 (3 ranks, 3 class, 3 dex)

    Background Skills
    Linguistics 5 ranks +11 (5 ranks, 3 class, 3 int)
    Sleight of Hand 5 ranks +11 (5 ranks, 3 class, 3 dex)

    1 Skill Focus (Disable Device)
    B Scribe Scroll
    3 Accomplished Sneak Attacker
    BWeapon Finesse
    5 Skill Focus (Perception)
    7 Precise Shot
    9 ???
    11 ???

    Items 9600 out of 10500
    Eyes of the Eagle 2500
    Trapspringer's Gloves 4000
    Mwk Thieves' Tools 100
    900 of Scrolls/Wands (not yet allocated)
    Rod of Extend, Lesser 3000

    Thank you :) Spymaster seems to be a natural fit for the role, easy enough to accommodate! I will add the tracker to my list of things to review.

    As far as build, I'm currently considering an Arcane Trickster. What it looks like specifically will depend on if the GM permits the accomplished sneak attacker feat or not (not sure what "core books" means) since it is from the Dirty Tactics Toolbox.

    My other GM doesn't have any issues either :) While I wait to hear from the remaining participants in this game (here or PM me/the GM), I'll start making a character (which is fun for me even when I know I'll never field the character, so please don't think you can't be honest with your opinion).

    I've found the recruitment tab's character creation information and will post a couple of rough ideas. I'm assuming the only differences between initial recruitment and now is that it'll be level 5 instead of 4 with the appropriate wealth by level, but let me know if there is anything else I should know.

    Have y'all discussed Kingdom roles yet? I'll be looking through the gameplay and discussion more thoroughly once I've got some ideas on paper.

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    Hello! I'm flattered by the invitation! :)

    I've gamed with a couple of y'all before/currently! The only sticking point is that I'm in a Kingmaker game already... I don't mind it (plus the other GM has been adding a bunch of extra material, so it'll likely be slower going).

    IF y'all are ok with a player being in a concurrent AP AND the GM for my other Kingmaker game is cool with it, I'd be happy to join. Truly, no hard feelings if anyone isn't ok with it.

    The typo in the blog post (sign vs sigh) hurts, but I powered through :P Voted as well.

    Got it, thanks for sharing GM. Especially in the neutral even way you did!

    For what I have in mind for the sorcerer, that's going to be awwwesome :)

    I'll nudge him, no problem! I didn't see him listed in the player tab, but just wanted to double check (since, like you pointed out, he's "been here" before!).

    With the character who is leaving angling for an MT, I wouldn't feel bad offering up a Wizard at 6.1 for consideration (or even to fill in for a game while y'all line someone else up)! However, it doesn't feel right to apply if my PFS Tracker causes a lot of problems too.

    Curious: Why is the player leaving?

    That's true, damage spells are easy enough to pick up! And they'll be in the fray anyways (or, at least not immediately go splat when they do :P), so Tibitz can get his flank on.

    BBBBRRRRRRUUUUUUUHHHHH wand of Magic Missiles is my jam! That's like 70% of Itami's contribution to any fight! XD (unless Supervillan is running Traitor's Lodge :P)

    I think I'll go with the Sorcerer then. Between bad touch, damage, and basic utility type stuff, I think it'll go well.

    I might be interested... I'd have to think more about it though. What level is the party and what scenarios are on the schedule? I've a level 6.1 Enchanter Wizard I'd love to find a "home" for!

    As far as what this ganzi is going to be...
    I was thinking bad touch sorcerer, but looking at what we rolled through Wounded Wisp, our damage is Onye. If Blake ever runs, we can reduce everything to a flailing mass, but we have minimal damage. This is what I've built out so far:

  • Bad Touch Sorcerer
  • Flying Blade Swashbuckler
  • Dawnflower Dervish Bard

    I think either of the bottom two, in tandem with Tibitz, would be enough (barring a beefy elemental or ooze, I suppose). Sorcerer is most flavorful and probably my favorite. I think any would be fun though :)

    Is SoCalWarhammer dotted here?

  • One thought could be to run two tables at the same time. Then a decent amount of your posts could be recycled, while still responding to PC actions.

    That's true, I didn't consider channeling. That at least gives these options a purpose!

    One of my characters is a cleric that uses a heavy shield and longsword. I'm looking for ways to cast after he's drawn his sword and joined the fray. The issue I've run into is that plenty of cleric spells require a divine focus AND a somatic component. All the questions I've found prior are pretty unanimous in that one hand can cover the presentation of a divine focus and a somatic component. Ok, cool. But does that mean an item functioning as a divine focus can fulfill somatic components too?

    I'd say no, but there are at least three ways to get an item (like a weapon) to count as a divine focus, which at least suggests to me that a cleric should be able to cast if their weapon counts as a divine focus and they have no other hands free. Otherwise, why would this even be an option, even more so when they'd give players multiple avenues to achieve? Seems entirely useless if you couldn't cast with it. Am I missing something?

    The three ways I know of:
    Craft Reliquary Arms and Shields
    Inheritor's Guantlet
    Sacred weapon enhancement

    I'm not using it at all, I wanted to have all my ducks in line when I get slow at level 6. My traits make it free on slow. I figured I'd rather have a dead level with one exploit than have to wait to have persistent become applicable to my slow spell later on.

    HA! Sorry Scott, my bad, that makes way more sense XD

    As a Blood Arcanist (Arcane Bloodline), I only have two: Metamagic Knowledge (persistent) and Quick Study. He is going towards the ugliest slow spell he can manage with his build, but that doesn't mean I can't branch out a little, the majority of the optimization around it has already occurred. For the counter savant, I could grab the exploit, but I also have a character built around that mechanic. Not that I can't have two, I just try not to have too much over lap.

    Seeing as damage is something we're lacking and need everyone to contribute something towards, I plan on having a couple options across spell levels. As spell slots open up, summons will be on there too, that's a great idea as well. As far as buffs, I'm hoping spell coordination between PC's will have that handled. One person with all the defensive spells can suck (not always!), but having everyone take one or two means we can all focus on what we want without sacrificing the survivability of our eidolon (I think 'our' is justified here since we all are going to be leaning on that thing to keep us alive! :P)

    Scott Wilhelm wrote:
    Ryan Freire wrote:
    Scott Wilhelm wrote:
    Gummy Bear wrote:

    I'll be joining a PFS "campaign" through a series of Season 4 scenarios as an Arcanist focused on crowd-control and utility (he falls back to plinking with some low level magic once things are set up).

    This is the party I'm joining:

    Arcanist 1/uRogue 3 (into Arcane Trickster)

    You're the Arcanist/Rogue, right?

    What is your Arcane Exploit?

    OP is an arcanist 5

    Ok, I see, the Arcanist1/Rogue3 is someone else.

    So, still want to know what his exploits are.

    Their exploit is "See Magic."

    The eidolon looks like it is going to be of the pouncing variety! Using spells to funnel foes (or otherwise make it so the eidolon has a series of 1v1's) should go well for us.

    Having played through the majority of Skull and Shackles, it is not a friendly way to start Pathfinder. From what I’ve played of Mummy’s Mask, I think Warped Savant is spot on. Anything with specific boxes for PC’s to operate in should be good for new players (I’m thinking dungeons, clear plot lines, obvious good and bad guys, etc.). Never played it, but I’ve heard Shattered Star is pretty dungeon heavy and has a good overarching theme (iirc, the PC’s get hooked up with the Pathfinder Society).

    On that note, running your players through a handful of PFS scenarios could show them the ropes and let them trial a few characters to feel things out (case and point from my own life, it took one game as a dedicated blaster to realize that I love the idea more than actually playing it!). Any of the questline scenarios would have my vote for beginners.

    Yes, while PFS is typically drop in and play, a group of us have organized ourselves in such a way that we will have the same PC's go through a specific subset of scenarios (rotating GM, so the party will change slightly each time).

    I could keep a summoning spell prepared daily too. Then we'd have expendable meatshields for when it becomes strategically beneficial to have one.

    I've only seen one summoner around the level 9-11 range and they were terrible, but that was 100% the player and I don't hold it against the class. When I say I've heard eidolons fall off, I mean exactly that: that's what I've heard. I've no real experience with the class. I forgot about their summon sla, so if the eidolon does get KO'd for whatever reason, we still have something to stand between us and our frail caster bones ;)

    Scrolls and spell/debuff coordination will definitely happen. In PFS, the former is very easy to do since you can burn prestige (a non-gold currency) on things like that.

    Endurance: This will likely be a challenge for us, I agree. I don't think it'll be a daily issue, but I've played plenty of scenarios were one of the non-boss encounters ends up draining more resources than it was "supposed to" for myriad reasons. Those situations might get rough for us, since most of our shticks are battery powered. Hopefully with the aforementioned scrolls (and other consumables), we'll be able to power through/minimize the frequency of those situations.

    The void school power is certainly powerful, I'll see if I've space in my build for it! Stripping something of half my level's worth of AC and ST's would be brutal in this party.

    Ilathor is just waiting on his chronicle sheet, but is otherwise ready to join y'all! :)

    The debuff that my Arcanist is already building into is Slow, but a rod of rime spell and packing a single cold spell (Frost Fall comes to mind) is a great tool to have, thanks! Slow + being entangled sounds like enemies are going to have a bad time >:D

    Tactics will be important for AoE's, that's true. We have scouting options too, so that could help us position/buff appropriately.

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