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That’s pretty sweet! IMO magic is incredibly useful for a rogue, even more so to one that relies on sniping to deal damage. Counterfeit Mage could be a huge quality of life improvement for the build (mine anyways).

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I'm looking at a Kobold Sniper for mine as well! I really want to use a Kobold archetype for my character, but they all seem to be so niche/downgrades that a savvy non-kobold-archetype build performs the concept better... (someone please correct me if I'm wrong here). Alchemist might also be fun for a Kobold, but sniping is just so cool...

Here is what I had in mind:

Kobold uRogue with a shortbow. Sniper archetype seemed useful, but not required with items (like the assassin's sight and eventually sniper googles). Other archetypes that don't slow down talent progression seemed worth while, depending on taste/character expectations.

Str: 8 Dex: 18 Con: 12 Int: 12 Wis: 14 Cha: 7

2 Combat Trick (Precise Shot)
3 Expert Sniper
4 The Whole Time (vanish, invisibility, and greater on scrolls/wands? Yes please)
5 Rapid Shot (Stealth Skill Unlock for no penalty to sniping)
6 Superior Sniper (Master Sniper)
7 Rapid Reload (to switch to a crossbow if desired) or any other feat
8 Dampen Presence
9 Skill Focus (Stealth)
10 Stalker Talent: Hide in Plain Sight
11 Double Debilitation

You get superior sniper as soon as possible and have no penalty for sniping at level 5. If you wanted it earlier, it would take two feats (kobold sniper and expert sniper for earliest of level 3 due to prerequisites). Levels 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 are the minimum for a sniper IMO. Really, most everything else is up to what else the player wants the character to do.

The issue for this build is how to get reliable places to hide for sniping before level 10. Smokesticks work, as mentioned above. Also, unless you are fighting in an empty dungeon, I find it hard to believe there is absolutely nothing for a small creature to hide behind/in. A bush? Flipped table? Curtains? For those situations, smokesticks would be perfect though!

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Been a while since I've touched this thread!

I have these race boons:
aquatic elf/gillman/merfolk
ifrit/paragon of society/elemental dilettante

These non-race boons:
extra hours (gming still gets day job roll)
mounted tradition
mounted tradition
martial tradition

I'd like a race boon(s) of some variety and I'm willing to trade combinations for it! Same thing for a rebuild, but that's probably a long shot ;)

Physical trades only, I live in London. PM me if interested, I don't get to this thread too often!

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This is great, thank you! I followed the development only a little bit, so I’m pretty fresh and this sort of information dump/step by step walkthrough is very helpful!

You’re spot on in seeing how I developed my stats. I’d like to keep those stats, so I’ll use the method you’ve described above!

Class feats for archetypes, got it. Do I get to choose to spend the feat every time, or does it become compulsory if I decide to take the archetype?

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Oh ok, cool, thanks for the explanation GM!

That works perfectly PaleDim! Then as long as I'm not stepping on Shakur's toes, I'm considering a fighter with the barbarian archetype. I have no problem with adjusting if this is an issue though! Frankly, I don't get how archetypes work, so I haven't included it in my outline below. I think it costs me feats starting at level 2, I just don't know which feats it is costing me.

I think I did this right, but I'd love for someone to give it a once over!

Half-Orc (Str and Con)
Pugnacious (Con and Str)
Fighter (Str)

Str 18 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 10

Ancestry Feat: Natural Ambition (Extra Fighter Feat)
Skill Feat: Quick Coercion
Fighter Feat: Sudden Charge, Power Attack

Trained Skills: Intimidation, Thrushmoor Lore, Athletics, Religion, Survival, Acrobatics

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PaleDim, are you leaning towards playing anything? With a cleric and a bard, a rogue-type and a figher-type seem like logical choices (not that I'm suggesting we have to choose one of those options!).

I'm leaning more towards the melee combatant side of things, tbh. Unless you'd rather bring that sort of character to the table, PaleDim, I'll start building one up and see what happens!

GM, idk if I'm being dense, but what does "common character options" mean?

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I've dotted in! I will get to reading these posts in earnest when I get home from work tonight!

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Thanks for being so on top of this GM Valen!

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I'm ok with waiting until then!

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For anyone not following the Flaxseed Lodge Discusison tab, Noral has had to bail on all of their games due to undisclosed personal circumstances. Is this something we would still like to pursue, or should we look into having these tabs marked as inactive?

Sovereign Court

Best of luck Noral!

Sovereign Court

Any other comments on the proposed list?

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I think Day of the Demon was more of a reading fail on my part >_<

TBH I'll replay what I need to! Library of the Lion is cool, but I think it is quite challenging to do on PbP (which is how I played it). I'd warn against it unless you are dying to play it.

As far as levels, I can bring a level 1! I'd prefer the level 3, but if it causes problems, there is no need to cater to me at the expense of the rest of you!

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Sure thing!

Please feel free to make any suggestions.

Ones I'd like to play (not exhaustive, but a good starting point):
Assault on the Wound (3-7), The Wardstone Patrol (3-7), Scars of the Third Crusade (1-5), Day of the Demon (3-7), Weapon in the Rift (5-9), The Traitor's Lodge (3-7)

GM preferences (Disclaimer: I've never run high level play on PbP, but would like to try if y'all are down for it)
The Elven Entanglement (7-11), Fate of the Fiend (7-11), The Stranger Within (5-9), and any of the ones listed above to play!

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Sure! Do you want me to wait until a few more people voice opinions/availability first or throw one out there now (more realistically tomorrow since that is when I'll check again!)?

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I'd be interested in getting this going! I've played 9 out of the Season 5 scenarios. I do have replays sitting around (not including the ones we all got/will get from Paizo a little while ago/soon), but would prefer to play some new ones when possible. I will of course burn a replay to join our first scenario!

I've a level 3 archer inquisitor of Erastil I'd love to play most often through Season 5, but I'm not going to screw us over with subtier math to do so.

I'd prefer sequential games instead of parallel ones, but I'm not going to cry (too much) over parallel games if that's what others want!

On PFS Tracker, I am Gummy Bear too!

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Oooohhh ok, I get it now. My only concern with focusing on a 1st level spell is that your DC is going to be sad without some investment. Yeah, it is going to be very economical in terms of your actions to use (standard to cast, move each round to launch a firework in addition to whatever else you decide to cast), the DC is sitting at 11+int right now. Even a +6 int mod brings that to a DC 17, which is lackluster at level 9 (where your combo is finally set up to work for the first time) IMO.

I'd try to do this:
Foresight Diviner instead of Transmutation (initiative, always acting int he surprise round, prerolled dice, and a rounds per day team buff is more attractive to me than a stat bump and rounds per day of a self buff)

Copy/Paste your last posted build and shuffled some stuff around.

1: Sp Focus transmutation, Additional traits: Magical lineage (snapdragon fireworks), Wayang Spellhunter (snapdragon fireworks)
3) Dazing spell
5) Greater Spell Focus, Preferred Spell (Snapdragon)
7) Improved Familiar
9) Heighten Spell
10) Quicken Spell
11) Spell Penetration
13) Greater Spell Penetration
15) Spell Perfection

Now your Dazing Snapdragon Fireworks work at level 3 since you can cast it out of a second level slot. At level 5, the DC is 17 (still respectable at this level and doesn't account for stat boosting items) and you never have to prep it. At level 9, when DC 17 is a waste of your action most of the time, you can prepare it in a higher slot to compensate for it. As an Elf, your basically get spell penetration at birth, so IMO getting the real feat and greater a little later (as listed in the build) is acceptable to me, especially since you'll have the option to buff and give utility to fall back on.

Question: Have you read the Carrion Crown Player's Guide? Whatever character you end up playing, I'd make sure it isn't something the Player's Guide says not to.

Something to talk to your GM about: Can undead be dazed (or something else that doesn't always have eyes)? Per RAW, they 100% can be as they have no immunity to the condition, your spell is a reflex save, and the metamagic effect is in relation to being damaged. HOWEVER, a rounds/level daze spell might irk your GM after the Nth encounter you've trivialized, which may lead to them trying to find a way or two to negate your strategy. For example, not everyone believes that things like skeletons can see (they have darkivision 60ft listed, so I think it is clear that they do, despite not having eyes, but I've sat with people who think the idea is completely out of left field) and argue therefore they cannot be dazed by some fireworks. I find that sorting all that out before fielding the character prevents hurt feelings on both sides of the screen.

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I'm a little confused. Are you or are you not playing PFS? You have the tag in your OP, but you're playing Carrion Crown? Are you going through the whole AP or just the sanctioned parts? Advice would change depending on if you are effectively playing to 12 (a la PFS) or 16 (or wherever the AP finishes).

Regardless, what is your character's focus? Your build seems to be all over the place. That's fine if that's how you want/like it, but without knowing what you're trying to do, I can't try to help out (I see evocation and summoning builds posted, but also a request for CC and utility).

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Oooo thanks!

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Tyranius wrote:

Folks, keep in mind that with Gameday we have games across many different sites and mediums:

  • Roll for Combat (Discord)
  • RPGGeek
  • Mythweavers
  • Cosmic Crit (Discord)

    There are even open PFS Special slots on each of them. Don't be afraid to try another medium for a single game or heck, even two. We are all part of one Online Region. If you are unsure of how to format or play at that website, now is the time to sign up and give it a try. There are plenty of people at each location that will help guide you through the process.

  • Where would we need to look for Discord sign ups? I tried it once and had a good enough time to consider doing it more regularly.

    Sovereign Court

    While not near as in depth as you've gone into it, we basically came to the same conclusion as far as automation's ability to replace people in jobs. I'd argue there is already some unrest between the owners of the means of production and the laborers in most of the Western World, but unifying against machines would probably be a more effective catalyst than the current situation (with the American political atmosphere as Exhibit A for a place where massive unrest probably should have already occurred, but has not).

    If societies moved towards a more fully socialized society, do you think some countries would start getting smaller? AFAIK, one of the common critiques of the method is that it doesn't work on a large scale (I'm no expert on this matter, but I don't think the world has seen socialism on a grand scale in good faith yet. The policies adopted by several European countries though look very promising).

    Taking steps towards a socialized state would probably make it a lot easier to "stomach" for places who have been indoctrinated into thinking socialism is the brutal death of the free world! I support UBI as well.

    Sovereign Court

    It is boring, but Greater Weapon Focus and (Greater) Weapon Specialization might be worth looking at!

    Depending on your blessing, Quicken Blessing might be worth it.

    Urgathoa's Divine Fighting Technique might be cool too, but make sure you look at the Campaign Clarification for it.

    Devastating Strike?

    Sovereign Court

    I do the same as above, but I make a point to mention this to the GM when I field the character to prevent confusion.

    Sovereign Court

    I always thought that a buckler was the only way to keep a hand free to do something with. Where does it say that a light shield still lets you use the hand for things like Lay on Hands?

    An important note on Boots of the Earth for PFS is that they only function once per day. I’d link to the campaign clarification/additional resource page, but I keep getting redirected to the Paizo main page...

    Sovereign Court

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    Undari the Healer wrote:
    Undari the Healer is here!

    Very interesting build! I've never noticed that archetype before, it's really cool! Basically a Clerical Druid, fits the party role and is really thematic. This is going to be great! :D

    Sovereign Court

    General thoughts:

    Have you considered a reach weapon and combat reflexes?

    Adamantine Full plate is expensive, but iirc Stonelords get a nice rate of dr and if they stack, I think it’d be worth it. If not, I’d dial up that halfplate with some enhancement bonuses.

    With the dwarves racial penalty to cha, that’s an expensive 12 that isn’t giving you a whole lot of benefit. I’d consider leaving it at an 8 or 10 post racial to up your dex to 14, especially if you go the reach route.

    Iirc, Defender of the Society is for fighters. If that is correct, you’re going to have to find another trait! Perhaps glory of old? I’d look this up but it’s a pain on my phone.

    Not getting Divine Grace hurts, but with hardy, glory of old, and eventually taking steel soul, you’ll have some stout saves vs spells, sla’s, and poison!

    Where is your one whole skill point going? Sense Motive would be my choice, but when you’re only getting one, it’s kind of a toss up regardless imo.

    Sovereign Court

    Perfect! Getting the alias up now and will post in gameplay afterwards.

    Sovereign Court

    Agreed, real world applications are probably where this spell shines the most!

    In a more "active" setting, it perhaps could be used to deal with environmental cloud effects? I've never encountered such a thing, but I could see it coming up if you were adventuring underground, near a volcano, or things related to that (as long as you weren't thrust into the situation).

    Sovereign Court

    In PFS I just got access to a wand with Alter Winds on it at CL 4. Initially, I was excited about the find as it would give me the option of bumping up light winds to moderate (which is just enough to start having some of the lower level cloud spells disperse).

    BUT THEN I looked up some threads on uses for the spell (of which there are very, very few and most are from several years ago) and realized that the casting time is a whole minute! WHAT?!

    Has anyone seen this spell used effectively, given the casting time? Please let me know about it! Is there any reason I'd want to keep this spell around on a wand? It is pretty cheap objectively, but I can get so many other scrolls with the same amount of coin, so the opportunity cost is what's putting me off here.

    EDIT: I feel like the hours/level duration must give it some utility, but I can't think of anything at the moment.

    Sovereign Court

    GM, when were you thinking of having this AP start back up again?

    Are there any changes you'd like me to make to my character, or should I start putting my information into an alias?

    Sovereign Court

    I think "residents of the Fangwood Forest who get involved in the conflict as the hobgoblins spread northward" would be the most appropriate for Gaius! He could have just settled down to begin his research when the fleeing mass of refugees prompt him to join the rally against the hobgoblins.

    Sovereign Court

    It'll be fun to play with such a change of pace! Guerrilla tactics are quite different from pretty much every other AP/scenario I've played, I'm excited :) Looking at my current spells, there should be plenty there to meaningfully contribute to some hit and run (mostly on the set up and escape end of things). Once the GM approves my budget, I'll get some scrolls that might help too!

    Sovereign Court

    This is what I've come up with, but everything can be changed if needed! It might not make much sense chronologically, but I put a point in linguistics as well to learn sign language. If anyone would rather I learn it from y'all (and take it next level), that's fine with me too. Once it is approved, I'll get an alias and proper sheet up.


    Gaius Numida
    CG Human Arcanist
    Focused Study (replaces bonus feat)

    Traits - Blight-Burned, Pragmatic Activator

    Str: 8 Dex: 14 Con: 14 Int: 17 Wis: 12 Cha: 10
    FCB - 1 through 3 skills, 4+ spells

    Skills 1 through 3 (8), 4+ (7)
    Arcana +9 (3 ranks, 3 int, 3 class skill)
    Dungeoneering +7 (1 ranks, 3 int, 3 class skill)
    Geography +7 (1 rank, 3 int, 3 class skill)
    History +7 (1 rank, 3 int, 3 class skill)
    Linguistics +7 (1 rank, 3 int, 3 class skill)
    Local +9 (3 ranks, 3 int, 3 class skill)
    Nature +12 (3 ranks, 3 int, 3 feat 3 class skill)
    Perception +4 (3 ranks, 1 wis)
    Planes +7 (1 rank, 3 int, 3 class skill)
    Religion +7 (1 rank, 3 int, 3 class skill)
    Spellcraft +9 (3 ranks, 3 int, 3 class skill)
    Use Magic Device +9 (3 ranks, 3 int, 3 class skill)

    Common, Hallit, Sylvan, Goblin, Dwarven, Sign Language

    1 Cunning
    B Skill Focus (Nature)
    3 Craft Wondrous Items
    5 Spell Penetration
    7 Improved Familiar (Lyrakien Azata)
    8 Skill Focus (Spellcraft)
    9 Greater Spell Penetration
    11 ???

    1 Quick Study
    3 Dimensional Slide
    5 Potent Magic
    7 Familiar
    9 Metamagic Knowledge
    11 Greater Metamagic Knowledge

    Items (6000gp is 4th level wealth. Difference from 3 to 4 is 3000gp, so I figured I have up to the difference to craft from)

    Lesser Rod of Extend 3000gp
    Handy Haversack (crafted for 1000gp)
    +1 Cloak of Resistance
    735gp remaining

    Spells in Book
    0 - All

    1 - 11 free via level ups/FCB
    Alarm, Shield, Mount, Heightened Awareness, Identify, Mage Armor, Burning Hands, Silent Image, Vanish, Feather Fall, Magic Missile

    2 - 2 free, 7 paid for
    Web, Darkvision, Communal Protection from Evil, Stone Call, Glitterdust, Investigative Mind, Invisibility, Rope Trick, Spider Climb

    3 - 0 free, 3 paid for
    Stinking Cloud, Heroism, Displacement

    A Little Fluff:

    Gaius, the fourth son of a minor noble house in Remesiana of eastern Cheliax, has been intrigued by creatures of the forest for as long as he can remember. Most of his family teased him for his interests, up until the very last day he saw them. Six years ago, Gaius' parents sent him to the Erages Academy, to be with the "other tree lovers." Since his arrival, he has mostly flourished, learning what he can about the natural world, especially the Fey and their role as denizens of the First World. After graduating, Gaius spent a short amount of time studying the inhabitants of western forests of Kyonin. Unfortunately, his research group was attacked by stray demons from the Tanglebriar, but their combined arcane might was enough to stall the assault long enough for defenders to arrive. Eager to explore new forests, Gaius has set sail for Tamran, Nirmathas. There, he hopes to visit towns close to the forests to live and study the wildlife easily.

    Gaius is a kind-hearted human that hopes to write several books on the Fey. Ideally, he will one day be able to use what he knows about Fey and his own personal wealth to create protected areas of forests to keep them untouched by civilization.

    Sovereign Court

    As far as what to bring to the table, a vanilla arcanist seems useful. One focused on utility/knowledge/buffs with a dabble of stealth. I'm out of time for now, but I'll whip something up today and see what I come up with.

    Sovereign Court

    Hello! I am the player running Floredana mentioned above. Thanks for the invitation and I'd love to play with y'all (I am flattered btw)! :D

    I am currently playing a couple of clerics, so I'd like to pursue the arcane route. Some of you have mentioned that you have some of the typical arcane bases covered. I'll look over the characters, but what areas would you like me to shy away from so that I don't step on any toes? Are there any unusual SOP's I should be aware of (example: we all took blind-fight and abuse obscuring mist every fight)?

    GM: Should I assume level 4 wealth? I will use the parameters set by your first recruitment post in drafting my character and consult the player's guide. Are there any convenient story points I should consider (whether it be for inserting me into the game, connection to the area, etc.) beyond what is outlined in the player's guide?

    Random Notes:
    Noticed the current GM is different than the original GM. Haven't seen any different character creation rules, but I also haven't combed through the discussion thread yet (assuming the same as TechnoDM unless I fid/am told otherwise).

    Boudra: Don't you get all cure spells for free at every spell level as an oracle? You appear to be missing CMW in your second level spells.

    Sovereign Court

    Is a double necro a bingo square or something? It has to be, right?

    Sovereign Court

    TL;DR at the bottom!

    Claxon wrote:

    Everytime I've played a barbarian I relied on all out offense to try to keep enemies focused on me. Some DR to mitigate the damage. And an acceptance of the fact that I'm going to be hit and dealt damage.

    No tank is taking 0 damage. And if you AC is high enough to reach the point where attacks always miss you, there is a good chance that enemies will ignore you because you'll be so invested in defense that you offense will be greatly diminished. So it can be counter productive to keeping the focus on you to create a very high AC character.

    I always just relied on after combat healing, bringing 2 or 3 wands of CLW with me and making sure we had someone in the group that could use them reliably. Remember, you fight just as well at 1 hp as you do at full. You just need to avoid dropping out of rage. Hopefully you have Raging Vitality.

    Lots of con and lots of strength. You just face tank the whole thing.

    I realize that this isn't what you asked for, just my experience for what was effective.

    Personally I think Armored Hulk is a bad idea because you're still not going to have a high enough AC just by getting heavy armor. You have to build around having high AC, which barbarian simply isn't a great chassis for.

    My experience playing an IR barbarian was exactly this. You face check everything and just beat your foes until they stops hitting you back. I used a lucerne hammer with combat reflexes just to add to the damage I was throwing out. With lunge and pounce, there wasn't a whole lot I couldn't melt off the map and a lot of our foes had to take an AoO if they wanted to come fight me. It's effective, but not without it's weaknesses. Which leads us to...

    Revolving Door Alternate wrote:

    Ignoring the off topic argument...

    I am going to approach the issue from another perspective. I would say heavy armor or not depends more on how the rest of the group will play.

    Last time I played a heavily armored tank, many of the group consistently ran past me and started the fights so far ahead, that it sometimes took me 2 rounds to get to the fight. Then there were a few occasions that they retreated and I basically was stuck surrendering.

    However, I've also played in a group were the bulk of the damage was done by an archer and evoker that were quite happy to hide behind the tank.

    Frankly, I think this should be one of the most important parts of your decision. RDA has already talked about it from a heavy armor perspective, so I'll talk about it from the IR barbarian perspective (at least IME). The Achilles Heal of the IR barbarian is HP. You will always take damage. Every turn of every battle, you lose HP. Sure, you have BOATLOADS of HP, but that means you need something to put that HP back. The higher up you go, the more likely you'll be fighting something with lots of hard hitting attacks. If you don't have a character dedicated to keeping you up, there will be fights you can't just tank through. CLW wands cut it for a while, but there were definitely fights that shield other and the heal spell were the only way our sorry asses made it through!

    I'd see what your party is bringing to the table and then decide (either choice is going to be validated by their choices anyways!). Highly mobile characters? Might not be the best for a heavy armor tank. Nobody can keep you up in those clutch moments? A heavy armor tank might be the way to go.

    TL;DR: Both heavy armor and DR have serious weaknesses that only the party can compensate for. See what your party is able to do, then choose a frontliner that fits.

    Sovereign Court

    Of my characters in tier that I'd like to play, this is what I've got:

    Thundering Bull (Siegebreaker Fighter 4) - fights and cooks

    Faust Alhazred (Haunt Collector Occultist 5) - glass cannon and does knowledges NOTE: Is a Dhampir. He can heal himself, but might cause problems for a channel focused cleric. This would be my preferred choice.

    Other characters I have in tier are either in another game, or I have unofficially retired. Willing to be flexible if my two options prove problematic.

    Sovereign Court

    Oh nice! I've never heard of that creature before. Still taking other ideas if people have them, but that is an excellent option! Thanks :)

    Sovereign Court

    I’ve come up with a character idea for King Zora from the Ocarina of time that pleases me.

    The issue: what mini would best represent him?!

    My last resort is something from Heroforge. I’d prefer something already painted/colored plastic.

    Any ideas?

    Sovereign Court

    I used mine for a maxed Int Arcanist who will focus on optimizing the Slow spell. About to hit level 3 and having fun!

    Whatever you use yours for, I would just make sure you actually benefit from having the extra stat bump. For example, I wouldn't use that sort of boon for a counterspell caster. As long as you have the Int to cast the spell, it doesn't really impact your ability to counterspell. Anything with a DC, on the other hand, would greatly benefit from having a SIX modifier to start with :D

    Despite heavy stat investment, don't ignore general spellcaster advice in terms of your spell selection (looking at that sorcerer idea you have). You don't want to show up to a table and find out the scenario is "Constructs 5ever" and then your super cool character is worthless because you only took enchantment spells.

    Aside from casters, I have a friend who made a barbarian with 22 starting strength. It's really just obscene at low levels (high too, but less so since you expect silly damage). At level 1, he was looking at something like +10 to hit while raging with 1d8+12 without power attack (because why stop there, he took a falcata too).

    Since it is a unique boon, I'd build whatever concept you find fun AND benefits from having ludicrously high stats. Enjoy your boon, I know I am! :D

    Sovereign Court

    I've only felt like I had to quarterback once and it was to prevent a TPK due to a player not knowing a damn thing about their spell list (they had the spell to prevent a TPK, but due to their ignorance, they chose to DO NOTHING while their eidolon full-attacked). Otherwise, I keep my mouth shut and let bad things happen. That isn't to be malicious, but IME a bad tactical call by a player usually gets an immediate in game consequence by the GM (Oh! You tumbled into flank to get a flank? WAM!).

    The most I do (barring a request for help), is make suggestions/requests in character, as has been said above. What has also helped me is to move away from the idea that we need to "win" the game and that not every move has to be the most optimal to have a good adventure (that changes if you are playing a a deadly game, of course, but then you probably aren't playing characters as much as you are playing builds).

    Sovereign Court

    I'd be bringing a Kitsune Sorcerer, sorry for not being specific!

    Sovereign Court

    I've got a Kitsune at level 2 I'd be happy to bring to this gathering!

    Sovereign Court

    pad300 wrote: l

    Here you go...

    And here it is again, BUT LINKED! :D

    Sovereign Court

    No idea about Occultists, but Cleric auras are identical to that of their deity.

    Sovereign Court

    If there is space, I'd be bringing a negative cleric at level 1.2. Like grimdog73, I don't have access to the recruitment tab at this time.

    Sovereign Court

    Both are rebuilds so I've never actually had a chance to play either! Let's go with the melee/positive cleric! I think it'll mesh better with this party make up.

    Sovereign Court

    Sign up on the Spreadsheet and am reporting here. I've got two clerics I'd like to play, one is a melee/positive cleric of Iomedae and the other is a negative channeling cleric of Urgathoa.

    Any preferences?

    Sovereign Court

    Prot Evil is going to be the best way to protect yourselves from the domination. For the cleric, I'd get a rod of reach that is always a move action away since prot evil is a touch spell. I'd even get a potion of prot evil for the barbarian just in case. Don't want to leave it up to initiative in deciding if your TPK machine gets dominated or not.

    If y'all are trying to "nope" out of there, I'd do as others have said and leave that NPC at a holy temple of "this is y'all's problem now."

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