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One of my characters is a cleric that uses a heavy shield and longsword. I'm looking for ways to cast after he's drawn his sword and joined the fray. The issue I've run into is that plenty of cleric spells require a divine focus AND a somatic component. All the questions I've found prior are pretty unanimous in that one hand can cover the presentation of a divine focus and a somatic component. Ok, cool. But does that mean an item functioning as a divine focus can fulfill somatic components too?

I'd say no, but there are at least three ways to get an item (like a weapon) to count as a divine focus, which at least suggests to me that a cleric should be able to cast if their weapon counts as a divine focus and they have no other hands free. Otherwise, why would this even be an option, even more so when they'd give players multiple avenues to achieve? Seems entirely useless if you couldn't cast with it. Am I missing something?

The three ways I know of:
Craft Reliquary Arms and Shields
Inheritor's Guantlet
Sacred weapon enhancement

I don't know for sure if a divine focus lets its be used for somatic also, but it would still do something for presenting your holy symbol for channel energy or to present it at vampires or similar.

Outside of that, the Shielded Mage feat can let you use somatic with a shield if it becomes necessary that I know of.

That's true, I didn't consider channeling. That at least gives these options a purpose!

You can get a Tattoo Holy Symbol for 100 gp.
You might have the religious trait Holy Tattoo or Sacred Orienteer or the faith trait Birthmark.
As mentioned, an weapon that is Sacred.
Adding the Reliquary feature only costs 250gp and can be added to armor, shields, and weapons.

The Inheritor's Guantlet is one of many [magic] items that count as a holy symbol. The Cassock of the Clergy is another. So is the Split-Blade Sword. I like the Knowledge Pendant, myself.


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