Elemental Spells that are listed for "ALL" (and how that interacts with Void school)?

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I have a question about the spells that appear as available for “All” on the elemental specialist lists (pp. 194-196 of APG).

First, the simpler question: If I am a Fire specialist, I clearly can use any of the spells noted as being for all elemental specialists (e.g., Resist Energy or Summon Monster or Elemental Body), but am I prohibited from a version tied to my opposition school? So, I could not summon a water elemental if a fire specialist, or get protection from cold? That would make sense to me, but I don’t see that in the text.

Second, and if the above is true, what happens if I am a Void specialist (from Dragon Empires Primer)? Do those “All” spells act as opposition spells, or only if using a version tied to my specific opposition element? For example, if water is my opposition, would the same restrictions as the Fire Elementalist above apply, or is any version of those spells oppositional? Hope that makes sense.

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My guess would be that you can't use a version of an "all" spell tied to your opposition element, and that as a void specialist you can use "all" spells that are not tied to your opposition element, but can't use "all" spells tied to your opposition element.

I'd like to hear second opinion, though, because you're right that it does not appear clear.

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Thanks Weirdo. I'd also like to hear some other opinions on this. Any Void Mages out there?

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Bumping for consideration . . .

This question is quite old, but one that's become relevant to me! I commit the ultimate paizo board sin (at least among those that can't get me banned) of thread necromancy to float this back to the top! ARISE THREAD, ARIIIISE!

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