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I’ve been considering the Reclusive Curse for an Oracle of mine. My Google Fu shows that a decent number of people seem to think it gives a +1 to CL for spells that only target yourself, but the whole sentence is as follows:

“Instantaneous spells you cast only on yourself affect you as though your caster level were 1 higher.”

All the instantaneous spells I can think of you either don’t want to cast on yourself (fireball) or probably never would (dispel magic). My first thought when looking at this was to have a nifty little bonus for buff spells, but all of those have a non-instantaneous duration.

That leads me to the question: what spells actually work with this part of the curse? Either from the Cleric/Oracle or Sorcerer/Wizard spell lists. Alternatively, directing me to a spell search engine that still works and allows for a search by spell duration would be great :)

One of my characters is a cleric that uses a heavy shield and longsword. I'm looking for ways to cast after he's drawn his sword and joined the fray. The issue I've run into is that plenty of cleric spells require a divine focus AND a somatic component. All the questions I've found prior are pretty unanimous in that one hand can cover the presentation of a divine focus and a somatic component. Ok, cool. But does that mean an item functioning as a divine focus can fulfill somatic components too?

I'd say no, but there are at least three ways to get an item (like a weapon) to count as a divine focus, which at least suggests to me that a cleric should be able to cast if their weapon counts as a divine focus and they have no other hands free. Otherwise, why would this even be an option, even more so when they'd give players multiple avenues to achieve? Seems entirely useless if you couldn't cast with it. Am I missing something?

The three ways I know of:
Craft Reliquary Arms and Shields
Inheritor's Guantlet
Sacred weapon enhancement

I'll be joining a PFS "campaign" through a series of Season 4 scenarios as an Arcanist focused on crowd-control and utility (he falls back to plinking with some low level magic once things are set up).

This is the party I'm joining:

Arcanist 1/uRogue 3 (into Arcane Trickster)
Oracle of Lore 4 (into Loremaster)
Investigator 5 (generalist)
Unchained Summonr 4 (quadruped eidolon)
Alchemist 4 (ranged bomber)

As far as I can tell...

Strengths: We have knowledge, trap finding/handling, utility, UMD, and general magic availability in spades. (I've never actually been part of a party with so much magical potential!)

In the Middle: Face skills, damage dealing (no single big hitter, but multiple sources of respectable damage), saving throws (several classes with one good save, but about half of us haven't invested in the stat that makes that save better)

Weaknesses: Our frontliner is an eidolon (I've heard they start to fall off near the end of PFS play) and the highest strength stat among PC's is 14. Collectively, we have low HP (not for the classes we are playing, but we are all playing classes that are on the lower end). Status removal is our least available type of magic (only one divine caster and I doubt they're going burn many of their precious spells known on "fix me" spells).

What can I do as a level 5 Arcanist in PFS play to help round out some of these weaknesses?

I can't (and won't even try) to dictate how the party should play their characters, but how could a level 5 Arcanist in a party like this prepare/plan to go up against...

...a single dragon that decides to go toe to toe with us (or any other tanky, 1 v the party fight)?

...a foe with AoE save or lose abilities/spells?

Note: I am very excited to play with this group. The players are all playing builds/characters they are happy playing and I've no intention of trying to sway their build choices. I know we are not an optimal party.

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Welcome! This is our first game together with our eclectic little bunch of snowflakes, hooray! Please read my GM profile when you get the chance. I don't think it has anything crazy in there, but CYA and all that.

***Begin Chronicle Information Form***

Pathfinder Society Number:
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This Chronicle #:
Starting XP:
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Prestige Spent on this Chronicle:
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Anything else you want me to note on your Chronicle:

***End Chronicle Information Form***

Also, as your all-mighty GM, I demand one fun fact from each player after the above chronicle stuff. It is quite nonnegotiable and I reserve the right to veto your fun fact ;)

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Please Ninja Dot!

One of my characters is looking into taking the titular rogue talent. However it references a spell that does not seem to exist. Here is the relevant line from the ability:

"...A rogue with this ability can use spell-trigger and spell-completion items as if the following spells were on a spell list to which he has access: detect secret doors, detect traps, knock, locate object, and obscure object..." (emphasis mine)

The closest thing to "detect traps" that I can find is the "find traps" spell. Easy enough to assume this is what was intended, but I figured I'd ask first.

I’ve just been reminded about the Sly Cooper games and how much I loved them! Figured I’d give making the titular character a go in Pathfinder. Haven’t put much thought into it beyond that, but for sake of argument let’s say PFS legal and see what happens!

In PFS I just got access to a wand with Alter Winds on it at CL 4. Initially, I was excited about the find as it would give me the option of bumping up light winds to moderate (which is just enough to start having some of the lower level cloud spells disperse).

BUT THEN I looked up some threads on uses for the spell (of which there are very, very few and most are from several years ago) and realized that the casting time is a whole minute! WHAT?!

Has anyone seen this spell used effectively, given the casting time? Please let me know about it! Is there any reason I'd want to keep this spell around on a wand? It is pretty cheap objectively, but I can get so many other scrolls with the same amount of coin, so the opportunity cost is what's putting me off here.

EDIT: I feel like the hours/level duration must give it some utility, but I can't think of anything at the moment.

I’ve come up with a character idea for King Zora from the Ocarina of time that pleases me.

The issue: what mini would best represent him?!

My last resort is something from Heroforge. I’d prefer something already painted/colored plastic.

Any ideas?

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***Basic Information Form***

Pathfinder Society Number:
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This Chronicle #:
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Initial Fame:
Prestige Spent on this Chronicle:
Starting Gold:
Day Job Roll:
Gold Spent on this Chronicle:
Anything else you want me to note on your Chronicle:

Any funky stuff your character can do that I might need to know about?

Has this character played any of the following scenarios?
6–06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters
7–19: The Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts
8–15: Hrethnar’s Throne

***End Form***

Also, please read my GM profile. It has some procedures/policies that I follow in my games.

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Please Ninja Dot, Dot and Delete, [a third synonymous term]!

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So it’s been several years since the arcane trickster has been published. A ridiculous amount of content has been delivered to us and the majority of the information on this prestige class is simply outdated. For example, entry at level 5 is simple enough with rogue 1/wizard 3 and the accomplished sneak attacker feat.

My question to the boards is thus: what does the arcane trickster of modern day pathfinder look like?

I know there are likely other ways of getting the feel and doing what it does better or whatever, but I am specifically interested in producing an arcane trickster via the prestige class.

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Has there been any official clarification on if Hellknight Plate can be part of a specific suit of magic armor? I'm looking at that Plate Armor of the Deep for my Order of the Torrent Hellknight, but my Google Fu informs me that Hellknight Plate doesn't count as full plate.

If my companion knows the appropriate trick to trip a foe, can it be instructed to trip as part of a full attack?

This would be for PFS, so give me the RAWest RAW of the RAW you have!

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I love Slow. It makes me so happy. To that end, I've made a character around it.

He is currently a diviner wizard with a focus on transmutation (alternatively, sell me on the arcanist?). He has magical lineage and wayang spellhunter (free persistent spell!), and will take regular and greater spell focus feats. Tanglefoot bags will always be in his possession to use as power components.

Are there any other ways y'all can think of to spice up this slow spell?

As the title suggests, I have decided to make such a character. While not the most optimal choice, I really like the flavor and the mechanical options available to me. To that end, I've chosen the following spells as part of my Mystic Past Life racial ability and have chosen spells I plan on taking through my Natural Arcana ability.

For reference: Halcyon Druid and Samsaran

Mystic Past Life (Shaman)

  • Remove Paralysis (SL 2)
  • Breath of Life (SL 5)
  • Fly (SL 3)
  • Restoration (SL 4)
  • Overland Flight (SL 5)

    Natural Arcana
    4 - Grease/Mage Armor
    6 - Mirror Image/Glitterdust
    8 - Haste/Displacement
    10 - Greater Invisibility/Dimension Door

    To add to the spell list madness, this character can spontaneously cast spells from the cleric's Good Domain (prot evil, align weapon, magic circle against evil, holy smite, dispel evil, blade barrier, holy word, holy aura, summon monster IX).

    My goal for the extra spells (that are all explicitly added to the druid's spell list) is to expand my versatility (ie do things that the druid list simply cannot). As I see it right now, I can do a little bit of what the cleric can do as far as status removal and fixing ability scores as well as provide some of the serious wizard buffs.

    Are there any spells you would change? As a side note, I don't have any idea on what to do with feats... I have toughness, improved initiative, and quicken spell planned.

  • I've recently acquired a boon to play a Vine Leshy in PFS and this seems to be the perfect opportunity to create Makar from the Legend of Zelda: the Windwaker!

    The question is: How?

    Open to all suggestions!

    Within the PFS setting, I am trying to make an effective melee combatant that is ideally an unchained rogue that has dipped unchained monk and has started down the jabbing style feat chain (dumping a ludicrous amount of d6 for damage is appealing to me).

    Frankly, I've got nothing.

    For my own research, I looked at Secret Wizard's monk guide and really like the jabbing style build, but I don't see it being very effective until it picks up Jabbing Master.

    Has anyone tried to make an unchained rogue/monk work? Anyone have experience with the lower levels of a jabbing style build? Can I put them all together? Anything else you would like to add to this?

    Has it been stated anywhere if Merfolk will have access to their alternate racial features and other Merfolk options? If so, would someone please point me in that direction?

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    Please Ninja Dot

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    When you check in, please provide the following information:

    ***Basic Information Form***

    Pathfinder Society Number:
    Slow Track or Normal:

    This Chronicle #:
    Starting XP:
    Initial Prestige:
    Initial Fame:
    Prestige Spent on this Chronicle:
    Starting Gold:
    Day Job Roll:
    Gold Spent on this Chronicle:
    Anything else you want me to note on your Chronicle:

    ***End Form***

    Also, please read my GM profile. It has some procedures/policies that I follow in my games.

    I've found several threads that are all pretty much inconclusive on if you can take an immediate action while having a readied action. However, a lot of these threads weren't very specific in their circumstances. I would like to see if explaining what I would specifically like to do can provide a more concrete answer.

    You are an arcanist who has taken THE COUNTERSPELL EXPLOIT and have decided to spend your standard action readying to counterspell.

    A bad guy casts a spell.

    Can I choose which to use first?

    I don't think it would matter too much in the early levels, but when enemies start quickening spells, the flexibility to use your better counterspell on the stronger spell is significant. I'd much rather use my better counterspell on a cloudkill rather than the quickened ray of enfeeblement, but I'm not sure how I'd go about doing that.

    My Barbarian is nearing the end of Eyes of the Ten. I have had no problems with his effectiveness, but I would like to keep it this way through the later (13+) levels. I am primarily concerned with the items he needs to stay competitive and any feats that will give him the edge in the challenges to come. General advice for being a beatstick in an increasingly caster dominated world is appreciated as well :)

    Quick build summary: Two handed reach barbarian with combat reflexes and pounce. Has the superstitious and spell sunder rage powers.

    If this isn't enough information, I am more than happy to post more specifics!

    This is the recruitment thread for 0-13 The Prince of Augustana, a 1-5 adventure. It will be run in classic mode (not core).

    There are currently three spots reserved, so I will be taking two more players. Should any of the reserved spots drop, they will open up to everyone else. Spots will be filled via lottery with a GM veto in the name of party balance. Currently, the reserved seats have not chosen their characters.

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    Dot in here!

    Start date is OCTOBER 6th! Please be ready to start on that day.

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    The place to discuss!

    Please provide the following information:

    Player Name/Board Alias:
    Character Name:
    PFS Number and Character Number:
    Day Job Roll:

    Please also include any special abilities that will influence the rolls I will make on your behalf (see profile), as well as abilities that can affect rolls after the fact (such as the Halfling Adaptable Luck feature and the Dual-Cursed Oracle Revelations).

    Anything else you want me to know about your character.

    Pros? Cons? Important tradeoffs?

    I'm having a hard time seeing how the sorcerer can compete with a blood arcanist. Sorcerers have always been hard for me to play though, so I've come to the boards for other opinions! As far as combat, the build I have in mind would focus on cranking DC's. Out of combat, the focus would change based on the class (due to casting stat differences).

    Here are my thoughts:

    Cha vs Int as a casting stat is going to come down to personal preference.

    Blood arcanists don't have as many spells per day as a sorcerer, but they have the incredible flexibility of a spellbook.

    Blood arcanists have exploits AND the blood arcana/powers that a sorcerer get.

    EDIT: The build is focusing primarily on enchantment and conjuration spells.

    I have been working on a character and one of their more potent options (as far as spell DC's go) are things like stinking cloud, cloudkill, etc. While the conditions these apply are strong, I am having difficulty wrapping my mind around the fog cloud part of these spells.

    1. When is it a good time to drop a fog cloud?
    2. When is it a bad time to drop a fog cloud?
    3. Can I do anything to make a bad time for the cloud a good time (or at least a better one)?

    4. Any other comments/suggestions?

    EDIT: Added numerical formatting to follow Lemeres' lead.

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    The place to game!

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    The place to discuss!

    I will be running the above scenario! Recruitment starts now and ends in 24 hours. Players will be selected from the list of all applicants based on lottery with a GM veto in the name of party balance. The first gameplay post will be up June 18/19, depending on how I am feeling after Origins.

    Things to know:

  • There are significant RP elements in this scenario.
  • 1 player has a spot reserved, there will be a party of 5
  • Shooting for low tier
  • This is not a gameday event

    Questions? Comments? Concerns?

  • I recently earned a ratfolk boon for pfs. As far as a build is concerned, I'd love to utilize the bookish rogue feat and the minor/major rogue talents. Unchained rogue only. Besides that, I dont have any other inspiration. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc on how I can further develop this concept?

    Does anybody know how the Siegebreaker getting a free overrun attempt on a successful bullrush attempt works in conjunction with the quick bullrush feat? Do I still get the rest of my full attack even though I moved more than 5ft?

    If not, the feat is useless for the archetype (which is fine). If so, it seems like a pretty neat trick for a frontliner to pull! Either way, I'd like to know what people think and WHY. Even more importantly, if this has been FAQ'd anywhere, please let me know!

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    Discussion is open for discussion HA! I'm good, I know.

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    Dot away!

    GM 101: Harrow

    Grand Lodge

    This is my Nagaji Oracle of Battle who is level 8 in PFS. Throughout his career, he has mostly functioned as a hard to take down melee character that deals moderate damage. Lower levels were awesome, he was just as a good as a fighter and cast spells to boot. The problem I'm having is that I feel like his combat capability is starting to really fall off as he levels.

    I would like to know a couple of things:

    Is this in my head? My other primary character is a level 10 Barbarian, so the comparison may be short changing the build in my mind.

    How can I improve his melee combat abilities?

    What spells/scrolls/etc. would make him better overall as he moves into more serious high tier play?

    Other comments on his build? Suggestions of any kind? Other Questions?

    I have downloaded the Discord desktop app, but I could use some help finding games. I can't find them posted anywhere. Is this intentional? Specifically, I'm looking for tier 10-11 games. Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction?

    I recently DMed a Core Scenario for 3 players. When I went to try and report the game, 2 of the characters were listed as regular campaign characters. After contacting the players, they said that they have kept their characters in Core. This leads me to believe there was a previous reporting error (one of them said they noticed the error and have tried to get it fixed but nobody has returned his emails).


    Is there any way for their characters to be properly labeled as Core characters?

    Will reporting the Core scenario with 2 non-Core characters change the 1 player who was listed properly as Core to non-Core?

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    The question is as follows:

    How does the arcane bond item's ability to cast 1 spell per day from your spellbook or known spells work when the character is a divine caster with no spellbook or spells known, but access to all spells from the class spell list?

    Please FAQ Request this so we can get an official answer. There are numerous suggestions and arguments on the board on how to resolve this, but no consensus.

    Have the powers that be come down on what happens when a prepared caster that doesn't have a spellbook attains a bonded item?

    I've searched the forums a couple of times now and just see "expect table variation" as the only consensus. Hoping for something a little more concrete.

    What are some ways to boost knowledge religion checks? I have a cleric that likes to think of herself as an undead expert but her intelligence isn't through the roof to really back that up. I'm specifically looking for ideas that do not include traits/point buy manipulation.


    Are there any rules that say whether or not pc's know the creature type of the creature they are looking at? Some are very obvious, but some are not. I can see this being a case by case basis/GM discretion, I'm just curious to know if any of the books have actually come down with an answer to this.

    My group of gaming friends are considering an AP over Roll20 in the future and were wondering if anybody has done this before. If you have, do you have any advice for us?

    We have been playing PFS scenarios over Roll20 for a couple of months now with rotating GMs and it has been going well. We have been having a good time and everything, more or less, has been going pretty smoothly.

    We have talked it over and understand that the players would have to stay on the rails to a greater extent than if we played face to face (real time map generation would just suck). We also realize DM/PC communication would have to be on point so the DM could prepare as well as possible. Are there other things we need to be aware of before making a decision?

    Finally, are there any APs you think would be particularly suited to VTT? Sandbox games would be a little more challenging (looking at you Kingmaker), but other than that, we don't know how else to narrow them down.

    Budding off of THIS THREAD , what exactly is the effect of the cleric favored class bonus? It gives +1 to the caster level of channeling feats with regards to undead, but what exactly does that do?

    Second question (somewhat PFS focused), what does increasing the caster level of necromancy spells (per the FCB Dhampir's can get as a wizard) do for you when you don't use animate dead related spells? Is it even worth getting this if you don't choose to animate dead but still focus necromancy? I know you CAN use animate dead in PFS, but it isn't usually economical so I am curious if there are other reasons to invest the FCB into increasing necromancy spell levels.

    I've been searching around, but I cannot find a pair of compatible traits that give me disable device and perception as class skills.

    Am I SOL, or missing something?

    I've searched the boards, but I can't seem to find any consensus on what is and isn't different from the wildshape ability this archetype grants versus a druid.

    Full disclosure, my goal is to be able to be a raging gorilla, but it is a large creature.

    Devil is in the Details Ability:

    At 1st level, an Asmodean advocate learns to choose her words so carefully that even when she says something designed to deceive listeners, the words are phrased to be technically true. She can use her Profession (barrister) skill for Bluff and Diplomacy checks. This benefit also extends to her familiar. The Asmodean advocate gains an insight bonus equal to 1/2 her cleric level (minimum +1) on Linguistics checks related to forgeries and on all Profession (barrister) checks.

    Let's say I'm a devilspawn tiefling and have a racial +2 on my diplomacy. If I have a +8 on barrister checks and I want to make a diplomacy check, do I...

    Get the +2 racial bonus?
    Get 1/2 my level?

    I'm a little confused on what qualifies when things get substituted for something else and want to nail this down before taking the build to PFS.

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