Reclusive Curse and Instantaneous Spells


I’ve been considering the Reclusive Curse for an Oracle of mine. My Google Fu shows that a decent number of people seem to think it gives a +1 to CL for spells that only target yourself, but the whole sentence is as follows:

“Instantaneous spells you cast only on yourself affect you as though your caster level were 1 higher.”

All the instantaneous spells I can think of you either don’t want to cast on yourself (fireball) or probably never would (dispel magic). My first thought when looking at this was to have a nifty little bonus for buff spells, but all of those have a non-instantaneous duration.

That leads me to the question: what spells actually work with this part of the curse? Either from the Cleric/Oracle or Sorcerer/Wizard spell lists. Alternatively, directing me to a spell search engine that still works and allows for a search by spell duration would be great :)

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Healing and condition removal spells qualify. Here, have a spreadsheet to sort by column M.

Yeeeees, this is great! Thank you :)

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