Advice wanted for level 5 Invulnerable Rager Human


I'd like Advice on my rage powers and my Feate

I know power Attack Should be one I Grab ASAP but I'm not sure my other feats or my rage powers

I tend to be a walking Juggernaut style character who swings around an earth breaker

Has to be human cause where suppose to be playing are selfs

I would give up Skilled for Heart of the Fey... this gives you low-light vision, and a +1 to both your weak [Reflex and Will] saves. I hate not being able to see, so I really value any of the Human's alternative racial features that offers enhancements to vision. Fey Magic could also replace Skilled, but it doesn't offer the bonus to your weak saves.

On a Barbarian, Heart of the Fields is tempting for the ability to flat out ignore the fatigued or exhausted condition 1/day. But again, I put a higher priority on being able to see... your mileage may vary. Heart of the Wilderness adds half your character level to your Constitution score when determining how many negative HP it takes to kill you... this may be worth considering if you somehow can't squeeze Raging Vitality into your build. It [Heart of the Wilderness] could potentially save you from the Barbarians' dreaded Sudden Death Syndrome, or whatever people call it when Rage ends and they die.

I still think that low-light vision and a +1 to both your weak saves is probably going to be the best replacement for Skilled... there are certainly other options, but Heart of the Fey is simple and well-rounded.

Anyways, on to the build...

Berserker of Society
*something for Will saves*
*something for Initiative*

1. Power Attack
1. Furious Focus
3. Combat Reflexes
5. Improved Initiative

Rage Powers
2. Superstition
4. Witch Hunter

Power Attack and Furious Focus together at first level means you're swinging penalty-free until BAB+6. Since Invulnerable Rager gives up Uncanny Dodge, you will probably want/need Combat Reflexes so you can at least make AoO in the surprise round.

I wasn't sure which direction would were going with your build, so I kind of started down the Sunder Enchantment path. You could just as easily go with Improved Damage Reduction and literally anything else. Lol.

I found Raging Vitality to be well worth the feat on my Invulnerable Rager. Dying or becoming fatigued because you dropped unconscious and stopped raging are both miserable.

The rest of your build would be impacted by your party and expected level, in my mind. The DR is great, but the extent to which you can sacrifice defense will be dictated by those two things. I was lucky in that I could have an AC of 16 (10 while raging with Reckless Abandon) for his entire career, but only because I reliably played with a dedicated healer who could get around his Superstitious Rage Power (Life Link, Channeling, Shield Other cast before raging) after about level 9.

How attached are you to an Earth Breaker? I'd advise a reach weapon and Combat Reflexes. Getting free attacks is a huge deal as a Barbarian, mine used a Lucerne Hammer.

Given how much of a Barbs damage comes from STR and power attack, I would specifically recommend a reach weapon with a 19+ crit range.
D10 vs D12 is just one damage on average, with a 19+ crit, you will (roughly) crit every 10 hits rather then every 20 hits, and basically any Barb should do more then 10 damage per hit.

Keep in mind that you could trade both Skilled and the Human Bonus Feat to get 2 "Heart of the" traits, so it is possible to get both Heart of the Fey and Heart of the Wilderness. However, Heart of the Fey is semi-redundant, because part of what it does is to make Knowledge (Nature) and Perception into class skills, but Barbarians already have these as class skills (and none of the archetypes other than Savage Technologist trade these out, and that archetype only trades out Knowledge (Nature)). The +1 to Reflex and Will Saves is still good, as is the Low-Light Vision (however, note that this is not Darkvision).

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