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Feel free to continue your Day 2 Night RPing and go into detail about your Day 3 Morning.

I will be working to finalize Kenjakana this holiday weekend.

Likewise. I'm a little booked for the next two or three weeks.

Jelani, would it be possible to get a +2 Ability Score Modifier to a stat of our choice like humans/half-elves/half-orcs? Right now, I'm having difficulty getting a decent stat array on a 17 point buy with no bonuses. In Apollonia, we had that extra 1d3 to help.

For some reason, I still can't post in the main thread. I'm commenting here because that seemed to resolve the issue last time.

EDIT: Finally figured out what the issue was.

Also, please don't mind the text in Kenjakana's current profile; it's all a holdover from an old PbP game.

Could one of the four GMs in this group tell me how to start a new game? How would I make sure that the discussion and game threads get linked together?

@Gyr: I've heard many good things about Spheres, but I would rather not implement a system with which I have minimal familiarity. Also, I believe Thron is shelving any 5e adventures for a rainy day.

@Thron: Galatea will be similar to the original Legacies: melee healer and secret agent. However, as a DMPC, she'll mostly be hanging back and supporting you all: the real heroes. I really like how Jelani plays Placidus, so that's how I intend to play Gali.

@Everyone: If you have any proposals for houserules, feel free to air them. Right now, I'm thinking of:

1) Removing Firing into Melee penalties like Starfinder does, essentially removing Precise Shot from the game.
2) Implementing Overclocked Spells.
3) Gating Blood Money behind a future quest.

@Jelani: For now, let's pretend that Shattered Star was resolved by a combination of the Freaks and the Rangers. Naturally, given their collective strength, I imagine it was very brief adventure.

I'll just post the character guidelines here. Once again, credit to Thron for providing the basis from either the original Legacies or Rise.

Starting Level: Level 2. Return of the Runelords covers Levels 1-20, so starting at Level 2 a little early likely won't unbalance anything.

Stats: 20 Point Buy.

Classes: All Paizo classes, archetypes, and books are allowed. No Third Party material.

HP: Max HP for Level 1. Half + 1 for every Level afterward. This standard applies for PCs and any class feature companions they might have.

Drawbacks: I will be allowing Drawbacks.

Traits: Two with one being a campaign trait from the Return of the Runelords Player's Guide. With a drawback, you have the potential for three traits total.

Wealth: 1,000 gp plus a Legacy Item up to 25,000 gp (e.g. Galatea's Ring of Invisibility).

Background Skills

Legacy: Similar to the first Legacies, I would also like each new character to have a connection to a prior PC (e.g. Zoli, Jeeves, Argor) or major NPC (e.g. Auronee, Elthariel).

Don't worry too much about healing. Similar to Placidus from Apollonia, Galatea will be accompanying the group.

I've warmed up to trying 5e. As for the setting, I'm with Stal; in the long run, I think keeping things on Golarion would be easiest. After all, we're all quite familiar with the world. As for the appearance of the Dragonborn, I imagine we can just do what Paizo does when they introduce a new ancestry and pretend that they've always existed.

@Thron: Sent you another important PM.

As a foreword to my first post, I see Shiloh being on friendly terms with her Blakros-Constantine cousins. With a +13 Diplomacy and a natural 20 Charisma, I truly think she would be naturally inclined to desire good relations with them. Yes, Shiloh Kaliani might be the center of the universe, but happy friends and family make Shiloh happy, so she would make the effort to be kind and affable to them.

Key word being them!

I'm thinking a two-headed golden dragon with a few aesthetically pleasing extra eyes here and there. A nice blend and balance of beautiful, good, and weird. After all, even if she puts her own twist on things, Sabby would want to uphold Classy's image as a benevolent goddess!

In all seriousness, for Shiloh's story, I could get some real mileage out of the Classy goddess ending, especially if Sabby ends up being Her Herald or even just some agent in Classy's employ. ;)

As per Thron's notes:

"Curious about the Varisian adventurers who dropped so much coin in his shop, [Argor] eventually teleports to Sandpoint to check it out. He sees the business potential provided by the Glassworks and purchases the building, turning it into an enclave and school for wizards. His names William Lightstaff the Headmaster of the Enclave, and takes on a series of new apprentices over the years. He visits it from time to time, and respite his harsh treatment of William early on in their relationship, the two become close friends and business partners."

Unless Auronee took extra care to hide herself, I imagine that William Lightstaff would have eventually noticed her and reported to Argor that the Farwynds were in Sandpoint. How that would play out would be up to Thron, but since Cole likely told him what happened to poor Classy (I recall that the cat was sent to get help of the Argorian variety), I also imagine Argor - an officer of Absalom law - would not be very happy with Auronee. By extension, the Enclave might be how Jaya eventually met him.

Technically speaking, according to the loot sheet, the Rangers almost certainly sold Delvahine's Sadist's Lash. It was never claimed and was worth more than all the supplies Setsuna bought Sandpoint, and no one uses whips, so at the time, there was no reason to keep it. That said, I'm sure it'd be easy enough to explain how it ended up in Kallie's possession; some of the things I've already written will almost certainly be retconed clarified as Shion's story unfolds.

Shion is an Ancient Lorekeeper Lunar Oracle. Still kicking around whether to go Warsighted or not.

That all said, Argor is functionally a god at this point; he's an immortal being of immense power, influence, and mind.

@Thron: Since this is a sequel campaign for Absalom too, what do you think about using the Hero Point system again for Legacies?

By all accounts and indications, when it came to raising Shion, Jeevika Kailani did everything right.

In contrast to her sisters...

1) Shion had an experienced, seasoned mother; for everything she did wrong, no one could say that Jeevika didn't learn from her three decades of raising the twins. Jeevika was present at every single milestone Shion reached. Jeevika also got a lot of help from Shion's grandmother, Elthariel, and most likely Ryli.

2) Shion had several strong, experienced paternal figured in her uncles and her grandfather Rileon Junior. In particular, some of Jeevika's older brothers had even raised half-elven children before. Quite a contrast to Vince, a tired old man who barely knew the first thing about child rearing when Jeevika abruptly left him for a couple years to watch two baby girls all by himself. Additionally, as shown by the skill he displayed with Kallie, Lorthan was probably a good, paternal influence for Shion too.

3) There was absolutely no Old God influence in Shion's upbringing. Jeevika completely cut that nonsense out of her life. The entire Kailani family even went as far as to never utter their names. That was quite a change; even late into her war against Karzoug, Jeevika still sometimes mentioned her former patron Bokrug or praised Yig for helping Sabrina find some peace.

4) Compared to what made Setsuna sheltered or Sabrina... awkward, Shion had a far more balanced and stable social upbringing. Again, Jeevika learned from her mistakes. By all appearances, Shion has Setsuna's silver tongue and Sabrina's iron will.

5) Having the de facto High Priestess of Shelyn as her mother, Shion was raised on perhaps the most "Good", sane, rational set of morals on Golarion.

6) Setsuna only had a chance to learn from their mother after she became an adult. Sabrina? Functionally self-taught. Meanwhile, Shion learned from many of Golarion's greatest. From Eugeni to Zoli to Ryli to Elthariel to Lorthan to Argor Constantine...

Sadly, Shion learned all the wrong lessons!

In Jeevika, Shion learned the lessons of failure. As much as she loves her mother, Shion views Jeevika's entire life as a big, cautionary tale of everything not to do. Her mother's entire life has always been trying to clean up her epic mistakes. Seriously, waking up another Runelord while already trying to stop one and then just... sitting around for two decades?! Sometimes, Shion wonders where her sisters got their spines. It definitely wasn't from Mother.

In Setsuna, Shion learned the strengths of Wrath and the beauty of lies. During her final months, Setsuna had become the de facto leader of the Varisian Rangers and lead a war that had spilled the blood of dozens. For her actions, she was fondly remembered by all who knew her and hailed as a martyr and heroine. As for Setsu's death, well, that had been a big, fat fluke. If Mother just had a little more spine...

In Sabrina, Shion learned the power of ambition. Their mother won't say what exactly, but she knows that her big sister had been within a second of accomplishing something that would have changed everything. Sabrina had done it right under everyone's noses too! She had defied every deity in existence. The only person who had stopped ever Sabrina had been... Sabrina.

In Argor Constantine? By the Old Gods...

Uncle Argor is her hero. Shion sees an amazing man who pulled himself up by the bootstraps from nothing and truly made something of himself. He had never let anything or anyone get in his way! Of all his peers, only Uncle Argor never faltered or petered out! Seriously, what did Sabrina see in that Classy lady? As for his children? Bleh. Ungrateful failures to his esteemed name who fail to appreciate his genius! With no true heirs to her Uncle's legacy, Shion plans to right that terrible wrong.

tl;dr Meet Shion Kailani - Aspiring Saturday Morning Cartoon Villainess. She plans to top Setsuna, Sabrina, and Argor.

(...Thank Shelyn she's so awful at being evil!)

@Thron: How are we handling animal companion HP?

@Jelani: How are we handling animal companion HP?

I would like background skills. They've basically become the default option in my Online Tabletop group, and they have been a welcomed addition to Rise. Fun fact: ever since I created her in 2014 (!), Jeevika has always been a dancer. Thanks to background skills, she has a +18 to Perform: Dance.

...I gotta have Jeeves dance sometime. I did have her sing once, which was only possible thanks to background skills.

As for my Oracle, expect a melee warrior of some sort. A spontaneous version of Jeevika would be a good frame of reference.

17 Point Buy

Str - 16 (10 Points)
Dex - 8 (-2 Points)
Con - 12 (2 Points)
Int - 12 (2 Points)
Wis - 10 (0 Points)
Cha - 14 (5 Points)

Stats Bonuses: 1d3 ⇒ 2

Stats After 1d3 Bonus

Str - 18
Dex - 8
Con - 12
Int - 12
Wis - 10
Cha - 14

Stats After Ancestry Adjustments

Str - 18
Dex - 8
Con - 14
Int - 12
Wis - 10
Cha - 16

Stats After Level 4 Bonus

Str - 18
Dex - 8
Con - 14
Int - 12
Wis - 10
Cha - 17

@Jelani: What are the typical physical features of a Narinar? Additionally, do they get a second starting language? Oreads get Terran, Ifrits get Ignan, Sylphs get Auran, Undines get Aquan, and Sulis get to pick one of said four.

@Thron: Would you consider using Automatic Bonus Progression like Jelani is in Not Serpent's Skull? I've heard a lot of nice things about it. It would be cool to give different, unorthodox magic items outside the Big Six a whirl; moreover, truth be told, it'd be nice not to have to pause the plot for a few in-game weeks just so we can upgrade our stuff to get the bonuses the system starts assuming we have at the higher levels.

@Jelani: Do Narinar have Darkvision 60 ft. like the other five ancestries? Your write-up doesn't say anything about what visions Narinar have. All the others have Darkvision 60 ft. Suli also have Low-Light.

1d5 ⇒ 1

A Ruler!

I'm thinking of playing a Narinar Oracle.

Extra Funds: 10d100 ⇒ (72, 44, 62, 58, 54, 2, 21, 96, 56, 13) = 478

lol, sorry for not being clearer, gry.

I meant that one of my character ideas was also a child of Argor. In other words, a half (?) sibling to your occultist.

Shion is my other option.

For the PC-NPC question, I feel like Ellie and Lorthan deserve a happy ending. They've already endured so much nonsense.

I'll get back to you on Jeevika; her likelihood of dying should depend on what she ultimately does with herself. If she chases our rogue Runelord across Golarion or starts dabbling with the Old Gods again (old habits die hard), then death is certainly a possibility. If she just retires to a more mundane job and focuses on raising a family? Not so much.

As for who I play, Shion is probably my most obvious option. That said, since Jeevika has now decided to let Vince move on, there's a definitely a good possibility that she tries her hand at another relationship. She is a priestess of Shelyn after all.

Perhaps with... Argor?

They did promise to hang out once the action dies down. Neither individual is particularly committed to anyone at the moment (this would take place before Argor's next wedding). One thing leads to another, and they end up in a brief relationship, which results in a daughter. Jeevika agrees to raise her in Kyonin, but they regularly see Argor.

Incidentally, this Argorian Kailani ends up being the one Argorian offspring who actually likes her father!

I also recommend the Summon Monster spells. Summoned creatures make for an excellent addition to melee; the best ones for each level are generally quite durable and physically powerful. In a sense, they're a casters' best source of damage because they typically get several hefty attacks over many rounds.

Just dropping in to say that I am also very interested and plan to submit a character if you still have room. I am currently thinking over concepts right now.

I think that I will be bowing out; I've been having trouble with designing a character. Best of luck to everyone!

Dotting for interest. I have a few builds in mind that I've been itching to play.

As things would turn out, right now is not the best time for me to be applying for another game. Therefore, I will be bowing out. Best of luck to everyone. Corsario is an excellent DM, so you all are in for a great game.

@Corsario: Last time, you eventually made Leadership a free Level 7 bonus feat for the main PC character. Would you mind implementing that policy again? As I have found out, Summoners are a rather feat starved class. In contrast to Neji, I am hoping to make someone who is less of an accessory to their Eidolon in actual combat.

What's the current party composition?

Hello, everyone.

@Jelani: What are the character guidelines?

I'm building an Unchained Summoner as my main, so we will have some Arcane support for the main group. Admittedly somewhat less than if the Chained Summoner was permitted.

As for my cohort, I'm building a Cleric of Erastil. Melee focused admittedly, but buffs don't depend on DC rolls.

@Corsario: I've noticed that some of the planned characters will be quite similar to each other crunch wise. Will that be an issue at all?

@Rilee: I just used the Stirge Spam tactic in the penultimate battle of my Iron Gods campaign. It absolutely wrecked an otherwise very powerful boss. I want to thank you for bringing this wonderful strategy to my attention.

Consider me interested as well. I have a Sage Sorceress idea that I would like to submit.

Consider me interested as well. I've been wanting to play a Goliath Druid for ages now. Now to figure out the other two classes.

As things would turn out, I will not be able to apply after all. Best of luck to everyone.

Consider me interested as well. I'm leaning toward an Eldritch Knight Archer.

As things would turn out, right now is not the best time for me to be applying for another game. Therefore, I will be bowing out. Best of luck to everyone.

And I'm kicking myself for missing this update. A game run by Jelani? It's been too long since I've played in one. I will definitely posting something.

Would it be alright if I joined up? I was also part of the original Masters game. It would be nice to realize that game again.

Since I am in a bit of a creative drought right now, I will be withdrawing myself from consideration. Best of luck to everyone.

@Corsario: If memory serves, he said somewhere between one or two weeks from last Saturday.

I am going to be submitting something myself. One part of the Gestalt will be a Goliath Druid. I'm still trying to figure out the second part.

Sorry for the wait, everyone. I'll be finished by Friday night. I just started a new job this week, so my creativity was in a metaphoric ditch until yesterday.

It sure has been, Jelani. :)

I'll go (mostly) straight caster Oracle then. My prior ones tend to be more melee or gishy, so this will be a different playstyle for me. I'm thinking of a dedicated summoner with a side of healing and battlefield control. She'll probably try to stay out of the thick of combat unless absolutely necessary.

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