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The Inn:
As an exhausted and harried-looking inn employee shows him a metal tub, Azorn lifts it from its place and brings it out into the common room. He puts it down in front of the fire, has the employees fill it with water before immersing a hand in it. After a few moments, the water begins to bubble. Then, Azorn shamelessly strips completely naked, revealing his knotted, burned and scarred skin. He lowers himself into the boiling water with a satisfied sigh. "Good," he says. "We'll have time for a bath, a drink, and a nap before we have to fight again. Speaking of, I'll take what passes for alcohol for pinkskins. Money's in the left pocket of my bag. Mind the axe that's in there too."

The Inn:

Rosa had been dozing off, the heat and lack of anyone coming even close was dull so a cat map seemed a good idea. She then a little shocked but also pleasantly surprised to find an attractive human suddenly sitting on her lap. Her sword chuckled, Rosa looked sideways at the woman and reaching up her hand and took the cigar out of her mouth.

"Did I order you?"

She says with a mock puzzled look.

"if not, why not say put for a while, it was getting boring here"

She smiles at the last part and places her hands on the Chell's hip.

"Drink for lady..."

Then she stops as she spots the tub and one Azorn the Unscathed, washing himself it in, playing with is toes and some soup.

"Azorn you old tinder box, is she a present form you?"

Rosa ask him, She slaps the Chell's behind to show who she is talking about.

The Inn:
Azorn's laughter is like a warg's bark, different only that it conveys real mirth. "I don't give away things which aren't mine. Nor do I give away my own things at all!" he laughs, taking a pumice stone from the floor to really scrub the bits in between his toes. "Shouldn't you be filling out paperwork in Hell or something, instead of acting all lecherous around young druids?"

The Inn:

She thinks a moment.

"Normally yes, I would like nothing better than to be behind my desk and pushing paper around. How ever with the undead, I have been assigned to field work, I'm here to collect a debt you might say, There is an Anti-Paladin who has been a bad bad boy."

When she says that last bit her voice takes on a echoing feel, like voices from beyond join in with them.

"and talking of paper work, Azorn you never did sign the contact I offered you. You know you really should,We always need someone to tend the fire pits, and you have such a way with fire."

She says with a chuckle, and hinds him a cigar, before looking a again at the human on her lap.

"A druid, you say, they are so wonderful in the woods, do you like woods my Pretty-Pretty"

Again a playful chuckle.

Chell Silves wrote:

You name that ape Wu Kong and you better give him a quarterstaff. Just not right without.

That's why I gave Sun a quarterstaff. I considered a Rod of Lordly Might, which I've always wanted to use in a game since they were introduced back in 1st Edition D & D, but it cost too much and didn't fit the legend as well as a simple quarterstaff. The ape animal companion doesn't fight with weapons and Sun doesn't really need to but he can do a bit more damage with the quarterstaff.

Raz quietly watches the din going on around her. Had it been before her bleaching, she would've been like any other gnome, asking questions about anything and everything, for all living things were once her passion.

Now days, she had little to say. The war had taken it's toll, and much more.

So the once vibrant and bouncy gnome watched, and thought, taking enjoyment from the liveliness of those in front of her, knowing that should she be called on once again to fight against the undead, that none would be found in that future.

It is really annoying that you can't set a custom avatar because there is ONE bleachling female, and she doesn't even look like a bleachling...

The Inn:

Chell jumps up with a girly squeak and covers her offended posterior. "No, no no no no. No. You did not. He did not," she rambles quickly. "Got a little light-headed and stumbled a bit. Haven't quite got my land legs back." Chell could command the sea and sky. Plunge its depths and soar its heights. Not two minutes ago she summoned a tornado. Yet love, romance and sexuality could reduce her to a blabbering mess. But that was the dichotomy of worshiping a gestalt deity. Immense divine power in a small, sometimes, skittish form.

"I mean thanks for the complement but..." She looks Rosa over a little better. Surprisingly thin but large, bigger than any human man. Pretty in an exotic, amazon warrior kind of way. Beautiful on the way a warship might be. Elegant in its destructive purpose. "...but I think I might die," she finishes half joking. Then she looks over at Azorn.

"No modesty. Dear gods what have I walked into?" There conversation continues to on and turns to speculation about her. Well it was time to set things straight. "Excuse me. I am not a druid. I am a priestess of Gozreh and Captain of the only fighting vessel currently watching the eastern flank," she says trying to wrangle some authority back. "As such, Gozreh sees fit to allow me the use of their domain, the sea and sky. And you are?" she asks, indicating the two of them.

As a fourth person goes from invisible to visible, she extends the offer of introduction to him too. "And you?"

Sun: As long as someone has one.

Raz: Too much opportunity for dicks, literally and figuratively.

The Inn:

She raises an eyebrow

"You need to ask, humm"

Rosa just bust out laughing at Chells discomfort. Then she seemed to pull out of nowhere a small black card with silver writing and let's it go. It floutes over to Chells hand.

"Rosa Luminass captain. Lord commander and principle Hound of the Hounds of the Hell
We hmmm...work in debt collection."

She chuckles to herself other who know of the hounds may get it too.

I will bow out. Got accepted in something different. Have fun

I don't build avatars until accepted.

Venn nods. "Venn Kamen, Wraithbreaker of Pharasma. I wield tendrils of pure life, pure death, and force." He will demonstrate with whips of positive, negative, and telekinetic energy. "I am the Gate the dead do not pass."

Liberty's Edge

I'm withdrawing as well. Thanks for the interesting and fun build though. I had a good time with it. Enjoy. :)

The Inn:
Azorn chuckles, flicking water with the back of his hand. "Girl, if you think anything this woman does is a compliment, you're younger than you look. As for me, I am Azorn the Conquerer. The Once and Future King of Khan-Ur, ruling from my Black Citadel." He scrubs the back of his neck, explaining further, "My kingdom now lies within the mist, and so I have joined with the pink-skinned in order to re-claim it."

The Inn:

Rosa just chuckles at Azorn's comment about compliments.

Stretched out her legs and took another pull on her cigar.
All the while her silver orb eyes locked on Chell, like a
wolf looking at a rabbit. Then the moment is gone, and she looks at the one who had said "I am the Gate the dead do not pass."

"That's a fine boast, what are your plans over the next few days?"

Philo Pharynx could we try and keep this under spoiler so as to not get in the way of the GMs recruitment. Its just a bit of fun, to try out what our PCs feel like. But posting open could be a bit of a distraction to others. If you see what I mean :)

So we lost the GM?

Silver Crusade

no I'm around. Just giving time. I don;t think I missed any recent questions

Cool thanks GM,

It'd still be nice if you made your presence known. A week without word is concerning for a recruitment.

I do have a few questions about items:

I assume combining items is okay as long as we follow the rules on that. +50% to the price of the cheaper item. And if we craft a combined item then only one side is half price or the whole thing counts as both crafted items.

Can we move items to slots? Instead of a headband of wisdom, have a spectacles or a hat? Moving a mental stat increaser somewhere other than the head doesn't sound right.

Do Ioun Stones get resonant powers? Is it random?

Are we allowed to have items greater than +5, like my +5 spell storing breastplate? Technically a total enchantment of +6.

The inn:
Chell opened her mouth to retort but snapped it shut quickly. One part of her wanted to argue about the effectiveness of essentially asking for aid by questioning her wisdom and calling her a pink-skin. The other part realized he was asking for aid. Aid to save his city which, in all likelihood, was gone. She had sailed through waters with the mist, seen what it had done to men. Had the ship not been hallowed and blessed with her powerful magic, why'd have been quickly drained of life. Probably would have rose up as undead immediately after. So Chell kept quiet to keep the peace.


"Boy, if you think this," she says indicating him and his attitude, "is an appropriate way to ask me for help, then you're as dumb as you look. And you need my help," she says, cutting off any retort, "if you hope to rescue any survivors."

I believe magic weapons and armor are allowed to have a total enhancement bonus of 10, with 5 being enhancement and the other 5 coming from special abilities. Also, Chell - I believe that +5 breastplate gives an armor bonus of 11, not 9, and that a hand holding a heavy shield cannot be used to cast spells, so... make sure not to draw your weapon :P

I agree with Chell, DM, though. I'd appreciate some conversation between you and us about the state of the world and our sheets, whether there's anything we're missing or that we've overlooked or done wrong.

The Inn:
Azorn gets out of the tub, drying himself with prestidigitation and pulling his pants back on from where he left them on the floor. He picks up his pewter mug of crappy ale and raises a hairless brow at Chell's words. "What makes you think that I'm asking you specifically for help? I came here to fight alongside all the land's remaining warriors, whether I or they like it or not. From where I am standing, all of your lives are in danger. All lives are in danger. I don't believe that you are allowed to play the put-upon hero when it is your life that is threatened." He snorts, drains his mug, and tosses it over his shoulder.

Oh she won't be most of the time. Unlike Wizards, clerics have proficiency and don't need a floating shield. That's why her trident is merely a +1. If she ever expends all spells then, like most casters, she will be in a lot of trouble. But yes, 6+5 is 11. Not 9. Durr.

The Inn:
Chell doesn't flinch at his nudity but does roll her eyes. She was in captain mode now and was harder to faze. She also had greater confidence. She smirks and looks up at him, not as far as she thought at first though. He was shorter than his personality made him feel. "Oh you will. Because I can look past all this. We might be on the back foot here but I can tell we'll pull through. I've dealt with one avatar of a god. I can handle a few more. And I may not know the people here," she says taking a look around, "but I can see and feel the power and determination behind their eyes. Woe be to whatever caused this and stands in our way. But when its over, and everyone goes home, I'll still be there to help you clean up yours. Not because you asked, but because its the right thing to do. You're not in your kingdom right now so it'd a good idea to be a little diplomatic, don't you think? Even the Hound of Hell is playing nice...if a little racy."

The Inn:

Rosa smokes as they talk, she shifts in her seat as her wine comes.
taking a glass she sips it, pulls a face and puts it back on the table.

"Well its the end of the world Again. Death and destruction, pain and suffering, lives being ripped apart, despair and heart ache all around, makes one feel right at home. Nice to be out of the office for a change, BUT I do have a job to do and right It's waiting for a contact to come and tell me just where one of the architects of this current undead doom is hiding. You see he's late for a meeting."

She smiles at that.

"But again, until such time as that contact comes, I can relax and enjoy myself here. And with such nice company"

A fight seemed to be braking out on the other side of the room, two burly humans faced off to each other. One looked to be a knight of some kind, the other a wild man who was all scares and mussels. A huge magic Axe on his back. Others move it to stop them, saying words of discouragement. But Rosa being so large reaches down, picks up a spittoon and slings across the room. It hit the burly wild man on the back of the head, it doing little or no damage, But spilling spit slops all over his back.

The Wild man span around and looked for who dear do such a thing to such a powerful and great fighter as he.

Others moving back pointed at Rosa to show who had done such a thing.

Rosa ignored his look of rage and anger.

"Hello, look just a word, I like so many others love the Homo-eroticisem of a good bar fight. I mean all them oiled bodies and rippling stuff, O love the scares by the way."

She winked at the wild man but went on.

"And courtship is hard when you hiding your sexuality behind masochism, but see boys, your love dance will make and din and we're trying to have a conversation here. So if you would be so kind as to go outside and feel each other up we would greatly appreciate it."

The bar brakes out in laughter, the Knight blushed and the wildman
locked eyes with Rosa. Her words where simple there was no threat of violence in them. Thing was Rosa had not moved yet the large black blade was now hovering by her side, still and static.

The wild man looked a moment longer then thinking better of it broke eye contact, turned and went to the bar. The tension gone the Inn once more went back to chatting and drinking.

Rosa looked back at the other two.

"Sorry about that, so many egos in one place, bound to be some pent up anger looking for an outlet."

So when the DM said no Tomes of Stat Raising, he meant literal Tomes and not just any stat raising items in general?

The Inn:

Raz hopped off her seat, walking casually towards the fireplace as a spittoon sailed well over her head towards a raucous behind her.

She cozied up to the fire, her tiny frame taking up hardly any room at all.

"The Lady of Graves seems to have many followers gathering to end this perversion of life and death. She is also the reason why I am here, among many others, and now our fates are intertwined with that of this world. Whatever reasons we have, there is great power in a common goal."

The crowd gathered here was a varied in talents and experience as it was in origin. Though age was hardly something to be considered in such circumstances, the grandmother in Raz stirred somewhat seeing the youthful pride and confidence radiating from the priestess. The differing races always grew up so differently...

Yes, I think the DM meant literally just tomes, as they're just gold = stats, while the headbands and belts cost slots.

Silver Crusade

headbands/belts are perfectly fine. If it takes a slot and increases stats, that is ok.

combinging items is ok, however I think I will only allow one side (you may choose the more expensive one) to be crafted.

As long as the item slot is the same, you can refluff the appearance of the item however you wish.

Azorn is also correct, a total enhancement (as stated in the magic item rules) may equal +10, however only a total of 5 can be spent on straight enhancement, or extra magical abilities (such as flaming)

If you wish to use an Ioun stone, please feel free to select them from here
Ioun stone selection just make sure to list the bonus from the stone beside it on your sheet.

as for the world, at this point, the metropolis city that was used as the capital of the alliance has fallen. (technically, this happened around level 10/11 in the game). It is now nothing but an empty husk bulging with undead, both from the poor souls that didn't make it out in time, and from the crypts and graveyards housing the long ago departed. 3/4ths of the land is covered in a sickly grey mist that seems to weaken any type of divine spells save those of necromanitic origin. You would likely be either
A. Regrouping to an old stronghold within the southern Mountains and the nearby land which is now used as the last "safe" haven, or
B. Performing some type of expeditionary task to the edge of the creeping mist/ into the mist.

or, in case neither would apply, you could be fighting for your life in the mist.

Many have lost faith in the gods, with only small remnants of Sarenrea and Iomeade devout followers truly remaining. I could write several pages worth of the events that have/are planned to happen, if you had any specific questions, (such as government/military/civic) feel free to ask.

As for sheets, if everyone could form a small "quick time" statblock similar to Azorn's it would be helpful.

Thanks GM, will fix PC accordingly

The Inn:

Rosa nods as Raz talks, outside the thick fog banks where heading thire way, with it the sapping chill of the indead. Rosa has walked in it, seen the dead come back. Souls sucked out of the Hell's pits to power undead bodies. The powers that be back home where not happy. Rosa was here to put things back as they should be.

"Well we are just outside the fog of the undead, and soon they will be here."

She raised her voice so all could hear in the Inn.

"I want to know whose willing to come and try and take out the ones behind this mess. Just so you know, I'm paying nothing, and your very likely get killed or worse, made into a meat puppet for an undead lord, that's the bad news, The good news is, should you win and live, why your names will live on forever as heroes of legend so some such trivial think. So lets hear who you are and what you can do and if you have what it takes."

Rosa takes out a note pad and pain to jot names down.

The Inn:

The man entered the Inn without fanfare, simply walking up to the bar and ordering a glass of whatever the special was. When the drink was handed to him, he reached out and grasped it with an arm made of the metal commonly referred to as Dwarf Steel, but known in academic circles as Adamantine. Paying in coin minted in a distant land, he leans against the bar and surveys the room, staring at no one but giving one the feeling of being watched regardless.

While he carries no weapons, his close-cropped hair (that was ever so slightly peppering) and general demeanor marked him as both a soldier, and a leader of men.

While it was true that he carried no weapons, it was also true that he carried a lighter shield strapped to his back. The symbol of the nation he hailed from featured prominently on the crest of the shield, and even though it was made of the same material as his arm, the shield appeared to have seen heavy use.

Knowledge (Local) DC 20:

This man is something of a legend in his home nation. His name is Luke Rand, and he holds the rank of Major, not in the army, but in the guard force that protects and patrols his the capitol city. It is widely known that he lost his arm while pulling a child from the mouth of a dragon, and that he also swore never to carry a weapon again after that incident, but instead focused his fighting techniques on turning his shield into a weapon. His current arm was the gift of a wealthy clockwork engineer whose child he had saved.

The people of his city mostly respect him, as he is well known even among the criminal element that he will treat everyone fairly, regardless of rank or station.

It is also well known that you do not want to be hit by his shield.

Rorek, is there a nation like either America or Andor in your world? Specifically some place that is a democracy with a strong military.

The Inn:

Rosa looks back at her sword.
"Really Rand's here."

She says as if talking to the sword.
She looks back and around the bar until her eyes fall on the man with a metal arm.

"Will well well Luke Rand, your a long way from home, come over tell use what you have been up to"

She waves a small cigar case.

™and I have Umbra Cigars."

rorek55 wrote:
no I'm around. Just giving time. I don;t think I missed any recent questions

Still hoping for an answer on Spirit Master? :)

rorek55 wrote:
... As for sheets, if everyone could form a small "quick time" statblock similar to Azorn's it would be helpful.

Just to be sure, you're talking about the standard Paizo statblocks that come with every monster and NPC, such as this and Sun Zhang Lao's profile after the background story?

The Inn:

"I don't believe we've met before, so you have me at a disadvantage."

Luke will wander over with his drink and pull out a seat, spin it around, and then sit with the back facing him.

"So, I assume that you were sent here to help with the undead situation? My government was petitioned for assistance, so I was the person that got sent."

The Inn:

She looks on as the Major takes a seat, then

"Your right Major Luke Rand I do have you at a disadvantage. That is often the case with my kind."

She grins and offers him a Cigar

"I know of you, we have a file on you in fact, and a just an fair man is hard to find nowdays, so always best to keep tabs.
Now let me introduce myself and those with me. I myself am Rosa Luminass, Lord commander and principle Hound of the Hounds of the Hell. I think you may have hard of us and what we do.

She points at the half naked scared green lump of an Hobgoblin

"That's The great Warlord Azorn the Unscathed got to love that name, anyway I have worked with him a while ago, in fact you may have heard of him. His kingdom is lost and he very much want it back."

Points at Chell's

"That fine lady is Ship Captain Chell Silves, whose command is currently protecting the sea ways, she is doing this becouse, well she is good, or is it dumb, hard to tell some times."

The grin gets wider then she points next at a bleached Gnome

"That's Venn Kamen, Wraithbreaker of Pharasma"

waves her hand at the others there as of she as now board with naming them.

"Others... and yes we are all here wait for some info on whereabouts the ones behind this undead mess. With them aim of ending them and everything they have done. Sounds fun but frankly I don't thing we stand a snowballs in Hell's chance of doing it. I fully expect us all to be killed. I have been dead before and one gets over it but till is a pain. But one must do, like you am just following orders."

She chuckles,

Would I need Leadership to have a ship and be a captain? I don't think Leadership was banned but it would complicate things. Having a level 16 cohort would be a pain to deal with and level as well.

The Inn:
"Good people are dumb because they can ignore the worst in people. And ignorance is bliss," Chell says proudly.

Would you consider allowing a Gathlain character? Thinking about making an Overwhelming Soul kineticist, which is normally somewhat underpowered, but the Gathlain has a favored class bonus for kineticists which
allows them to increase the amount of burn cost reduction when using the kineticist’s gather power ability by 1/6 point; seems like that would offset the underpowered overwhelming soul quite nicely, and it sounds like a fun character to play.

The Inn:

Rosa sits up an looks at Chell a little shocked.

"Really! is that what it is, you know in all my years no one has ever explained it to me like that before. Well I never, that was all it ever was, just not seeing the bad. I must admit I had never considered that. Humm all I ever see is the bad, Maybe that's why I never thought about it like that before. Interesting"

She sat back.

"Just goes to show, no matter how smart you think you are there is always something new to learn"

She looks at her sword and snaps at it.

"Shut up!, You knew that you always say that even when you don't Mr know it all."

Its clear her sword is talking to her, but unclear how, Telepathy?.
She snatches up her drink and downs it in one, then pulls a face remembering just how bad it is.

Chell I asked about Leadership before and yes, its not band as such but must be done in a way that dose not brake the game. I don't think anyone like the player who shows up with a small army wanting a fight. Always best to keep it simple. But leadership at level 18 if done right can add a lot with out braking game.

The Key is to keep Cohorts simple, and followers out the picture.
I always play as a GM.

Exampled: Rosa has vile Leadership which is the core of my PC idea for her. BUT Her cohort is bound into her sword, and as such they are a Hound team, working as one. While her followers are all her wee Devil Clerks working away on her Demin-plan doing paper work, they can never leave there. Should the party go her her office they may see them but that's it. Keeping it simple

I think you could do same, with your PC, Example: Your cohort could be whose in command of you ship while your not there. Cohort Dread Pirate Roberts and your follower Crew etc. They will not brake the game but also add a lot to who your PC background, and should we need a ship. :)

GM says its going to be a short simple game, just to test things so, if done right leadership has a use I feel.

I think that I will be bowing out; I've been having trouble with designing a character. Best of luck to everyone!

Silver Crusade

nicholas, go ahead with the spirit master

Sun Zhang, yes, just something quick, tidy and simple with most of your core "math" information.

Chell, leadership would not be needed, but feel free to make use of it. I have a paladin in the game at this time using it and most of his followers (and even his cohort) are usually sent out on "missions".

dwilhemi, I don't see why not, lets see what you can do with it.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Subscriber

A high level mystic theurge gives me goosebumps. Would you allow early entry via SLA? Not necessary at lvl 18, but curious.

Silver Crusade

hmm. no I don't think so. Sorry, no entry via SLA

The Inn:

"Good people aren't dumb, young lady, no more then evil people are mustache twirling villains. People are people. End of story."

The Inn:

She chuckles at being called a young lady, and throws her cigar on the fire.

"Your right and I am sorry, I retracted my statement about the good being dumb. I can now see was thinking under a misconception."

She says wistfully.

"Always nice to meet someone who knows the facts, yes in deed People are people. That is unless they are undead, which is the situation we find ourselves in right now. So "

The Inn:

Raz looks at the finger pointed towards her, then over at the significantly larger man who was clearly more than human.

"Do all followers of Pharasma look so alike?' the Bleachling almost chuckled 'I am Raz Moonstone, that gentleman over there is the afore mentioned Venn Kamen, Wraithbreaker of Pharasma.

As for our qualifications in this matter, I have spent my entire life channeling positive energy to heal, helping bring life into this world as a midwife, and keeping it here as a surgeon and healer.

Pharasma decided it was time for me to shift from her life domain and into death, so now I use that same energy to bring death to the undead instead of life to the unborn.

My weapons, my armor, my skill set, and my faith; all are aligned to wipe the undead from this world so that Pharasma may at last send their souls to their final resting place."

She shifts a little. It has been a while since she spoke so much of herself.

"And so, I can prevent them from rising, sense their presence, track their creators, stop their advances. I can move about them unseen, and wipe out the masses with a Word or a whisper."

She steels her gaze, though not looking at anyone in particular.

"Everything I am today is for this one purpose. Either we win, or we die. Should any of my allies fall, I will raise them to life, or keep them dead, so they can fight without fearing undeath. There is room enough in the ground, and in the Boneyard, for all of us."

I present for your consideration, Drogar White-Tusk, half-orc barbarian, whose horde up north was brought down by the undead army. He has traveled south to seek reinforcements to help him seek vengeance for the death of his wife and children. If there is no undead army up north, GM, let me know so I can change the backstory.


Drogar White-Tusk
Male half-orc (mystic) barbarian (invulnerable rager) 18
CN Medium humanoid (human, orc)
Init +7; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +25
AC 33, touch 16, flat-footed 27 (+11 armor, +5 Dex, +1 dodge, +6 natural)
hp 279 (18d12+108)
Fort +24, Ref +18, Will +19; +12 morale bonus vs. spells, supernatural abilities, and spell-like abilities while raging but must resist all spells, even allies'
Defensive Abilities evasion, fortification 75%, indomitable will, sacred tattoo; DR 18/lethal, 9/—;
Resist cold 5, extreme endurance, immune to fear
Speed 40 ft.
Melee +5 called adamantine naginata +35/+30/+25/+20 (1d8+23/19-20/×4)
Power attack + rage: +33/+28/+23/+18 (1d8+42/19-20x4)
Ranged +1 adaptive darkwood composite longbow +24/+19/+14/+9 (1d8+13/×3)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft. (10 ft. with +5 called adamantine naginata)
Special Attacks greater rage (44 rounds/day), rage powers (beast totem, greater beast totem, lesser beast totem, ghost rager, mighty swing, spell sunder, superstition +12, unexpected strike, witch hunter)
Str 34, Dex 20, Con 22, Int 9, Wis 18, Cha 17
Base Atk +18; CMB +30; CMD 46
Feats Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Eldritch Heritage, Endurance, Greater Eldritch Heritage, Improved Critical (naginata), Improved Eldritch Heritage, Iron Will, Power Attack, Raging Brutality, Skill Focus (Survival)
Traits fate's favored, reactionary
Skills Acrobatics +20 (+24 to jump), Climb +15, Handle Animal +24, Intimidate +15, Lore (Barbarian tribes) +20, Perception +25, Survival +25, Swim +15
Languages Common, Orc
SQ fast movement, fearless, orc blood, tireless rage, touch of rage
Combat Gear potion of fly (x3), potion of enlarge person (x10); Other Gear +5 heavy fortification mithral breastplate , +1 adaptive darkwood composite longbow , +5 called adamantine naginata, arrows (60), amulet of natural armor +4 , belt of physical perfection +6, boots of speed, efficient quiver, headband of mental prowess +6 (Wis, Cha), ring of evasion, ring of freedom of movement, backpack, belt pouch, blanket, flint and steel, hemp rope (50 ft.), pot, soap, torch (10), trail rations (5), waterskin, 172 gp
Special Abilities
Beast Totem +5 (Su) +5 to Natural Armor while raging.
Beast Totem, Greater (Su) Pounce ability and 1d8 claw damage while raging
Beast Totem, Lesser (Su) Gain 2 d6 claw attacks while raging
Combat Reflexes (6 AoO/round) Can make extra attacks of opportunity/rd, and even when flat-footed.
Damage Reduction (18/lethal) You have Damage Reduction against non-lethal damage
Damage Reduction (9/-) You have Damage Reduction against all attacks.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white only).
Endurance +4 to a variety of fort saves, skill and ability checks. Sleep in L/M armor with no fatigue.
Energy Resistance, Cold (5)
Evasion (Ex) If succeed on Reflex save for half dam, take none instead.
Extreme Endurance (Cold) (Ex) At 3rd level, the invulnerable rager is inured to cold climate effects.
Fast Movement +10 (Ex) +10 feet to speed, unless heavily loaded.
Fearless (Ex) Immunity to fear, and your natural armor bonus increases to +2.
Fortification 75% You have a chance to negate critical hits on attacks.
Ghost Rager +6 (Su) Full damage to incorporeal creatures, morale bonus to touch AC when raging
Indomitable Will (Ex) +4 bonus to Will saves vs. enchantment spells.
Mighty Swing (1/rage) (Ex) Automatically confirm a critical while raging.
Orc Bloodline Arcana
Orc Blood Half-orcs count as both humans and orcs for any effect related to race.
Power Attack -5/+10 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Rage (44 rounds/day) (Ex) +6 Str, +6 Con, +3 to Will saves, -2 to AC when enraged.
Raging Brutality (+6) Add Constitution bonus on damage rolls
Sacred Tattoo +1 to all saves.
Spell Sunder (1/rage) (Su) Once per rage, the barbarian can attempt to sunder an ongoing spell effect by succeeding at a combat maneuver check. For any effect other than one on a creature, the barbarian must make her combat maneuver check against a CMD of 15 plus the effect's caster level
Superstition +12 (Ex) While raging, gain bonus to save vs. magic, but must resist all spells, even allies'.
Tireless Rage (Ex) Ending Rage no longer results in fatigue.
Touch of Rage +9 (6/day) (Sp) Gain listed morale bonus to attack, damage, and Will saves for 1 rd.
Unexpected Strike (1/rage) (Ex) Once per rage, gain an attack of opportunity against someone who moves into your threatened area.
Witch Hunter +5 (Ex) Bonus to damage spellcasters while raging.

Here's Solomon, a Cleric/Brewkeeper of The Laughing God. I'll be writing something in The Inn soon, but I want to read through it, so it'll likely be tomorrow.

The Inn:
Azorn chuckles as everybody talks and talks. "Undead are people too," he says. "They only barely want to eat you more than an ogre does, too." He plops himself down in a chair, the largest and coziest he can find, and slouches down low, his eyes getting droopy. "By all accounts, we only have a few hours before more of those slavering and stinking hordes show up here, so I'd better catch a couple hours of shut-eye. Afterwards, we should discuss longer-term plans. I believe there's an old fort a few kilometers up the mountainside, and maybe we could evacuate all of the civvies up there. Maybe fortify it while we divine where the leaders of this mist are."

He shrugs and closes his eyes. "Anyway. Later. We'll see."

I feel like I came up with a build for Azorn that I like better, so I might switch it up. There are a lot of people building casters for this, and I could totally make a full-martial version of Azorn that would potentially deal a lot more damage. Stay tuned.

rorek55 I see you listed recruitment time as about 2 weeks from the 8th. If I had a character completed sometime tomorrow morning EST would I still be eligible?

Was 2 weeks really last Saturday? Totally forgot.

Gurk.. will have to get a move on!

Done. I had an idea for a pretty good martial character, and this is a good opportunity to try it out.

Sticking with Azorn, only instead of various fire spells, he'll be hefting a magma hammer.

If it's too late to submit a new build, that's fine. I will keep the stats in my profile the same.

Azorn the Unscathed - CR 17
Male hobgoblin samurai (sword saint) 10/kineticist 8 // VMC barbarian
LE Medium humanoid (goblinoid)
Init +3; Senses Perception +18

AC 33, touch 15, flat-footed 32 (+14 armor, +1 Dex, +4 deflection, +4 natural)
hp 277 (10d10+8d8+154)
Fort +24, Ref +17, Will +11 (+5 vs. mind-affecting, +2 vs. fear, +1 vs. poison)
Defensive Abilities uncanny dodge, evasion, greater resolve 5/day, honor in all things 3/day, searing flesh DR 6/- ; DR 9/- vs. challenged target
Spd 20ft.
Melee +3 flaming burst keen katana +25/+20/+15/+10 (1d8+12 plus 1d6 fire/15-20 - x2 plus 1d10 fire)
Melee or Ranged flame blast +22/+17/+12/+7 touch (4d6+4/x2)
. . . earth blast +22/+17/+12/+7 (4d6+12/x2)
. . . magma blast +22/+17/+12/+7 (8d6+16/x2)
Special Attacks rage (26 rounds/day), rage powers (accurate stance), challenge (+10, 4/day), weapon expertise (katana), iaijutsu strike (standard, +5d6), brutal slash +5, terrifying iaijutsu (DC 19), way of the samurai, infusions (kinetic blade, blade rush, eruption), elemental overflow
Str 22, Dex 16, Con 26, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 18
Base Atk +16; CMB +21; CMD
Feats Power Attack, Steadfast Personality (1st), Unconquerable Resolve (5th), Vital Strike (6th), Cleave (9th), Cleaving Finish (13th), Improved Vital Strike (17th)
Traits Axe to Grind, Resolute
Skills Diplomacy [15] +22, Intimidate [15] +22, Knowledge (engineering) [15] +18, Profession (soldier) [15] +18, Linguistics [2] +3, Spellcraft [15] +19, Perception [15] +18, Sense Motive [5] +8, Survival [15] +18
Languages Common, Goblin, Giant, Ignan, Dwarven
SQ samurai order (order of the black daimyo), wild talents (fire's fury, fire sculptor, flame jet, kinetic cover), infusion specialization (2), basic pyrokinesis, basic geokinesis, burn, internal buffer


hobgoblin tyrant's crown (headband of alluring charisma +6/band of the stalwart warrior) - 43,000gp
belt of physical might (str/con) - 90,000gp
jaunt boots - 7,200gp
amulet of natural armor +4 - 32,000gp
juggernaut's pauldrons - 40,000gp
handy haversack - 2,000gp
folding boat - 7,200gp
instant fortress - 55,000gp
ring of survival (ring of protection +4/ring of evasion) - 69,500gp
ring of free travel (ring of freedom of movement/ring of sustenance) - 43,750gp
fogcutting lenses - 8,000gp
versatile vest - 2,000gp
+5 adamantine folding plate - 51,500gp
+3 keen flaming burst adamantine katana


I'd like to pitch an extension for tomorrow as well.

I have all her spells (finally) sorted out, know what equipment I will be getting and am just working through my gold.

I haven't posted a stat block yet because of how greatly items affect stats...

The Inn:

An old crone of a woman steps into the raucous inn, back hunched over, her archetypal warty, protruding nose poking out from under her filthy, ragged hood. She hobbles slowly toward an empty seat near the fire, leaning on her unimpressive, mundane walking stick, and sits down with a deep sigh, setting the stick against the wall and extending her gnarled, leathery hands towards the heat.

"Ahhh, that's much better. It's been an unholy terror out there these days, hasn't it?" She speaks to nobody in particular, though Azorn, Chell, Rosa, Raz, and Rand are all within earshot. Her voice is cracked with age, matching the wrinkles on her otherwise-gentle, kindly face. "It's too bad Ol' Solomon Volstadt isn't 'round these parts. He'd clean this whole thing up in a jif! Surely his story has made it out this way, ain't it?" She looks up from the fire, eyeing each of the other patrons, a wry smile on her face.

Is recruitment over? I haven't got a character together, yet, butI'm interested.

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