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Found when, don’t you mean?

Smurfation all across the nation. (It’s going to be a long year.)


Sovereign Court

Actually, I have no interest in the living dead. My observation was about the rest of you.

Sovereign Court

The rest in peace of you.

Good night sweet friend from outer space. May you dream of freaky beings that trip your trigger.

Eh just go back to the cows.

Sovereign Court

You make a persuasive argument, livestock do make better conversationalists.

They also don't complain about having unneeded vital organs removed.

They are often amena-bull, it's true!

Yok yok yoo hoo haw!

Sovereign Court

*Has Schism force-feed Chuck Les an unending amount of garbage.*

I know, it's disgusting, but not nearly as much as the stuff coming out of his mouth!

You've not met my brother, then?

Sovereign Court

Oh, he has, as have we all. In fact, I experimented on him recently. Do you wish to know the results?

Sovereign Court

And by experimented on, he means examined and dissected. Just saving you from any confusion.

Smurf that.

Friend from Outer Space wrote:
Oh, he has, as have we all. In fact, I experimented on him recently. Do you wish to know the results?

I already know more than I wish to know about him, so no thankyou.

Smurf this.

Sovereign Court

I just hate to correct people's grandma grammar but it's this before that.

Don't take it personally folks, it's just a bit of satire (particularly if read with Jim Carrey's voice).

Smurf before smurf. Your hair looks like turf. Smells like it too. I bet a cow would like to chew.

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.

Accordion accordion accordion accordion accordion.

Is there a unfairy one too?

Sovereign Court

I heard that there used to be Pulg's Goblin Flugelhorn Band but, something went wrong...

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What went wrong was the Great Flugelhorn Drought of 2009-2019. Thankfully, that long nightmare is now over. TOOT TOOOOOT!!

Sovereign Court

Alright, it's my favourite band! I have all of your albums!

I prefer the Muppetphone myself, though I would prefer to use peasants.

Sovereign Court

Pulg's Goblin Muppetphone Band should have you covered.

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It's actually a Muppet Goblinphone band, although COVID restrictions mean that they can't currently perform with real goblins. I suppose they could, but the PPE ruins the tone and resonance.

Sovereign Court

Goats on zoom...

Not now.

Sovereign Court

Yes, there's much more important things to talk about. Such as figuring out which of Pulg's Goblin Flugelhorn Band's songs is my absolute favourite! There's just so many good ones!

Right now, I'm torn between their first ever song: "Toot toot, goes the Flugelhorn flute", and their Christmas number one: "She'll be all over me like fleegle flies on a flat nosed flugelhorse".

What about 'The Bugle and the Flugel and the Boiled Banana Kugel'? A top 50 smash in Suriname!!!

Who is Suri?

The robotic woman who obeys your commands on your Imizun Achu.

Sovereign Court

Intriguing, but a scan of the entire solar system shows no signs of this 'Imizun Achu'. Please refresh your databases or, if you would prefer, I can manually rewrite your neural networks.

Smurfal smurfworks.

Well you heard the Smurf.

Sovereign Court

*Looks up from the test subject that I'm operating on.*

I'm terribly sorry, but what did you just say right now?

*The test subject let's out a pained gasp before he dies.*

Not another one! Honestly, people are just so rude sometimes!

*Everyone looks on in complete and utter confusion at that statement.*

Putting it simply, I'm convinced that the body can live without a heart.

Can confirm.

Sovereign Court

Excellent! I just knew that I was correct! Still, just to be sure...

*Dissects Caught in a Landslide to see all the vital organs it has.*

There is indeed no heart in this being, but they still live.

*Cuts into the head of Caught in a Landslide and examines the contents.*

You don't need this particular vital organ (then again, no-one does).

*Removes the vital organ (aka the brain) and throws it away.*

Organs are for noobs.

Organs are for EXPERTS.

Sovereign Court

Clearly, we're going to get into a debate here so, let's do it properly.

*Sets up a live, televised debate show (keeping to government guidelines of course).*

Hello and welcome to "Debate or Die!" The show where arguing your point, could cost your life!

Today's topic is: Organs - Are they truly vital or just a waste of time?

Representing the side "For Organs", we have Pulg's Fairy Monkeyboard Trio.

*Pulg's Fairy Monkeyboard Trio waves to the audience, who cheer in response.*

With the side representing "Against Organs", we have Caught in a Landslide.

*A larger amount of cheering is heard, as Caught in a Landslide waves.*

Looks like there's a potential favourite tonight folks, now let the debate begin!

*More cheering is heard before the audience goes silent.*

Starting with Pulg's Fairy Monkeyboard Trio, why do you say organs are vital?

Sovereign Court

Organ free, since ever.

How do you keep getting out of your hour glass?

*Instead of speaking, plays a medley of 'Whiter Shade of Pale', Bach's 'Toccata and Fugue' and 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon' on a gigantic Wurlitzer*

Sovereign Court

Interesting, not sure what you're getting at. Caught in a Landslide, it is now your turn to speak.

No escape from reality.

I beg to differ.

Sovereign Court

*As the debate tediously continues (and as Timemaster7 keeps putting The When back into an hour glass), everything starts to shake about as Malvel's beasts suddenly crash through a wall in a frenzied stampede (with no apparent reason or cause) and wreck the place. While everyone tries to get out of the way, Schism is unable to escape and gets trampled (but not killed, just flattened).*

Now, that is certainly gonna improve the show's ratings!

*Walks through the wreckage of the debate show and sees the flattened Schism.*

Oh, good grief! I just can't leave you alone for five minutes, can I?!

*Grabs a large balloon pump, sticks the nozzle into Schism's mouth and starts pumping.*

Avoid tripping if you run with scissors.

Sovereign Court

*Fires a specially designed ray gun at Safety Cat.*

If you're that concerned, then this should help.

*Safety Cat finds that it is now covered in a shiny, plastic coating.*

Behold, you have now been laminated!

Captain Danger Bear also wishes to be laminated. Then he will go firewalking.

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