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Sovereign Court

Now, now, Pulg. We don't discuss politics here. Just remember that I'm in charge.

In charge of what? Who knows?

Sovereign Court

*Sticks Vidmaster7 into a nearby phone charger.*

And now, you are "in charge"!

A trumpet sounds, then a regiment of light cavalry gallop over Vidmaster7, swords drawn

Now he's *in charge*!

Nosferatu Fester Addams wrote:

*Sticks Vidmaster7 into a nearby phone charger.*

And now, you are "in charge"!

Hey, how did you get off that flag pole?

One of these days I'm gonna tell Blade where this chat is.

Sovereign Court

You already did, besides, he got killed by either devil leeches or plague maggots (I can't remember which).

And as for how I got off the flagpole, I jumped!

Someone is definitely messing with my memory.

Don't look at me.

Why? Are you not properly groomed?

Nah - I've gained a gaze attack. I'm liable to involuntarily turn you into a paddling pool filled with spelt.

Does it work on vampires?

Spelt works on everything.

Good to know.

Sovereign Court

Yeah right, Pulg, somehow I don't believe you!

*Sets up a large, metre high mirror.*

Have a look at yourself in this mirror and only if spelt works on you as well, will I then believe you.

Oddly enough, I tried that, and despite the fact that it was blasted straight into my face at point-blank range, it swerved right around me. How strange.

Which means you's been miss-spelt! Ukukukukuk!!!!!

Sovereign Court

*Shoves Chuck Les straight into Vidmaster7's beard.*

That's quite enough from you.

*while beard devours Chuck*

So can a medusa turn herself into stone if she looks at her reflection? If so at least vampire medusea would still be fine.

Sovereign Court

*Glares at Vidmaster7.*

Do you live under a rock or something? Of course a Medusa can turn herself to stone by looking at her own reflection (it is one of the few ways to defeat them). Also, a Medusa cannot be turned into a vampire (believe me, I tried). But, vampires are immune to petrification so, everything works out well.

I don't know I think it depends. Some version of the stories have her turned to stone by her own gaze and some have not.

Sovereign Court

That's true, some versions have the Medusa turn victims to stone by having them get bitten by her "hair". And at least one version I've read about, says that Medusa don't have the ability to turn things to stone and instead, have very poor eyesight. So they have to look really hard at things (which can make them look terrifying).

Maybe she should invest in some glasses.

Sovereign Court

Yeah, these other versions that Dedrick is talking about are mostly from manga. I can't remember the exact sources, you'd have to look it up. I believe that at least two of the sources are Rosario+Vampire, and Daily Life with a Monster Girl.

Hmm I'm trying to remember if the old clash of Titans medusa saw her face in the mirror or not.

Sovereign Court

No, Perseus cut off her head. Interestingly, in the actual story, when that happens pegasus (the winged horse) comes out of her neck via white smoke. Also, Medusa is one of three gorgons and was the only one who was mortal.

Yeah I remember that. It's been since jr high that I read it. Odd things happened in mythos....

Sovereign Court

And even odder things happen here...

Odder? hmm maybe oddish. If we could just make it evolve.

Sovereign Court

Then it would become an Oddworld. Complete with a giant meat-proccessing plant, a brewery that makes addictive beverages out of ancient bones and a floor waxing slave turned eco terrorist with the ability to possess people.

I never played those games but I wish I had.

One does not merely play at bone breweries!

That's how great-great-great uncle Isidore made his fortune, y'know.

I did not know.

You certainly would if you'd had to drink 500 year old skullsparilla at every meal until you had enough sense to leave home.

Sovereign Court

It's lovely to hear from you and your brother again, Lady Blackmoor, I was worried that the Blood War had taken a nasty turn of events.

However, I must state that if skullsparilla is involved, that if you really had enough sense - then you would have stayed at home.

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