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AAA Games has the Holiday Mini-Dungeon Bundle which includes an Easter themed adventure.

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I basically got 4 sources:
1 Paizo webstore
2 the Publisher's own webstore
3 DrivethruRPG
4 and Kickstarter (I look daily the games section and there at a few publishers I keep an eye out for)

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So basically, you ask for advice here and in the Organized play Forum.

Everyone, in both subforum, agrees that your reading the rule is inaccurate. In support we cite:
- the Core rulebook - you refuse to accept this;
- the relevant FAQ - you refuse to accept this;
- the PF Oracle Iconic - you refuse to accept this
- Sean K. Reynolds' explanation - you refuse to accept this.

You asked for our advice, we gave it. And you refuse to accept it.

At this point nothing more can be said, you will persist in insisting that you are reading this correctly an unless we say that you are correct, you will refuse to listen to our advice.

Might as well just drop it as you will not get the rule validation that you are seeking.

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In one game I was in, we were 1st level fresh out of toen going to another nearby town. The random encounter rolled was Red Dragon.

So the DM made us roll to see if we spotted it, most did so we hide in the nearby forest. DM was a bit of a bastard and had the juvenile Dragon land near where we were in the open, sniff about as he approached the woods then left.

So yeah, random encounters doesn't have to mean a fight (unless players are being radh), could be an opportunity for a social encounter and a bit of role play or a chance to foreshadow what is to come.

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We have demonstrated that you are incorrect. We have quoted the core book and the FAQ which are both PFS legal. more to he point, unless something in the PFS Roleplaying Guild Guide, the Additional Ressource or the Csmpaign Clarification explicitely contradict the source book, then what is indicated in the book is valid in a PFS Organized Game.

But, despite this, you insist that you are right. So be it. When the Organize play GM will refuse you at his or her table because your character is illegal and when the Venture-officer (be it Agent, Lieutenant or Captain) will support the GM and tell you your character is not legal and therefore cannot be accepted on any tables. And when the Regional Venture-Coordinator will tell you the same thing...maybe you will accept that you are incorrect in this instance.

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Ferious Thune wrote:

I think there’s a misreading of “highest level the oracle can cast.” A 1st level Oracle can only cast 1st level spells. Having a 20 charisma doesn’t mean that you can cast 5th level spells. You only get the bonus spells when you reach a high enough level to cast that level spell normally. Imbue With Spell Ability is a 4th level spell. You need to be 8th level before you can cast it.

Otherwise, for a 10th level Oracle heightening it to 5th, Magda’s pretty much covered it.

You've just hit the nail on the head.

If you look at Altaica's Organized Play character he or she has completely misunderstood how spell level and Bonus Spells works.

So at the moment, this character built is Not Legal since Bonus Spells gained from high Primary Stats, is still bound by the Spell Level allowed by your class level.

Meaning: A 1st level Oracle can only cast 0-Level and 1st Level spells augmented only by 1st level Bonus Spells from High Charisma.

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th level Bonus Spells from High Charisma will only become available when your level as an Oracle will allow you to cast these Spell Levels.

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Let them follow their homemade red herring...heck add a barrel of herrings to it, by introducing suspicious behaviour from multiple henchmen. In parallel the skeleton can do his/her own thing.

Like in RL, sometimes we're right, often we're wrong, and No one is the to lead us by the hand.

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Roswynn wrote:

3) is Tor, who was a sort of lion-man barbarian. We're opting for a catfolk from Garund. He was also the king of his little kingdom, but it seems to me catfolks aren't too keen on the idea of monarchy. What could he actually be? Chieftain? Son of the chieftain? Do they have those?

Cat's Meow does have a Lionoid race. That might be worth a look.

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Dot indeed

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Endzeitgeist wrote:
Aye, Pyromaniac's AP is amazing and utterly underappreciated. It's not yet complete, though.

Oh I could not agree more with this, it's a very rich city and the guides are also awesome and do make the city come alive.

It is the that it's not completed, but it does look like it's more a matter of time though...I might gave to adapt it to my Cerulean Seas campaign.

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Pyromaniac Press has 4+prologue (working on book 5) of their 7 (or is it 8?) Parts Adventure Path published.

What I love the most about it is that it is essentially a Urban AP (aside from prologue and Book 5) set wholly in 1 city. So lots of fun details.

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Non-lethal would work yes.

But to be fair (and just in case), the sarcophagus is the only one doing a Check for the first 2 or 3 rounds only thdn would the pressure be too much for the elf.

So unless the sarcophagus roll well, she should be out before having to do any roll.

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It's a creative plan, and I'm all for rewarding creativity...or at least give it a fighting chance of success.

Unless very big, the first casting (125 square feet of water) should pretty much fill up the occupied sarcophagus (Assuming 4x4x10 dimension for 160 square feet)...the last 35 square feet being mostly occupied by the elf. If the air cannot "leak out" of the sarcophagus, that will already cause a lot of pressure that could potentially pop it open say a DC 20 Con, Fort or Hardness check for the false sarcophagus

The 2nd casting would fill up the remaining space either creating more pressure (say adding a +10 to the DC) or leak out from the mouth/seal (either unchanged or a +2 to +5 to the DC check depending on how much and how fast it leaks).

Every subsequent casting would increase the DC at the same rate as the 2nd. Starting on the 3rd casting or 4th casting the elf should start making a similar roll (starting at DC 20) as IIRC Aquatic elf doesn't go that deep after all (based on Cerulean Seas and the old 2nd edition underwater material).

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I can see it. Sandbox are great and gives loads of fun place to poke around and the freedom to choose out path, but that freedom can be overwhelming, especially for beginners, as we tend to equate "game = end goal/objectif(s) to reach".

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While unpleasant, sometimes it is needed.

But overall, I do believe, it is a good learning experience for them. IIRC, for most of them, it was their first go at RPGs so bound to have some issues, but now that they have been identified, the kids can work on it, improve and become better gamers.

So ultimately, it is a good thing.

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Poney or donkey could work too.

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I'm wondering if, once all the Remarkable Submerged Races will be done, if we will get a compiled: Remarkable Submerged Races Pathway to Adventure: Compendium of Unusual PC Races as we did for the Remarkable Races (available both as PDF and POD on DrivethruRPG).

I do hope so as, for print purpose, I prefer to have all of them in one book.

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Planar Races could be intriguing. Higher/Lower Planes would very likely be similar to stock Aasimar/Tiefling. Elemental-kin, would be interesting too, especially forthose tied to the Fire plane. And if we could add Para- and quasi-elemental kins, I'd be happy. Positive/Negative plane, Astral and Ethereal planes are never done, that could also be a great addition.

Shifter Races could be fun too, explore a bit more the therianthopes of the Celurean Seas and how they interact with the moon.

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Could it be... Mr. I Am So Great!

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Thank you guys! That was driving me crazy! You've made my weekend, thank You!

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Remember a year or do ago, when AAW did their Underworld Race and Class Kickstarter? We had a Special Goal that would be unlocked at 900 Backers...yeah, we missed it by a mere 18 backers.

Were today is the day! The Occult Secrets of the Underworld for Pathfinder and D&D 5th edition has gone live.

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3 Things:

1) The arts are awesome!
2) To th person who edited my submission: Thank you for your great work and Sorry (French is my mother language).

3) For the Feyling, here's the Height, Weight and age table I've created.

Race: Feyling
Base Height: 3ft. 6 in.
Base weight: 55 Lb
Modifier: 3d4
Weight multiplier: x2

Adulthood: 12 years +d6 (Intuitive); +2d6 (Self-taught); +3d6 (Trained)
Middle Age: 65 years
Old: 125 years
Venerable: 190 years
Maximum Age: 190+1D100 years

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Wayfinder 18 is out!!!!

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NobodysHome wrote:

One Stat Does All: "But why can't rogues add DEX to damage?"
"Because then you get PCs with stat lines like 8-8-8-26-8-8-8."
Having played through Runequest campaigns where every single PC started as a super-genius because INT was the most important non-trainable stat, I like making my PCs choose their stats wisely, rather than just, "Well, I only ever need that one, so here we go..."

That can be a pain indeed.

For RuneQuest (and Call of Cthulhu) I never had that problem as we roll in order of the stats...So you get what you get. Makes for interesting characters.

It's actually a surprisingly good way to avoid one-trick pony as it forces you to consider the character as a whole.

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With 17 issues published, plus the Bestiary, I was curious to know: " As a player or as a GM, what did you use from Wayfinder in your game? How did it turn out?"

I figure this would be interesting to know as both feedback to the magazine and the writers, but also to help prospective writer by showing the area of interest.

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The "Coq Gaulois" (Gallus Gallus) other words the common chicken, in France National Bird (the name translated as the Gaul Rooster).

So for Kartan, if you want to give it a French feel, and anthropomorphic Rooster (similar to the Tengu) could be an interesting idea.

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Both of my Submissions/Article for issue 18 are sent (seperately).

And I have also received my Issue 17 today :)

EDIT: The 2nd submission had a slight error and has been resubmitted. Sorry about that.

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Well to quote myself in the previous thread:

Andre Roy wrote:

Wow! The Naali Art by Silvia Gonzalez is awesome, it really catches how I'm envisioning them.

And to give credit where it's due, I was inspired by Sarah "Ambrosia Slaad" Counts' Sal`Awaan in Wayfinder #12 for the Naali.

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You can never go wrong with sharks

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Coidzor wrote:

Where are they located? Are there some groups of settled Varisians around Magnimar and Korvosa that I'm not aware of that aren't Sczarni crime families? Are Varisian wanderers really given to worship the God of Civilization, when they aren't a part of it, merely existing on the fringes of it and trying to exploit it?

Varisian is the primary Ethnicity in Varisia and not all of them have a wandering, bohemian lifestyle. you can also find Varisian settlements in Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Lastwall, Nidal, Nirmathas and Numeria.

Ustalav just happen to have the biggest concentration of settled Varisian, but it's not the only one.

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He more I read the more money I throw at my screen. Joking aside, Kickstarter or not, I'm very inclined to go print rather then PDF on this one.

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Wow! The Naali Art by Silvia Gonzalez is awesome, it really catches how I'm envisioning them.

And to give credit where it's due, I was inspired by Sarah "Ambrosia Slaad" Counts' Sal`Awaan in Wayfinder #12 for the Naali.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
If I'm remembering correctly in 2nd edition in order for a dragon to advance in age category in addition to years acquired they needed a minimum level of wealth in their hoard. So if you wanted to go from young adult to adult you better invest.

That was a new rule introduced in Council of Wyrms. As good a reason as any though.

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Even earlier then that (1st ed) in Dragon Magazine 131 or 151 (can't recall exactly) they had an Ecology of the Aboleth article. It's been a while since I've read it but could shed some light and it did expend on different, stronger aboleth.

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Loren Pechtel wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
He spoke math! Sorcery! Call the Inquisition!
No. Call the army. He's using Al-Jabbra, he must be a Muslim terrorist!

Bad Pun! Bad Bad Pun!

Still made me laugh out loud though. Well played.

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And that's why I failed calculus 2 years in a row at the university.

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A couple more options.

LPJ Design has the Blooded Noble.

Little Red Goblins also has a couple noble classes in Noble & Skirmisher Base Classes and in the Politic & Power.

First Ones Entertainment has a Noble base class.

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This Kickstarter did well over the weekend and is still going strong...although (to be expected) 5th edition backers are pulling ahead a bit.

What we have so far:
- It is funded;
- 19 Pieces of Arts has been unlocked;
- An Underworld Weapon and Armour supplement has been unlocked;
- Hero Lab Files for both PFRPG and D&D 5th Edition has been unlocked and;
- Fantasy Ground Files for D&D 5th Edition has been unlocked.

What do we have to look for:
- 5 more Pieces of Arts are locked;
- Fantasy grounds Files are locked (Unlocked for PFRPG at 189/200 backers);
- Realms Works linked to Hero Lab are locked (unlocked seperately at: at 189/300 PFRPG and 219/300 5th edition backers) and;
- PDF of the Underworld Adventures Trilogy (available in both PFRPG or 5th Ed.) unlocked at 600, 700 and 800 backers total (regardless of system - Current count 350 backers totals).

Idea been tossed around at the moment:
- Rise of the Drow Adventure path PDF as an Add-on;
- Potentially a Occult class supplement by Thilo Graf (AKA Endzeitgeist) IF we unlocked everything;
- Adding the option to buy as add-on extra Underworld Races and Classes PDF of Harcover [Please make yourself hear if this interest you].

Come and join the fun!!

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
]Interesting idea. I can call it Book of Heroic Races: Occult Intrigue in the Wilderness.

**Crack my wallet open**

Where can I get my copy of this wonderful product?

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Endzeitgeist wrote:

@Andre Roy: Now that the cat's out of the bag: The big Underworld Races and Classes book, completely revised, revamped, expanded and improved is funded on KS! Yours truly contributed several BIG archetypes for the book and I did a lot of polishing...oh, and so did none other than Stephen Rowe. Yeah, pretty excited about that one. Kraidyl and Svirfnbelin included. Oh, and have I mentioned a monk with Wolverine-style claws and killer-wires (think Walter from Hellsing)? Or the Swamp-Thing Funglet Barb-archetype that grows and sheds pant material for terrain control, while throwing exploding fruit grown from his own body?

The link's here.

Thank you for the info.

I saw it on Facebook a few weeks ago, and as I was not working today, I patiently sat at my computer on Kickstarter for about 5 hours waiting to go live.

Backer #4.

I really can't wait to hold my book and read through it and see what was done (both the new material and the updated material from the previous books/pdf).

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Death is the unavoidable conclusion of one's life. It's simply a matter of: "Will it be memorable and worth retelling in Sagas or will you be forgotten by all?"

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Mid-level adventure? Sold!!!

I do love those.

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That'sounds the beauty of a poll. Everyone voice their idea

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Thank you very much for all of your hard work is getting this issue fixed.

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The new post notification are back HOWEVER if you click on the little x icon beside it to remove this notification (if you are not longer interested to follow a tread for example) it will not allow you to do it.

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thenovalord wrote:
Need an AP starting at 9th or so I guess

A few company did that and it works well.

Frog God Games has at least:
- Rappan Athuk starts at 4th level
- The Slumbering Tsar Saga starts at 7th level

AAW has at last:
- Snow White starts at 6th level
- Rise of the Drow initially started at 6th level (but the prologue shifted that to 1st level)
- Wrath of the Jotunn starts at 9th level.

So there is a market and a precedent for it.

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Quick question.

Now that all 3 parts are publicly visible, some for several years now, will they ever be made available for purchase to all at one point?

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Level is usually not the main thing I look at. Sure more level 10+ would be nice but for me it's about the theme.

Aquatic, Asian and Norse themed adventure will always sell well with me. I would love to see more adventures revolving around Gnolls and Derro as antagonist.

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I would recommend looking into Skirmish Publishing The Noble Wild it's about Animal as PC.

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This recent module To seal the Shadow has a whole Debate/verbal combat section.

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