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Canadian Federal Public Servant.

About Andre Roy

Former French as second language teacher, I've started a new career as a public servant in my 40s. I'm also the proud father of a 17 year old daughter...even if she doesn't share my love for gaming.

Although not a freelance writer, I've made a few contributions to RPGs over the course of the last few years thanks to kickstarter.

In Raiders of R’lyeh My name André Roy was used for an NPC (and some of the ideas I provided about how I say him was used).

In Cakebreads & Walton's Pirates & Dragons I names one of the Island. Île Noire (I also made a few suggestions and some of them made it into print) was my small contribution to the work.

In Orbis Terrarum RPG I've named and wrote (and got credit as Special Guest Author for) Hraldarthorp as small northern community.

In 2die10 Games' Excelsior Jonathan Leclerc was the name I suggested to be used for a NPC. I did not contribute beyond providing the name.

In Shadow over Sol's supplement Ready-made Heroes, Sam Wong is my contribution to the game. My name appears in the Credit under "Character by".

In Calidar: Beyond the Skies I contributed by provided the name (only) Krath’nar the Ravager which was used in naming a minor God of the Sharkmen.

In Embers Design Studio's Sunken Temple I named and provided the inital draft for Brenar Corvian. I was creditied under "Additional Writing Credit".

In Calidar: Dreams of Aerie I contributed by provided the name (only) Rashim El-Djebel which was used in naming one random roustabout.

In TaleSpinner Holdings'D.W.A.R.Vs: Military Sci-Fi in a Fantasy World RPG, I provided the details and vision for the Terror Worm, based on good old movie classic.

In the Flaming Crab Games' Culinary Magic Cookbook I provided the recipe for the mushroom and Apricot Pheasant.

In Era: Balam, by Shades of Vengeance, I could submit a mission that was provided to all backers as part of my Backer level. The mission I wrote was Raid on ED-457 where the heroes must conduct a raid in an enemy secret facility. Credited as "Writen by".

In Seeking Silver - Adventure 5 What Lies Beyond Reason by Pyromaniac Press, I submited a fully detailed NPC (less the equipment), Reighar, a dwarven sorcerer that you might be encountered.

In the Sassoon Files. My Name André Roy and picture has been used for an NPC.

In Harper's Gate I provided the core information for Izb The Cunning and the Short-Tails Raiders Kobold tribe.

In the Astral Tide KS, I provided the core for the world of Kirathb¸ and its inhabitant the Skothir

My first contribution to Wayfinder can be found in issue #17 with the Naali an arctic fox variant of the Kitsune

My contributions to Wayfinder issue #18 are the Seasonal Courts, a new creature template for Feys, and the Feyling a small plant-like fey. For the Feyling Height, Weight and age Table, see spoiler below:

Race: Feyling
Base Height: 3ft. 6 in.
Base weight: 55 Lb
Modifier: 3d4
Weight multiplier: x2

12 years +d6 (Intuitive); +2d6 (Self-taught); +3d6 (Trained)
Middle Age: 65 years
Old: 125 years
Venerable: 190 years
Maximum Age: 190+1D100 years