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I was planning on making a sorcerer with a giant dragonfly companion (yes, sylvan bloodline) and I've more or less figured out how to deal with the intelligence issue. What I was surprised to find though was the "curious companion" feat which allows you to choose a plant or vermin companion and well, I thought those were options allowed by default?

The feat seems to be from wilderness origins and I could've sworn that vermin and especially plant companions were around before that, so I'm a bit confused about if I'll need to grab that feat too.

*Scans Unfamiliar life-form* You are in the right galaxy at least.. just a few years off course.. or is it!?

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A few years off indeed. Let's flag that.

Vermin and Plant companions have been around for while now, but they're typically restricted to specific archetypes ; Treesinger, Verminous Hunter, etc.
Regular Druids/Rangers/Hunters/various others usually can't access them, Animal Companions being the default.

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