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I have played the Into the Unknown quests and would like to replay them with a another character. I wasn't able to figure out whether I can do so when looking at the Guild Guide. I feel like I missed something in there. Is this allowed?

This quest set includes the Repeatable tag and thus can be replayed/rerun as many times as you want so long as it is done with a character that the quests have not been applied to before.

It should be noted that when run by a GM, the GM gets to choose which section of the "Into the Unknown" quest line that they would like to check off on the chronicle that they earn for their own character. This is an awesome bonus that allows them to run the same portion multiple times for different groups, but continue to earn credit towards completing an entire chronicle for the quests.

The repeatable tag does not appear on the product page for the quest. Thank you for letting me know it is on the adventure

Sure thing. I'm glad you said something, now I know as well.

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