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I'm not sure if one should be impressed or depressed with the fact that there is a FAQ available on the same day that the product launches, a FAQ with a little less than 20 entries.


F#&!ing SWEET!

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I'm rolling with depressed, but pleased that they're trying to address their editorial shortcomings.

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Wow sweet! I didn't think we'd get anything official so soon.

Well it certainly didn't take them long to remove Dex to damage. Disappointing :(

Ah. One detail I was hoping to be covered was the "can a drone do anything in starship combat" aspect. (and exocortex now that I think about it should be able to do some computering stuff as well on its own)
It is nice to know for sure that bypass (and other stuff) allows for spaceship usage.
I do hope in the end the drone can do something. Whether its aid another (if it has the skill, or aid another the gunners with its BAB) can be used to allow the Mechanic to work other parts of the ship from a distance.
or the most simple.. allowing it to gunnery.


Myrryr wrote:
Well it certainly didn't take them long to remove Dex to damage. Disappointing :(

What dex to damage? The operative thing? I guess I never read it that way. I've only seen the attack roll portion I suppose.

Though amusingly, I went to read that again and realized that anyone using Op weapons can do dex to hit. I was thinking it was just Operatives only. So that is great to me.

Sure.. no dex to damage, but I feel like static damage is less valued anyway. Or at least it feels more balanced between. My mechanic will probably always carry a Baton and later a powered baton. Sure no static +2-5, but it won't be worthless at least. Since they'll be rocking small arms anyway (maze core (probably taser) pistol +plasma line pistols)

So thats a nifty little benefit for me

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