things i would like to see in the alchemist remaster.

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I have been giving it some thought, and have come to a conclusion of a big change i would like to see.
Additives are removed from the class feats, and become focus spells.
How this would work is that as a free action and you use an alchemical item [that is a particular item] is the trigger. That way your advanced alchemy can also have additives.
Additive trait will also be changed. It will now read to the effect of "when you use an additive the item and focus point are lost at the end of your next turn." This is to prevent cheese and to help making booking easier.
The alchemist gains these focus additives at levels: 1, 4, 8, 12, and 16. These are treated like focus spells except they are non-magical in nature.
We change up the levels of additives and seperate diblitaing bomb into seperate parts. That way we can make certain parts better or different.
For example, dazzel is now a 1st lvl additive and it is a will save that lasts a minute, with makibg the save again at the end of each of its turn. Off guard is still 6th level, but is a reflex save and it lasts until the end of your next turn.

Also at 1st level, each subclass gets a unique additive. Bomber can remove the splash and turn the splash into percistant damage. Chiurgon gets heal bomb and it is anything with the healing trait (range 30ft). Mutaginist adds a +1 status bonus to his mutagens that gain an attack for the duration of the mutagen, +1 status to ac otherwise. Tocitologist gains another 1st rank additive.

1. attack mutagens have been changed to standard weapon progression.
2. Diblitaing bomb additive can now be added to bombs and poisons. It is a seperate effect from what it was used in.

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