Rules Questions

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Heal Skill + Healer's Kit

Mage's Sword

Druid - Small bears

Question about mounts

Saves vs. Entangle

Couple (well, trio) of quick questions

Question about monk's Flurry of Blows (Att Bonus)

Saves vs. Domain powers

Mage Hand, Misdirection, & reproducible results

Critical effects stacking or replacing their durations?

Prestige BAB?

How is Monster Caster-Level determined?

Temporary Hit Points

Traits (Again): Adopted and Hedge Magician

Armor Ghost Touch

Improved Critical + Weapon Mastery?

Problem in Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location

Elemental Channel

Simple question about armor

Channel Smite feat

Liberation domain

All tripped up (questions on tripping...)

Does Point Blank Shot apply to Ray Attacks?

Paladin's Horse Question

Bull's Strength

Half-Elves and Favored Classes

Animal companion feats: PDF vs printed copy of core rule book

Converting Skill Bonuses

Reincarnated as a bugbear -- what to do about Level Adjustment?

Weapon Focus Feat Tree

Large Adamantine Weapons.

Readying against a charge and the Hold the line feat

Full Attack when Prone

Firearms + Vital strike

Some spells questions

Medusa's Wrath

Question about Druid Animal companion and Handle Animal

A little gem about 0 level spells.

Combat Expertise: Effects on CMD??

Barbarian - Rage Power - Animal Fury

Shield Slam + Great Cleave

Cleric spell preparation

Max Spells on Single Target

What Wins? 5-Foot Step or Readied Versus Approach?

Point Blank Shot / Precise Shot for Ranged Touch Spells?

Wielding a weapon 2 handed and power attack.

Skills / Concentration

Fly-By Attack Question

Rogue - Talent - Bleeding Attack

Magical Knack trait as a prerequisite

Repairing Magic Items, Make Whole & Curses

Cleric Channel Energy - Healing

A couple Wizard questions

Sorcerer questions

Scribe scroll - how many per day - definitive answer?

Monk's AC bonus and CMB / CMD

Shadows and Fire

Vital strike and stunning fist

Incorporeal Vs Channel Energy

[CRB Error] Turn Undead

[CRB Error] "Cat, Small" section

[CRB Error] Natural Attacks

[CRB Error] Greater Shield Focus prerequisites (and Penetrating Strike Prereq.)

[CRB Error] Intimidating Prowess feat

Hellcat Pounce

Acrobatics question (tumbling)

Defeating Uncanny Dodge

Monsters with Trip

Throw Anything and a Earthbreaker

Can a Dex 17 monk take Two-Weapon Rend as a feat?

Does Vital Strike apply to ranged attacks?

[CRB Errors] Smite Evil ability

On Grapple

[Query] Alertness not available to Animal Companions?

Question about Wolves and Trip

Beast Form Spells, and Sorcerer abilities.

Great Grapple clarification requested.

2 Rules Questions

Ring of Feather Falling mechanics

Lance + special materials

Protection Domain Power

Greater Magic Fang and druid wildshape

Can a swarm be entangled?

Thiefling lifespan

A Question about Tumbling

Can you tailor the size of magical armor using skill checks?

Time Stop, Wall of Ice, and Trapping a Creature.

Maximum # of Magical Items

Domain Power Spell Levels?

Rules Clarification: Bardic Performance

Domain Spells

Very Confused on Skills Pathfinder RPG

One hand Glaive... Reach or not?

Massive amount of Monk attacks rule - Please help

Need Errata: Druid's Vestment cost

Living Creature Definition?

Shield Speech

Printer-Friendly Errata?

Item creation question

Channel energy in silence?

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