Alchemist’s Elixirs & Formulae List

Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor

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I’ve been thinking this one over in my head for a while, and after 8 levels of playing an Alchemist in Council of Thieves I find that the number of formulae (or the number of “spells” he knows) is to low, greatly limiting his abilities in my opinion.

Combined with the fact that he has only a very limited number of formulae levels ( 1 through 6 ), a specialized Elixir Alchemist is greatly limited. In addition, his “spell-list” is derived mostly form the transmutation school ( which is understandable with the whole concept of drinking potions to create an effect ), but could also include certain other spells or a full formulae list ( 0 through 9 ).

That is why, in my opinion, certain other spells from different schools could be added to the alchemist spell list. Certain touch spell come into mind pretty quickly, adding a bit more offensive power to the alchemist who specialize in elixirs without changing the theme of the character.

For this post, I concentrate my selection of formulae with the “half” list ( 1 through 6 ), only adding the spells that aren’t already in the list. Spells from the list below are taken from Spell Compendium (WoTC), Relics & Rituals (Sword & Sorcery) & The Complete Book of Eldritch Might (Sword & Sorcery).

1st level
Mage armor (That should replace shield)
Acid Spittle
Shocking Grasp
Corrosive Grasp
Guided Shot
Insightful Feint
Blood Wind
Luminous Gaze
Babau Slime
Cutting Hand
Ebon Eyes
Fist of Stone
Aspect of the Wolf
Claws of the Bear
Embrace the Wild
Lay of the Land
Beast Claws
Ram’s Might
Ice Gauntlet

2nd Level
Frog Tongue
Assassin’s senses
Ghoul Touch
Frost Breath
Veil of Shadow
Shadow Mask
Death Armor
Wracking touch
Balor Nimbus
Belker Claws
Body of the Sun
Speak with allies
Jagged Tooth
Blinding Spittle
Healing Sting

3rd Level
Dragon’s Breath
Shadow touch
Vampiric touch
Acid Breath
Mage Armor – Greater
Nauseating Breath
Mesmerizing Gaze
Light of Venya
Sound Lance
Claws of Darkness
Mind Poison
Spider Poison
Bite of the Wererat
Bottle of Smoke
Charge of the Triceratops
Clutch of Orcus
Corona of Cold

4th Level
Rusting Grasp
Thief of Spells
Treasure Scent
Dragon Breath
Bite of the Werewolf
Displacer Form
Flight of the Dragon
Voice of the Dragon
Wild Runner

5th Level
Gird the Warrior
Spines of Death
Acid Sheath
Fireburst – Greater
Shadow Form
Death Throes
Night’s Caress
Bite of the Wereboar
Draconic Might
Elarge Person – Greater
Nightstalker’s Transformation
Reduce Person – Greater

6th Level
Belsameth’s Blessing
Resistance – Superior
Fires of Purity
Aura of Terror
Opalescent Glare
Spectral Touch
Bite of the Weretiger
Cloak of the Sea
Stone Body
Hiss of Sleep
Emerald Flame Fist
Evil Glare
Kiss of the Vampire
Bite of the Werebear

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