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Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor

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Just curious as I can't seem to find the starting gold for the Alchemist class in the playtest. But what is it?

I like to give my players starting gold, so I'd hate to short-change the alch by using anther class's list.


BTW Search feature just brings up play by post character stats, ha ha (might want to re-define the search engine :( )

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Good question. My guy was originally a Ranger who changed into an Alchemist when the class came out. I just used all of his original gear...

I got 4d6 x 10 gold for my Alchemist. I spent half of it and used the rest for crafting. I think that's enough.

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Not sure where to post this so the feedback is seen but all six of the classes do not appear to have guidelines listed for the starting gold. This needs to be fixed in the final printing of the APG... Hopefully someone at Paizo reads this...

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