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Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor

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How about instead of alchemists making special bombs, they just have special insight on how to best use alchemical items? So, for example, a 10th level alchemist would use a normal alchemist fire, but it would do 5d6+Int bonus damage. The save DC of alchemical items are standard OR 10 + 1/2 Alchemist level + Int bonus. Or they just get a bonus to save DCs equal to 1/2 their level. Something like that. Then you don't have to make up new and weird rules about how a chemical substance becomes inert if someone else touches it.

Then we can just come up with fun uses for the "standard" alchemical items, like sunrods (glitterdust effect?), smokesticks (stinking clouds?), thunderstones (sound bursts?), alchemist's fire (BOOM!), acid (BOOM!), tanglefoot bags (black tentacles?), tindertwigs (flare?), etc.

And fun combos (acid + smokestick = acid fog), (alchemist's fire + smokestick = incendiary cloud), etc. etc.

I just want to say, it might be hard to write condensed, easy to follow rules for the myriad of combinations & possibilities... but I really like this idea.

This idea is "Pure Win" packed in "Awessomeness".

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I figure, an alchemist that wants to concentrate on alchemical items could learn an alchemical "trick" every level based on one of the common alchemical items (or combination of items). This would probably be combined with some sort of daily pool of alchemy items they can make, maybe quasi-gp based like that Pathfinder Chronicler's deep pockets ability.

I've actually statted up an alternative alchemist build that is flexible enough for an alchemist to specialize in one of the 4 main "branches" of alchemy (bombs, poisons, mutagens, formulas), while dabbling in the other kinds....and getting neat little class features sprinkled in too, like Brew Potion, Create Homonoculus, Poison Resistance, etc. etc.

I'm still working on the class features, but hopefully I'll have enough to post soon.

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