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I read 'Prince of Wolves' years ago and liked it, wanted to get into the Varian Jeggare/ Radovan line. But I couldn't stomach 'Master of Devils' -- literally I just couldn't keep the headache and nausea away while reading the pages, gave up after several tries and maybe 100 pages.

But I've still wanted to get into the Varian/Radovan line.

Recently I've needed more info on Runelords for my homegame and want to go ahead and read the Varian/Radovan book in Varisia that deals with Krune, 'Lord of Runes' (no spoilers here, please).

But do I needs must read 'Queen of Thorns' and 'King of Chaos' before 'Lord of Runes'?

Can I read them out of order without loosing the aesthetic?


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I think the experience is going to be better if you read them in order, but each story is mostly self contained, so you could just read Lord of Runes. That said, for Runes I'd read the Journal of Eando Kline too, as it has direct bearing on the story.

But I loved Master of Devils, so your results may vary.


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I don't think you'd loose much not reading QoT or KoC before LoR.... events from those books are mentioned, but not major.

There may be a few items Jaggare has that you won't know how he got. But I don't see it as a need - Queen of Thornes was utterly forgettable for me (read it in 2 days on a plane.... couldn't tell you the main plot points - I liked the side details more), and I didn't feel like I missed anything not remembering it. Still love the series, and I don't think 1 book that you consider weaker than the others is enough to drop the series, and LoR was a great book.

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Thanks guys.

I've read 50 or so pages of Queen of Thorns -- it seemed boring so I didn't continue. But I may end up grabbing it again just because I do want to read Varian Jeggare and Radovan material -- and I'm torn between reading the books in order (leaving out Master of Devils) to get to Lord of Runes.

But I really want to read LoR for the Thassilonian and Krune parts for my upcoming campaign.

I'm wrapping up my three-year campaign in Korvosa & other parts of Varisia campaign to start another Varisia campaign focusing more on Thassilon and the Runelords. We'll probably start by late April which means I'll have a few months before starting to get all the new material from the Return of the Runelords AP in August.

And Krune (and Kesoulla & Lissala) have made significant contributions to the campaign we're finishing now.

I think what I'm going to do is give Queen of Thorns another shot, get at least a good 100 pages read, and decide if i want to finish it. Then I'll do the same with King of Chaos. Hopefully I'll enjoy it enough to finish it quickly. And I can read Lord of Runes after that.

....I just purchased The Compass Stone: The Journals of Eando Kline so I can throw that in there as well.

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I should mention, Krune doesn't show up in LOR. Zutha does.

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(....Acceptable, still a Runelord when I need material to inspire me for my upcoming campaign.)

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Does anyone know the name of the Pathfinder Society Scenario that touches on Prince of Wolves? It has the stats for the magical, Bane (Undead) sword he finds.

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