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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hey there! Josh Vogt speaking... er... typing. I hate to interrupt your regularly scheduled Pathfinder Tales blog post that James Sutter usually provides, but he's so focused on Starfinder these days that I think I can steal his slot without him noticing until it's too late...

Illustration by Eric Belisle

If you ever get the chance to meet Wendy Wagner in person, you'll likely come away a little dazzled by the joyful energy she projects. It's practically impossible to not to get swept up in her enthusiasm about any topic you happen to latch on to, be it a favorite recipe or a fantastic horror flick. Whatever the project, Wendy is sure to bring a real passion to it.

The thing is, this same energy comes through in her writing. In her first Pathfinder Tales novel, Skinwalkers, Wendy introduced us to Jendara, an ex-pirate who'd given up her marauding ways to try and raise her son. However, raids by a brutal clan of shapeshifters threatens the safety of her island home, and Jendara must use her wits and axe-wielding prowess to defend those she cares for at all costs.

Reading Skinwalkers made me realize I'd never want to get into a cage match with Wendy, because she refuses to pull a punch. Her characters feel incredibly vibrant and alive. Her action scenes leave you breathless. Her descriptions can be brutally detailed (did I mention her penchant for horror, both subtle and shocking?). So when I heard that Wendy would be tackling another Pathfinder Tales novel, Starspawn, I was thoroughly excited, even before I found out the premise would be...

Vikings versus Cthulhu.

Vikings. Versus. Cthulhu.

I mean, come on—I could practically see Wendy grinning with glee at being able to pit seafaring barbarians against Lovecraftian horrors. And I knew she'd do a smashing job of it, too.

In Starspawn, Jendara returns, and is once more trying to find a measure of peace in life. Yet the stars are aligned against her, and when an unnatural tsunami devastates the area, it leaves a mysterious island in its wake. Strange structures, murderous cultists, and mind-twisting art are just a few of the disturbing elements Jendara and her crew encounter on exploring the new island—but these are hardly the most terrifying things they'll be forced to face before the end.

So get ready for Wendy to ramp up the adventure, the horror, and the thrills, all while delving into the sanity-skewing intersection of the Elder Mythos and Golarion—a perfect appetizer to get you in the mood for the new Strange Aeons Adventure Path. I know I'll be enjoying the adrenaline rush the whole way.

Josh Vogt

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Scarab Sages

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Do you like spiders? Because there are also alien mind controlling spiders.


Dark Archive

I'm going on vacation in two weeks and this book is already tucked in my luggage waiting and ready to go!

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Vikings vs. Cthulhu is a better title and would probably tripled sales. Looking forward to it.

This novel has huge potential implications for the Ironbound Archipelago if not the entire Land of the Linnorm Kings. Hell, possibly all of Golarion could come under threat. Whatever the outcome, Jendara and her companions aren't going to come out of this completely sane or unscathed (or quite possibly both).

Creative Director, Starfinder Team

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A Mite Excessive wrote:
Vikings vs. Cthulhu is a better title and would probably tripled sales. Looking forward to it.

That was the original name for the project, and I was extremely tempted to let it stand, but in the end it felt a little too on-the-nose. :P

That reminds me of a campaign I played in. Cthulhu vikings. In the BRP system, but still. I look forward to reading this for insight into running Strange Aeons and From Shore to Sea!

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