Warmest Wishes and Fondest Farewells to Sean K Reynolds

Friday, March 14, 2014

Today marks Sean K Reynolds's last day as a member of Paizo's design team, as he leaves us for new adventures in the East. Sean's been an invaluable member of the Paizo crew since 2008, lending his experience, insights, innovations, and insanity to hundreds of products, as well as being a key contributor to the Pathfinder RPG's most major successes. While we'll all certainly be seeing plenty more of Sean on the message boards and in future Paizo products, for those of us used to seeing him everyday today's exciting but also a little sad. So, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of our favorite Sean memories and wish him all the best in what comes next.

(Video compiled by Jessica Price)

From Sean's Friends

"Sean K Reynolds has been a constant in the business since I first joined in the late 90s. Heck, Sean even hired me for my first "real" RPG job, as a TSRO moderator on the old TSR AOL site. I saw his TSR web policy seminar at my first Gen Con, worked with him on the rebirth of Greyhawk, and co-wrote the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer with him. When I finally got a job at WotC in '99, Sean was one of the few people I knew coming in, and he did a great job making me feel at home. When we had a chance to bring him on to the Paizo staff, I leapt at it. In the years since, we've worked together, gamed together, and traded minis tips together. It's going to be weird not having him around. Sean, thanks for the years of friendship and professional support. You're a great guy, destined for great things. And since you're moving to Indy, at least we know we'll always have Gen Con!"

—Erik Mona, Publisher

"In the 90s Sean was my favorite designer at TSR and early WotC—I used Children of the Night: Ghosts and Lords of Darkness until they were practically in tatters. In the low 00s, Sean's Ghostwalk article "The Bloody Swords" in Dragon #315 was the first article I read on my first day working at Paizo. Years later, his Greyhawk deity articles finally won me over on D&D's original campaign setting. Sean was one of the first authors to help us in exploring the world of Golarion and it wasn't long after that he joined James, Jason, Sutter, Chris, Sarah, and I in a cramped cube-divided office, making Pathfinder full-time.

"That first year we were roommates at Gen Con and I admit to still being more than slightly starstruck. They screwed up our room, though, giving us a single bed and a rickety iron cot. Sean dashed for the cot. There was no way though. The 16-year-old fanboy in me wasn't about to let that happen. The politest argument of my life transpired, one which only ended when I had to confess that there was no way I was going to let him sleep on the cot simply "Because you're Sean K Reynolds." I claimed my cot amid the resulting blushing.

"In the years since, Sean has been a font of awesome ideas, a mouthpiece for alien insanity, an office-place peacemaker, a dauntless romantic, a Post-It note artiste, a promoter of great Indian food, a friend to baristas, a passenger-seat virtuoso, a plastic-wrap elitist, a lead-footed cleric, a vital part of our every victory, and one of the most selfless friends anyone could ever wish for.

"Best wishes, man. If you ever need anything, just yell."

—F. Wesley Schneider, Editor-in-Chief

"Sean joined the design team in the early days of the Pathfinder RPG. To say that he was pivotal in its design and implementation is a bit of an understatement. He's been a critical part of the design team, tirelessly working to ensure our game is the best it can be. From assigning work to freelancers to maintaining an incredibly useful stat-block generator, Sean's value to the team and to Paizo will surely be missed. I want to wish Sean all the best in his future endeavors, your skill and expertise will be missed (as will your hilarious, bizarre, and ridiculous carpool stories)."

—Jason Bulmahn, Lead Designer

A Goblin Song for Sean
Goblins gray or goblins green,
Doesn't matter, we're all mean.
Always seeking to demean...
And so that's why we call you Sean!

"Don't let them out there be goblins too, Sean! Don't let them mispronounce your name! Seeya on the internets, farming crops!"

—James Jacobs, Creative Director

"Bye Sean! I'll miss your dancing!"

—Sarah Robinson, Senior Art Director

"When Sean first started here, it was up to me to take him under my wing and show him what this whole 'RPG developer' business was about. Fortunately, he was a quick learner, and after his first Paizocon we decide to let him start using his own arms for simple tasks. You will be missed, Sean!"

—James Sutter, Managing Editor

"I'll miss Sean's pithy humor and refreshing honesty (as well as the hilarious post-its he was always leaving on my desk), but I'll miss the kindness under the wit even more. From my first day at Paizo, Sean was supportive and patient, willing to take the time to answer my newbie questions, and ready to volunteer answers to the questions I didn't know enough to ask. I wish him the best and hope we'll get to hang out with him at Gen Con for many years to come."

—Jessica Price, Project Manager

"There are so many things I'm going to miss about Sean, it's hard to pick just one. So I won't. I'll miss our rules discussions and arguments. I'll miss the heavy sighs as he reviews message board posts. I'll miss the big grin he gets when he says something (he thinks is) really funny. Then again, he gave me a bunch of cool minis stuff that he didn't want to take to Indy, and I'll have my own office for a short while, so I guess it all evens out. Good luck, sir!"

—Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Designer

"Who's going to make fun of my "Europe-ness" now? Take care, Sean, and I'll think of you the next time I'm in Europe!"

—Rob McCreary, Senior Developer

"Sean is one of the greats in the land of fantasy RPGs, and getting a chance to work with him has been a blast. His rules knowledge and the thought he puts in constantly impress me, as does his ability to analyze and revisit our twisting, sprawling collection of rules. He's most definitely the wizard in the design team's party! I wish him the best of luck as he steps out with his bags of loot (mostly miniatures and pieces of terrain) for the wilds that will be his new home. Happy trails, Sean! It's been a pleasure and I look forward to seeing you again whenever the percentile rolls dictate."

—Logan Bonner, Developer

"Sean has a much-loved talent for dropping in on a discussion and contributing an inspired observation or a brief anecdote. From his gifts of victory candy to his smiling responses even to tough questions, he has helped to make Paizo Publishing a positive place to work."

—John Compton, Developer

"You and Wes were the first people at Paizo to give me work, and you were incredibly helpful getting me started and teaching me the right way to do things. I will miss having you in the office since I won't get to see your silly dances and hear you poking fun at Rob about Europe. I'm at least glad you'll still be writing for me."

—Adam Daigle, Developer

"My biggest fear is that without Sean to scare them off, the protestors will return to the post office in greater numbers and with even more mustaches.

"Most of all, though, I'm gonna miss the way Sean says, 'Hey man.'"

—Patrick Renie, Developer

"I'll miss you, Sean. You were the first friend I had at Paizo, and I'll never forget meeting you right after you managed to knock yourself unconscious. Safe travels, hamdoctor.

—Crystal Frasier, Digital Products Assistant

"Sean, thanks for your patient mentoring over the years! I'll miss your unflagging sense of humor and surrealist song-and-dance routine!"

—Judy Bauer, Associate Editor

"Sean came aboard the good ship Paizo only about a month after I began working here as an editor. At the time, I had no idea of his renown in the gaming industry. I think my first question to him was, "Can I hyphenate the term 'bull rush' when it's used as a verb...you know, like in real English?" I'm sure he wondered, "Who is this guy?" Instead, he politely explained to me that hyphenating such game terms wasn't a traditional practice, and I sighed and went back to my cube and cried (okay, not really). Over the years, Sean has (at least outwardly) put up with all of my pesky editing questions with unflappable tolerance, and has also been a good friend through both calm and stormy weather.

I have no idea know where this sailing metaphor is coming from, so I'll just end this here by saying: Bon voyage, Sean! Looking forward to seeing you the next time the good ship Paizo ports in Indy!"

—Chris Carey, Associate Editor

"Sean is one of the kindest and thoughtful humans I've worked with in gaming. He made me feel welcome at Paizo, and carpooling with him was often a...treat. Dude tells weird stories, and I suspect half are made up on the spot. But anyway, I will miss Sean's "manic pixie game designer"-ness in the office."

—Ryan Macklin, Editor

SKR Haiku
one of the nicest
most opinionated men
I have ever known

—Sonja Morris, Graphic Designer

When I first came on board as a developer here, Sean was incredibly welcoming and helped me hit the ground running. To this day, almost 4 years into the job, I still go to him several times a week with questions about rules, the industry, and specific elements of Golarion canon he had a hand in creating (namely the gods). While I'll miss having him as a resource on hand when I need him, I'll miss more his unique sense of humor, matter-of-fact demeanor, and the dependability of having him in the office to assist with whatever I might need.

Best of luck to you, Sean! I look forward to catching up at GenCon every year (and maybe some Paizo Cons if you ever return for it). Don't give anyone else that banana bread recipe, please.

—Mark Moreland, Developer

All our best, Sean, from all of us at Paizo. There will always be a place for you here and in our future adventures.

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The Concordance RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

I miss him already. Sniff, sniff.

Scarab Sages

Best of luck, and I hope you still come back and frequently lay waste to deserving message board threads.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

You will be missed.

Sovereign Court

Wait, how far East is SKR going?

Things like this blog is what we really need more of in our every day lives :')

Outpourings of love go a long way to make this world a better place :)

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010 Top 4



Goodbye and good luck!


Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

So bittersweet.

The Exchange Contributor; Publisher, Kobold Press; RPG Superstar Judge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Terrific comments and stories. But damn, miss him already.

Seattle will not be the same without Sean around.

Grand Lodge RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

You'd better be at GenCon this year, Sean! And on the forums forever!

Bagpuss wrote:
Wait, how far East is SKR going?

I heard a rumor he's going to do Suntory whisky commercials with Bill Murray. :)


Wishing SKR and Jodi all the best in Indy, and look forward to his future RPG development and highly-opinionated opinions on the messageboards.

Good luck out here in Indiana, Sean! Don't get lulled into inactivity by the fields and fields of endless corn, the four distinct seasons, or the glory that is Indiana Beach!

Scarab Sages

Fare thee well and have a good time wherever your path may lead.

*sniff* Now I'm crying at work and I didn't even have the sound on.

Farewell Sean, but hopefully not goodbye!

Project Manager

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Majuba wrote:
*sniff* Now I'm crying at work and I didn't even have the sound on.

You should watch it with the sound. :-)

Aloha, Sean, my friend.

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4; Contributor; Publisher, Legendary Games

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Happy trails, Sean! Thanks for the memories and the mentoring, the wit and the wisdom. We'll always have, "Don't try to be clever, try to be AWESOME." :)

Great designer - you'll be missed!

Silver Crusade

...holy crap. This is ACTUALLY happening.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber
lucky7 wrote:
...holy crap. This is ACTUALLY happening.

I know. There has been a part of me hoping this was a big joke. I wish him the very best in Indiana, but really going to miss him.

I’m surprised Lisa didn’t comment above, unless she commented in the video (can’t watch it here at work).

2 people marked this as a favorite.

You guys should hook him up with a messageboard tag.
Designer Emeritus, or something...

Liberty's Edge

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Travel well, good sir.

You shall be missed, yet still seen.

Be well, and enjoy the next adventure, my friend.

Good luck in IN! Hope you'll still have a Paizo presence even if you're not on staff anymore.


P.S. if you're flying, don't forget that dogslicers aren't carry-on! (excellent video homage choice, btw, Jessica!)

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens, Pawns Subscriber

Thank you ever so much good sir for what you have done for this gaming community. I look forward to reading your future work and hearing of your successful endeavors. You have been incredibly awesome and kind to so many of us. Thanks and many well wishes.

Good Luck Sean! Success in all your endeavors!

To the folks at Paizo

One of the Iconics of th ACG should be based on him!
Warpriest of Gorum perhaps!

Me and two buddies chatted with Sean at the Paizo booth at Gencon 2012. He was really cool and knew his stuff! My one friend asked him why there are no spells in Pathfinder to lower saving throws. Sean very tactfully pwned him with his answer! It was epic!


Good luck, SKR!

May your dice never roll 1's.

(and may no one notice the lead stopping them from doing that)

RPG Superstar 2014

Wonderful collection of comments and well-wishes. :)

Best of luck, Sean! Thanks for all your hard work and delightful hosting!

Shadow Lodge

"Goodbye not good..." So long Sean. Good luck in Indy. I look forward to seeing your next mini design project. :)

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Thanks for all the awesome, Sean.

"He came to us from California. Never failed in his duty. Kept his vows best he could. He rode far, fought fiercely. We shall never see his like again."

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Maps, Pathfinder Accessories, Pawns, Starfinder Society Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Goodbye Sean! Thank you for everything that you have done there for my favorite game!

Best of luck to you and your lovely wife. Looking forward to your future creations!

RPG Superstar 2009, Contributor


Good luck, and thanks for all the hard work you did here. I don't think that the game would be what it is now without everything you've put into it. You will be missed.

Designer, RPG Superstar Judge

34 people marked this as a favorite.

What these folks didn't mention in this blog was that they hired some ninjas to dice onions right next to me. Like, all day.


I'll miss you guys.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Sean K Reynolds wrote:
What these folks didn't mention in this blog was that they hired some ninjas to dice onions right next to me. Like, all day.


Good Ninja Minion

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Reiko of White Wave wrote:
Sean K Reynolds wrote:
What these folks didn't mention in this blog was that they hired some ninjas to dice onions right next to me. Like, all day.


Webstore Gninja Minion

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Gninjita wrote:
Reiko of White Wave wrote:
Sean K Reynolds wrote:
What these folks didn't mention in this blog was that they hired some ninjas to dice onions right next to me. Like, all day.


Sovereign Court PaizoCon Founder, Wayfinder Editor-in-Chief

16 people marked this as a favorite.

Sean tells me at lunch, "The last thing I do at Paizo is to get them to add titles to your messageboard alias."

And, true to his word, there they are.

Sean, thank you. I will really miss getting those emails telling me that you are giving me a big writing assignment.....for Tim Hitchcock.


Liberty's Edge

Fare the well sir.

I know the amount of work you have put into a game that I love.

Best in all.

In the words of the immortal Beavis: "This sucks."

Seriously, you've poured a lot into this game, and it's appreciated. You will be missed.

Looking forward to hearing about your next awesome accomplishment...whether it's releasing some fantastic roleplaying masterpiece or winning a game of Mai Tai pong in Tahiti.




Pathfinder Companion Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Hasta la vista Sean and I hope to see you again! Farewell and best wishes on your new Path!

Silver Crusade

Good luck, let's hope that your venture to the east works out.

RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for everything Sean, and good luck!

Is it strange that I'll always remember you for THIS?

So long, good luck, best wishes, and thanks for all the fish, Sean. Know that your efforts and work on this game and its predecessor have been greatly appreciated for a long, long time now. It feels like the end of an era, as you were there back when all these newfangled intar-nets got started, and were one of the first "faces" at TSR that I ever "saw," so it's kind of weird and sad, but I'm sure we'll see you around in some capacity. This game is like the mafia; you can leave, but you'll keep getting pulled back in!

Take care!

Dark Archive

Good luck Sean. I got to meet you at paizocon 2013 and it was fun and great time. I will miss that you will no longer be an employee of Paizo but I am glad you will still be writing for them.

Grand Lodge

Oh wow, that's... I don't like that...

You will be sorely missed, Sean, even by people who've never met you! The Bastards of Erebus was the first Pathfinder Adventure Path Module I ever read and I was hooked instantly!

Thank you for your awesome contributions to my favourite hobby!

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