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About Luis Loza

Here's a list of my RPG work!

Giant Hunter's Handbook; Spells (2014)

Monster Summoner's Handbook; Monster Summoners on Golarion, Binding and Calling (2015)

Dirty Tactics Toolbox; Sneak Attacks, Ambushes, Dirty Tricks (2015)

Blood of Shadows; Shadowy Archetypes, Fighting in the Dark (2016)

Armor Master's Handbook; Armor Mastery Feats, Shield Mastery Feats (2016)

Heaven Unleashed; Ambithas, Entropic Hold (2016)

For Queen & Empire; Bestiary: Xiuh Couatl (2016)

Ageless Ambitions; Pathfinder Society Scenario, Tier 7–11 (2016)

Heroes of the High Court; Introduction, Playing a Noble, Noble Retainers (2017)

Psychic Anthology; Introduction, Encyclopedia Etherica (2017)

Trail of the Hunted; Bestiary: Wereraptor (2017)

Monster Hunter's Handbook; Introduction, Hunting Monsters, Animals, Other Monsters, Magic Items (2017)

Adventurer's Armory 2; Introduction, Putting Gear to Work (2017)

The Lost Outpost; Bestiary: Azlanti Animals, Flotsam Terror (2017)

People of the Wastes; Introduction, Gods of Innovation, Magic Beyond the Mana Wastes (2017)

Potions & Poisons; Bewitching Brewers, Covert Poisoners, Intoxicating Tinctures (2017)

Disciple's Doctrine; Magnimarian Mystery Cults, Sangpotshi, Shoanti Shamanic Traditions, Tools of Faith (2018)

Inner Sea Taverns; Runoff (2018)

The Timeless Fort; 3rd Level Adventure (AAW Games, 2013)

Master in Irons, Shojo Matsumo; NPC (Rogue Genius Games, 2014)

Veranthea Codex; Main Designer/Writer for Urethiel Continent, Dragonii race, other (Rogue Genius Games, 2015)

Villian Codex I; Ayenna Gilfen, Viltro Yuln (Outland Entertainment, 2016)

Villian Codex II; Bimsen Malfilex (Outland Entertainment, 2016)

Hypercorps 2099; Main Designer/Writer for Latin America, NPCs, other (Legendary Games, 2016)

Scorched Earth; Origins (Avalon Game Studio, 2017)

Mists of Akuma; Designer/Writer (Storm Bunny Studios, 2016)

Villain Codex III; Uldin the Gray (Outland Entertainment, 2017)

Interval Spellcasting; Main Designer/Writer (Everyman Gaming, 2017)

Spells of Comedy; Main Designer/Writer (Everyman Gaming, 2017)

Way of the Eight; Main Designer/Writer (Everyman Gaming, 2017)

Gloom Discoveries; Main Designer/Writer (Everyman Gaming, 2017)

Unchained Fighter Options; Main Designer/Writer (Everyman Gaming, 2017)

Patriotic Options; Main Designer/Writer (Everyman Gaming, 2017)

Favored Enemy Focuses; Main Designer/Writer (Everyman Gaming, 2017)

Unchained Monk Options; Main Designer/Writer (Everyman Gaming, 2017)

Pumpkin Kami; Main Designer/Writer (Everyman Gaming, 2017)

Shapeshifter Options; Main Designer/Writer (Everyman Gaming, 2017)

Festive Options; Main Designer/Writer (Everyman Gaming, 2018)