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Liz Courts


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Baleful Eye of Licensing, Death Attack (wallet), Favored Enemy (gaming budget), Product Wrasslin', Scrutinize Product


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About Liz Courts

Are you new to Pathfinder and Paizo? Read this for a brief introduction.

Be the change you want to see in our community!

Before I was hired at Paizo, I posted under Lilith—I've also had my hand in a bunch of gaming products, which you can see here.

Common Questions (and Answers)
Why we don't reprint
Why Don't You Convert the Older 3.5 APs besides Rise of the Runelords? (read the FAQ)

So You Want to Be a Pathfinder Third-Party Publisher?
Section 15 OGL Generator (made by me!)
Are you a third-party publisher or a consignor, or want to be one? Read Paizo's consignment FAQ and talk to Consignments if you have any questions.

For PaizoCon 2014, I made a few PDFs that demonstrate and explain what you can and cannot do with the Pathfinder Compatibility License, along with a handy checklist. Check out the PDFs!

Remember Pathfinder RPG is the setting-neutral forum and is mainly dedicated to Paizo's hardcover Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line; if you've got a question about the world setting of Golarion, go to the Pathfinder Campaign Setting forums.

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