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Full Name

Robert N. Emerson


rogue 2/editor-in-chief 2






Neutral Good


Klamath Falls, Or




Freelancer - consultant, designer, developer, editor, and writer.

Strength 12
Dexterity 13
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 15
Charisma 12

About Robert N. Emerson

Robert N. Emerson was born and raised in a land of lakes and rivers, mountains and plateaus, and forests and valleys - the Klamath Basin. Spending all of his childhood in Oregon, much of it in the city of Klamath Falls and it's surrounding area, he enjoyed an outdoor life and a love of the high desert country.

His introduction to science fiction and fantasy literature, along with role-playing games, came early in his life with both pastimes turning into lifelong hobbies. After several brief and uneventful career choices left him at a junction in his life, eventually he decided to turn his hobby into a career.

His first published work appeared in White Wolf Publishing Inc.'s Relics & Rituals, a book of magic items, spells, and like material published under the Sword and Sorcery Studios imprint for it's flagship setting, Scarred Lands.

Recently he earned a Bachelor's of Science in Applied Psychology and continues to reside in and around Oregon's Klamath Basin, however the reason for his stay are unknown and spoken of in hushed tones in the dark of night.