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I'm a freelancer and a full-time Bard evangelist! I generally try to give in-depth feedback on stuff from the Homebrew forum that pique my interest. If you want me to check something out, send me a PM!

Character Optimization.

Definitions of Terms I Use:

Cheese: Ignoring the intent of the rules when it is advantageous to follow the written word, rather than the intent.
Overpowered: Somewhat nebulous term, but a common theme is the marginalization of other party members, relative to a hypothetical "average party"'s power level, or more concretely, to the group in question's average power level.

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  • Mummy's Mask 1: The Half Dead City
  • Mummy's Mask 2: Empty Graves
  • The Harrower's Handbook
  • Advanced Class Guide
  • Unannounced Book

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  • Wayfinder 7. I had two articles in this one: Dracochemist and the Kobold Bloodline.