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Bone Tomahawk:
1. Gunslinger with the Amateur Investigator feat
2. Rogue with ranks in Heal, Sleight of Hand and Stealth
3. Ranger with either a Horse animal companion, or the Trophy Hunter archetype, and favored enemy (orcs), because the bad guys are DEFINITELY orcs
4. Gunslinger or Fighter with Toughness and a metric butt tonne of Constitution

The healer got abducted by the orcs in the first session.

Are there still issues with reporting scenarios going on? I ran a table of The Silverhex Chronicles yesterday, but the system won't let me Edit the Event to include the Quest, or report the table. I am able to add and report other scenarios run by other GMs for the same Event. Only Silverhex seems to be affected.

Drejk wrote:
And then it had sex with Hellboy-universe while Clive Barker watched and made notes...

It's entirely too easy to picture Clive Barker actually doing that.

Also the "Show All Scenarios" drop down menu seems to be non-functional when trying to report a session.

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Congratulations Chris!

Syracuse is rooting for you!

Zaister wrote:
What is "to 300" supposed to mean?

He intends to take the strategy of the 300 Spartans who fought (and died) at Thermopylae.

The Viking at Stamford Bridge might've been a better allusion.

The "Behind Home Plate" (or, alternatively "The Coxswain") Bard who calls the plays in combat. Tactician and leader. "Squad A, wedge formation! Squad B, fall back now and execute Fastball Special!"

The android bard who releases an aerosol of specialized nanites that buff allies. "You will be assimilated!"

The Tenacious D Bard who earnestly attempts to imitate the great bards of the past but is too clueless or inexperienced to pull it off. Has no ranks in perform (instrument) and relies on Perform (comedy) to buff. Or takes a self-buffing archetype. "This is the Greatest Song in the World!"

The Muad'Dib Bard who professes a religious conviction and uses Perform (oratory) or (preach) about the glories of their faith.

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The Ronda Rousey of Pathfinder...

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You guys should hook him up with a messageboard tag.
Designer Emeritus, or something...

I suspect that many people are enchanted by Ben Robbins' description of his campaign, and think "I want to run THAT!".
They don't seem to realize that it's more along the lines of "I had a bunch of players with schedules all over the place and a detailed, plot-heavy game with tons of back-story for all those people wasn't in the cards--here's a neat way I solved it that was fun for us and also breaks some paradigms about how campaigns should be organized in interesting ways. I'll write about it so others can glean inspiration from it without necessarily copying it like savants."

I'm sorry, but most of the opposition to the West Marches concept seems to boil down to "You're doing it wrong". The West Marches, as I understand it, is not a "philosophy", but, among other things, a need to schedule a large player base around the lives of working adults, by playing a sort of stripped-down campaign reminiscent of old-school PvE-type games, eschewing many of the more "literary" trappings that RPGs have picked up over the years. It aims for Keep on the Borderlands, not Queen of the Demonweb Pits.
It's a product of its circumstances, and, IMO an elegant solution to them. If it doesn't fit your local circumstances or preferences, don't use it. Or modify it to suit you.

Great minds and all...

http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2q4iy&page=4?Iron-GodsTheories-Ideas-Sugges tions#154

Rathendar wrote:


Jayce and the Wheeled warriors
Bionic Six
Gummi Bears

It's funny how things work out.

I was reading through this thread, on a website that sprang from the legacy of D&D, and was reminded of Visionaries, which I had watched as a kid and long since forgotten.
I go to Youtube and find this episode:


Who wrote the episode according to the opening credits? None other than Flint Dille, the grandson of the creator of Buck Rogers, good friend of Gary Gygax and the Gygax family, and brother to Lorraine "Destroyer of RPG Companies" Williams.


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My idea of a Numeria campaign looks an awful lot like This:


Part Heavy Metal, part Flash Gordon, with an unknown race of saucer-borne conquerors from a Far Star, Elder Things from Beyond, and a sisterhood of dark techno-priestesses seeking apotheosis.

...But that's just my imagination running away with me. ;)

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Gancanagh wrote:

If I hear metal I don't think about beautiful fantasy worlds and pictures at all, more about horror and tons of blood and people eating chicken and bat heads on stage, yes maybe it suits a Lovecraft-based chapter very well. ;-)

I understand Rap and Metal are very popular in America, it ain't in Holland, so maybe that's why I try to figure out why (mostly) Americans love to put Metal under fantasy games trailers and clips...
Not just here, everywhere (mostly youtube of course) you see fantasy trailers you hear very loud and chaotic music on the background.

But that's just my opinion, I don't mind your taste as its just a question.


Also Metal. And from the Netherlands. ;p

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Gancanagh wrote:
I can't see what Metal has to do with fantasy and monsters?


In any case, 3 Inches of Blood put on a great show when I first saw them in 2007 at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, supporting Cradle of Filth and some other great bands (RIP Divinity Destroyed). Glad they could show up in a Paizo promotional video.

I'm sure our infamously critical RPGer community will, real soon now, put its money where resides its mouth, and come up with something better. Maybe different "soundtracks", one for the metal crowd, one for classical enthusiasts, New Age/ambient, etc. ?

The Legions at World's End

Endless Legions

Horns of the Abyss

Charge of the Light's Brigade (apologies to Lord Tennyson)

(oooh, Lord Tennyson):

Idylls of the Inheritor

Cantos of the Pit

ub3r_n3rd wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
My players think everything is a mimic. I've never put a mimic anywhere.
You need to put a few mimics in your game then!

Or just ONE REALLY BIG mimic.

Like, the caravan wagon they're traveling in.

Or the Inn they're staying at.

Urizen wrote:
Anyone who's friends with me on Facebook knows I essentially do this almost every day. I got a "11th Hour" hook-up to go see Dream Theater and The Crimson ProjeKCt (consisting of King Crimson members) last night. I prog nerded out and shook hands with Tony Franklin during intermission.

So, is your screen name related to this:


...or is it just Blake in general?

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Too many gamers (males mostly) aren't in mature relationships.

"Honey, I'm spending one night a week (fortnight/month) with my friends. We won't be at a dive bar or chasing strippers, we'll be playing RPGs. If you don't like RPGs, STAY HOME. Or find something else to do. If you don't like that, then don't trip on the curb on your way out of my life."

You know. Like an adult.

Star Voter Season 9

Cody Coffelt — Hound Master (Cavalier)
David Vigil- First World Druid (Druid)
John Bennett — Saboteur (Ranger)
Joel Flank- Hedge Wizard (Wizard)
Erik Freund- Moon Shaman (Druid)
Sam Zeitlin — Still-Water Meditant (Monk)
Sean McGowan — Evangelist (Bard)
Trevor Merback — Impaler (Fighter)

ProfessorCirno wrote:

Except the Marval norsemen are literally space aliens.

They aren't the actual norse gods. They're magical aliens from another dimension. What, that's fine, but black dude is taking it too far? They can be from outer space, just not Africa?

"Magical aliens from another dimension" is at least an approximation, if a goofy one, to what most people think of as the definition of "gods", and fits in the pseudo-sci-fi milieu of Marvel Comics.

"Black dude" is an insertion to serve the agenda of people who think THEY can "improve" the authentic historical beliefs of an historical people.
Like Freehold DM says, it certainly appears intentional. That's the real issue, because it places their attitude squarely in the camp of every holier-than-thou, moralistic preachy busybody from time immemorial. It's I-know-better-than-you arrogance.

Just looked at the link. As we all know, I am an overweening purist, and I prefer the source material to be held up above almost everything else. However, there is no WAY that the director did not intentionally cast Elba to stick a thumb in the eye of white supremacists. It cracks me up to no end.

There are plenty of non-racist Asatruar.

To intentionally rewrite someone's cultural beliefs to suit your own vision of self-righteousness is a stunning act of moral arrogance.

In fact, it's exactly what the Christian monks did when they revised parts of the Sagas, and other peoples' cultural legacies.

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There's a hidden cave entrance somewhere in the warehouse, isn't there?

Lyrax wrote:

Please include the following

- Awesome names based off of D&D monsters.
- Western sword fighting. They didn't ritualize it in our world, so it doesn't have the fun "style" names that Eastern martial arts do. But one of my sword fighting buddies has put a lot of work into a wiki called Wiktenauer so people will know more about it. They have a lot of manuals that are worth looking at for fun alone, and to leave them out would be a grave disservice to Pathfinder's core demographic. We are, by and large, Westerners. And our characters are, by and large, practicing something that is ostensibly like Western sword fighting. Western sword fighting is mainly named after its sword-masters, and I can heartily recommend Lichtenauer, Tallhoffer, Ringeck, Silver, Meyer, and many others. Making some art patterned after their manuals would be amazing.
In general, humans, orcs, and dwarves lend themselves to the German/English schools, while elves, halflings, and gnomes would be more inclined to the Italian masters.
- Schools of combat that focus on established combat styles: two-weapon fighting, reach weapons, weapon & shield, weapon & open hand (or weapon & improvised weapon), and two-handed weapons.
- Martial arts that don't require additional feat expenditures! Or, if they do, that only require one feat, which scales with BAB. Maybe two at most. I've had very few characters who say things like "Gee, I've run out of useful feats I want to take. I wish there were some more useful options." and none of those were martial characters.

+1 to every single thing said here.

Complete Divine had Reach Spell as a metamagic feat--turns Touch spell into 30' range ray, +2 spell slot.

I think the Hierophant PRC had a class feature that could extend touch spells to 30', then 60'.

The Eldritch Disciple PRC (ComplMage or Arcane, I forget)was a hybrid cleric/warlock, and could burn Turn uses to make their eldritch blasts heal for the same amount of damage they would ordinarily do.

Forget chemistry.

Just tell your players the acid eats straight through whatever flask they put it in.

You guys got Ken Hite on board?!!!

Paizo is full of win.

Set wrote:
Diffan wrote:
I honestly don't think she was as powerful and/or popular when the show was created and only a minor blip as far as the series goes. Now, she's a very popular deity who's also powerful and probably wouldn't bend to Venger's will without something compelling her to do so.

She was a 66 hp demon queen of spiders, who competed with the other demon lords for the worship of the Drow, in her earliest appearance, so yeah, not quite the institution she's become...

Only 66 HP but a -10 AC.

That was so badass back in the day.

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I voted for Matt Goodall to win, so CONGRATULATIONS!!

But I fully expect to see writing credits from all 4 of the finalists in Paizo products Real Soon Now.

Mona's blog posts are always five times longer than anyone else's.

Star Voter Season 9

My votes went to:

Alexander MacLeod — Cloister of Saint Bethaene
Jim Groves — Seven Towers Observatory
Matt Goodall — The Lost Ziggurat of Amar Zedas
Matthew McGee — False Tomb of the Crawling Pharaoh

Star Voter Season 9

Even with six votes this time, this round was tough deciding who to vote for. I found myself relying a bit on the past entries in "tie-breaker" situations.

My votes went to, in no particular order:

1. Alexander MacLeod/Chymick Swarm
2. Benjamin Bruck/Churjiir
3. Lief Clennon/Lantern Thrall
4. Matt Goodall/Chaitrakhan
5. Jim Groves/Ardorwesp
6. Matt McGee/Astrumal

It's worth noting that I really didn't care for the Lantern Thrall or Chaitrakhan last round, but I enjoyed what Lief Clennon and Matt Goodall did with them enough to vote for them this round.

Star Voter Season 9

David Posener/ Haga
Jim Groves/ Skintaker
Matt Goodall/ Churjiir
Matthew McGee/Ossuary Golem

The Aussies came on strong this year.

Runner-ups for me were:

Right now, Matthew McGee is in the lead for me, as I liked his Wondrous Item most among the 4 I voted for.

All 32 of these were great, fascinating reads. Thanks to everybody who submitted!

Star Voter Season 9

This monster is creepy, evocative and dangerous. I also have a personal weakness for monsters with insanely complex life-cycles, so I respectfully disagree with the judges on this point.

What this monster suffers from, from my point of view as someone who might run it in a game, is that this niche feels WAY overpopulated. Doppelgangers were mentioned above. The avolakia from MM2 and Age of Worms come very close to the feel of this monster, but, IMHO, do it better.

The real weakness with this monster is that it doesn't make me say "I need to use THIS monster INSTEAD of any of THOSE monsters".

Nice job, though, MiB, I hope this criticism is constructive!

Star Voter Season 9

I'm halfway through reading all the entries for this round, but I just have to say this is almost certainly getting one of my votes.
I actually want to use this in a game RIGHT NOW.

Watcher, if you advance, and the next round is a stat block, I'm definitely going to want to see the crunch on these guys.

Great job!

Royal Admiral

Something like the Kingsguard from GRR Martin

Diplomat/Ambassador, either TO other rulers, or part of an embassy FROM another ruler

Court dandy/fop

Stealing from Martin again, an Economic Minister/Master of the Treasury/Exchequer (Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish)



Lesser nobility

Royal Architect

A long-time gaming buddy of mine is using his Magic:TG collection to pay his lawyer in his divorce proceedings.
My buddy got into M:TG when it first hit the big-time, amassed a huge collection, then dropped out around '98.
The cards have been collecting dust in his garage ever since.

When he started looking around for a divorce attorney, another gamer pointed him in the direction of a lawyer who happened to be active in the local CCG community.

This lawyer took one look at his collection and agreed to take some compensation in the form of old-school Magic cards. They're up to around $1500, and I don't think he's finished going through the entire collection yet.

Butt Metal



The model I prefer for a "mystic warrior" type is more along the lines of the psychic warrior than the bard.
A self-buffing front-line type.

The bard, I think, would better model the old 1e/2e F/M/T (fighter/mage/thief):

Swap out bardic music for the wizard/sorceror spell list. That is, REPLACE the bard list with wiz/sorc list, not add to it.

Swap out bardic knowledge for a sneak attack progression, maybe between 1/2 and 3/4 (i.e. ~+5d6 to +7d6 by level 20). Or, for Trapsense.

Seems a better use of those skills and skill points the bard gets.