Seeker's Deadlands: Blood Drive

Game Master seekerofshadowlight

This is a Deadlands: The Weird West game, using the newest ruleset, the SWADE.

Starting in Sutter's Flats Texas, the posses are on a cattle drive though the weird west.

Current Characters


Male Human
(464 posts)
Lamatar Bayden

male Human 8th level seeker/6th level gamer /4th level bad speller
(13,802 posts)
Demon Lord of Paladins!

played by seekerofshadowlight (288 posts)
Flying Eagle

Human Indian : Parry 7 (with shield), Toughness 6(1)

played by ZenFox42 (286 posts)
Queen Ileosa Arabasti
Keeper of Forbidden Lore


played by seekerofshadowlight (3,789 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Kristophe Kristophson

Bennies 2 Wounds 0 Parry 6 Toughness 8

played by nilesr (558 posts)
Count Haserton Lowis IV
Dark Archive Lord Borak the Despoiler

Notice: d6, Parry: 7, Faith!: d10 | [RATN: 6]| Toughness: 6(1) PP: 10/15 | Bennies: 2/3 |wounds 0/3

played by Atlas2112 (288 posts)
Liberty's Edge Mal Steelcutter

Parry: 8| TOU: 10(2){Bal}| RATN: 6 {shield}| PP: 15/15| Notice: d4|

played by Atlas2112 (201 posts)
Jeb Graden
Rodan Northward

Male Human, Bennies 2 /3 Parry 4, Toughness 5, Wounds 0

played by Buckshot Bob (188 posts)
Rufus Cooperson

Male Human Toughness 5, Parry 5, Notice d4; Bennies 1; Wounds 0

played by Mokshai (296 posts)
Winona Concord

Female Human Novice | Pace 6 | Parry 5 | Toughness 7 (2) | 2/3 Bennies

played by Jesse Heinig (154 posts)
Darius Finch
Zachary Ames

Pace 6 I Parry 5 I Toughness 7 (2 Armour)

played by Wandering Wastrel (32 posts)

Previous Characters

Vane Oreld
J. Thomas Blackthorne

Male Human Seasoned

played by TClegg1024 (8 posts)
Water Elemental

played by TClegg1024 (103 posts)
Marcos Farabellus
Moses Hirschler

Male Human Parry: 6, Toughness 5

played by Branding Opportunity (41 posts)