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Sorry to hear about your back, I have been there and even small movements are a pain.

No prob, I fell behind over the weekend.

Sorry guys I have had a busy week. I am gonna try to speed my posting up a bit. And yeah, I was wondering if we should recruit. I can work in hiring of new folks

Just checking but our we currently down to just two players?

I hop things settle down for you Buckshot

On the captain, he has a full company of men, so opening up on them is likely suicided. You made a good argument here so I let it stand, without the need for rolls. As written you guys normally would spend a few days in a cell.

Yeah, its hard to lose that much pay for must of us. Hope you are doing better man.

That is odd, may need to try and clear your cookies

Updating in a few minutes, but I allowed shotguns on the last swarm. So shotgun's or other AoE options are best. Just trying to run out of the water is another good option.

Happy Holidays/Merry xmas everyone

This game has been slow posting ( mostly my fault) so no worries about the holidays. I'll be out of town myself from Thursday til at lest Saturday this upcoming week.

@Roden good luck on the move

@Rufus Ugh, blizzard. We don't get em to often in Kentucky, but snow is always a b$+%$.

I was busy as hell this weekend, but nope that was me just someone missing posts. I know I am blind but damn.

Gonna repeat what I said in thread, somehow I missed both the post on the 24th and Monday. I logged in Monday but no new posts where showing, so I somehow missed them. My mistake guys

Good thing to point out

I'll add winona in soon and it looks like we are down to three. I'll message the two missing players when I get home tonight but I think they are gone.

As far as I can tell Flying Eagle, Rufus and Rodan are what Is left. I'll add Jess after the fight. That will get us back to 4 at lest.

Hey guys I lost my internet sometime between posting on here and trying to post in thread last night. I just got home and it's still down. My wife said they told her it should be up tommorow sometime, they don't get in much hurry as my options are them or dial up.

I don't wanna update on the phone but if it's not up by tomorrow night I will give it a shot.

Okay, ROF 1 means that for a single action you can use 1 bullet. So as everything but Gattling weapons as an ROF of 1 that means normally you can only use one Bullet per action.

Meaning you can fire three times per turn with a single weapon, if you use multiaction ( /-2/-4).

Double tap and fan the hammer are edges which override the ROF limits. each has its own rules, and only works in deadlands with a set type of gun.

Double tap you need a double action pistol to use it. But really it does not make two attack, it makes one with extra damage, but uses two Bullets.

Fan the hammer you need a single action pistol to use it. It is a single action, but allows you to roll up to six shoot with that single action.

Two gun Kid itself does not use either of those edges. But you can take them with it. Two gun kid does allow you to take less a penalty with that second action. So in place of 0/-2/-4 you are 0/0/-2 if you are using two weapons. Meaning you shoot one with each gun with zero issue and a 2nd time with one gun with just a -2. Really its an ammo saver too.

You can combine fan the hammer or double tap with two gun kid as they all do different things.

A scope takes away two points of penalty with the aim action


Savage worlds is a better fit than lancer. I do like Lancer, but its very tactical and you would need a lot of work to force it to fit. Using Gear Krieg might work, but its OOP and uses the OOP Silhouette engine. I have no clue about Age of steel or the setting you want to use.

My advice, pick an in print Generic system such as Savage worlds, Fate, genesys or the like and plop your setting in it.

Have fun to those who got in.

Best of luck everyone

GM R0B0GEISHA wrote:

Lots of cool submissions so far. I really like what I'm seeing.

It won't have any bearing on the recruitment, but I'm also interested in seeing what frame you all plan on growing into at LL1.

Kinda missed this one. I was honestly thinking of Sticking with the Everest and "Hammer". So I will go for stuff to enhance it, not really looking for frames. I think I would go Northstar, and Raleigh for the Hand cannon and Breach charges.

Havocprince wrote:
Since you're on Geisha, you mind looking over my submission and letting me know if I missed anything?

Hey man, if you use Com[/con it will walk you though it and make sure you do not miss anything.

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Atlas2112 wrote:
I'm seeing a lot of Heavy hardship and Medium weapon combinations, myself among them.

Not gonna lie, I totally built mine around that Tomahawk/warhammer image.

I think I am done, if anything is off let me know.

Ezra Dasmodi, AKA Blacksmith A mostly ex criminal from a crime ridden, war-torn colony world.


Ezra grew up on the colony world of Iidramera. It was a corrupt, crime ridden world of divided and often warring city states where only the wealthy avoided the gangs and the “Merchant” families that rules the cities. Really, most were little better than criminal families ruling though underhanded and often out right violent means. Ezra was not wealthy and never cared much for being a victim. He made himself useful for the gangs, and always had a eye on moving up. To better gangs, to minor Merch families and in time into the big league. He made a name for himself as an enforcer, a leg breaker, a soldier for the family. He was intimidating, cool under pressure and a nasty brawler, all things that made him useful and kept him well fed and well rewarded.

It was the High Merch of the City of Calgori which hired and trained him as a pilot for the cities ``Militia”. Really little better than pirates attacking other families and cities holdings, but this was Iidramera. All this ended when the corporations moved in, settling in cities, taking over in all but name and “incorating” other cities under their control, often by force. Once Erza’s family's tower was reduced to a burning pile and most of the militia joined them, he thought off world might be a nice place to visit.

Skills and Triggers:

Apply First to Faces: +2
Threatern: +2
Get a hold of something:+2
Stay cool:+2
Mech Skills
Hull: +2


Crack Shot
----TABLE, STEADY: As a protocol, you may steady your aim. If you do, you become IMMOBILIZED until the start of your next turn but gain +1 on all attacks you make with RIFLES
----INTEGRATED CHAFF LAUNCHERS: At the start of your turn, you gain soft cover. You lose this cover if you attack or force another character to make a save
Walking Armory
----ARMAMENT: You carry a supply of custom ammunition that can be used with all your main ranged weapons. Gain the following system: Ammo Case SP:0, Limited:6


K01-RA-11 Assault hardsuit.: Was new at some point,but now scratched and well worn. It functions as advertised, but its a knock off printed less than legal like.
Malcreen Arguer 81 Heavy Pistol; Thirty years out of date, but fire a large very effective round (sidearm)
Rooner JX-77 Combat Shotgun:Intimidating looking with the drum, its half the reason erza has it. (Medium)
Ralvans Easy-Sleep Sleeping bag Drab olive and seen many, many hours of sleep
Medi-Aid Patch: It's a patch, don’t ask where they came from
Alpha-Ware AF-404 Info skin: It cost a lot in a questionable back alley clinic, but works as advertised.


Game Info:

Hammer is a drab olive Everest, at least the type printed on Iidramera. She is boxy, a bit bulky and made to take a hit.

Landmark CRT, Mirrorsmoke, Union.

Zenfox covered Bennies. Unless anyone has much else to add I'll move the story along tonight

Anyone here need any more time to finish up?

10 days No GM, I think this is dead guys

I did not know we were doing that, Most have missed it. I kept waiting for the GM to move it to the next round honestly.

Then I am confused as I posted actions.I did not read it as a new round

we still alive here?

SOrry, I will check in more often, It was slow there for a but and I have not checked in since monday

Sorry been super busy, will post this evening if You can't wait feel free to make Jathal attack with her stone

Been busy myself, will catch up in thread. Best of luck Gareth and hope you feel better ash

Yes,pretty sure Hanko got him lol

@ Ash, whatever times work for you. I am flexable.

sorry, thought I posted thrusday, my internet has been janky, will post when I get home.

@ Ash if you need help with the map hit me up on roll20, I'll walk you though maps set up options and help you scale the tokens. I have been though those stumbling blocks before. Except with a live game lol.

@ Mob, oh yes totally

&Zano He needs to rescale the maps and the tolens. And remove the grid

Do we even buy the stuff needed to make medical rolls. I did not notice the skill did what it did. WE really should have all bought kits lol

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Good luck with both the house guests and the kids lol

I honestly am not sure how I got hit as I was in back. I was thinking the Bugbear would take AoO's to move though everyone else to get her. Which was my 5e thinking, forgot only fighters get AoO's now. Something I will keep in mind from now on lol

I did roll a 11 by the way. So that is drying 3

I am unsure as well.But I am at 0 currently. I am also finding myself confusing rulesets lol. I have been playing a lot of 5e and some of the movement changes got me here lol

I left a DM on roll20, but the paizo forums where down last night when I tried to post. Will update in a few

Edit: And yes the map is totally empty

Had a late day, seems I missed the excitement but will post anyhow.

@ GM ash. Yeah I have a sunday D&D game, 5e.

PBP games tend to do that,Some folks are just online at the same times, so you get clumps of interaction.

華子: Hanako wrote:

I did something similar, except players got a one-round grace period.

If you missed one round, you rolled roll twice next round. But if you missed that next round, you were "botted."

I actually didn't even roll for botted players, but instead had an enemy or two fight that player off-camera. It resulted in a fudged win, but also prevented me from potentially rolling awesomely for the one PC who wasn't actually playing.

Its been a long time since I ran one here, I have not played PF in ages, but that might work well too. As long as you do not hold the round itself. Because that is a game killer. I learned that fast lol

What I used to do was you got 24 hours from my Round post to post your actions ( barring weekeneds)_ and then In NPCed them. The reason for doing so is combat kills a pbp. People will wait days for guy number 3 to post and have to wait to move on. I found 24 hours from the GM round post was plenty of time.

@ GM ash

Here is what I used to do when I ran PBP here.

1: Rule the INt for the group. This allows combat to star faster with no lag
2: People post in any order
3: after everyone has posted, you recap putting action in order.

Its a little bit more work on the GM end, but combat can totally kill a pbp game.

Mob the Goblin wrote:

@Demon Lord the only restriction on the Ready action seems to be that it must be a single or free action and not already have a trigger. So it does excludes most spells, but not all.

Well it lists spells as a "special" action. So I was unsure. Most spells are double actions anyhow.

@hanako, I was not sure if that was supposed to be her, its not labeled and I can not move it.

A few things.

1: I mean to bring this one up yesterday, but Ready action can not be used with spells, correct?
2: Sleep in this edition kinda sucks. I should have read it better lol.

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