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10 days No GM, I think this is dead guys

I did not know we were doing that, Most have missed it. I kept waiting for the GM to move it to the next round honestly.

Then I am confused as I posted actions.I did not read it as a new round

we still alive here?

SOrry, I will check in more often, It was slow there for a but and I have not checked in since monday

Sorry been super busy, will post this evening if You can't wait feel free to make Jathal attack with her stone

Been busy myself, will catch up in thread. Best of luck Gareth and hope you feel better ash

Yes,pretty sure Hanko got him lol

@ Ash, whatever times work for you. I am flexable.

sorry, thought I posted thrusday, my internet has been janky, will post when I get home.

@ Ash if you need help with the map hit me up on roll20, I'll walk you though maps set up options and help you scale the tokens. I have been though those stumbling blocks before. Except with a live game lol.

@ Mob, oh yes totally

&Zano He needs to rescale the maps and the tolens. And remove the grid

Do we even buy the stuff needed to make medical rolls. I did not notice the skill did what it did. WE really should have all bought kits lol

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Good luck with both the house guests and the kids lol

I honestly am not sure how I got hit as I was in back. I was thinking the Bugbear would take AoO's to move though everyone else to get her. Which was my 5e thinking, forgot only fighters get AoO's now. Something I will keep in mind from now on lol

I did roll a 11 by the way. So that is drying 3

I am unsure as well.But I am at 0 currently. I am also finding myself confusing rulesets lol. I have been playing a lot of 5e and some of the movement changes got me here lol

I left a DM on roll20, but the paizo forums where down last night when I tried to post. Will update in a few

Edit: And yes the map is totally empty

Had a late day, seems I missed the excitement but will post anyhow.

@ GM ash. Yeah I have a sunday D&D game, 5e.

PBP games tend to do that,Some folks are just online at the same times, so you get clumps of interaction.

華子: Hanako wrote:

I did something similar, except players got a one-round grace period.

If you missed one round, you rolled roll twice next round. But if you missed that next round, you were "botted."

I actually didn't even roll for botted players, but instead had an enemy or two fight that player off-camera. It resulted in a fudged win, but also prevented me from potentially rolling awesomely for the one PC who wasn't actually playing.

Its been a long time since I ran one here, I have not played PF in ages, but that might work well too. As long as you do not hold the round itself. Because that is a game killer. I learned that fast lol

What I used to do was you got 24 hours from my Round post to post your actions ( barring weekeneds)_ and then In NPCed them. The reason for doing so is combat kills a pbp. People will wait days for guy number 3 to post and have to wait to move on. I found 24 hours from the GM round post was plenty of time.

@ GM ash

Here is what I used to do when I ran PBP here.

1: Rule the INt for the group. This allows combat to star faster with no lag
2: People post in any order
3: after everyone has posted, you recap putting action in order.

Its a little bit more work on the GM end, but combat can totally kill a pbp game.

Mob the Goblin wrote:

@Demon Lord the only restriction on the Ready action seems to be that it must be a single or free action and not already have a trigger. So it does excludes most spells, but not all.

Well it lists spells as a "special" action. So I was unsure. Most spells are double actions anyhow.

@hanako, I was not sure if that was supposed to be her, its not labeled and I can not move it.

A few things.

1: I mean to bring this one up yesterday, but Ready action can not be used with spells, correct?
2: Sleep in this edition kinda sucks. I should have read it better lol.

I do not see Jathal on the map, so I can not move her. I am also pretty much always going to be posting out of order, the GM can place my actions where they go.

Ok, I am gonna post out of order, feel free to move me where you need to.

Where is the map?

Just some FYI, I am most likely to post in the evenings thought the week. 8 to 10 PM EST

Mob the Goblin wrote:

@GM Ash, I've seen three different spelling for Warabal (Warbal, Warbell), which one is right?


Personally, I would houserule it. Heck most of these are in the Occult list too

My 1st roll of the game I get a 7. Excellent start.

Yeah, I had internet issues Thursday and most Friday. I tend to post late night though the week anyhow

I took gnomish because no one else seemed to ave it and eh, why not.

I'll get Jathal finished up tonight, just need to buy some gear and make the profile pretty. I did not know we were already posting in char.

I used to run a lot of PF1e, but burned out years ago. I have been playing 5e. I bowed out of the Playtest for 2e early, but like what I see, so figured I would give it a go.

@GM ASH, I am South east Kentucky myself. But more a night hawk so my posting times are all over the place

Luckily for the folks who did not get in, new games are popping up. I wish you all the best.

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I love the change.I used something like this in my homebrew and always found the D&D gold system a bt odd when people in RL used silver.

Good luck everyone

Dotting. Will look over the hack when I get home

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I am gonna say I did not know the G word was a slur. I have not used it much IRL, but I am glad I stumbled across this thread

Ok, I fixed my issue with the boosts, so this should be completed

Jathal Duskwalker

Jathal is the child of Barkeeps, raised in an inn, she has spent her life behind the bar listing to tales of adventure. She craves a bit of adventure herself, and while not athletic, or very rough and tumble, she does have her personality and her inborn talents to lean on.She knows how to talk to people, how to charm them, how to wheedles information with a few drinks and some charm.

A devotee of Calistria, She has long used her looks, charm and skills for her own amusement, even before her families gifts manifested. She would steal from the rich drunk flops, a little slight of hand, sometimes her poor marks might even get a roll in the hay if it amused her, but it was the thrill of it all she craved. And when her gifts started to manifest, she had even more to amuse herself with

Jathal seeks adventure for the thrill, she seeks new experiences, new people. She wants to explore her magic nd use it to get what she wants and to enjoy herself. She wishes to explore the arcane and the occult. To see what power she can unlock from her bloodline and to have as good time doing it as she can.

Ancestry: Human (Versatile)
Background: Barkeep
Class: Sorcerer (Hag)
Deity: Calistria
Alignment: CG

STR 10
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 12
WIS 10
CHA 18

HP: 16
AC 15 ( Unarmored)
Spell DC 17

+5 Fort (T)
+5 Reflex (T)
+5 Will (E)

Perception: +3 (T)
[b}sense:[/b] Normal


General skills:
+2 Acrobatics (U)
+4 Arcana (T)
+0 Athletics (U)
+1 Crafting (U)
+7 Deception (T)
+7 Diplomacy (T)
+4 Intimidation (U)
+4 Lore: Alcohol (T)
+4 Lore: Poltics (T)
+0 Medicine (U)
+0 Nature (U)
+4 Occultism (T)
+4 Performance (U)
+0 Religion (U)
+4 Society (T)
+5 Stealth (T)
+0 Survival (U)
+5 Thievery (T)

specialized skills
Languages: Common,+1
Simple weapons (T)
Unarmed attack (T)
Unarmored defense (T)

Natural Skill ( +2 skills) P.. 57
Hobnobber: (Gather info in half the time) P. 262

Telekinetic Projectile
Detect magic

1st (3/3)
illusory disguise
Jealous Hex

Dagger +5
Spell +7
Sling +5



Price 1 gp, 6 sp; Bulk 1 Bulk, 6 light;
Money Left Over 12 gp, 9 sp
Weapons dagger, slingshot with 20
sling bullets
Gear adventurer’s pack, bandolier, 2 sets of caltrops, sheath

Em monks are fighters, the whole deal is to get up close and slug it out. So I think the 10 HP makes sense.

Zano Turok wrote:

Race: +2 to 2 stats or +2 to 3 stats and -2 to one stat

Background: +2 to 2 stats
Class: +2 to 1 stat
Aftermath buy points: +2 to 4 separate stats, it is somewhere in the core rulebook about this.

Was ninjaed, this was a response to Demonlord's question.

Its the point buy I missed. I will see if I can track it down, New book, new system and all that. TY for the info

I must be missing something, I am unsure how everyone is getting such high stats, the best I seem to get is 16. So I am missing a step somewhere.

華子: Hanako wrote:

I'm creating one anyway, so I at least know how if I don't make the cut.

Already I have a question. Do I get 18 HP at Lv.1? (8 human ancestry + 10 monk class; CON not boosted.)

Again, totally loving that there are officially no die rolls for attributes or HP!

This is my reading of the rules as well

Assuming this is a PBP, I am gonna stat up a human hag sorc , bartender

華子: Hanako wrote:
GM Ash wrote:
@sweetbro I am CST in the States. Mom-Fri works for me. If the group wants maybe Sat as well. Sunday is my family day. I will post normally by 10am.
Oh, are you running a live Roll 20 game, not a PbP? If so, that sounds super-fun, but I won't join a live game because I know my daughters' schedule will inevitably conflict.

Pretty sure he is juts using roll20 as a mapper.

Dotting for interest


Dotting for Interest, I'll pull out my old books. I have not used them in ages.

The Cabal Devil looks like something that would make a deal with warlock too! I think that one first my needs. Now, I will agree the misogyny of Hell never made any sense as they did deal with mortals and did not seem to care if it was male or female.

I have not looked at the Golarion stuff in a few years and in my books its still very misogynist.

I will be starting a game soon that will be using the 5e ruleset, but set in Golarion. The reason I have hunting them is I want to flush out the Devil my Warlock character made a deal with.

Now, I do not have a super amount of PF books now days, some beastries, some world books and such. So I came here to see what other folks know. I know of The Gylou and the Erinyes and I know of the four Whore Queens.

Anything I have missed?

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To be honest once it said LG only I stopped reading.

I do not think I can keep up with that posting rate, so I shall bow out. Have fun.

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