Seeker's Deadlands: Blood Drive

Game Master seekerofshadowlight

This is a Deadlands: The Weird West game, using the newest ruleset, the SWADE.

Starting in Sutter's Flats Texas, the posses are on a cattle drive though the weird west.

Gonna put rules stuff here
NPC list
Gear list
Weapons list

Character creation
The rules are mostly like those found in SWADE with changes listed below. If you happen to have the older Savage worlds Deluxe edition A conversion document can be found here. I am unsure on the number of changes from Reloaded to The weird west, but they are likely to be much like those above. I will list changes from SWADE and new stuff below. Some things you may have in reloaded but I am not sure they changed or not.


Skills changes:

  • Charisma was removed from the game.
  • Climbing has been folded into Athletics.
  • Common Knowledge is now its own skill rather than a Smarts roll.
  • Investigation is now Research to make its meaning and usage more clear.
  • Focus is a new skill for the Gifted ArcaneBackground.
  • Knowledge has been broken down into the separate skills used in most campaigns. Specifically: Academics, Battle, Electronics, Hacking, Language, Occult, and Science.
  • Lockpicking is now part of Thievery, which also handles pickpocketing,sleight of hand, safecracking, and other roguish tricks.
  • Performance is a new skill.
  • Repair and its use are better defined.
  • Streetwise is now an Edge.
  • Swimming is handled by Athletics.
  • Throwing is covered by Athletics.
  • Tracking is now part of Survival.


Bolded are free at a d4

  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Battle
  • Boating
  • Common Knowledge
  • Driving
  • Faith
  • Fighting
  • Focus
  • Gambling
  • Healing
  • Intimidation
  • Language
  • Notice
  • Occult
  • Performance
  • Persuasion
  • Piloting
  • Repair
  • Research
  • Riding
  • Science
  • Shooting
  • Spellcasting
  • Survival
  • Taunt
  • Thievery
  • Weird science


New skill
Trade (Smarts) is for day-to-day tasks needed to run a business (blacksmith, saloon owner, miner, etc.). Note the specific trade in parentheses. Trade lets an entrepreneur raise funds (as the Performance skill in Savage Worlds) through advertising, money-saving tactics, and buying cheaper goods.

Language Skill: Most folks in the Americas, regardless of where they hail from originally, learn the most common language of the land. That’s English. Heroes with the Outsider Hindrance know a different language and must drop a few points into Language (English) to make themselves understood.



Ailin Major or Minor: Your cowpoke suffers from a chronic and at least so far incurable disease of some sort. -1 to Fatigue rolls, -2 if major. A critical fail and it gets worse(minor) or kills you (major)

Cursed Major: You have skeletons in your closest trying to get out. The GM gets 1 extra Bennie.

Grim Servant ol Death Major: +1 to every damage roll you make, however a critical failure and you hit your nearest ally with a raise.

Heavy Sleeper Minor: Notice roll (−4) to wake up. Also suffer a −4 penalty to Vigor rolls made to stay awake.

Lyin’ Eyes (Minor): −1 penalty to all Intimidation and Persuasion rolls where lies—even little ones— must be told.And -1 to your Gambling rolls in a poker or faro game.

Night Terrors(Major): −1 penalty to all Spirit rolls.

Old Ways(Minor): You forgo modern technology. You gain a free reroll on any spirit reroll, but lose this for 24 hours if you use modern Technology, and seven days if you use Ghost rock

Talisman(Minor of Major)( RQ:Non Mad Science Arcane background): -1 for arcane roll if you do not have it, -2 for Major. Replacing a Talisman takes two weeks

Tenderfoot (Major): As long you have at least one Wound, suffer an additional −1 penalty to all actions. Can not be taken with “Don’t Get ’im Riled!” Edge

Trouble Magnet (Minor or Major): Whenever the character rolls a Critical Failure the consequences are subtly worse in some way, as determined by the Marshal. (Major) Anytime the Marshal must choose a “random character” to be hit, attacked, or otherwise negatively affected by something—it’s you.

----New Edges-----

Arcane Edges:

Blessed: REQ Novice, Spirit d6+, Faith d4+
Chi Master: REQ Novice, Agility d6+, Spirit d6+,Martial Artist, Focus d4+
Huckster:REQ Novice, Gambling d6+, Spellcasting d4+
Mad Scientist: REQ Novice, Smarts d8+, Science d6+, Weird Science d4+
Shaman:REQ Novice, Spirit d8+, Faith d4+
Gallows HumorREQ:: Novice, Taunt d6+ Use Taunt skill instead of Spirit when making a Fear check
Veterian o’ the weird westREQ:Wild Card, Novice, Spirit d6+, Occult d6+ Start as seasoned and take four advances. Must draw a card and take the results however.

Combat Edges:

Don’t Get ’im Riled!:[i] REQ: Novice: Add your own wound level to melee damage
Duelist:REQ: Novice, Shooting 6+: Drawl two extra Hole cards during a duel
Fan the Hammer: REQ: Seasoned, Agility d8+, Shooting d8+: Up to six shots each at -4
Improved, Fan the Hammer REQ:Heroic, Agility d10+, Fan the Hammer, Shooting d10+: shots are -2 not -4
Quickdraw REQ:Novice, Agility d8+: May draw two cards when spending a bennie for additional action cards. +2 Athletics for interrupting an action

Professional Edges:

Agent: REQ: Novice, Smarts d8+, Fighting d6+,Occult d6+, Research d6+, Shooting d6+ : You are part of the shadowy Agency responsible for rooting out sedition, treason, espionage, corruption, and illegal acts that might plunge the country into another Civil War.
Born in the saddle REQ:Novice, Agility d8+, Riding d6+ Free rerolls on Riding checks, increase horse pace by 2 and running die by one step.
Card Sharp REQ: : Novice, Gambling d6+ One free reroll when making a Gambling roll. That includes hucksters who Deal with the Devil
GutsREQ:Novice, Spirit d6+ s a free reroll when making Fear checks
ScoutREQSeasoned, Woodsman[/i] Scout can make a Notice roll at −2 to detect the hazard, critter, or event.Also add +2 to Common Knowledge rolls to recall information about towns, outposts, landmarks and watering holes, people, or tribes along a particular route they’ve traveled before.
SoldierREQ Novice ,Strength d6+, Vigor d6+ you gain Obligation (Minor) or (Major) Hindrance
Tall-TellerREQ:Novice, Performance or Persuasion d8+when making a Persuasion or Performance roll to lower the local Fear Level, your hero adds +2 to her total. Also, when you successfully lower the local Fear Level and get a raise on the Persuasion or Performance roll, the tale-teller and anyone who Supports her earn Conviction
Territorial RangerREQ:Novice, Vigor d6+, Fighting d6+, Intimidation d6+, Riding d6+, Shooting d6+, Survival d4+Rangers are responsible for the eight territories—Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Washington, Wyoming, the District of Alaska—and one state, Texas,

Weird Edges:

HarrowedREQ Wild Card, Novice, Spirit d6+ You are dead Son just not ya know dead, dead.
Knack REQ Novice You can abilities based off one of the following: Bastard,,Born on All hallows eve, Born on Christmas,Breech birth.Seventh son, Shooting Star, Storm Born.

----Starting Cash----


You start with $250