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Full Name

Joran Bravestone


Human Barbarian 1

Hp's 23/23; AC 16; Per: +5; Fort:+8/Ref:+3/Will:+5; Athletics +7. (Raging w/Large war flail: Hp's +4; AC 14; Reflex +2; -1 to Acro./Stlth./Thv.)

Strength 18
Dexterity 10
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 12

About Joran Bravestone


Hero Points: 2

Barbarian 1
Ancestry Human(Versatile) Background Local Scion
Speed 25'
Alignment CG
Languages Common, Jotun
Perception +5 (Expert+5/Wis+0)

Melee [one-action] Large war flail +7 (clumsy 1 while using; Disarm, sweep, trip); 1d10+4 bludgeoning
. . Greatpick +7 (Fatal d12); 1d10+4 piercing
Ranged [one-action] Javelin +3 (thrown 30'), 1d6+4 piercing

Trained(2+lvl) in simple wpns; martial wpns; unarmed attacks

AC 16 (+3, +3 hide armor)
Hp 23 (+12 class/+8 human/+3 Con)
Fort+8 (Expert+5/Con+3)
Ref+3 (Trained+3/Dex+0)
Will+5 (Expert+5/Wis+0)

Trained(2+lvl) in light armor; medium armor, unarmored defense

Large war flail +7 (1d10+10); Hp's +4; AC 14; Reflex +2; -1 to Acrobatics, Stealth, Thievery
Greatpick +7 (1d10+6); Hp's +4; AC 15; Reflex +2

Ancestry(Human): +2 Str/+2 Con
Background(Local Scion): +2 Con/+2 Str
Class(Barbarian): +2 Str
Free: +2 Str/+2 Con/+2 Int/+2 Cha

Str 18(+4), Dex 10(+0), Con 16(+3), Int 12(+1), Wis 10(+0), Cha 12(+1)

Ancestry feats: (1st): Natural Ambition
Background feats: (1st): Specialty Crafting(Woodworking)
Class feats: (1st): Raging Intimidation
Bonus feats: (1st): Intimidating glare(via Class feat), Sudden Charge(via Ancestry feat)

Skills (Trained in Athletics;+3 skills of choice;+Int(+1);+2 from Background)
Acrobatics +3 (+3/Dex+0/-1 when raging w/large wpn)
Arcana +1 (Int+1)
Athletics +7 (+3/Str+4)
Crafting +4(+5 woodworking) (+3/Int+1/+1(woodworking only)
Deception +1 (Cha+1)
Diplomacy +4 (+3/Cha+1)
Intimidation +4 (+3/Cha+1)
Lore (Breachill) +4 (+3/Int+1)
Medicine +0
Nature +0
Occultism +1 (Int+1)
Performance +1 (Cha+1)
Religion +0
Society +1 (Cha+1)
Stealth +0 (-1 when raging w/large wpn)
Survival +3 (+3/Wis+0)
Thievery +0 (-1 when raging w/large wpn)

=Trained(2+lvl); ★★=Expert(4+lvl); ★★★=Master(6+lvl); ★★★★=Legendary(8+lvl)

Greatpick: (1g, 2 bulk)
War flail: (4g, 4 bulk)
Javelins: (x3) (3sp, Lx3)
Hide armor: (2g, 2 bulk)
Backpack: (1sp, L)
Bedroll: (1cp, L)
Chalk: (x10) (1cp, -)
Flint & steel: (5cp, -)
1 week rations: (x2) (8sp, Lx2)
Soap: (2cp, -)
Rope 50': (5sp, L)
Waterskin: (5cp, L)
Minor healing potion(Single Action+1d8): (4g, L)

Total = 11gp, 17sp, 14cp and 9 bulk.
Leftover = 2gp, 1sp, 6cp and 9 bulk.
Earned: 7sp

Special Abilities

Anathema: It is anathema for you to fail to face a personal challenge of strength. If you violate your anathema, you deal only 2 additional points of damage while raging and wielding your Large sized weapon.
Demoralize [one-action] (auditory, concentrate, emotion, mental): You attempt to frighten a creature within 30 feet of you who you’re aware of. Attempt an Intimidation check against the target’s Will DC. No matter the result, the target is temporarily immune to your attempts to Demoralize it for 10 minutes.
Giant Instinct: Your rage gives you the raw power of a giant. You can use a weapon that is built for a Large creature, though you gain the clumsy 1 condition while you do so, because of the weapon’s unwieldy size.
Intimidating Glare: You can Demoralize with a mere glare. When you do, Demoralize loses the auditory trait and gains the visual trait, and you don’t take a penalty if the creature doesn’t understand your language.
Rage [one-action] (barbarian, concentrate, emotion, mental) Requirements: You are not fatigued or already raging.
Effect: You can tap into your inner fury and begin raging. You gain a number of temporary Hit Points equal to your level plus your Constitution modifier(+4). Your rage lasts for 1 minute, until there are no enemies you can perceive, or until you fall unconscious, whichever comes first. You can’t voluntarily stop raging. While you are raging, you:
• Deal 2 additional points of damage with melee weapons and unarmed attacks (instead deal 6 additional damage with your Large weapon per Giant Instinct).
• Take a –1 penalty to AC
• Can’t use actions that have the concentrate trait unless they also have the rage trait. You can Seek while raging.
After you stop raging, you lose any remaining temporary Hit Points from Rage, and you can’t Rage again for 1 minute.

Raging Intimidation: You can use the Demoralize action while raging and gain Intimidating Glare as an additional skill feat.
Sudden Charge [two-actions] You dash up to a foe and swing. Stride twice. If you end your movement within melee reach of at least one enemy, you can make a melee Strike against that enemy. You can use Sudden Charge while Burrowing, Climbing, Flying, or Swimming instead of Striding if you have the corresponding movement type.


[dice=Large war flail]1d20+7[/dice]

[dice=Large war flail]1d20+2[/dice]




[dice=Large war flail]1d20+7[/dice]

[dice=Large war flail]1d20+2[/dice]





[dice=Athletics]1d20 +7[/dice]
[dice=Lore (Breachill)]1d20+4[/dice]


Waking, the burly man stretches and rises out of bed. He walks over to his dresser where there sits a pitcher of water. Pouring a bit on his hand, he slaps his face with it to wake himself up and places the pitcher back down. "Okay! That's better." As he proceeds to get dressed, "Big day to today, Joran. Time to go to work! Narine's gonna be waiting for me at the lumbermill. Which is good because I'm always fashionably late," he gives himself a wink in the mirror. "Afterwards, stop by Cayden's Keg to see my gal Brynne." He grins at the thought as he stops and stares at himself in the mirror and talks to himself. "Well maybe not officially but she is for all intents and purposes. She just doesn't know it yet," he winks again. "And then after that, I gotta stop by the Ear to see my gal Roxie. 'Foxy' Roxie, what a gal!" He then pauses a moment and grins again, shaking his head. "You know, sometimes it's tough being me. Anyhow...," he starts and then stops, sighing gravely. "Oh man, I almost forgot! It's my day to help Renatta over at the kitchen today! Man that puts a stinking halt to things, doesn't it?! I mean, it's not all bad because she is such a super sweet lady but...," he stops, dragging his hands down his face. "Okay okay okay. Think, Joran, think. Think think think think..." the warrior does exactly that and his eyes go wide. "OH MAN! I almost forgot about that again! The Call of Heroes is today! Man I don't know why I keep missing that. You know, I've really got to start thinking about other things besides just fun," he decides, holding that thought a moment before, "Yeah right!" he says as he bursts out laughing, shaking his head at his own silliness.

As he finishes up getting dressed, "Okay: Lumbermill...," he says as a look of consternation then comes over him before muttering, "Lamond's Lament and then the Call for Heroes. Looks like the ladies will have to wait until next time. Can't win 'em all, right?" he asks as he takes one more glance within the mirror. "But that doesn't mean we don't give it one heckuva ride does it, buddy?" he concludes, giving his reflection a gleaming wry smile before finishing up.

And with that, the large fellow finishes getting ready and heads out for the day.

Joran's lived in Breachill all his life. He knows practically everyone in Breachill whether by name or reputation. He's a really easy going guy with his larger than life personality. He can pretty much find the bright side to anything. Well, most of the time anyway. Sometimes his anger gets the better of him and then things tend to get... 'not so nice' let's say. Fortunately for the townsfolk, that's a fantastically rare occurrence.

His father was lifelong military in Breachill. Well respected by all and looked to for guidance in a multitude of situations over the years. After retiring - and knowing he would never 'fully' be able to actually kick back and relax while living in Breachill - he and his wife decided to move to Andoran to live the 'quiet' life.

Joran - pronounced(Jor-in) - is 6'5, 260 lbs of solid muscle - which means he's pretty much built like the a 'Rock' ;) - long black hair and hazel eyes. ;)