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I hope you feel better soon if that is at all a possibility!

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I'll be playing a dragon blood sorcerer with a focus on melee combat and doing damage. I should have an the info you need soon.

Player Name : Valosar
Character Name : Threnax Drekidóttir
PFS #:2370082-2001
Level : 1
Faction : Horizon Hunters

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Based on what everyone is going for at the moment I'm leaning towards a barbarian or a monk. I am open to be anything though I enjoy the challenge of creating a character from scratch : )

Druid why don't you just think about what you'd like to play and do it. Looks like we've got a ranger and a healer already so what would you like to play out of those you've mentioned? If you want to go caster I'm happy to be a Barbarian or Monk, if you want to be a Champion I'm happy to be a wizard of sorcerer :D

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I am 100% interested! My experience is mostly as a pathfinder 1e GM on Rolegate and a GM for my 10 and 11 year old children. This will be the guys time I've played PF2E as a player!

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Thanks again for the consideration! It was a fun process to create a character on such short notice. Have a great time!

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If you're interested in how I post as a player in a game I play Levi in this game. I would suggest reading backwards from newest to oldest as we didn't get very strong setting information from the GM and it took us all a while to get comfortable.

Myst FTL on Rolegate

If you're more interested in my writing style in general I'm the GM of this game.

Wrath of the Righteous On Rolegate .

If you have any other questions please let me know! I appreciate your time and consideration and hope you find the best players for you first game online!

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Name : Oathun Direbeard

Class : War Priest Cleric

Race : Dwarf

God : Torag

Weapon : Warhammer and Shield

Background : Haunting Vision

Why Does Your Character Want To Be an Adventurer : From a young age Oathun has been groomed to be a war priest of Torag! His training has been long and brutal in the extreme but it has all lead up to this moment when he can put all of his drilling and learning to use. Recently the fires of his church forge have revealed haunting visions to him of a small village burning. Every time the vision comes more and more clearly until now he can see exactly what village it is he needs to lend his aid to. Given the nature of the vision Oathen believes deeply that this is a message from Torag that this is to be his calling.

What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle? : Oathen will be where the fighting is thickest swinging his war hammer and singing his praises to Torag! When his allies are injured he will give them healing and when his enemies beg for mercy he will give them naught but death! Out of battle Oathen will be a source of wisdom especially about religious matters and the evil dragon God he believes to be responsible for whatever is about to happen.

: Oathen is a fanatical cleric of Torag and has been drilled from the youngest age to follow his commandments with passion and obedience. He was raised by the church at Five Kings Mountain after the high priest selected him and a number of other individuals from a group of families who could not afford to raise another child. His family was well recompensed for their sacrifice and continues to be so as Oathen has shown to be a worthy investment.

Trained in the arts of combat, forge craft, and religion, Oathen had no family but his masters. He never knew his mother's loving gaze or his father's pride. He has only known the harsh voice of the forge master, the brutal beatings of his combat instructors, and the passionate teachings of his priests! Never have they given him a complement, always have they pushed him to excel further and try harder. This has created a man who has lost touch with society to a frightening degree. The only love he knows is the silent love of Torag.

Oathen has never left his mountain home before this journey and he has only read about other races in books and seen them in drawings. Only time will tell if he has what it takes to survive in the real world where everything is not always black and white. His only goal is to prevent suffering and destroy evil wherever he finds it but he may soon realize that there is more to life than this!

Oathen is tall, for a dwarf, and has eyes that almost appear to be coals. His hair and gloriously maintained beard are raven black and his skin looks like granite made flesh.

Due to his odd training his face is often totally blank of expressions, never having interacted with others on a social basis. He does smile from time to time but often for reasons that wouldn't make sense to others.

His armor and shield are covered in Torag hammers and he has hand written scriptures sealed to him with blessed wax in many places. Any time one of these scriptures is damaged in combat he will take great pains to recreate it and reattach it during downtime.