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Mic check 1-2. Probably making a bard.

What was the final group composition? On my way back from Dragon Con and will be trying to get my character together

Multiclassing feats seem to be a lot better for some classes than others, both for the parent class and the multiclass. There are some unique builds possible, though it also opens the potential for things that just don't work out as well as they would have single classed.

I will say that I looked at the Sorcerer / Monk multiclass, then decided that Monk / Sorcerer was better... then realized that I didn't want to give up the Monk class feats and went pure monk.

Ranger champion definitely looks pretty interesting, though.

First off, the PFS2 Guide can be found HERE

Factions: Factions are generally RP decisions, but mechanically you're gaining fame with them which open up different options and boons. For the purposes of this it won't largely matter, but if you choose one that best suits the concept of your character it likely will help. Factions are detailed HERE . Some scenarios are tied to specific factions and provide a minor benefit, but it's not something to be overly worried about.

Since I mentioned Boons, boons are minor character perks primarily earned through play. Currently most are things that can offer one time bonuses, others give you additional options for downtime, or minor bonuses to a skill.

In general, beyond reading the Guide, there isn't a lot to worry about for the duration of the scenario. At the end, you'll get a Chronicle sheet which I'll explain later; it'll contain the record of the treasure and experience you get. The benefit there is that you can take the character you played here, and use them at a local game, or a convention out of state, or a virtual table top... it's a fun way to play if you don't have a consistent group.

I'm happy to answer questions if that doesn't cover anything :)

Well, I can make whatever is needed to help the table; a champion, monk, or bard seems most likely.

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HERE is a Monk I've built for a new campaign; at least on paper he's fairly tanky (18AC, 20 with a shield raised, and Shield Block reaction) and hits like a truck (1d10+4 Dragon Tail attacks at +7 / +2 for a Flurry of Blows, with an extra +1 to attack +1d6 damage as a Focus ability.)

I imagine Tiger Stance will be the better stance power overall, but he seems fairly viable

So we've got a wizard, a warpriest, a rogue, and what else?

I can hop in; I've played this before and am running it, but I've got some characters I'm itching to try out.

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FYI, to everyone Herolab online is a free trial for first level characters, so it's a useful sanity check.

The only thing I haven't figured out is if Monks can actually use shields...

After some consideration and failing to get a Dragon Bloodline sorcerer to really "work", I've opted instead to make a Dragon Monk with the concept I was going for (potentially MCing later.) Just think of him as a mage that has a bunch of spell-like abilities and casts the "Kick" cantrip ;)

If anyone is super concerned about a lack of casters I can swap, though I imagine between a druid, bard, and alchemist we'll likely be ok on that front. I'll be joining in the scene shortly otherwise.

Working on a Caster now. Likely will have it ready to roll tomorrow.

Some more resources, as I dig them up: Passive Rolls Doc As I'm incredibly lazy, when running a campaign I make the players fill out something like that with the appropriate modifiers. That way rather than saying "Roll a perception check" to see if anyone notes the enemies sneaking up or "Roll a reflex save" when a fireball goes off, I make the rolls and move along. It keeps the flow moving better.

For Reactions, luckily most classes only have 0-1 reactions, which actually streamlines the obligatory "Roll AOO" and retcon. Since they're more active, it would be useful if everyone has something like:

Reaction: Retributive Strike:

If someone within 10' range damages a party member, reduce the damage by 3.
Goblin Flickmace Attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21
Damage (B): 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

Popping in for a minute, it looks like we have a well rounded party so far! The classes that would be most useful would be either a Champion, Cleric, or Sorcerer / Wizard to provide more tankiness, healing, or arcane casting (respectively.) If anyone (especially ICT) has a preference I'll roll with that :)

I'll try to add a few thoughts later, but I wanted to throw out a couple resources I use.

When I'm running a game, I make a google doc like THIS that has some common rolls, an initiative tracker, and the text from the scenario formatted for BBCode. Since we're doing a campaign and there's going to be a LOT of checks, I tend to have a seperate doc with the commonly used skills that everyone fills out.


It does really speed up combat to have initiative like this:

Round 2

  • Robert: <= !
  • Grimkel: <= !
  • Ord: <= !
  • --Enemy: S
  • Anivash
  • --Enemy: Z
  • Jean: <= !
  • Nalshene : <= !

Each group of Friendly or Enemies is in their own "block" and can act at the same time as each other.

In this example, it's the end of round 1, start of round 2. Here, Robert, Grimkel, and Ord went in the first group, then the Enemxy S, then Anivash, then Enemy Z, then since there isn't an Enemy action between them, Jean, Nalshene, Robert, Grimkel, and Ord can all act at the same time. If there's a contradictory action, I try to smoothe things out as makes the best sense.

I can explain further later.

So, I haven't had a chance to check, but what was the final classes of the group? I'll tweak some things to accommodate a balanced party.

Name: Ateris
Ancestry: Half-Elf
Background: Returning Descendant
Class: Rogue

Background and Description:

A lithe, brown-haired half-elf that appears in his late twenties, Ateris moves with a grace attributed to his mixed heritage. His piercing golden-brown eyes shine with a sparkle of amusement and he tends towards nondescript clothing to better blend into whatever surroundings he might find himself. Though sometimes described as "a bit full of himself," overall he is incredibly cheerful and somewhat sarcastic comedian with a heart of (occasionally ill-gotten) gold.

Ateris has been adrift for most of his life. He barely knew his mother and grew up on the streets where his quick wits, quicker hands, and uncanny vision lent him to become an exceptional thief. Yet even with his success and meager savings, he was still an outcast in search of answers of his ancestry and a place to call home. Among the only reminders left of his mother was a small, battered gold locket that she had strangely never sold despite living in squalor. She never would explain to her inquisitive son what its significance was, and the only means he had to go on was word "Breachill" inscribed upon it. Seeking to discover more of his past, he made his way to the town he knew only by name.

Adventuring: In his travels, the transition from thief to adventurer wasn't much of a stretch for Ateris, as skilled trapspringers and scouts are always in short supply (especially given that those who were less skilled in those subjecs tended to not have a chance for additional ventures.) The chance for "legitimate" gold was strangely appealing even if it came with added danger and the Call for Heroes somehow felt right for him.

Party Contribution As a rogue, Ateris is skilled in numerous pursuits including the valuable roles as scout and trap-disabler/tripper. In combat, he doesn't shy from the front lines and moves to take a strategic position that bolsters his allies (potentially taking a Bardic Dedication depending on the class makeup of the party.) Moreover, though, Ateris has a sense of humor that will remain undiminished despite whatever adversity the group might face.

Writing Samples:

You can check out many of my previous campaigns of characters, though I have a few that I'm particularly proud of.

Combat Posting Sample: Contains Proactive Posting, Complex PbP conditionals, and Vegemighties! I tend towards humorous and somewhat sarcastic characters

Song Parody / GM posting Sample: Minor Siege of Serpents Spoilers, but this is one of my favorite PbP games I've run.

citricking wrote:
Here they are!

For someone new to PF2E builds, is there a list of what makes the different builds in this distinct? What makes a Reach Fighter unique compared to a Dragon Monk, for example.

Here's my first stab at an Monster Tactician Inquisitor of Madness. Since it sounds like we have the frontline covered I didn't build him as fully "Reach Cleric" as I might have. Only downside I can see is that he's a bit lighter on skills than I would have liked. I'll continue poking around, but I wasn't sure if "Midnight tomorrow" meant half an hour from now, or 24 hours ;)

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Either option I was going to take Disable Device from a trait

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I PMed people and there will also be a psychic and binder, it sounds like. I'm thinking for myself either an (monster tactician) inquisitor or bard, personally. We seem to be lacking in skills a bit.

I have a 5e game today but will post up what I finished with tonight.

Edit: I was leaning the inquisitor, but if there's a strong need for knowledges that the others don't fill, Bard would definite be an option

"I confirm my intention to play" ;)

So far out of the people listed that have also posted a character concept, there's a Swashbuckler-> Magus. I was curious what others were thinking of playing, to make sure that all the bases were covered.

I'm interested. I tend to enjoy caster-type classes more in PbP, but can be flexible based on party composition

Unless there's an objection, given the characters we have present, I think I'll make a Cleric of Gorum :)

I'm interested. Open as to the character. I have GMed this.

Since we appear to have a lack of melee, I have a Skittermander Solarian I'll be bringing :)

Wolfspirit wrote:
Ok, well, if three more people express interest in PbP, I can get things rolling :)

Still need a couple of interested parties to PbPlaytest.

Ok, well, if three more people express interest in PbP, I can get things rolling :)

I'm interested, DoubleGold. Also, I'm willing to run Rose Street Revenge in PbP.

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Should old adventures be forgot
Trapped within our minds?
Will all our stories be for naught
Our journeys lost to time?

I raise a toast to all my friends
In person and online
I'll treasure all our memories made
For auld lang syne.

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When you make an attack and roll a natural 20 (the number on the die is 20), or if the result of your attack exceeds the target’s AC by 10, this is called a critical success (also known as a critical hit). If you critically succeed at a Strike, your attack deals double damage (see page 293). This damage doubling applies only on Strikes. Other attacks, such as spells or some uses of the Athletics skill, describe the specific effects that occur when their outcomes are critical successes.

I'm still here and interested. I can lock in with my Envoy or wait to see if we have others that want to play. Either way, I'm excited :)

Well, I have a Envoy I think should be in-tier, or I have a Solarian. Either should work, or I can see what I can wrangle up.

Hey there, it sounds like you might have room for another player? If so, I'd be interested in playing :)

I do have a variety of level 3-4s to choose from depending on what the group needs are.


Dracomicron wrote:

As tiny melee creatures with 6 hit points, they often die just getting in range to attack, since they have to be in someone's space to threaten them and every skittermander with a melee weapon (which should be all of them... they have six arms!) can make an attack of opportunity.

In my session of this, I just added a new creeper each round with full actions, and it didn't constitute a significant threat. Nako kills one on any hit with her doshko that manages not roll a 1 for the damage die.

Ah, yes. The "They're tiny so they have to move into the space to attack" definitely was something that was missed in the session I played ;)


I'm going to be GMing this soon and was wondering if there was a consensus on how the "Shadow Creeper Regeneration" works? One round after a shadow creeper is destroyed, another comes through the thin spot between the planes in the center of the room. Basically it's a question of how fast and how many actions they get.

I just played it and the GM's interpretation was that essentially each of the 6 had an initiative and if one was destroyed, it another would pop back in the next time its initiative was up and immediately have a full round of actions. That got hairy really quick, even with 6 players.

My interpretation would be that after one is destroyed, following the next turn of the character that destroyed it another would crawl into the center as their Move Action, allowing them a single Move / Standard for that round.

Did anyone else interpret it differently?

I'm interested to join in the play (testing) ;)

Oh, yeah. I fully anticipate there being some -long- looks in his direction.

Well, I'm 95% settled on playing a Space Goblin Technomancer. Only a few things to iron out, such as whether or not to do a Soldier dip (mostly for the hilarious image of a goblin carrying around a Heavy Rifle as big as he is.) Given that it isn't certain how far the campaign is going to go, I'll probably go the simpler route.

On Starship Combat, you would still be better off as a backup gunner with a +1 assuming their are two guns to operate. A +1 still crits. Overall, having bases covered is important, but I anticipate there being a lot more non-starship than starship combat.

I do think it's a bit ridiculous that so often conversations about Starship Combat start out with <Strength or Wisdom based character>: "So, my character has nothing they can do to meaningfully contribute to the Starship..." <Party>: "They can be Captain. They would cause the least amount of damage to the party there..." Unfortunately I don't see that changing anytime soon, so...

Zoran is going to be a better captain than Lenny, but if Zoran invested in Piloting they would be a significantly better backup gunner than Lenny would. That would be up to you two on what tweaks (if any) you would want to make to your character.

For myself, at this point I'm pretty sure I'm going to run a Technomancer. It would be between that or Mystic, and I've never gotten to play a Technomancer. I could be convinced otherwise, though.

With that, here's my brief look at Ship Roles:

Agent Eclipse - Zoran Duvahl - Envoy (Ranged): Captain (Backup gunner?)

Cellion - Pippimi - Soldier (Melee): Gunner

PaleDim - Lenny Shiroyuki - Solarian (Melee, Weapon): Backup Gunner (Captain?)

Remnar - z45719 - Mechanic (Ranged, Exocortex): Science or Engineer

Kuey - Davrin Emalon - Operative: Pilot

Wolfspirit: ?? - Technomancer?: Science or Engineer

Lenny Shiroyuki wrote:
Greetings Wolfspirit, who ran my very first PbP game (a we-be-goblins sometime last fall).

Yep. I recognize a few names from the group :)

If you were interested Lenny, one thing which could shore up your space combat would be using the bonus from Solarian for Diplomacy and taking a rank in Diplomacy. That would make Captain an option, even though an envoy is usually better

Huzzah! I'm out gaming at the moment but will post character thoughts later. I'm generally pretty flexible to fill in whatever gap we have in the party

Player Handle: Wolfspirit
GM Handle, if applicable: GM Wolfspirit
Character Class / Preferred race:
I have several ideas and can be flexible based on the the party composition, such as an Android(?) Technomancer musician, Baddass (Vesk or Nuar?) Solider, a Mystic, or an envoy of some sort. I'm fairly flexible.

Have you played or GM'd this AP book before? : GMed x2
Have you played or GM'd book 2 or 3 of this AP before?: No
Have you played in a scenario featuring starships before? : Captain Brobdingnagian ;)

You recall that the Vat Garden is a ysoki-operated garden; you are also aware that the ysoki surreptitiously accept corpses to help grow their plants. You also know that Eoxians are undead; having turned themselves to escape a planet-wide calamity. They are still members of the Pact Worlds, though, and still considered civilized.

The Vat Gardens are not difficult to locate: any resident of the Downlow can point you in the direction. The station passageways open into an enormous sunken pool filled with a riotous growth of plants. A narrow walkway leading to other parts of Downlow encircles the overgrown vat, and a spire of some kind of machinery stands in its center. For such a busy section of Downlow, the area is surprisingly quiet. Two ladders and a steep staircase pierce the foliage and lead down into the vat.

The floor of the Vat Garden is 15 feet lower than the walkway surrounding it, and the foliage is so thick that creatures in the vat have total concealment (50% miss chance) from creatures up on the walkway. Within the vat, the orderly rows of plants provide concealment (20% miss chance) to opponents more than 10 feet away; enemies closer than this do not benefit from concealment. The two ladders and steep staircase leading down into the vat are easy to navigate, but the PCs can also climb down the plants themselves with a successful DC 15 Athletics check.

You note that there are three individuals in the dense brush: two men and a woman.

Red Dice:

Gargalus Initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4
Iseph Initiative: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6
Hishrizzik Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24
Sorkalazril Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6
Delta 5 Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18
Red Initiative: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16
White Initiative: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
Blue Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19

Next up: Hishrizzik !

Combat table:

<= ! -- means you're up!
Goodies: n/a
Baddies: n/a

Active Global Conditions: None.

Round 1

  • : Hishrizzik : <= !
  • --Enemy: Blue
  • : Delta 5
  • --Enemy: Red / White
  • : Gargalus
  • : Iseph
  • : Sorkalazril

Also Here is a template you can use for the stat block.

Hopefully with the number of scenarios bumping up, we'll be able to have more level 3 tables. However with the content drought, yeah, it's been hard to get there without chain running the repeatables (which I've started doing.) Of course, now you really can get a level 3 just from repeatable content, so that should help.

Thanks for running things :)

Raatchet wrote:


"Guys!! I believe I see a way to sabotage three-armed ugly so that the poison gas breaches his armor...!!"

The OTHER goblins, meaning not the big one ;)


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And here I was debating trying to make the run on a 5th star... guess I should hold that thought ;)


Clearly "personas" are an important aspect of this scenario, but it's a little unclear how each character gets their persona and how much they're supposed to play to it. Is this supposed to be a player invented persona, or just what a GM observes and describes

My thought is to have Wazasha give a brief overview ("Remember, it's important to play to the audience! You're heroes, so make sure to be relatable!") Though I'm not sure if they should even know that the "anti-hero" option even exists.

Did anyone have any thoughts?

Central time (US) here.

Joven Kevallah wrote:
Looks like there is a time frame to when you can delete your post. I cannot delete it now. Just fyi

Yeah, I think it's about an hour.

What classes do we have from people that signed up and are confirmed? Here's what I'm seeing:

It sounds like I should run either my "tanky" character or technomancer.

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