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Starting coin 3d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 4) = 7 X10 = 70gp

Background in place.

Crud. I just realized Ultimate Wilderness isn’t in the PRD. Can I do a Shifter, or should I go for something else?

okay, so cleric of pharasma morphed into a grippli warpriest. I should be done with all the bells and whistles by this evening or tomorrow

Silver Crusade

Ouachitonian wrote:
Crud. I just realized Ultimate Wilderness isn’t in the PRD. Can I do a Shifter, or should I go for something else?

It’s on d20pfsrd. Shifter

I know that, but I think the GM means this site's PRD.

Ouachitonian wrote:
Crud. I just realized Ultimate Wilderness isn’t in the PRD. Can I do a Shifter, or should I go for something else?

I'll allow you to go with Shifter.

money: 5d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 5, 3, 6) = 22x10=220GP
ooo, wealthy boy

gold: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 4) = 14 = 140

DM Vayelan wrote:
@Peet - Pei Zin Practitioner and Noble Scion are acceptable.


The funny part is that for the concept, I kind of can only take one or the other. If I want a mount at first level and take the Pei Zin Practitioner archetype then I need to use my 1st level feat to take Extra Revelation to get the mount.


Scarab Sages

Do you expect there to be a place for use of skills like Craft and Profession in this adventure, or will they not be important?

I'm thinking about a character...a neutral chirurgeon alchemist (I think I'm going with oread for race) who becomes a master chymist (which can't happen until 8th level) whose mutagenic form is chaotic good and much more zealous about the revolution than his normal form.

Stats based on rolls from earlier:

Strength = 10 (8+2 racial)
Dexterity = 15
Constitution = 14
Intelligence = 16
Wisdom = 10 (8+2 racial)
Charisma = 12 (14-2 racial)

For me personally, we are given background skills, and msost of us are just workers who may choose to rise up, so I took them because it made sense, not necessarily that I expect to use them.

Scarab Sages

Alchemist wealth roll: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 3) = 9 x 10 = 90 gp (plus an outfit worth 10 gp or less)

are we doing background skills?

Scarab Sages

presenting Barium Dalgaard:

Barium has been in the employ of the Lumber Consortium for a couple years now. He's no stronger than most but he has appreciable endurance when he must be engaged in actual cutting of lumber. The oread has proved more useful in an informal role as the town doctor, showing a natural skill with science and medicine. The Consortium has done nothing to dissuade these activities because it protects their bottom line to have fewer workers dying from the occasional sickness and injury.

For his part, Barium does not complain. He has that stoic manner which seems typical of oreads, and he sees no reason to look for any change in his life; he is not a devout man, so there is (as yet) no pull on him from the spiritual realm. He does pursue the furtherance of his alchemical craft, putting in orders for various reagents when the traders come to town, and the pages of his formula book are filling.

some stats:

Strength = 10 (8+2 racial)
Dexterity = 15
Constitution = 14
Intelligence = 16
Wisdom = 10 (8+2 racial)
Charisma = 12 (14-2 racial)

1st level feat = Catch Off Guard
trait: Surprise Weapon (combat)
trait: Precise Treatment (magic)

@Boggel Samm - Yes, we are using Background Skills.

@Keante - Craft and Profession skills fit in thematically. As for how they'll fit mechanically...hard to say.
Valers respect hard, honest work, so starting a revolution may be easier if the locals can relate to you.

Also, as the Lumber Consortium's hold on Falcon's Hollow is broken and new economic opportunities arise, characters may want to establish their own businesses and homes, becoming more of a part of the town.

Dm does my dwarf look okay to you or would you like any tweaks?

A bit more info for my character here.


She is just under 3’ tall, with a floof of dark green hair streaked with brown. Her skin is pale with a slight greenish tint Her ears are long and pointed, sticking out from the sides of her head, and her eyes are purple. Her wings are made of vines with long slender leaves. She wears a heavy patchwork skirt, with a bandeau top made from her own living vines. Clusters of small ruffled flowers, in pink, purple, red and blue, decorate her person in various places.


She is friendly and inquisitive to an extreme. Her optimism and enthusiasm know no bounds, though this can manifest as a certain naïveté. She can become listless if her curiosity or desire for companionship are not satisfied.

The Goblin wrote:
Dm does my dwarf look okay to you or would you like any tweaks?

Crunch looks good.

Fluff-wise, I like how you inverted some of the usual tropes: a barbarian who's skilled with machines, a dwarf who's friendly and outgoing.

I also think the character concept fits the setting, since Darkmoon Vale features many ruins from the fallen dwarf kingdoms that he would be interested in exploring. Hopefully he'll get the chance for some old-fashioned dungeoneering between the politics and revolution.

Figure I will toss the dice, see what pops up.


4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 6, 4) = 18 = 16
4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 1, 5) = 12 = 11
4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 5, 6) = 21 = 16
4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 6, 1) = 15 = 14
4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 1, 2) = 10 = 9
4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 5, 4) = 15 = 13

DM Vayelan: How long do you expect the adventure to go? Is this a one-off adventure, and if so, what level will we be at the end?

This is Naomi's background, appearance and personality, I apologize for the length of the backstory. I felt the details helped me wrap my brain around her character.


Naomi was born in the spring, in the beautiful city of Almas at her family’s home in the East Hill district. Her father Jacobi Chadwick was away doing some secretive work for the military. Her mother, Gabriella Chadwick, managed the household and the five children with the help of their nanny, a pleasant Gnome named Periwinkle Moppins. When it was time, the birth went without a hitch. The only oddity being a birth mark on her right shoulder the shape of a red rose.

No one paid had much attention to the birth mark, until a couple of months later when the family met a neighbor. Two blocks away stood a beautiful cottage surrounded by roses. Both Gabriella and Periwinkle loved roses and would take walks that direction just to smell the beautiful garden. One morning as the two women and six children were walking, the owner of the cottage noticed them loitering near enjoying the smell and invited them into the garden. The elderly woman introduced herself as Crystalina Vannisar and asked the family to stay for tea. As the kids played outside Periwinkle rested Naomi nearby, the baby started to squirm, the blanket stirred and revealed the red rose shaped birth mark. When Crystalina saw it she almost dropped the tea pot.

Crystalina explained she was a priestess of Milani, and the birthmark resembled the goddess holy symbol. She shared a lot about Malina that day, and invited the women and children to come back. As Naomi became older Crysalina took a special interest in the girl, sharing stories about past martyrs of the goddess. Crystalina believed that Naomi may be a reincarnated martyr of Milani and hoped to spark a memory in the girl. Naomi, for her part, loved visiting Crystalina and being the youngest and only child in the nursery would talk Periwinkle, who was very fond of the girl, into taking her to visit the priestess often.

Life went on this way for quite some time. Dad would come home for short periods of time. A whirlwind of fun and adventure, lauding over his wife and kids. Then would then go back out into ‘the field,’ never really talking to the family about exactly what it was that he did. Then they would fall back into their routine. Mom would stay busy managing the household and the older children, making sure they were growing up properly and Naomi and Periwinkle would visit ‘the rose garden often. Naomi learning all she could about Milani along with all the things a proper lady living in Almas would need to know.

The summer after Naomi’s tenth birthday, all this changed. Father had returned, not to the house, but to a hospital in the ambassador’s district. Father had been in an ‘accident’ while out of town. It would be years later before Naomi realized that the wounds which crippled her father were from weapons of war. While father was sick mom would spend everyday at the hospital. Naomi’s oldest sister, Ester even moved back home for a while to help. Once dad was able to leave the hospital, he quickly returned to work, this time at a local military base helping with requisitioning. He had been told that he could retire, but he refused, because there were still jobs that needed doing.

As the family settled into dad being home things started to change. The family spent more time together, which meant that Naomi saw Crystalina less; still talking Periwinkle into taking her out. Now with the watchful eye of her father, a sincere if not devout follower of Erastil. Naomi could hear Mother and Father ‘talking’ about the old priestess and what a life of ‘serving’ Milani might entail. On the bright side, when father wasn’t at the base, he would spend time with the children, teaching them anything they wanted to know. Even Ester and Phoenix would come home to ‘target practice’ with father, as they would shoot at reeds planted in the yard. Everyone enjoyed the archery lessons, and Naomi excelled at them.

When Naomi was fourteen her world turned upside down. Her father accepted a new appointment. He was to become the quartermaster at a place called The Gleaming Tower. When Naomi heard about the promotion she was so proud of him, until she learned that ‘The Gleaming Tower’ also known as Adamas was not in Almas at all; but in the middle of nowhere, near a place called Olfden. Naomi begged and pleaded with her mother asking that she could stay in Almas with the sister Ester or her brother Pheonix, but her parents insisted that she and her nearest sibling Lucius, join them. Sadly, Periwinkle, Noami’s constant companion would not be joining them, it was time for her to adopt a younger family. But as a gift, Periwinkle and Crystalina presented her with a copy of ‘The Light of Hope’ written in gnomish. she learned how to speak, read and write gnomish from Periwinkle. So she could keep it in the open, but still away from prying eyes.

Things were not as terrible as Naomi thought they would be. The family settled into a nice house in Olfden so that father could work regularly with the different merchants that he purchased items from for the fort. It let him spend a lot of time with Naomi and Lucius. I was during this time that bit by bit, she learned what her father had done in the military. He never told her outright and she never knew for sure what branch of the Eagle Knights he was with; But even with his bad leg he could still sneak up on her or Lucius and pinch them before they knew he was there. It took a long time, but Naomi’s begging and her father’s pride got the better of him, he finally relented and taught her many things that prove useful to people in need of a certain skill set. He was a slayer archetype sniper for the Twilight Talons before his injury.

As Naomi grew older she wanted to be more independent. Knowing how to speak Gnomish she got a job with a shoe and boot supplier that her father knew named Halungalom Krolmniter. Halungalom kept a store front at his warehouse which Naomi worked in. It was there that she heard the rumblings about the town of Falcon's Hollow. When she first heard the stories, of abuse and near slavery she just rolled her eyes and assumed it was just ‘bumkin rumors.’ But as she got to know the locals, and the people who lived nearby she began to believe the people. She once asked Halungalom about it and he looked around, fearing the walls had ears, and told her not to talk about ‘the company’s town.’ When she asked her father about it he acknowledged that there were many who were concerned about the Lumber Consortium’s operation, but there were no hard facts and that witness had the disturbing habit of disappearing. Naomi could tell by her fathers concern that if she continued talking about it that he would ask her to leave her job, ‘for her own safety.’ So she began to devise a plan.

The first part of her plan involved visiting her old friend Crystalina Vannisar. The perfect opportunity arose when her older sister Ester was going to have a baby. With father’s permission, Naomi arranged to travel back to Almas to help Ester out. The summer she was there she spent all of her spare time with Crystalina learning how to be a priest of Milani. Fortunately, Periwinkle Moppins had agreed to be Esters nanny, so Naomi had lots of spare time. She talked in great detail with Crystalina about the situation in Falcons Hollow. She learned all about the trade going in and out of the town. Also learning from Crystalina how best to approach people. By the end of the summer she, Crystalina, Ester and Periwinkle had created a plan.

Naomi returned to Olfden and her job at the shoe warehouse with Halungalom. Through the fall and winter months she began talking to her parents about returning to Almas to go to school or to get a job. She even went so far as to ask Halungalom for a generic letter of recommendation, to help with her employment. When the spring came, with her parents blessing she left for Almas and her sister Ester’s house.

Naomi met with Crystalina one last time, who ordained her as an Inquisitor of Milani and gave Naomi her own warn wooden hafted iron studded Morningstar. Arranging with Ester how to stay in touch through letters, Ester gave her the wooden longbow that father had made. Before she left Almas, she purchased traveling cloths and proper armor. Saying goodbye to her friends and family, her copy of ‘The Light of Hope’ in one pocket and the letter of recommendation from Halungalom Krolmniter in the other, she booked passage on a wagon headed for ‘Falcons Hollow.’

Once in ‘Falcons Hollow’ she went straight to the only gnomish merchant in the town, one Brickasnurd Hildrinsocks the proud owner of The Goose and Gander. Presenting the letter from Halungalom Krolmniter and speaking in gnomish it didn’t take her very long to talk the fine merchant into a job and a small cot on top of one of the back shelves. Having established her cover, she began getting to know the people of ‘Falcons Hollow.’

I left the time frame intentionally vague. I figure she left he parents around eighteen and has been in Falcons Hollow for a couple of years, but if the time line needs to be different., that’s ok too.


Naomi is a strong mix between her mother and her father. From her mother she inherited very Taldane features. Her skin is a natural bronze tone, her hair is dark brown and naturally flowing. Most striking, she inherited her mother’s unusual amber eyes.

She inherited her fathers ‘stocky’ build, She would be considered ‘petit’ at a touch over five foot. Though not wide, she has a strong core and quick hands and feet.

She intentionally wears non-descript cloths, wanting to fit in with the ‘plain’ people of ‘the Hollow’ though her bow and Morningstar are never far away.


Naomi is a whirlwind of energy, she enjoys staying busy. If she can be busy helping people it's even better. She is quick to listen, and gives sound advice, willing to mix action with words.

On the Myers Briggs scale Naomi is an: ENFP Personality “The Campaigner”

The ENFP personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike Explorers, they are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd.

Well, it is the 3rd, so good luck all, and thanks for running the game DM Vayelan!

Peet wrote:
DM Vayelan: How long do you expect the adventure to go? Is this a one-off adventure, and if so, what level will we be at the end?

I envision this as a Mini Adventure Path with three main parts: ousting Thuldrin Kreed from Falcon's Hollow, keeping the Lumber Consortium from reasserting dominance over the town, and then preserving the newly liberated town against an outside threat.

This is my current roster of candidates:

CaptainFord - Jack Callahan - Human Vigilante
Elbow to the Face - Bikken Tinkertail - Ratfolk Swashbuckler
MattZ - Sweet Pea - Gathlain Phytokineticist
TheNine - Rrruh - Catfolk Monk
Ridge - Randu Riggling - Halfling Witch
Magic - Flint Rustboro - Catfolk Ninja
Critzible - Wulf - Human Fighter (Quarterstaff Master)
Johnny Panic - Sapphire Night - Android Investigator
friendly sauce - Crogge - Half-orc Ranger
Grumbaki - Kaeldron - Centaur
Artemis P. - Timothy Lawrence - Human Vigilante
The Goblin - Helgrim Ironstar - Dwarf Barbarian
RobL8675309 - Boggel Samm - Grippli Warpriest (Sacred Fist)
Keante - Barium Dalgaard - Oreald Alchemist
Robert Henry - Naomi Chadwick - Human Inquisitor (Dual Archetype)
Ouachitonian - Liam the Wanderer - Human Shifter


Once again, if I've missed someone, please let me know.

Updated/Finished version of Bikken, still not sure what I want to do as back story. Also, while his first is Swashbuckler the majority of his levels will be Arcanist

Scarab Sages

I was looking at the Throw Anything feat that the alchemist gets for free (no proficiency penalty on ranged improvised weapons) and went looking for the one for melee (Catch Off Guard) and started to like the idea of this town doctor smashing a beaker over somebody's head as he gets swept up into the revolution. And then I found the Surprise Weapon trait which will help his rolls not be too terrible when he does it. I think it will be fun. =)

I recommend the Rough and Ready trait for an extra bonus to damage for both of those when using tools of your trade.

Scarab Sages

Flint Rustboro wrote:
I recommend the Rough and Ready trait for an extra bonus to damage for both of those when using tools of your trade.

Yeah I was looking at that one, too--I thought I might like Surprise Weapon's bonus to attack rolls better than Rough and Ready's damage bonus. I think they're both combat traits so I can't take both, unfortunately.

EDIT: Just noticed that Rough and Ready is an equipment trait, not combat. But it's an attack bonus just like Surprise Weapon, except it's +1 instead of +2 (it does more than Surprise Weapon by removing the nonproficiency penalty, but I have that part covered already between Throw Anything and Catch Off Guard). While I could take both, they are both trait bonuses so they wouldn't stack.

Profile ready if selected.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Thank you to everyone who contributed a character.

I will now review the submissions, and I aim to post the final selection tomorrow night.

Good luck everyone!

Indeed good luck everybody

Best of luck folks. :)

Yep best of luck one and all

Super stoked! Can't wait to hear the results...!

Good luck

best of luck indeed

The time has come.

Thank you all for submitting characters; there was a lot of creativity in this crop.

Without further ado, drumroll please, our cast lists will be...

Table One, Blue Side:

  • CaptainFord as Jack Callahan
  • Ridge as Randu Riggling
  • friendly sauce as Crogge
  • MattZ as Sweat Pea
  • Magic as Flint Rustboro
  • TheNine as Rrruh
  • Table Two, Red Side:

  • Critzible as Wulf
  • RobL8675309 as Boggel Samm
  • Robert Henry as Naomi Chadwick
  • Ouachitonian as Liam the Wanderer
  • Artemis P. as Timothy Lawrence
  • The Goblin as Helgrim Ironstar
  • The players for Table One can report to the Discussion Thread for this campaign page to begin introducing themselves.
    Table Two players can find their Discussion Thread here to begin introductions.

    I look forward to telling some great stories with you all.

    To the characters not selected, don’t lose heart. A co-GM and I are planning to start recruiting for a frontier-based game that will go beyond Avistan to explore Casmaron, so keep an eye out for that bold new endeavor.

    Thank you all kindly.

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