Hollow's Revolution (Blue Side)

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”I thought the same when I first arrived: a fine frontier, a fresh start, everything I’d ever dreamed of. I’d just stumbled off the trail with debt collectors nipping at my heels. Tall trees, fresh winds, and an honest day’s work in the cutyard for an honest day’s pay - that’s what Boss Teedum told me when he put an axe in my hand. Wasn’t long, though, ‘til I was working well after sundown just to keep up with the ‘Consortium fees’ and ‘axe tax.’
“Welcome to Falcon’s Hollow, and may the gods take mercy on you, ‘cause sure as hell no one and nothing else will.”

-Edal Sathelbury, Lumber Consortium veteran
(Towns of the Inner Sea, pg 14)


A dark stain blights the Birthplace of Freedom!

In the north of Andoran, within the beast and fey haunted Darkmoon Vale, the town of Falcon's Hollow languishes beneath the heel of the Lumber Consortium.
The Consortium's gavels bleed the town's residents for every copper just as surely as their loggers harvest the forest's darkwood trees.

Along the streets of Almas, the docks of Augustana, the halls of the Eagle Knights, and the sawdust-strewn streets of Falcon's Hollow itself, many souls cry out for an end to this mercantile tyranny and oppression.
Who will answer this call, and how can they liberate Falcon's Hollow?