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Full Name

Sapphire Night


Android -


Investigator Empiricist, Steel Hound (Archetypes)


F HP 12/12 |AC 18/22*/TA13/17* FF14/18* | F+0/R+5/W+3 | CMB +2 | CMD+15 |init +3 | Perc +8 | Insp 5/5


6'6" 242lb





Strength 13
Dexterity 17
Constitution 10
Intelligence 19
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Sapphire Night

Detective Sapphire Night| Female | Portrait - Android -Investigator - Empiricist
scavenger Steel Hound (Archetypes)
Age N/A Height 6'6" Weight 242lb, Hair: synthetic blue, Eyes: Red-Amber Body: Tall and Slender, Skin synthetic Tattooed, Voice: synthetic: Alignment: LN:

Sapphire Night is a stranger in a strange land. A synth copy of an alien police detective from long ago and a world far away. In personality she is Synth, cold, reserved, methodical and logical. As a Human mind copy she knows about feelings, She understands hurt and pain, understands they are bad for bio-forms. She can even mimic feelings but she herself feels them only in the abstract. This is way she always seems off, odd and strange. She will laugh at a joke but then stop suddenly going back to her cold hard default Synth manner. She is not evil, not good, To her the Law, the case, the job is what matters.

Sapphire Night is a fine looking Synth, Tall and very thin, she has a number of geometric circuitry tattoos over her body. Ones that glow oddly at times. Her skin as cold to the touch and her face ridged most of the time, unblinking or moving. Standing some 6'6" tall with a dense body mass of 242lb. Her Clothing an Odd uniform, well kept and simple, long coat, trousers, good boots, with gloves. On her back a complex but well made back-pack of unknown design. her boot holds a large cold Iron combat blade and when it can be seen an Ugly looking gun like weapon in an under arm holster.

Init +3; Senses Low Light /DarkVision 60' Perception +11

Speed: 30 ft.
CMB: +2; {+BAB1 +1Str +0size +0misc}
Base Atk: +0;

Unarmed attack TH+2 DMG[1d3+1] x2 (NL+L) [AoO]
Cold Iron Combat Knife TH+2 [DMG1d6+1] 10' 19/20x2

MW Coil Pistol acts as H-Crossbow Repeating TH+5 [DMG1d10] 120' 19/20x2 [5 round flechette mag] [Locked to her]
POLICE STUN MODE: Takes 2 full rounds to do so, she can charge a flechette with [1d6] Non Lethal Electrical DMG from Jolt, the flechette must be used next round or the charge is lost. Range is reduced to 60'


AC 14/22*] TAC[13/17*] FF[13/17*] [10+4Armor+0Shield+4Dex+0Items+0Dodge+0NA+0Other+0Tech*]
MW Ballistic Uniform as lamellar-armor +4AC -1AC [15lb]
*Force Shield [2mins/day]

CMD 15 {10 +1Base +1Str +3Dex +0size +0misc +0Item}

Damage Reduction:


Sleep, fatigue, hunger, thirst

Endure elements, as the spell, as well as protection against exposure to vacuum and underwater pressure. [Item]

*Deflection bonus
**Enhancement bonus

HP: 12/12 [5+1+0con]+[5+1+0con]

Fort: +0, {+0Base,+0Con}
Reflex: +5, {+2Base,+3Dex}
Will: +3,{+2Base,+1Wis}



Str 13 [+1][10][-p]
Dex 17 [+3][15][-p][+2Race]
Con 10 [+0][10][-p]
Int 19 [+4][17][-p][+2Race]
Wis 12 [+1][12][-p]
Cha 08 [-1][13][-p][-2Race]


Traits x2+1
1:Unblemished Barrel: [race]
Your skill with firearms speeds your repair of such weapons. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Craft (alchemy) and Craft (weapons) checks, and it takes you only 30 minutes to remove the broken condition from a firearm.
2:Rich Parents [Social]
You were born into a rich family, perhaps even the nobility, and even though you turned to a life of adventure, you enjoy a one-time benefit to your initial finances.
Benefit: Your starting wealth increases to 900 gp
3:Armor Expert
You have worn armor as long as you can remember, either as part of your training to become a knight’s squire or simply because you were seeking to emulate a hero. Your childhood armor wasn’t the real thing as far as protection, but it did encumber you as much as real armor would have, and you’ve grown used to moving in such suits with relative grace.
Benefit: When you wear armor of any sort, reduce that suit’s armor check penalty by 1, to a minimum check penalty of 0.
You believe that someone or something is always out to get you, so you have a hard time truly trusting anyone.
Effect: Anyone who attempts an aid another action of any type to assist you must succeed at a DC 15 check instead of the normal DC 10 check.
2:High body mass
Androids with high body mass fine it impossible to float in water.
Effect: -8 to all Swim checks.
Androids have problems processing emotions properly,
Effect: –4 penalty on Sense Motive checks
4:Prime Directive:
This Android is hard programmed to not divulge possibly culturally damaging levels of new tech to underdeveloped civilisations. This means ALL tech is locked to its body circuitry on an integral level and is useless to anyone not her. Also any attempt for it to pass on such information is blocked and it is Immune to attempt to get such information.
This is to stop meta game braking
--------BOON ------------------

Level Feats:
You are familiar with the basic mechanics of technology.
Benefit: You are considered to be trained in any skill used against a technology-based subject. If the skill in question requires training to use even against non-technological subjects, you must still have ranks in that skill in order to gain the benefit of Technologist.
Normal: You treat all skill checks made against technology as if they were untrained skill checks. This may mean that you cannot attempt certain skill checks, even if you possess ranks in the skill in question.

Class feats
You know the secrets of repairing and restoring firearms.
Benefit: If you have access to a gunsmith's kit, you can create and restore firearms, craft bullets, and mix black powder for all types of firearms. You do not need to make a Craft check to create firearms and ammunition or to restore firearms.
Crafting Firearms: You can craft any early firearm for a cost in raw materials equal to half the price of the firearm. At your GM's discretion, you can craft advanced firearms for a cost in raw materials equal to half the price of the firearm. Crafting a firearm in this way takes 1 day of work for every 1,000 gp of the firearm's price (minimum 1 day).
Crafting Ammunition: You can craft bullets, pellets, and black powder for a cost in raw materials equal to 10% of the price. If you have at least 1 rank in Craft (alchemy), you can craft alchemical cartridges for a cost in raw materials equal to half the price of the cartridge. At your GM's discretion, you can craft metal cartridges for a cost in raw materials equal to half the cost of the cartridge. Crafting bullets, black powder, or cartridges takes 1 day of work for every 1,000 gp of ammunition (minimum 1 day).
Restoring a Broken Firearm: Each day, with an hour's worth of work, you can use this feat to repair a single firearm with the broken condition. You can take time during a rest period to restore a broken firearm with this feat.
Special: If you are a gunslinger, this feat grants the following additional benefit. You can use this feat to repair and restore your initial, battered weapon. It costs 300 gp and 1 day of work to upgrade it to a masterwork firearm of its type.

2:Amateur Gunslinger (Combat) [1/4 grit]
Although you are not a gunslinger, you have and can use grit.
Prerequisite: You have no levels in a class that has the grit class feature.
Benefit: You gain a small amount of grit and the ability to perform a single 1st-level deed from the gunslinger deed class feature. At the start of the day, you gain 1 grit point, though throughout the day you can gain grit points up to a maximum of your Int modifier (minimum 1). You can regain grit using the rules for the gunslinger's grit class feature (see page 9). You can spend this grit to perform the 1st-level deed you chose upon taking this feat, and any other deed you have gained through feats or magic items.
Special: If you gain levels in a class that grants the grit class feature, you can immediately trade this feat for the Extra Grit feat.
Gunslinger’s Dodge (Ex):
At 1st level, the gunslinger gains an uncanny knack for getting out of the way of ranged attacks. When a ranged attack is made against the gunslinger, she can spend 1 grit point to move 5 feet as an immediate action; doing so grants the gunslinger a +2 bonus to AC against the triggering attack. This movement is not a 5-foot step, and provokes attacks of opportunity. Alternatively, the gunslinger can drop prone to gain a +4 bonus to AC against the triggering attack. The gunslinger can only perform this deed while wearing medium or light armor, and while carrying no more than a light load.

From Item

Weapon and Armor Proficiency:
Steel hounds are proficient with simple weapons, plus the rapier, the sap, and one type of firearm selected at 1st level [Revolver]. They are proficient with light armor, but not with shields. This ability replaces the investigator's weapon and armor proficiency.


========Race Android===========
----------------=Race Traits=-------------------

Racial Traits
Ability Score Racial Traits: Androids have swift reflexes and are very intelligent, but have difficulty relating to others. As a result, androids gain a +2 bonus to Dexterity and Intelligence, but suffer a –2 penalty to Charisma.
Size: Androids are Medium creatures, and they have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Base Speed: Androids have a base speed of 30 feet.
Languages: Androids begin play speaking Common. Androids with high Intelligence can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic). See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Androids gain a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Androids have problems processing emotions properly, and thus take a –4 penalty on Sense Motive checks (-1 RP)

Senses Racial Traits
Exceptional Senses:
Androids have darkvision and so can see perfectly in the dark to a range of 60 feet and in addition, they possess low-light vision.

Other Racial Traits
For the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type (such as a ranger's favored enemy and bane weapons), androids count as both humanoids and constructs. Androids gain a +4 racial bonus on all saving throws against mind-affecting effects, paralysis, poison, and stun effects, are not subject to fatigue or exhaustion, and are immune to disease and sleep effects. Androids can never gain morale bonuses, and are immune to fear effects and all emotion-based effects (2 RP.)
Androids have problems processing emotions properly, and thus take a –4 penalty on Sense Motive checks (-1 RP) (Note: this trait is called Logical in the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Androids.)
Nanite Surge:
An android's body is infused with nanites. Once per day as an immediate action, an android can cause her nanites to surge, granting a bonus equal to 3 + the android's character level on any one d20 roll; this ability must be activated before the roll is made. When an android uses this power, her circuitry-tattoos glow with light equivalent to that of a torch in illumination for 1 round (3 RP.)


-=Skills=- 2x(6+4+1FC)=22 [+4BS]

^Disable Device(Int)____+08{+1rank,+4int}
^Disguise (Cha)____+0{+0rank,+0Cha}
^Escape Artist*(Dex)____+03{+0rank,+3Dex}
Handle Animal (Wis)____+01{+0rank,+1Wis}
^Knowledge (Arcana)(Int)____+8{+1Rank,+4Int}
^Knowledge (Dungeoneering)(Int)____+8{+1Rank,+4Int}
^Knowledge (Engineering/Tech)(Int)____+9{+1Rank,+4Int+1trait}[+1d6]
^Knowledge (Geography)(Int)____+8{+1Rank,+4Int}
^Knowledge (History)(Int)____+8{+1Rank,+4Int}
^Knowledge (Local)(Int)____+8{+1Rank,+4Int}
^Knowledge (Nature)(Int)____+8{+1Rank,+4Int}
^Knowledge (Nobility)(Int)____+8{+1Rank,+4Int}
^Knowledge (Planes) (Int)____+8{+1Rank,+4Int}
^Knowledge (Religion) (Int)____+8{+1Rank,+4Int}
^Perform (ALL)(Cha)____+0{+0rank,+0Cha}
^Sense Motive(Int)____+4{+1rank,+4Int-4Race}
^Sleight of Hand*(Dex)____+3{+0rank,+3Dex}
^Use Magic/Tech Device(Int)____+8{+1rank,+4int}

Concentration [+6][2CL+6Int]

ACP [-0]

^In Class Skill Bonus +3

-=Non-Standard Skill Bonuses=-
At 2nd level, an empiricist uses his Intelligence modifier instead of the skill's normal key ability for all Disable Device, Perception, Sense Motive, and Use Magic Device checks. He can also use his Intelligence modifier instead of Charisma on any Diplomacy checks made to gather information.

Androffan + Common + Elven

===Class - Investigator,Empiricist,Scavenger,Steel Hound L2=

Android -Investigator - Empiricist
Scavenger Steel Hound (Archetypes) L2

Saves +0/+2/+2

Class Skills
Skill Ranks per Level: 6 + Int modifier.
The investigator's class skills are Acrobatics (Dex), Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Int), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (all) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Perception (Wis), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (int), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Spellcraft (Int), Stealth (Dex), and Use Magic Device (Int).

Inspiration (Ex): [5/day]
An investigator is beyond knowledgeable and skilled—he also possesses keen powers of observation and deduction that far surpass the abilities of others. An investigator typically uses these powers to aid in his investigations, but can also use these flashes of inspiration in other situations. An investigator has the ability to augment skill checks and ability checks through his brilliant inspiration. The investigator has an inspiration pool equal to 1/2 his investigator level + his Intelligence modifier (minimum 1). An investigator's inspiration pool refreshes each day, typically after he gets a restful night's sleep. As a free action, he can expend one use of inspiration from his pool to add 1d6 (his inspiration die) to the result of that check, including any on which he takes 10 or takes 20. This choice is made after the check is rolled and before the result is revealed. An investigator can use inspiration once only per check or roll. The investigator can use inspiration on any Knowledge, Linguistics, or Spellcraft checks without expending a use of inspiration, provided he's trained in the skill. Inspiration can also be used on attack rolls and saving throws, at the cost of two uses of inspiration each time from the investigator's pool. In the case of saving throws, using inspiration is an immediate action rather than a free action.

Trapfinding: [+1]
An investigator adds 1/2 his level (minimum 1) to Perception checks made to locate traps and to Disable Device checks. An investigator can use Disable Device to disarm magical traps.

=========Scavenger Investigator (Archetype)==========

Scavengers are masters of systems: how they fit together, why they work, and how to make the most of their parts. However, scavengers generally lack other investigative talents such as social skills or an understanding of history and lore.

Gadgetry (Su)
A scavenger is a master of mechanical arts rather than alchemical ones, and he gains a competence bonus on Craft (clockwork) checks equal to his class level. He can use Knowledge (engineering) to identify wondrous items as if using detect magic and Spellcraft. A scavenger does not gain any bonuses to or special uses of the Craft (alchemy) skill. Rather than prepare his extracts as consumable liquids, a scavenger constructs small, single-use devices infused with bits of his own magic aura to achieve the same effects. Alchemist and investigator discoveries that affect extracts result in identical effects on a scavenger’s gadgets (such as the infusion discovery, which would allow another creature to use a gadget, just as it would allow that creature to use an extract).

Mechanical Inspiration (Ex)
At 1st level, a scavenger can use inspiration to apply a bonus to Appraise, Disable Device, and Knowledge (engineering) checks without expending a use of inspiration, but he must spend a use of inspiration to apply a bonus on Knowledge, Linguistics, and Spellcraft checks.

Jury-Rig (Ex)
Beginning at 2nd level, a scavenger can sacrifice one of his gadgets to repair or enhance an adjacent mechanical device, such as a lock, trap, or vehicle. Doing so either repairs 1d6 points of damage per extract level of the gadget sacrificed or applies a bonus or penalty to one specific skill check involved in using the device. The scavenger could, for example, sacrifice a gadget to impose a penalty on all Disable Device checks to disarm a trap, add a bonus on all Disable Device checks to open a lock, or add a bonus on all Profession (driver) checks to drive a carriage.
This modifier is equal to twice the extract level of the gadget sacrificed, and lasts for 10 minutes per class level.

Construct Mastery (Ex)
At 2nd level, a scavenger gains a +2 bonus on all Craft checks to modify or repair creatures of the construct type, as well as a +2 bonus on all weapon damage rolls against constructs. This bonus increases to +4 at 5th level, and to +6 at 8th level. At 11th level, the scavenger gains Craft Construct as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites.

=========Empiricist (Archetype)==========
Champions of deductive reasoning and logical insight, empiricists put their faith in facts, data, confirmed observations, and consistently repeatable experiments—these things are their currency of truth.

Ceaseless Observation (Ex):
An empiricist's ability to notice the minutiae of almost everything that happens around him allows him to make shrewd and insightful calculations about people and even inanimate objects. At 2nd level, an empiricist uses his Intelligence modifier instead of the skill's normal key ability for all Disable Device, Perception, Sense Motive, and Use Magic Device checks. He can also use his Intelligence modifier instead of Charisma on any Diplomacy checks made to gather information.

========Steel Hound (Archetype)==========
Black powder and firearms are a natural extension of the alchemical experimentation that investigators use on a regular basis. Steel hounds are investigators who have taken to using firearms in place of the more mundane weapons their counterparts favor.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency:
Steel hounds are proficient with simple weapons, plus the rapier, the sap, and one type of firearm selected at 1st level. They are proficient with light armor, but not with shields.

Packing Heat (Ex):
At 2nd level, the steel hound gains both the Amateur Gunslinger and Gunsmithing feats as bonus feats. He also gains a battered gun identical to the one gained by the gunslinger.

Scavenger Investigator Devices.
[levels] [Level 1 2level+2int] 3 Spells Switched to level 0 tech.
[At will]
0 level [As body circuity]
1: Jolt [Used to power up her items form her Fusion core] [DMG1d3, Range 30']
2: Mending
3: Prestidigitation

1st level [1/day] [As body circuity]
1: Shield [2mins]


Starting cash 180g+900gp+1000gp

Uniform outfit --gp 1lb

Cold Iron Dagger 1/5lb 4gp on belt.
MW Coil Pistol See above 550gp [Crafted at full price]
[This is a cold black lump of a thing, Small but surprisingly heavy, it seems to be locked to the Android]

MW Lamellar (Balistic) Built into her uniform 210gp

Belt: -
Body: -
Eyes: -
Feet: Fine Boots 10gp
Hands: Black Gloves 2gp
Head: -
Neck: -
Shoulders: -
Wrists: -
Ring L: -
Ring R: -

Wayfinder [500gp]
Light at will]
+2 circumstance bonus on Survival
Slotted ioun stone - [500gp]
Cracked Iridescent spindle: Cracked: This stone grants a +4 competence bonus on Constitution checks to hold your breath. Price: 500 gp + Endure elements, as the spell, as well as protection against exposure to vacuum and underwater pressure.

None slotted Items
5X Coil Gun mags, [5 bolts per mag]
In Boot
-: Cold Iron Combat Knife
Belt Pouch
-: PDA [locked to her alone]

Tech Back Pack
Gunsmith's kit [2lb] 15gp
Alchemy Kit 25gp [1lb]
Tech Tool set [50gp] [4lb]
Forensics Kit 25gp llb
Replenish Flask x5 doses 1lb [Android food]

x5 [flechette round mags]
Flechette mag Load out. [Crafted at full price]
50x Normal Bolts [6gp]
20X Silvered Bolts [20gp]
10X Cold Iron Bolts [5gp]

-=Carrying Capacity=- .
Light 0-90 lb. Medium 91–150 lbsHeavy 151–300 lbs
-=Current Load Carried=- 21lb [light]
-=Money=- 0 GP 0 SP 0 CP

10 mins backstory:

Five things about her background
1. Sapphire Night
Is an Android duplicate of the a once real Sapphire Night [human Androffan], a officer of the law from another world and time. While on a space mission the Synth copy was working ship law when unfortunately or fortunately the space vessel crash landed on this world. It seems to her that others form the craft may be behind the rapid development of industrial level tech on this world. She how ever is under the rules of a primitive directive not to divulge possibly culturally damaging levels of new tech to underdeveloped civilisation. She has opted to wait until it is more developed civilisation. This means ALL her tech is locked to her and her alone. Her body circuitry is integral to its use and as such is useless to anyone not her.
2: Android Sapphire Night had spent countless years under the desert sand, empires and kingdoms came and went until she was found by some scavengers. Who broke her out of her stasis pod to sell. which they did to the highest bidder, who found out quickly her gift or detection. Putting her to work he soon became a wealthy man by means of blackmailing. Rich yes but you blackmail the wrong person and death is your payment. And so Sapphire found herself master-less and homeless. But this time she had some coin and an understanding of how one can find work. This is what she has been done for the last 42 years, selling her skills to others for coin.
3:Sapphire has the memories of the real Sapphire Night life and feelings She was programmed with and understanding of how to act as if she had such feelings but the programming is basic. Making her seem odd and strange. She is logical methodical and relentless. Once set on a course of action she tends to stick to it. Thinking always of the logical action to take.
4: Her clothing and equipment is that of an officer of the law from far far away. But she likes to keep it over other better equipment.
5:She dose not sleep but dose eat from time to time, but what she eats is odd things her bio form needs as raw materials to replenish its biomechanicals. This could be crude oil, iron filings, even toxins to organics.
6: She dose not use magic if she can, she tends to make it into tech she can use.

Two Goals
1. To learn more.
2. To for-fill her function.

Two Secrets [One known/one unknown]
1. She knows the real Sapphire Night was killed by a corrupt officer who then blocker her from telling anyone, that block is still in place and she knows it.
2. The block is bigger than she knows for the Android Sapphire Night was made to kill real Sapphire Night then her mind blocked form knowing this. However the memory is still there and knowing them may shock her into really 'feeling' something.

Three People [2 friends 1 enemy]
1. Load Niroc Blink, A human noble trader she working for.
2. Black Heart Reena, I female Half-Orc gang boss, who she once saved the life of and now counts Sapphire Night as a member of her gang.
3. Lord Pilgrim-arm who she exposed as smuggler and criminal. He has vowed to hunt her down and kill her.

Three Memories
1. Sitting sill in the roof of a house, waiting for a child killer to come over the roof. Waiting until he got to her and then pushing off the roof to his death. Collecting 40gp in reward.

2. Waking up on a full moon night inside her broken open stasis pod, faces looking at her and being pulled out of its wet embrace and onto the cold sand ground. Blinking and getting up not knowing the stars or the odd sky.

3. Finding her owner dead with his eyes cut out, picking him up and placing him on a table. Looking at his wife and sons not knowing what to say. Being ordered away, just away and told never to come back.