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Full Name

Boggel Samm




Sacred Fist(Warpriest)-3 | 29/29 HP | AC 20 (FF 16, T 20) CMD 19 | F+5* R+5 W+7 | Mv:30', climb 20' | Init+4 Perception+8 Darkvision 60' | Blessings:4/4 | Fervor:5/5







Strength 13
Dexterity 18
Constitution 15
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 18
Charisma 8

About Boggel Samm

Boggel Samm
Male Grippli Sacred Fist(Warpriest)-3
CG Sm Humanoid (Grippli)
Init +4; Senses Darkvision 60', Perception +8
AC 20, touch 20, flat 15 (+4 dex, +1 size, +4 wis, +1 armor)
HP 29 (1d8+2)*3
Fort +5*, Ref +5, Will +7 (*blessed fortitude)
Speed 30' Climb 20'
Melee: +4/+7 finesse
-Unarmed +7 (1d4+1); Flurry +8/+8 (1d4+1/1d4+1)
-Short sword +7 (1d4+1), 19-20/x2
-Dagger +7 (1d3+1), 19-20/x2

Ranged: +7
-+1 Longbow +8/+9 (1d6+1), x3 (+1 to hit and dam w/in 30')
-Snag net +7 entangle, trip, 1(P), 10'
-Dagger +7 (1d3+1), 19-20/x2

Str 13, Dex 18, Con 15, Int 11, Wis 18, Cha 8
BAB +2; CMB +2; CMD 20
Feats: Unarmed Strike(bonus), Weapon Finesse, Point-blank shot
Traits: Poverty stricken(+1 survival/class skill), Heirloom Weapon(longbow prof)
Skills: *Acrobaticsx1 +8, *Climbx1 +13, *Healx1 +8, *KN:Religionx1 +4, *Perceptionx1 +8, *Sense Motivex1 +8, *Stealthx1 +12/+16, *Survivalx2 +10
Background Skills: *Prof:Trapperx1 +8, Linguisticsx3 +3, *Prof:Herbalistx2 +9
*=class skill

Languages: Common, Grippli, Elven, Sylvan, Dwarven
Small: +1 att, +1 AC, -1 CMD/CMB, +4 stealth
20' climb speed, 30' ground
Darkvision 60'
Camouflage-+4 stealth in marsh and forest
Swamp Stride-normal movement in swamps/marshes
WP familiarity: nets

-Sacred Fist
Prof:No armor/shields, limited weapons
AC Bonus(su)-WIS to AC&CMD
Spells and Orisons w/Spontaneous Healing
Aura: Chaotic and Good
Blessings: 4/day (3+1/2 lvl)
-Weather domain-1d4 electric damage to weapon for 1 min.
-Plant domain-swift action entangle, DC15 ref
Unarmed Strike-1d4
Flurry of Blows: +1/+1
Blessed Fortitude-successful Fort saves for half damage result in no damage
Fervor:1d6 5/5/day (see below)

At 2nd level, a warpriest can draw upon the power of his faith to heal wounds or harm foes. He can also use this ability to quickly cast spells that aid in his struggles. This ability can be used a number of times per day equal to 1/2 his warpriest level + his Wisdom modifier. By expending one use of this ability, a good warpriest (or one who worships a good deity) can touch a creature to heal it of 1d6 points of damage, plus an additional 1d6 points of damage for every 3 warpriest levels he possesses above 2nd (to a maximum of 7d6 at 20th level). Using this ability is a standard action (unless the warpriest targets himself, in which case it’s a swift action). Alternatively, the warpriest can use this ability to harm an undead creature, dealing the same amount of damage he would otherwise heal with a melee touch attack. Using fervor in this way is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Undead do not receive a saving throw against this damage. This counts as positive energy.

As a swift action, a warpriest can expend one use of this ability to cast any one warpriest spell he has prepared with a casting time of 1 round or shorter. When cast in this way, the spell can target only the warpriest, even if it could normally affect other or multiple targets. Spells cast in this way ignore somatic components and do not provoke attacks of opportunity. The warpriest does not need to have a free hand to cast a spell in this way.

Spells Prepared
(4) at will (0): Create Water, Detect Magic, Guidance, Stabilize,
3+/day (1): Bless[], Divine Favor[], Protection from Evil[], Weapons vs Evil[]

Combat Gear: Sm. +1 Longbow(actually a med. shortbow), Daggerx3, Short sword, Snag net, Quiver1 (20 silver arrows), quiver2(20 arrows), bracers of armor +1
Other Gear: spell component pouch, belt pouch, wooden holy symbol, bandolier, cloak, backpack(blanket, survival kit, wooden holy symbol), alchemist's fire
Money: 57.5 GP
Favored Class-Warpriest: 1)+1 skill, 2)+1 skill, 3)+1 skill

Encumbrance: Light 0-37.5; Med 37.5-75; Hvy 75-112.5
Current Load: 17 # (light)

Boggel isn't from Darkmoon Vale originally. He used to live among a large tribe of grippli in the Verduran Forest. But the arrogance of youth saw him banished from his tribe. Boggel was the best hunter of his tribe, without question. Though barely an adult, it was clear that he was stronger than many of his people, physically gifted. As such, he began to believe that he should be in a position of leadership. He came to the elders with his reasoning, but they did not see things his way. "All of us can hunt, brother. We were here before you, we will be here after you. You are young. In time you will see that we are right."

Of course, this did not satisfy Boggel's ambition. He began to bully others among his tribe, to try to sway them to his cause. He would not share his hunt with any who did not agree with him. The elders came to him and said, "Brother, why do you shirk your responsibility? Have we not shared with you? Why you you think to intimidate those who have shown you only kindness?" Boggel ignored them and went away to sulk. That night, emboldened by the elders, Bogruk, one of the young adults Boggel had bullied, came to him. "You heard the elders, swampgas. You must share your hunt." Bogruk tried to take the meat that Boggel had acquired. In the ensuing struggle, Boggel killed him. It wasn't on purpose, but he was dead nonetheless.

When the elders came, they shook their heads and sighed. "Boggel, you have killed one of your own tribe. You can no longer live among us. You are banished forever. May you learn to live in peace with the world around you." And that was it. Boggel was on his own.

He headed west, deeper into Andoran. He was quite capable of foraging on his own, but his shame and loneliness grew. He had killed one of his own, one he had once called friend and brother. He survived, but he felt empty inside.

One day as he was sitting down to prepare a meal, he heard a small sound, as if someone was crying. Searching about, he came upon a small elven child alone in the forest. Ragged and thin, the child was clearly lost and hungry. Recalling his earlier shame, Boggel invited the child to come sit by his fire and warm himself while he made food for them both. Though he spoke no elven, he mimed invitation and spoke in soft tones. Boggel ended up giving his entire meal to the child. When the child had finished, he stood and smiled. Golden and silver light shone about him as he grew to twice his original size. Boggel was astounded and more than a little afraid. "Don't be afraid, friend," the elven man spoke. "I have watched you for some time. You have redeemed yourself in my eyes, and shall be one of my champions. Know now that I am Ketephys, god of the hunt. Do not stray from the path and I will guide you." He handed Boggel a small medallion with the image of a hawk betwixt moon and sun. With a flash, he was gone.

Boggel has done his best since then to learn more about Ketephys and try to follow his teachings as best he can. He considers himself unworthy of His mercy, but hopes that one day he can return to his people, not to lead, but to teach.

Recently, he has been living along the Foam River, hunting and gathering unusual flora and fauna to trade with the locals. He has been living more or less as a hermit, though he become known among some of the locals as a healer and hunter. Some of the children have spoken to him about the tight fist the Consortium has over their parents. He was already concerned about the extensive logging of the forest, and has been wondering if there is someway to help the locals deal with the cruelty of the Consortium.