GM Tarondor's Dragon's Demand

Game Master Tarondor

Perception Rolls:

[dice=Little Liam]1d20+3[/dice]
[dice=Reveka]1d20+8[/dice] But blind beyond 30'




The Tale of Tula and Aeteperax and the History of Belhaim

We need one more character for a Dragon's Demand game being played for Pathfinder Society in campaign mode. Please post a character if you're interested. I will select the character to join us Friday, 3/17/17 at midnight Eastern.

We'll be using my house rules and we'll all get a Pathfinder Society chronicle at the end.


Starting Level: PCs will start at 1st level.
Alignment: No non-good.
Ability Scores: 20 Point Buy. No score lower than 10 before racial modifier.
HP: Max at 1st level; average rounded up thereafter.
Skills: Background Skills are in use.
Traits: Two traits. No drawbacks.
Starting Wealth: 150 gp.
Races: Core
Classes: Core, Base and Hybrid classes permitted (except no Gunslinger, Vigilante, Magus, Summoner, Witch or Arcanist). No Occult classes. No alternate classes. Barbarians, Monks and Rogues must use the Unchained version.
Firearms: No guns.
General Build Stuff:In addition to the above restrictions, anything not PFS-legal is out. No options from the Occult or Horror books. No optional rules.


”Flanked” is a condition. That is, if a character is flanked by at least two other characters, he is considered to be flanked by any characters who threaten him.

Block Initiative. I use block initiative. That is, if two or more PC’s are next up in the initiative order, any of them can go regardless of the actual order. That’s to keep delays to a minimum. However, if someone uses a group buff later in the block (but before any NPCs go), I’ll consider the buff to have occurred before the actions of the other characters in the block.

Adamantine works differently. Adamantine weapons only ignore hardness 5 (+1 per magical bonus of the weapon).

Death hurts. Other than a TPK, If your character dies and you cannot get him or her raised, you will come back into the game with a brand-new character one level lower than the one you lost.


In most of my games, players are expected to post every weekday and at least once over the weekend. However, this game is specifically being done as a "slow" game. However, note that what for me is excruciatingly slow might be blisteringly fast for you. It has been my experience that when players permit themselves to post less than once a day, the game slows to a crawl and then dies of boredom with no one able to remember why they're involved in the first place. So, the requirement will be to post at least three times every week, you are strongly encouraged to shoot for every day.

Even if your character has no particular action to perform or you’re waiting for another player, you should post your character’s thoughts or actions, just to keep the story moving and let everyone know you’re alive!

All posts, even in combat should include descriptive color and preferably speech.

Characters should talk to and about each other, not just voice their own character’s observations on the immediate situation. We've all played a ton of games and it's not worth going through the motions just for the mechanics. Let's create interesting characters who form ties to the community!


As written, Dragon's Demand assumes that you are down-on-your-luck mercenaries just arrived in the town of Belhaim with no connections to it yet. For our game, I want you to be residents of the town with friends, lovers, rivals and a reason to be Big Damn Heroes.

Listed below are some of the town's residents. Please include links to at least three of them (including Talia Orem) in your background. I'll be posting details of the town later.

* Azmur Kel - Male druid of the Green Faith - aloof
* Bassy - Female gnome historian - modest
* Isidore Malack - Female dairy farmer - kindly
* Deputy Gergis “Gorgeous” Bellett - Male jailer - humorless
* Talia Orem - Female owner of the Wise Piper Inn - welcoming
* Xemne of Demgazi - Female apothecary - gregarious
* Ionnia Nachis - Female scribe - elegant
* Sir Pelle Benhovy - Male aristocrat - petty
* Caspar Tymek - Male owner of the general store - chatty
* Jacoba Kivris - Female barrister - pedantic
* Dorcas Soorey - Female tailor - gossipy
* Tivadar Admes - Male schoolteacher - patient
* Theon Sensina - Male leatherworker - prankster
* Otho Burr - Male bard - radical
* Eupaphenia Targas - Female cleric of Abadar - busy
* “Big Bull” Baccus - Male half-orc smith - even-tempered
* Lezara Dodgion - Female stable-owner and former adventurer - gruff
* Marla Varlis - Female candlemaker - traditionalist
* Gregol Lenton - Male stonemason - indifferent
* Davin Melashi- Male barber- stoic
* Phedra Delbin - Female tinker - timid
* Pasara Odayelle - Female furrier - brazen
* Calladastina Honas - Female undertaker - despondent
* Jace Timon - Female stablekeeper for Lady Origena - loyal
* Selia Woldenar - Female carpenter - confrontational
* Mirary Scalyn - Female baker - neighborly
* Alexia Medys - Female soapmaker - thrifty
* Nilos Genser - Male bard/cleric of Shelyn - flirtatious
* Chosk Grellen - Male Moneychanger - pragmatic
* Swerlo Grayhands - Male tavernkeeper - salacious
* Marcus Chance - Male smith - brutish
* Emarthine Willoway - Female elf apple farmer - compassionate
* Eudomas Biton - Male lodge owner - crass
* Prake Abrassus - Male shepherd - pessimistic
* Lennold Brenlow - Male cattle rancher - arrogant
* Belko Adras - Male potter - miserly
* Melanctha Adras - Female estate owner - standoffish
* Chavis Gorendal - Male cobbler - overworked
* Anagrit - Female herbalist - distrustful
* Dendo Bendetto - Male cheesemaker - proud
* Marvon Pascis - Male farmer - indifferent
* Lorna Kandos - Female clothier - stern
* Mafellen Kandos - Male dyer - disoranized
* Etor Adula - Male farmer - hardworking
* Pero Govan - Male fisherman - protective
* Raisa Karvely - Female miller - superstitious
* Enri Monette - Male tobacco planter - braggart
* Zera Dymas - Female farmer - meddlesome

Current PC's are a wizard, cleric and fighter.

Hi there! I decided it was time to give a try on PbP after a few years of tabletop with my home group (Jade Regent, Skulls and Shackles, Reign of Winter, Ravenloft (5th) and a few others homemade). I'll be interested to propose a character tomorrow (it's 4AM right now ^^) is that's okay for you to take a PbP newbie. I was watching the forum for a module because I think an AP is a little bit too ambitious for starting PbP and a PFS scenario not enough tied to a grand story (PbP giving the opportunity I hope to really create a narrativ)

I'll submit an Investigator if that's okay for you.

With the current party make up I would be remiss not to enter with a rogue. I will flesh one out and hopefully post him up sometime tomorrow.

Malleus The Grim wrote:
is that's okay for you to take a PbP newbie.

That's fine, Malleus. Some people find it too slow to retain their interest, while others find it gives them the time to think about their actions and craft more fitting speech.


Sovereign Court

Dotting for interest.
Will think up of something in the meantime.

Liberty's Edge

"I think this group will need someone who has some skills with tracking and traps, and as I am currently without a paying job, I am willing to help you out."

Still working on background details, but a basic ranger with a criminal past, now trying to reform after receiving the kindness of the friendly and caring people of Belhaim.

Dot for interest. I like the setup for the character backgrounds.

Silver Crusade

This is a paladin of Apsu that wants to go into dragon disciple which might be good for this!

Now I'm looking for TWO players. We lost our cleric. So now we have a fighter and a wizard and need two more.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Since you've lost your healer. I'm interested in preparing a life oracle. I'll get one worked up for submission this evening.

Silver Crusade

My paladin is a 1.2 character, needs one more adventure to level to 2nd.

Talondreal, the recruitment is not for PFS characters. It is for brand new characters. The -player- will receive PFS credit and a PFS chronicle that can be applied to a PFS character, -not- the character played in Dragon's Demand.

Oh okay.Let's see if I can think of something to make.

Here is CariMac's Submission. Valena Lasca Clouded Vision Life Oracle.

Valena Lasca grew up in the town of Belhaim. During her thirteenth summer she was chosen by the gods to bring life, and healing to those around her. In exchange for these powers, her patron took most of her sight. Her eyes became a milky color almost silver. Her parents didn’t know what to do with this development. They expected her to be a seamstress. They loved her, and tried to help her become independent.

Life as a teenager was hard. The other kids liked to throw clods of dirt and rocks at her from a distance. Of course Valena couldn't see who was doing the throwing. That’s has made her mistrustful of most people her age.

Now 24 she tries to keep to herself, but that isn't easy. People come to her for healing because the local Cleric of Abadar Eupaphenia Targas is so busy with her duties. Eupaphenia isn't happy to have someone healing that isn't one "devoted to the gods". Valena will also heal sick and hurt animals if brought to her which is something the cleric won’t do.

She has a small room next to the apothecary run by Xemne of Demgazi. She spends her days cleaning the shop, and trying to keep her head down. Xemne is a good friend, and makes up for Valena’s lack of conversation in groups with her own personality.

Valena has a romantic interest in Etor Adula. He’s so busy on his farm that he doesn’t often come to town, and she isn’t confident enough in her ability to navigate the roads alone to visit him there. She’s not about to ask someone to guide her to the farm. From experience she knows they they might make fun of her or take her to the wrong place. She has a some idea that Etor returns her interest. On his rare trips to town he makes it a point to visit the apothecary, and speak to her for a few minutes.

Valena has no idea that most of the townsfolk see her as a valuable and respected member of the community who provides a necessary service as a local vet and healer to the poorer people in town. If someone thought to tell her that, she just might stand a little taller, and be a little prouder of herself.

"I have been helping my uncle at his forge but I am ill suited. Recently I have returned to town and need to find where I fit in as a warrior for my god and town."

Half-Orc Zen Archer

Thank you everyone for the submissions. As always, choosing players for a game is a difficult and sometimes random thing. Every submission was excellent.

Would Valena Lasca and Eliastra Greenbow please report to the Discussion tab?


I need one new character, preferably an arcane caster. We're nearing the end of part 1 and will soon level up! I'll hold the recruitment open for a week. Please apply!


Sorry! I should've been clearer. The characters are 1st level.

I plan to adjust tonight.

I'll get a core illusionist together on this alias. Question/Quick Check: can I buy spell scrolls with starting gp like PFS?

Interested... For consideration:

Liam has been learning and apprenticing with Chavis Gorendal for a little over two years. He is a chatty and likeable halfling with short curly brown hair and smile wrinkles around his large, soft, brown eyes. Chavis had been having issues with Liam lately though... the apprentice has developed some annoying personality quirks, and despite their months of good work together, the overworked Chavis has now found Little Liam to be more of a hindrance than a help and reluctantly sent him packing.

Liam had some coin saved up, and instead of going home in embarrassment, opted instead to stay for a time at the Wise Piper Inn; he drank there often enough anyways to talk and pass time with the patrons and the owner, Talia. This night things got a bit out of hand, however, and the more he drank, the more Liam’s disjointed ramblings and sudden physical tic’s ended up offending the always bitter Selia Woldenar. Liam was bloodied good by the time she was pulled off the little halfling, though all witnesses would say Liam deserved it for his odd, offensive and uncontrolled behavior.

Liam understands there is something, “off,” with his mind, but is unsure exactly how to control it. Arcane powers apparently hidden dormant have erupted, and Liam is still discovering and learning to contain their effects. His nights are filled with odd dreams, and he has found that since this newfound ability, anytime he gets in his cups, things tend to go badly.

With little hopes of landing another apprenticeship, and not wanting to go home a disgrace, Liam now seeks a way to control what resides within and somehow redeem himself. Feeling sorry for Little Liam, Talia has agreed that so long as he behave himself, he is not banished from the Inn for what occurred with Selia.

Liam Hoffsteens
Halfling Sorcerer
Ectoplasm Bloodline (not sure if that particular bloodline is PFS legal, if not, I’ll find another.)

I will do the crunch is that is acceptable as backstory. Regarding pbp involvement, I am in another pbp game in an Alias - I post there daily, sometimes a few posts a day. Not hard for me to keep up, and I want to stay involved.

Silver Crusade

dot this is for PFS right?

We're not using PFS rules, per se, but rather playing in campaign mode, meaning there will be a PFS chronicle issued for another character. Not sure how useful that will be, given the advent of PF2, but there you go.

Silver Crusade

thanks for the response, was just curious.

That said, would you not be accepting any non-arcane classes? I understand if that is the case. Just want to be sure that my war-priest or inquisitor ideas were out. And whether or not a 2/3 caster, like a bard, would be acceptable

I'd like an arcane caster.

Sorry, I should have read the original post more closely. I didn't see the note about slow posting, its probably not for me. Best of luck!

I should have the character adjusted soon

Character is adjusted for the most part...need to fix up the background a bit and a few other things. The character is just about ready.

So it seems I have interest from Jasrella and Mardaddy. I'll give until Monday night for any final entrants.

"Little" Liam is up (mardaddy)

Thank you everyone for your interest! I'm sorry I can only take one player.

Little Liam, please report to the Discussion thread. We'll integrate you into the gameplay shortly.


Need two more players. We're about halfway into Dragon's Demand. My last 1e game! Please let me know if you're interested.

Liberty's Edge

Curious, where are you at in the adventure?

Ting finished the first two parts:
Dragons demand: (1); event code:54997; earned: 1536 gp. 4 prestige points; 3 XP.
Dragon demand: (2); event code: 54997; earned: 4800 gp. 4 prestige points; 3 XP.

But was not able to finish the last portion.

Just finishing up part 2. Will start Part 3 soon.

Liberty's Edge

So ting is presently 6th level, would he be able to play at that level? I saw that the other characters were fourth level, I assume they would be fifth level at the start of three.

Are you playing the actual PFS characters or just playing for credit towards characters?

Edit: was rereading the beginning recruitment to see if some of the questions were answered there. It looks like core characters only and PFS style and chronicle credit but not PFS characters Right?

Actually, none of the players are PFS members (I am, but they're not, so far as I know) and therefore I haven't bothered with anything PFS related. I only referenced PFS-legality as a shorthand for "no crazy stuff".

But I'm not averse to creating a PFS chronicle for you someday.

The bigger issue is level. I don't use XP and the PC's just level up when the adventure says they should. According to the written adventure, they should be 4th level now and hit 5th level early on in Part 3. 6th level isn't appropriate until about halfway into Part III. The adventure says that -maybe- you're 7th level before the final encounter, though I'll make sure everyone is, as I've seen TPK's at that point even at 7th level.

How do you feel about backing up to 5th level?

GM Tarondor wrote:
Need two more players. We're about halfway into Dragon's Demand. My last 1e game! Please let me know if you're interested.

Hi, GM Tarondor! :) I'm interested if you still need one more player.

I can build either an oracle or a bard (if there's preference for one over the other, please let me know, and I can get started).

Hello GM Tarodor

I have Uhe here that I could level down to 4th, if the party likes him?

I played Dragon's Demand years ago, but it died at 2nd level. I won't mind catching up and being able to finish it.

Thank you for running!

Liberty's Edge

GM Tarondor wrote:
How do you feel about backing up to 5th level?

Instead of "backing him up" I have a character that is non PFS but basically a clone of Ting. I can bump him to fourth or fifth level and tweak him a little to suite the needs of the team.

It looks like you have a Slayer, fighter, sorcerer and Cleric. Ting would be a little redundant with the slayer and fighter. Where Ariah Kane's oracle (assuming she'd go that route) and Dorian 'Grey's bard would certainly round the party out better.

I've played with both and they are excellent players, very character driven. I'm happy to step aside if they are willing to play. If either of them decide they are not interested I can still tweak Ting.

That is extremely kind of you in all respects, Robert. I would have to say the same about you!

I can work on leveling Uhe down tomorrow; if that is warranted?

I can also change his Archetype to further accommodate the already melee-heavy party? I really don't mind. He will still be a story-telling, adventure-seeking, strange dwarf!


Okay. You're all three welcome to join. We'll need characters that are 4th level. Get some characters together and we'll toss you in when you're ready.

This game was started as my "slow" game. I had some good players in other games who for various reasons couldn't keep up with the "1 post a day" pace in my other games. So be warned that this game is a bit more leisurely by design. I still expect frequent posts, but I let you define what that means.

Ariarh Kane, look for a PM from me.

Yay! We all got in. :)

Robert Henry, you are so generous and I would say the same of you! Thank you!

Here's to all three of us playing in this game.

I am definitely going with oracle and have started building her. I was working on her being at level 5 - but it's no problem making her 4th level.

I have no issue with a slow game - works well for me as it fits in with my RL responsibilities.

Thanks for taking us all, GM Tarondor! I've just read the PMs and will reply shortly. :)

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