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Hoss'r Stonekind wrote:
rorek55 wrote:
How do you handle 1 min/level spells? How long would they general last? (1 fight? 2 fights? 3 fights?) Of course, this can vary, but for a general example, in a dungeon, assuming no puzzles to slow people down and only a few rounds of "healing" if needed. Would a spell that lasts for 9 minutes last several fights, or a single fight?

1 Minute of in game time is usually considered 10 rounds. 6 Seconds per combat round.

Out of combat spell time limits are usually decided by the GM on a case by case basis in my experience.

Yes the latter is what I was asking about. I've played at two very different tables.

One where minutes per spells will last only a single fight, even if you go straight to another door and enter another encounter(with maybe a couple rounds of topping off HP)

And one where entire dungeons are done in 1, maybe 2 castings of a minutes per spell.

Before I make any builds, I wanted to know the general rule for it.

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How do you handle 1 min/level spells? How long would they general last?

(1 fight? 2 fights? 3 fights?) Of course, this can vary, but for a general example, in a dungeon, assuming no puzzles to slow people down and only a few rounds of "healing" if needed. Would a spell that lasts for 9 minutes last several fights, or a single fight?

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Human or half-elf most likely.


Darrien gave a quick glance towards Bruno, breaking his gaze from the mist and shadows beyond. The light from the brazier marking the guard clear as day for any to see from a mile away. It glinted off the mans helmet as it flickered in the wind. Instinctively, Darrien tried to blend into the dancing shadows cast from the flame as he approached. After several seconds his eyes, barely visible from under his hood, flicked back to the mist where they remained for the rest of the conversation. He tightened his gloves and checked his blade and bow as he stopped momentarily before speaking. His freshly acquired supplies resting as a heavy comfort in his pack.

My father had mastered the dark and mist. He taught me more than enough about it. It doesn't frighten nor hinder me, I won't let it.

Darrien pauses for a moment. A small frown forming on his face as he thinks. He never was one for conversation, and many of the folk preferred it that way. Often actively keeping their distance from him, and his father before him. After all. Anyone that can survive in the land as they did, or fight the monsters they had, Surely must be monsters themselves. To most of those living here, he was as much an outsider as his mother had been when she arrived, and likely would always be viewed that way. But Bruno had always been friendly and kind. So he figured a little more explanation would be fine.

with my father gone, the duty of keeping the roadways safe falls to me now.

The claim wasn't in pride or boasting. It was but a fact, for few folk in this land sought to actively fight back against the shadow. After all, someone has to remind this land, remind him, we wont just roll over for it and die. To kindle a flame of hope in defiance of it.. Like my mother would have wanted. And while I can't nourish that flickering flame in the way she did. I can fight to push back the darkening shadows encroaching on it... Just as we need people like you, willing to defend their homes, we need those willing to take the fight to them. To him he instinctively thinks to himself

After all, you cannot win a battle by defending alone. I shall make them fear the darkness that is their own home... he mutters the last line as much to himself as to Bruno. Then, despite himself he gives a small smile at the other man. You'll see me again in a few days time. I won't let the land take me, you can count on that. Ive learned much from the shadows, and still have more I can learn.

He barely whispers the last sentence as he pulls the hood of his cloak tighter and makes his way into the dark mist with not a single torch to aid him. Becoming naught but A shadow, in the darkening mist.

And one day, I may just learn enough to avenge them both. he comforts himself as the cold air and mist penetrates the warmth of his skin.

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Dotting. I have a ranger (native to the lovely land) I'd love to play through this. I won't be able go get everything up properly until Monday.

Only question would be if we are rolling with the unearthed ranger, or the reprinted ranger. Either is fine. Gloom stalker would be my choice.

He is darker in tone but I'll try to have a IC reaction post asap.

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kineticist would def be a fun one.

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for What its worth, my favorite Spell Cartridge build was a TWFing pistol using bloodrager. Was a hoot.

Here is my submission. Its not a particularly terrifying build, which may come back to bite me in the abyss. But Its something I've been thinking of trying for a while.

I do probably intent to go into spell Cartridges myself in a level. Though thats still undecided on how much I want to focus on spells for his damage. Either way, the build really hits its stride at level 9. haha.

Character Sheet Still a work in progress, but the concept is there.

Concept- A self confident mage seeking magical prowess with a kick for adrenaline and danger. The entire reason for being in the Abyss is to garner this knowledge by whatever means he can. He holds little love for demons, in fact, he detests most of them. However, no other place in the realms can offer such a quick avenue to the power he seeks. Ergo, he chose to come here to bypass potentially decades if not a century of "slow and boring" study.

Probably not particularly welcome in some circles, and has had to go into hiding before in his youth.

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dotting. looks interesting. How do you feel about guns?

Have a few ideas whirling atm.

Would you be against an eldritch knight build? I had a fun idea for one making use of the spellslinger wizard archetype.

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dotting. Think I may do something with the Lantern informant. Possible write up an investigator.

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dotting in. Gonna reread the PG for this to get the juices flowing.

I think For the tank roll, I may submit a brawling blademaster. I've yet to try one, and it seems like a good fit as a self trained
"streetfighter" sort. With just a dash of monk after a few levels for some fun stuff.

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dotting. I'm thinking an earth kineticist.

nm. Saw the no occult classes. Sad rock noises. hmmm.. Old fashioned ranger would be good..

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are rogues/summoners using unchained versions?

considering a vigilante, as that seems like it could be interesting with the renown talents. But Figured I'd ask about the above.

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Silver Crusade

one single item I always give any NPC assassins/would be assassins is boots of the cat. You can now fall from 200ft, and instead of 20d6 damage, you take 20 damage, and always land on your feet. Even if you fail your acrobatics, or don't take one. So falling from a 40ft high wall is negligible.

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I plan to use a pistol+buckler, so having a hand free is a non issue.

Spell Cartridges is ridiculously OP and I doubt I'll be allowed to use it. If I was going to use this feat, I'd want to be a bloodrager.

and while you are not wrong, I did specifically want to stay away from the Magus class (because its honestly been my go to for a lot of builds recently)

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the archetype is bad if you are playing a wizard, which I'm really not all things considered. Having a potentially free +5 DC to most of my spells seems pretty nice. Though, gunslinger instead of fighter may be better indeed thanks to quick clear...

I could, if I wanted to be cheesy, take a level of sorcerer as well. (for +static spell damage) at the cost of 8th level spells, unless I can think of some way to get martial weapon proficiency

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Gonna be playing in an Iron gods AP, and I wanted to try out the spellslinger wizard archetype. I have a build plan up to about level 11 and a general idea past that to 16. Any advice/thoughts are welcome.

Notes- we have power attack/combat expertise, weapon finesse, and deadly aim all for free. Also technologist will be a freebie feat.

Race Android
Str: 11
Dex: 17 (+1 at 4)
Con: 14
Int: 19 (all other ASI)
Wis: 12
Cha: 06

Class- wizard (spellslinger) 5/Fighter 1/Eldritch Knight X

Traits: Magical Knack, Reactionary, ???

1- PBS, Deadly Aim, Precise Shot (fighter)
2- EWP firearms(spellslinger)
3- Spell focus Evocation
5- Quickdraw?
6- Intensify Spell(?) or Quick Study? (wizard feat)
7- Weapon focus, Weapon specialization (EK feat)
9- Empower Spell
11- Selective Spell, Point blank Master (EK feat)
13- Quicken Spell
15- Spell Perfection, ???? (EK feat)

Opposition schools: Divination, Necromancy, Enchantment, Transmutation

at 16, I have, with 0 magic items-
HP: 132

BaB of 13

CL 16
7th level spells

level 17 (final) will be a level in wizard.

I will be using a mixture of illusion/abjuration spells for defense (quickened mirror image/long duration buffs etc) and evocation for offense with a fair helping of just full attacking with gun.

Its my first real attempt at a spellslinger gish, and I wanted to try something other than "magus".

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RPGGGM wrote:
I've been giving that some thought. I'm going with "nothing too huge" so no howitzers or reach weapons. Dress sidearms.

Fair enough, then, a dwarven battleaxe it would be. Mind you, one of ornate looking quality, not meant for actual combat. But, when the chips are down... heh.

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just coming to plug the gunslinger dip for a paladin, particularly with saddle surge spell.

A mysterious stranger 1/paladin 7 (soonest you get 2nd level spells)

With smite and the focused aim deed, you can get +20ish damage before Deadly aim/magic etc on a full attack vs touch.

This also opens up more spell options since, your primary stat is now charisma.

For even more fun, take a level of monk(scaled fist).

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Hugo Rune wrote:
I still say a Quasit hiding near the ceiling whilst motionless and invisible for a total of +56 to Stealth is near impossible to spot. Given they have excellent senses, including at will spells, never need to sleep and are all to aware of the price of failure; they would make an excellent sentinel.

for them, maybe. But I doubt it would happen twice. See invisibility knocks that stealth check down to a 16, and then it wouldn't even be able to stealth 99% of the time.

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Neriathale wrote:

Use the official PFS method - set every combat on a very small map so that the entire party have to start every encounter within 30' of the opposition.

Truly, a detestable method. Effective, but detestable and build limiting. lol

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invisible creature that specifically waits for softer looking targets to show up before attacking them.

Enemy caster that dimension doors himself and his two friends onto the backline.

Creature with reach, and blindsight (though I doubt there is one at this level)

It seems you allowed leadership, if you are allowing their cohorts to take part in battles, up the APL by +1 for your encounters.

Creatures with touch attacks are scary for most of the PCs aside from the monk.

Alarm spell- can easily beat a rogue that wants to scout, since they have no ways to deal with it, even if they know its there.

Have that paladin make stealth checks whenever the rogue does, don't let him get off with a "10" stealth roll simply because he doesn't want to use it. If anyone stealths, everyone does.

And as always, remember-
PCs are supposed to be good at their jobs (clearing a dungeon), so going several rooms without a real threat is acceptable. Just wear them down a bit, and then throw a hard encounter at them. Perhaps a few demons have taken interest, or been summoned?

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I misunderstood, I had a homebrew written out, but that is not what is wanted. As far as Ideas go-

a suggestion-
Kingmaker, but with skull and shackles. Form your own pirate armada and turn it into a "kingdom?"

Silver Crusade

I propose an alternative- (If you can swap around things at this point)

Dex 20 You focus on this stat.
Str- 2nd highest stat/even with con

1- Weapon finesse, Quick Draw
2- TWF
3- Weapon focus
4- Weapon specialization
5- AWT Trained Grace
6- Improved TWF
7- w/e
8- Greater Weapon focus
9- w/e
10- w/e
11- Two weapon Rend

You could also take double slice/vital/improved vital strike and pick the the weapon trick Double-strike. (which you should be able to use in conjuncture with vital strike)

Assuming about a 14(low end) strength and some gloves of dueling-
11 BaB, 5 dex, 2 Weapon focus, 1 magic weapon, +4 weapon training

thats +21/+16/+11 to hit with TWF

Damage is-
1d6+2(str)+2(wep spec)+8(wep training)+1(magic) for 1d6+13

Or, there about.

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Orodhen wrote:
People keep forgetting that dragons have Blindsense. Fog tricks usually don't work against them.

Blindsense lets a creature notice things it cannot see, but without the precision of blindsight. The creature with blindsense usually does not need to make Perception checks to notice and locate creatures within range of its blindsense ability, provided that it has line of effect to that creature. Any opponent that cannot be seen has total concealment (50% miss chance) against a creature with blindsense, and the blindsensing creature still has the normal miss chance when attacking foes that have concealment. Visibility still affects the movement of a creature with blindsense. A creature with blindsense is still denied its Dexterity bonus to Armor Class against attacks from creatures it cannot see.

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“was cursed to never age and can never leave this place, so he tries to help those trapped here but the monster is killing them."

as a player, my immediate questions, purely out of curiosity would be-
Who cursed you and why?
Why can't you leave exactly?
Would remove curse or the like work to help you?
What monsters are in here, how can we better fight them/be prepared for them.
Does the curse keep you safe from the monsters?
How did you make such a renowned name for yourself as a doctor/healer in a world of magic, if all you can do is the mundane?

I as a person/player am also cynical in games because of this type of stuff. And I'm an overthinker, so if something doesn't add up, and I'm playing a character with good Int or Wis, I'd likely keep pushing and poking. The best way to deal with this is to actually have -had- the person in question been an actually good person for a time. And have been turned evil by *insert horrible traumatic moment here*. Often times, telling the truth is the best way to lie.

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Really? well I suppose thats good haha.

Also, I scoured the web for a decent picture to help get an image for him, I was amazed to find that... well, lets just say most of the merfolk images I found are... flamboyant. Yeah, thats good word.

Anyway, I did find one that matched well enough with how I wanted them to look, with Amethyst colored scales and violet eyes.

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Sneak attack-

win initiative
have rogue take the Distracting attack and designate you as the beneficiary
smoke/fog/etc spell with an ability that allows you to see through said fog, be 10ft away from him and make your stealth checks.
Dampen Presence feat

Spell penetration
be an elf.
Alchemical or magic items that increase CL

Also, depending on which type of dragon, don't get hit by anti-magic field.

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first draft background for Xander:
They have always been, different, from others of their race. While most Merfolk were content to stay in the deep waters, Aenon always felt called to the surface.
That isn't to say he didn't love the water, indeed he did, yet he also loved the sensation of "air" on his skin, the spray of water, and felt more at home in the wind and rain than he did underwater. Whats more, at the age of 11 he seemed to manifest powers that allowed him to manipulate wind and lightning. This, along with his fascination of the surface world led him to being considered an eccentric. Worse still, Aenon always found it difficult to carry a musical tune with his voice. He could, at least for simpler melodies, possibly even good among humans and the like. But still struggled with many which caused an even further alienation from his people. The final straw came when both of his parents were slain in a battle against sahuagin. This removed any doubt from his mind. He was cursed, and should he remain here he would bring further harm. He left, self imposed exile at the age of 12 Though, a better word may be he ran. He ran, or swam, away from many things

He eventually ending up getting caught by a trading and fishing vessel, injuring his tail in the process, where the captian had determined Aenon would be taken and sold as an exotic "servant" in Cheliax. Yet, despite this luck seemed to finally give Aenon a break. A terrible storm blew in when the vessel was nearing the shoreline causing it to nearly capsize and run aground on a dangerous reef freeing Aenon. However, his tail was terribly injured in the process, a large fracture of wood from the main
mast splintered off, and stabbed entirely through his tail. Kept conscious purely from adrenaline, he floated along at the mercy of the tides and currents barely able to give any direction before finally losing consciousness. He awoke in a warm, quaint cottage laying in a bed. He could hear the crash of waves not far away and upon leaning up saw a woman seemingly at work cutting vegetables. After a long talk, he discovered he had drifted ashore not long after the storm passed through.

The family living in the house he woke up in had taken him in and tended his wounds. He'd been asleep almost a week, and to his displeasure was unable to move due to his terrible wound. So, with no other choice he remained in their care for nearly 4 months as his tail fin fully recovered. Despite his first real experience being a poor one, Xander chose to believe in people and opened up to the family. During this time, he grew close to the family and, having no where else to go, decided to stay when they offered him the chance. So for the next 5 years of his life, he lived with them. Helping Varrian, the father and his eldest son Cedric with their fishing.
He watched the two younger siblings when they played in the ocean as well. Thanks to spending a large portion of his time out of water, the musculature in his tail changed, making moving on land easier
though the more bulky nature of it, alongside his wound never truly healing fully caused his swimming to suffer.
Things went well, and it seemed Xander, as the this was the name he had given to himself after leaving his old home, had finally found a place he felt he belonged.

However, word came that there was going to be an attempt to colonize some islands by the venture company. Both Varrian and Maria, having lived a coastal life their entire lives, were accepted as settlers to be sent on the first round. Xander had been just too young to make the cut. They had had little word from them, and when the call went out for a second phase of colonizers, Xander was one of the first to apply after a heated discussion between him and Cedric about who should remain to care for their two younger siblings ending with Cedric being deemed best to care for them alone.

Here is the crunch for them.

I'd love to hear any feedback you had on them.

Silver Crusade

I decided to go with Psychic, and pick up the Abomination discipline. It just fits so well with his story.

Here is the sheet for Xolen.

Its still a WIP, but most of the big things are there. (just need to finalize purchases really)

My archetype also allows me to draw 1 spell for each spell level from the druid spell list. So I have some variance, and I can affect plants with my mind effecting spells, and eventually animals.

Silver Crusade

Ah, cool. That makes things a bit nicer then haha.

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I forgot to ask, I assume we aren't using the elephant in the room feat tax rules?

And yes, I really like them so far, I wanted to keep the bright-eyed, optimistic personality and I think It will work very well.

And after all, flying is just swimming in air! haha.

Silver Crusade

certainly, I'll be taking the strong tail alternate trait for a 15ft land speed, and a swim speed reduced to 30ft. Also, I'll be taking air/water elements at 1/7th respectively (most likely) or reversed. Either way, they will eventually have a permanent fly speed as the fly spell.

I'll get to writing up the background, and I'll probably end up taking the trait following in footsteps.

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Xolen Xottenthorpe

A gnome trickster and illusionist who (relatively) recently has become afraid of succumbing to the bleaching due to his rather comfy and carefree life. It started when he awoke one day, with a lock of hair turned pure grey. Several weeks later, the Gnome merchant known as Xolen disappeared from Kelesh. Once a successful merchant, he gave it all up, save a handful of coins to travel the world, living day to day, never knowing what was coming next. After a decade of travels, going from city to city, culture to culture, trying the foods, drinks and entertainment of numerous peoples, it seemed he was only minorly successful in combating the bleaching. So he began to seek dangerous adventures, one such adventure brought him to Nirmathas, specifically to the Fangwood. Where he would encounter the dark blight.

A stone of Purple darkness that seemed to pulse with magical life. Xolen was a rather accomplished sorcerer, having mastered many forms of magic and yet, nothing he knew could help him uncover what this stone was. Finally, giving in to his curiosity he grabbed the stone with both hands. What followed next can be described as the most painful experience in the gnomes life. He awoke, after an untold amount of time laying there unconscious in the cave. In a fright, he attempted to use his magic to escape to safety, yet found that no matter what he did, he could no longer cast the arcane spells he had been so proud of. He was nigh defenseless in an extremely dangerous area. After staring at the purple scar covering the entirety of his hands for several minutes he began to laugh. He finally felt that thrill he had been missing for so long. The fatigue and drain of the bleaching were gone. He sprinted outside, finding a water source to look into. There, he saw a frightful, yet strangely beautiful sight. Purple hued scars of blight had raced up his arms and hands, forming tendrils that reached nearly to his shoulders, his eyes turned a vibrant almost neon purple and his lock of grey hair turned a purple color similar in hue to his eyes. He discovered he had knew powers, similar yet so different from the ones he had before. Powers he had to rediscover and strengthen once again. He looked younger, full of life.

That was it, the thrill of life and death situations. The adrenaline of fear. Mixed with whatever this strange power or magic was had seemed to work. But for how long? When Xolen thought of his past, he knew he still yearned for those comforts, yet, there in his mind, a new desire had taken root. A love for danger, fear, the desire to live in a way only one in a life or death situation can. A tenuous balance to keep, for sure. One, many would call the gnome insane for seeking. Perhaps he was, but he knew one thing for sure. He felt more alive now than he had in a century.

I'd say, Xolen stumbles upon the group not terribly long after his blight incident. And what better way to experience the thrill he was seeking than fighting such a hopeless feeling battle? Besides, any reason to harm a goblin was a good reason. He certainly would be detached from most of the people, but would likely understand them in strange ways. The fear of death being one. Yet, for many that fear drove them to seek safety, for him it drove him to danger. He also knows that companions can bring good times, and is friendly enough to most. Though his penchant for running headlong into danger may wear on some until he better balances himself.

I'm still debating between a psychic and a psychic bloodline sorcerer. Either way, his primary focus will be illusions and enchantments.

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would you allow a merfolk in this game? I've had a great idea for one if allowed.

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Potentially, yes. I even have two you could choose from. The biggest issue is transposing notes from paper to digital.

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scratch that, I've been wanting to try a kineticist, and this seems a good time to test one out. Fairly similar background though. I think I may go against the grain and take air as my element. Not sure yet.

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a barbarian from the north of icewind dale. It calls to me, directs me as the howling of the frozen wind. Though, so does an alchemist from waterdeep.

no. I think, I'll go for the undying half-orc barbarian. This will be fun.

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DOT. Love some good old fashioned fantasy vibes. not sure entirely what I'll be making crunch or story wise, but I'm excited to get thinking.

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Would an inquisitor be an option? With a hunter and a warpriest you already have some healing, an inquisitor would bring a little more (I'd be willing to pick up the cure spells) combined, with a wand or three that should be plenty of healing.

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I see the Necromancer's Guild is having some issues with keeping the renegade dead raisers under lock and key. Shame.

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Ragathiel is one of the best for the deific obedience IIRC.

I'd also love to see some more unorthodox multiclass listings. One of my new favorites is a paladin/Gunslinger (mysterious stranger) or the more spell/support focused paladins. As at later levels they can often get more channels per day than clerics.

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Would love to help you out on that guide. I know a fair bit about the paladin. Played several. And despite what many people say, the primary paladin stat is charisma 95% of the time ;)

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Okay, I've narrowed down two ideas.

1st- A ranger or fighter(class) with the trait eagle knight recruit. A rather bright eyed youth seeking adventure and stories of yore. He also has a goal of making this new colony safe for when his younger sister and brother arrive.

2nd- is a druid, likely having been sent to watch over the fledgling colony and to make sure they don't disturb the natural cycle too greatly, too quickly.

I'm leaning towards the former.

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most definite dot. I'm thinking... a martial. A sailor of some variety perhaps.. hm.. Either that, or I do have an idea for a water themed caster.
4d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 3, 5) = 13 12
4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 3, 2) = 9 dropped
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 5, 3) = 20 17
4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 5, 3) = 13 12
4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 2, 4) = 13 12
4d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 6, 5) = 16 15
4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 4, 5) = 16 13

Not terrible, not the greatest, but won't complain about a 30ish point buy.

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dotting. Not sure what I want atm, though I may lean towards a martial type.

Silver Crusade

SA requires specific situations (though not uncommon ones) our little strike is often a free xd6 on a challenge. Many enemies don't survive more than a couple rounds. And you can easily get several uses of this ability via chain challenge.

A horse isn't a particularly great DPS companion. Nor is it going to be in dungeons with you most of the time (at least in many APs as dungeons are incredibly cramped) even with ways to carry it through more difficult terrain situations. It could even prove to be more of a liability in some APs than a boon.

I've never said it was overall better than the base class. Many archetypes are not better than their base class. Only that it's better than a 1/5.

Silver Crusade

I would like to point out, the sword saint isn't quite as bad as you say it is. Its bad, but I'd give it a 2 or 3/5 (depending on campaign). The only period where its not a good idea to use the Iaijutsu strike are levels 6-9. At level 10, you can do so as a standard action. Which is basically a free vital strike against challenge targets. In other words, there are few instances where it isn't free damage post level 10. Since you likely will be forced to move towards your enemy to actually hit them anyway.

I also find that Order of the Ronin and order of the warrior are fairly even. Ronin skills are more useful (local is used a lot more than history or nobility) and survival is, situationally, much more useful than the knowledges.

Also, to point out- a challenge, a smite, a quarry, or similar effect

This could (and should) cover things such as studied combat, studied target etc. Which makes it slightly more useful. It is also quite a good bonus when it does come up.

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