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About nightdeath

A Little about myself.

I've being a GM for close to 12 years.
Have played D&D, RIFTS, and a few others.

I usually run face to face games so PbF is a new platform for me.
I have found that being free and easy at times to allow for greater flexiblity is good due to the way PbF games are being run.
I do like the 'theatre of mind' being practiced in other games.

I will have problems sometimes posting on weekends due to work and my postings will slow down when the workload becomes heavy though i try to keep to a Daily posting rate.

During the course of playing I have found a few gems.

Like Painlord's Guide.
Building a Better Doomed Hero: Painlord's Advanced Play-by-Post Play

From Generic Dungeon Master

Posting format or convention:

I would like to encourage everyone to use the following posting conventions

Use ”Bold” with quotation marks for things your character says, and bold italics for things your character thinks
Use italics for questions or comments made by you as a player
Use out of character to describe actions your character is going to take, when you want to be clear about those actions (otherwise, it is acceptable to type your description of what your character is doing in regular type

When rolling dice, please identify the nature of the roll

So a post could look like

”Wait, everyone, I think I heard something!” I say as I back up against the wall. This is supposed to be the building where Martine told us we would find those books, after all, isn’t it I think to myself as my heart begins to pound in my chest.

I take a standard action to move as close to the building as I can, from the street, and stand with my back to the wall, then listen carefully

[dice=Perception Check, listening:]1d20+3[/dice]

Am I still suffering from a ringing in the ears from the explosion in the last encounter? If so, subtract 2 from that roll