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Full Name

"Little" Liam Hoffsteens


Halfling Sorcerer 4 | AC:16| T:16 |FF:13 (+3 Dex, +1 Sz, +2 Deflection) HP 26 / 26 | Percep +2 | Fort+4 Ref+5 Will+5 |Init+3












(Currently in-between jobs, why? You hiring? Please?)

Strength 8
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 19

About Little Liam

STR 8 (-1)
DEX 16 (+3)
CON 14 (+2)
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 19 (+4)

HP 14
AC 16 FF 13 T 16 BAB +2
CMB +1 CMD 16 (+2 Deflection)
FORT+4 REF+5 WILL+5 (+7 vs Fear)

Trait Trustworthy (+1 Bluff & +1 Diplomacy)
Trait Focused Mind (+2 to Concentration Checks)
Feat Spell Focus (+1 to DC of school: Evocation)
Feat Combat Casting (+4 to Concentration Checks while casting defensively)

Morningstar +2(1d6/x2)
Dagger +2 (1d3/19-20x2)
Sling +6 (1d3-1/x2)

+5 // Acrobatics (+3DEX, +2 Racial)
0 // Appraise
+9 // Bluff (+4CHA, +1 Rank, +3 Class Skill, +1 Trait)
+1 // Climb (-1STR, +2 Racial)
+1 // Craft: Shoes/Boots (Background Skill)
+9 // Diplomacy (+4CHA, +1 Rank, +1 Trait (+3 Class Skill for Trait)
0 // Disable Device
+4 // Disguise (+4CHA)
+3 // Escape Artist (+3DEX)
+4 // Fly (+4 DEX)
0 // Handle Animal
0 // Heal
+9 // Intimidate (+4CHA +2 Rank +3 class skill)
0 // K: Arcana
0 // K: Dungeon
0 // K: Engineer
0 // K: Geography
0 // K: History
0 // K: Local
0 // K: Nature
0 // K: Nobility
0 // K: Planes
0 // K: Religion
0 // Linguistics
+2 // Perception (+2 Racial)
+5 // Perform: (+5CHA)
0 // Profession: Cobbler
+3 // Ride (+3DEX)
0 // Sense Motive
0 // Sleight of Hand
+4 // Spellcraft (+1 Rank, +3 Class Skill)
+9 // Stealth (+4DEX, +4 Size, +1 Rank)
0 // Survival
-1 // Swim (-1STR)
+9 // Use Magic Device (+4CHA, +2 Rank, +3 Class Skill)

6 Cantrips
3 1st lvl spells known (can cast 6x a day)
1 2nd lvl spells known (can cast 3x a day)

0 Dancing Lights
0 Read Magic
0 Detect Magic
0 Mage Hand
0 Ray of Frost (1d3) (e)
0 Disrupt Undead (1d6)
1 Vanish (4rds)
1 Magic Missile (2d4+2) (e)
1 Enlarge Person
B Unseen Servant
2 Scorching Ray (4d6) (e)

Starsoul Bloodline, Wildblooded, Void-Touched. Whenever you cast an evocation spell, you may select one affected target that fails its save to suffer the choking airlessness of the void, silencing it (as silence spell on individual) for 1 round. This is a (su) ability.

Lowlight vision
Resist cold 5 and fire 5

Minute Meteors (Sp): Summon a rain of tiny black motes to fall in a 5-foot column, 30 feet high, with a range of 30 feet. The meteors inflict 1d4 points of cold damage + 1 per 2 sorcerer levels (1d4+2.) RDC17 save negates damage. 9x per day (3+CHA bonus + .5 per lvl favored class bonus)

Backpack, 2x Belt Pouches, Traveler’s Outfit, Waterskin, 3x sacks, 4x Rations, 2x Scroll Cases, 1x Acid Flask, 1x Antitoxin, 6x Alchemist's Fire, Flint and Steel, 4x torches.

3 scrolls grease
1 scroll glitterdust
3 scrolls expeditious construction
1 scrolls protection from evil
1 scroll campfire wall
1 scroll excruciating deformation
1 scroll haunting mists
1 scroll magic circle against chaos
1x Potion CLW
1x wand of webs RDC13 (4x)
1x ring of protection +2


Liam has been learning and apprenticing with Chavis Gorendal as a shoemaker for a little over two years. He is a chatty and likeable halfling with short curly brown hair and smile wrinkles around his large, soft, brown eyes. Chavis had been having issues with Liam lately though... the apprentice has developed some annoying personality quirks, customers have been complaining about his distant nature and an otherworldly cold surrounding him. No way to run a proper business. Despite the months of good work together, the overworked Chavis has now found Little Liam to be more of a hindrance than a help and reluctantly sent him packing.

Liam had some coin saved up, and instead of going home in embarrassment, opted instead to stay for a time at the Wise Piper Inn; he drank there often enough anyways to talk and pass time with the patrons and the owner, Talia. This night things got a bit out of hand, however, and the more he drank, the more Liam’s disjointed ramblings, sudden physical tic’s and an inadvertent ray of frost slung her direction ended up rightfully offending the always bitter Selia Woldenar. Liam was bloodied good by the time she was pulled off the little halfling, though all witnesses would say Liam deserved it for his odd, offensive and uncontrolled behavior.

Liam understands there is something, “off,” with his mind, but is unsure exactly how to control it. Arcane powers apparently hidden dormant have erupted, and Liam is still discovering and learning to contain their effects. His nights are filled with odd dreams, and he has found that since this newfound ability, anytime he gets in his cups (and sometimes without drinking), his vision gets dark around the periphery and he tends to exude a cold so deep it aches those around him.

With little hopes of landing another apprenticeship, and not wanting to go home a disgrace, Liam now seeks a way to control what resides within and somehow redeem himself, maybe hiring himself out to use his magic, so long a he is able to stay safe. Feeling sorry for Little Liam, Talia has agreed that so long as he behave himself, he is not banished from the Inn for what occurred with Selia.