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Thank you, this helps me immensely.

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~80 years before the start of the ROTRL adventure path Vorel Foxglove built Foxglove Manor between 6 and 3 miles outside of Sandpoint, ( Pg 71 of the Anniversary Edition AP says 6 miles, page 88 says 3) but... Sandpoint is only around 40 at the start of the campaign, heck Magnimar, the city he is apparently a noble of was only ~20 at the time he left to go build this manor 50ish miles away (distance between Magnimar and Sandpoint has also been variable from different sources). But why? At that time this was literally the middle of nowhere, way further out than he needed to go, even with how questionable his research was. And his whole family just went with it? To go that far out he must have gone there for a reason right?

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Also, nukes aren't actually all that powerful.

You are awesome. Love your generators.

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Question: if she herself is socially awkward, as stated in the first post, would it be in her character to torment this poor guy? I had originally guessed she would be using her magic to try and make the date go better, but unintended consiquences kept making things worse. Example: casting True Strike on the lad when he tries to win her something at a carnival type game, only the game was rigged and now the booth runner is mad because he shouldn't have won.

Thought: the word Forbidden comes from the roots For- Against and Beodan- To command, which comes from the older root Bheudh- to make aware. Perhaps it is 'Forbidden' because, at the time of the 'forbidding', all species that live within the zone were pre-galactic, or even pre-industrial, and thus not AWARE of the greater universe that they were a part of. Perhaps post gap societies where incorrect in their translation of during gap maps, and it was more of a warning not to expect fueling stations and shops in that area.

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So, I just purchased the Haunted Heroes Handbook in anticipation of using it to enhance my Carrion Crown game. Inside I ran across the Sceptic archetype, and how very clearly Velma from Scooby Doo it is, and the hoaxing rules. I also, coincidentally, am currently reading Meddling Kids, a wonderful horror novel very much Scooby Doo based, so I have mystery solving on the brain. That thus led to this idea, The Haunting of Harrowstone was a hoax perpetrated by Gibbs, Father Grimburrow and, before his untimely death, Professor Lorrimor in an effort to bring rich adventurers into town to boost the economy. Unfortunately, the Whispering Way thought the professor had stumbled upon them when he was setting some traps one day, and killed him. This brought his student, the Sceptic, and her mystery solving friends to his funeral, and a greatly weakened Splatter Man joins Gibbs and Father Grimburrow in their efforts to scare the town.

I would not plan to run anybody through this, but it might make a cool story. Does anybody have any ideas on how to hoax some of the Haunts of Harrowstone? I am not against using Magic at all, and even a few greatly weakened actually Haunted things.

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An awakened Ape druid named Don Ke Kong (orc for King of Apes) in Eberron. He was a Gatekeeper Druid, the ones who guard against dimension hopping, almost human looking, horrors.

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Would human looking outsiders, like the Succubus for example, look like the native races on non-human inhabited planets? This also raises the question of do the outer planes have worlds of their own? Or world aligned areas? Like, say a Paladin on ancient Castrovel summoned her mount, it would be a Castrovel native celestial animal right? Or Planimal I guess given Castrovels common animals? Just something I thought of after work.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doo.

Raiders of the Lost Park.

Pig Trouble in Little China.

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Aerotan wrote:

In another skein entirely:

Galactic Conquest

Lots of cool stuff

This made me think of the scenario where pirates board a ship and start to make demands, then

Pirate Captain: "Wait, is that a Plasma Duck bandana? Rad man! Dude, we just hit up Plortius 12, place is almost taken over by Acid Mongoose. If you guys head that way be sure to take them down a few pegs." Then leave without taking anything.

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Your worlds are freaking awesome dude. Just had to say it.

No mechanical comments, just wanted to say I am loving the fluff.

97) The ship is precursor tech that the party has been genetically altered to know how to fly, anybody else that could fly it already has one. To make matters worse, the controls are so different the party no longer remembers how to fly modern ships.

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Elmdorprime wrote:

Battle for the Starstone

This trivid broadcast of the greatest annual gaming competition in the Pact Worlds competes over replica Starstone trophies awarded to the best individual and team players in strategy or first person shooter games performed live for a massive audience at Hamisfore Theatorium. Players and teams compete in brackets for six months to meet in person for their shot at fame. With endorsements and prizes reaching six figures annually the rivalries are fierce and so is the action.

Come see players from as far away as can be imagined compete to see who can become one of the Gods of Gaming!

It would be hilarious if the Starstone stepped in one year to choose an actual God of gaming. Would make a good campaign idea.

The characters are all Humans from Earth, abducted by aliens. They wake up in an odd, dark chamber, during an earthquake, get chased by weird, spider like things when the lights turn back on, and escape in a ship they somehow know how to fly. Where did they just escape from? Apostae. Turns out they were abducted during the Gap, have no clue how they got the skills they now have, are being chased by the Drow for their ship and the knowledge of how to get into the vaults, the Watchers of the Sleepers to get them back in their pods, and looking for a way to get back to Earth.

Will there be a section for converted PF monsters? Should people start working on those, or would that be product ID?

Do you guys open the stable doors, or light the fire from the outside?

I'm sorry you feel that way, and yes, this game will most likely run a bit slower than most. I hope you find a home for your character someday.

Ked: The only other way in that you see is the smellyplace (sewer), a well known and often used get in point in years past.

Horseplace: As you approach the horseplace you hear the sound of something rather large eating rather noisily.

Ked: As you approach the gate, all sneaky-sneaky like, you see nearly two-hands (8) of longshanks just wondering around outside it, as well as the rest of the hand up on the wall. Something is definitely odd though. One of the longshanks already has an axe sticking out of his head, and you didn't even do nothing yet. None of the other longshanks even seem to notice though, so maybe its just a new longshank fashion.

The Rest: As you argue, as goblins do, you hear a sound from inside one of the nearby buildings. It looks like a horse-place, which could be bad. Horses are always better at sniffing out goblins than longshanks.

Indeed. All anybody really knows is that the city has been strangely quiet for the past week. Most of the farmes seem oddly empty, but there are still a few that seemed inhabited. Most importantly the city's greatest heroes left a few months back, and nogob has seen them return.

Always forget about these. Discuss!

Thank you all for your interest and work. Chief Bigtooth sends the following tribe members to prepare the longshank city for assault.

Ked of clan Metaldeath
Parg the smart
Sir Tarki of Boghole

IC is now open.

The walls of the longshanks city tower above you as you creep through the darkness towards them. Things are looking good. You have encountered no longshanks from the foodmake places that stretch out from the city, and there aren't even any pretty candles in the windows that they could use to find you. The plan had been to sneak into the city, either through the smellyplace in the back, or hidden in one of the foodmakers carts, but now you can see that one of the gates is wide open, with only a handful of longshanks wandering around it.

Indeed. Sorry, my parents dragged me off for family things all day, Christmas pictures and whatnot, and I was unable to access my computer or phone.

Recruitment is now closed. And I am taking a final look over submissions. Expect the results, and IC in 3ish hours.

Gavmania: I would say about 1/3 your WBL would be a good limit.

Everybody: Sorry for not checking in for so long. We are having a wave of people quitting, which is making it even busier than it usually is this time of year, and as the trainer it is mostly falling on me. I probably posted this up far to early, knowing I would be a bit busier than usual until new years, and for that I apologize, but I do intend to get this started on the 20th or 21st, so the wait shouldn't be too much longer.

Vahanian 89 wrote:
When will you be closing submissions?

Probably around the 20th.

Everything is looking good so far. I haven't given more than a cursory loo km to the stats yet, but I am loving the backgrounds.

As long as you have the fluff to back it up, I am fine with removing race restrictions on Archtypes.

Everything sounds great so far.

Right, yes, sorry. I always forget that part. And yes, 2 traits. Any class or archtypes are fine.

With the 'Daughters' being Androids, this raises the question- is the Mad Monk an Android as well? Could explain why he was so hard to kill.

I forgot you couldn't edit posts after a certain point on these boards.

Creation guide
Level: 3, 20 point buy
2 Traits
Race: Goblin, 1 Hobgoblin maximum will be chosen.
Content: Any Paizo
Wealth: WBL, though by fluff most of it should be stolen, found, or cobbled together.
Expected end level: midway through 5

Ok, so in terms of tone- Abbot and Costello meet The Living Dead, if Costello was a bunch of childish, psychotic murderers, and Abbot was a tyrannical dictator with delusions (or are they, now that the city has basically already fallen) of at least local conquest. I like it.

I am thinking LV 3, as you would be the strike team, meant to weaken key points before the hoard descended and, while a goblin chief wouldn't think of it, the Hob' pulling the strings would know of the tactic. Said string puller would be an NPC, but I have no problems with 1 commander level underling of his in the group, though exactly how much real power that player has will be up to the goblin members, so anywhere from hearding cats, to hearding cats on LSD in a laser pointer factory.

In terms of allowed material, I have the ARG, so racial archtypes are in, and really if you can provide links to the material, especially if it's in the SRD, it is most likely fine with me.

I am very open to suggestions in terms of plot and whatnot, so if you have any ideas or requests just shout them out, I would like this to be a fun, laid back if a bit murder happy, game.

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The city's greatest heroes set forth to stop the evil necromancer from raising a hoard of infectious undead. You are not them, they already failed. Their friends and neighbors back home took arms against the rising tide of death. You are not them, they too failed. A small, bloodthirsty, tribe of goblins who have no clue what has befallen the area as of late has just returned from their winter camp, with plans of attacking the strangely quiet city just over the hill. You are them.
How would a tribe of classic PF goblins survive a zombie apocalypse.

I haven't been able to game recently, at home or online, but after this month that should clear up for a bit. With this in mind I put this to Interest. This is just a rough idea so far, but who would be up for it?

OOoooh, I like it! The Pegasus Replicators couldn't stand the cold of space, so Baba Yaga creates Replicators of her own to use cold against them. She replaces them before they can go crazy like all the others. Now that the Asgard are gone Unity and Baba stepped up their plans, but the exodus of the Asgard caused Elvanna to go replicrazy ahead of schedule. She still wants to destroy Unity, but she doesn't want dear old mum getting in her way.

Another thought, Unity was programmed to attempt to bring peace between the Lantians and the Ori, hence the name. Eh, just a thought, needs more work.

Sorry, the holiday was a bit hectic.

Captain Yesterday
I know it will take a lot of work, and it will probably wind up just being based on the overall story than anything.

Rubber Ducky
Ah, yes. The Native character is always fun.

Luna and Bellona
I don't have anything from Iron Gods except what I can find on the wiki and here, so I don't have much to go on. I won't have the cash for anything until after the holidays, but here are some ideas from what I can find.

The blasted wasteland of Iron Gods works well in a galaxy just ravaged by the replicators.

The flame in Torch could be a malfunctioning ZPM, its not fire, its pure energy, meant to keep the Asuran replicators (the titular Iron Gods who tried to escape the genocide) in stasis. This gives the PC's a way to accidentally activate them, because the humans always bring the bad guys to themselves. Maybe Unity managed to escape the imprisonment, and was the true source somehow of the Ida/MW replicators? A distraction so it could move its plans forward without the Asgard finding out and getting in the way? Make it an ascended Replicator? How should I mix it with RoW though? Unity contacts Elvanna, convincing her to oppose her mother, the only entity that could oppose it? I don't know enough about its plans, or hers really, to meld them yet. Any spoilers and ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

IG does have the tech feel, but not the planet hopping feel from what I've seen. If I were to do that, I would probably have the Silver Mount be a Destiny type ship that crashed after its last power reserves were drained when Earth dialed in. The PC's would be those who got to stasis quick enough to survive, sort of like that episode of Atlantis that showed the original fate of the expedition.

Greetings! I have seen a few threads on here about linking this AP with Doctor Who and, while I do enjoy the Doctors adventures myself, it got me thinking how, with some tweaking, it could fit my favorite sci fi show as well. Stargate. And so, I come to you for advice and ideas. I have run a fantasy Stargate game set in Eberron before, but I am also beset with ideas of how this could work with the standard stargate setting. I will say that I am currently only in possession of the first book of this AP, and most of my knowledge comes from these threads and the look ahead, and thus this may become more 'based on' than a true conversion.

A fantasy Stargate conversion would be rather easy, and is more just a matter of scale. Irrisan is its own planet, rather than part of Golarion, Heldren is a small town on an ally planet. The Irrisan's are attempting to control the galaxy instead of the planet, which makes a lot of sense with all the planet hopping they seem to become capable of.

The modern version intrigues me more though, probably because my wife and I just finished rewatching SG1. I would most likely use the Modern Path srd, taking from base Modern for spaceships and such, or perhaps Star Wars Saga without Jedi. While going through the Asgard database the SGC comes upon references to an Asgard space station, Ygdrassil, in their home galaxy of Ida, which contained a backup, now the only after the destruction of Othala, intergalactic gate for that galaxy. The database also mentions an Ancient that made the galaxy her home, while she searched for a means of destroying an old enemy of her people. Assuming this enemy to be the Ori, the SGC sends an expedition team similar to the one on Atlantis in hopes of making contact.

The Ancient is Baba Yaga, a bitter enemy of the Ori, who would not sit around like the rest of the Ascended, and left the Milky Way to be out of their sphere of influence. Baba Yaga's 'daughters' are children from the various planets that are part of her experiment, genetically risen to Hok'tar levels, and close in power to pre-ascension Adria. With the exodus of the Asgard and Replicators from this galaxy, the Irrisani have become bold, and have begun conquring various planets. To make matters worse, the current queen Elvanna tricked her 'mother' into a stasis crystal long enough to use the stargate and a solar flare to trap her on earth in 1918, where the other Ascended keep her from causing any trouble.

The frost touched fey will probably be robotic drones, while the trolls will be refluffed as a power suit of some kind. The rest of the AP will be heavily modified, as I don't think I want to trap them in the dancing hut, though the Irrisani ship will be useful for stealth purposes. Anybody have any other ideas I could use?

Pick away, but I am still rather new to the field. I use Amateur in the truest sense of the word.

As a gamer, amateur culinary historian, and guy who's worked in restaurants his entire adult life, this appeals to my interests. Any limit on how much we can submit? I could write recipes all day.

Lets start with something simple, though I should say the ratios may be a bit off in the sauce, its been a long time since I used a recipe for it, and never for just one sandwich.

Salmon Dijonnais Sandwich

1 Salmon Steak

1 Hard Roll (Hamburger Bun)

2 slices Chedder Cheese
2 Leaves Lettuce
2 Slices Red Onion
(the above can be substituted with your favorite sandwich toppings)

1T Cream
1t Mustard
Pinch Chopped Dill
Salt and Pepper to taste

Grill Salmon until done, set aside to cool slightly.

Heat Cream and Dill together in a saucepan.
Add Spices and reduce until thick, add reux if needed.
Remove from heat and spread on Hard Roll.
Place Salmon and toppings on roll.
Serve warm with fries and Tartar sauce if desired.

The sauce is hundreds of years old, with numerous variants and no known creator. I was the first person I know of to use it on a sandwich like this.

I've no time for games at present, but I will definitely be reading this as it comes. just for giggles I am now thinking of myself as that one guy, who isn't in the game, but is always in the store when the game is going on. Never says anything, just browses the stock, or sits two tables over working on his own stuff. Maybe the shopkeepers brother. I am putting way too much thought into an unstated state of mind.

I think the only Humor that had been invented by that time was of the "Holy Crap, I'm not dead yet" variety.

This adventure has a lot of Undead and Abberitions as well, though yes, other than them most of the Cultists are Human.

anybody still interested please sound off by Sunday.

Indeed you can. The arguments are souns. Go ahead with the alternate.

I would rather you took it as the full Feat, as the spell it provides is of a higher spell level.

Which book is that in? I'm not finding it in the ARG.

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