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Welcome to GM Euan’s Recruitment Thread! This recruitment is for the Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path.

Every player should download and read the Mummy's Mask Pathfinder Companion. This is a recruitment for five total players. I have already picked two so there are three spots remaining.

- Please write a detailed description. What do people see when they look at you or even watch you for a moment or two?
- Please write a public background - what would someone with a passing knowledge of you know? Add a little history, a common rumor (true or false), and something possibly embarrassing or at least humorous.
- Please write a background that tells me something about yourself. Speak about what’s essential to your character, goals you may have, people you may know, and a memory of something important to you.
- You might consider having two things in your personality - a reason to do some delving in Osirion, and a desire to help the greater good. I like dissenting voices and creative role play, but in a few areas the AP requires a leap of faith. Feel free to build whatever you prefer, but you should have reasons for being heroic (or at least pretending to be).
- You are beginning in Wati in Osirion - you may be a native, or a visitor. You may even have heard of the planned necropolis exploration and are here specifically for that purpose. I’m happy to help you here if you want to set some roots in the town and need some locations or NPCs to tie into.
- You have recently managed a nice stack of gold - either luckily (gambling, distant relative left you some cash, etc.) or through hard work (recently sold a share of a business you helped build up, recently accomplished some great crafting feat, etc.). You spent some of it already on something ephemeral, but have much of it left.

- You will start at first level.
- Your starting gold will be 250gp.
- Please create your character following the standard Pathfinder rules, point buy system, 20pt buy.
- Hit Points shall be determined in PFS style - maximum at first level, average +1 for all subsequent levels.
- Please limit your race to the core book, though racial traits may come from other sources.
- We will be using background skills.
- You’ll start with two traits, one of which will be chosen from the Mummy’s Mask Players Guide. You may chose a drawback, with my approval, to gain another trait. I take drawbacks seriously though, so make them a solid part of your background and something that will occur - not just something you do for more power.
- I am open to nearly any Paizo source. Some things in the Archives of Nethys will also be accepted on a case-by-case basis. No third party materials. Also, I know there are other sites with Pathfinder rules, but please try to link to Paizo or the Archives whenever possible in your references. If not, I’ll just be searching there anyway, so save me some time please.
- We’re not using gestalt, mythic, or variant multi-classing rules. No rules will be used from Occult Adventures or the Technology Guide.
- No evil, and be careful with paladins and other severely ‘oath-bound’ characters.
- No gunslingers or other ‘tech’ themes (bolt ace is acceptable).
- Please no summoners, very unbalanced, or one dimensional builds. You should build well, but someone who’s only good at one thing, will spend a lot of time waiting as the others play.
- Along the same lines, please avoid ‘save or suck’ effects in your build (like the slumber hex for example). Nobody likes it when the DM takes out a player, maybe permanently, with a single roll or save. My pact is that I will avoid doing so, as long as the party does the same. At later levels it can become impossible to avoid, on both sides, but please don’t build toward it, and avoid it when you can. I’ll do the same - even playing the opposition less effectively as a result.
- There is a free feat available to any who fulfill the prerequisites. Please have a reason for it in your background, if only a mention. Osirionology
- There is an excellent listing of the ancient Osirion gods in book two of the AP. Given that, anyone who has Ancient Osirioni among their languages, may worship one of these deities. If you are selected, I will provide the information you need.

- Please pay more attention to your background than your build. I am far more interested in who you are than what you are.
- Please don’t worry about who is playing what. Play what you want, based on these requirements, and we’ll make it work.
- I want a brisk game and it will likely take more than two years to finish, so carefully consider your commitment. This is really important. I plan to post at least twice a day, likely more often as needed. I want my players to post twice a day as well, pending interactions and the like of course. If you haven’t posted for 24 hours, I will DMPC you, have you delay, or otherwise fall behind. Likewise, folks that post more often will be more included in the storyline that unfolds. That said, let’s be reasonable. I am not looking for a super-zippy campaign. In my Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign I averaged 3.6 posts a day for just over two years and am averaging 3.3 in my Second Darkness campaign now in its second year. I’m planning for something similar this time too.
- When you introduce your character, please focus on personality, story, quirks, and motivations. I’m not interested in your class or build - I can read that later. Who are you?


I’m sure you will have questions I have not answered. For even more information, please visit the Campaign Tab. There I talk about what I’m looking for in terms of tone, some discussion of die rolling, etiquette, crafting, and more. Please read through it, it’s important stuff.

Recruitment will remain open until I have selected the players. I don’t know how long that will take, but I expect it’ll be several days at least, likely a week depending on interest, but maybe longer. I will post regular updates and answer questions until there’s a good pool of candidates when I will close recruitment and make a decision. The campaign will begin fairly quickly after that, though there will be plenty of time to tweak characters and make final preparations of course.

Let's have some fun together!
To help a little with recruitment, please feel free to role play in thread. I suggest you visit the Mueaddat Almalaki Wadar Aleamm*, also known as ‘Milki’ in the Midwife District of Wati** just a block south of the Sunburst Market (map #19). The ale isn’t so good, but the wine is above standard, and freely flowing - if you’ve got the coin for it. The proprietor is a rough looking, bronze skinned, fifty-ish human by the name of Abdur Raqeeb al-Shabazz (image), who spends more time dealing in the large attached market than helping in the pub - but his staff is numerous at least if not the most competent. The regulars seem accustomed to asking for things several times, often from different servers, and occasionally they get what they desire.

It’s midday and hot on Sunday, 1 Sarenith, 4714, a little early for heavy drink, but the pub is serving a decent slab of fried goat with small potatoes and large onions, all seeped in garlic with warm flatbread and honey. The floors and walls are covered in multi-colored rugs and other hangings, beautiful and well made. The walls are thick mud and stone - keeping the worst of the heat out thankfully.

* Ancient Osiriani:
Roughly translated the name means, “Royal Equipment and Public House” or ’Royal’ for short.
- - -

** The city of Wati:
The city of Wati sits on a sandstone shelf at the confluence of the Asp and Crook rivers, which provide it with building materials, rich farmland, and deep harbors sufficient to support a settlement three times its size. But even with its tenacious citizens, abundant fish and game, and thriving marketplaces fueled by the most important rivers in Osirion, Wati is forever a city better known for its dead than for its living.

Behind sanctified walls, an entire quarter of the city quietly sits as a massive, urban tomb. Shops, schools, markets, and estates serve as eternal resting places for those lost to madness and disease. To manage such an immense project, the city’s entire economy shifted to the industry of interment.

Almost 1,800 years after the necropolis’s inception, many of Wati’s residents continue to serve the city’s funeral industry, either directly as embalmers, undertakers, and clerics of Pharasma, or indirectly by crafting the myriad grave goods all Osirians hope to carry with them into the afterlife. Death has become the city’s lifeblood, and Wati prospers from its morbid specialty.
- - -

Priestess Ankhtah Shepses, personal writings, 3076 AR wrote:
Wati endures, or so the local saying goes. The people of Wati, known for their even tempers and shrewd wit, prefer understatement. They have known war and peace, poverty and prosperity, and survived decimation at the hands of a mad god’s cult. But Wati’s people answer each challenge with innovation, tenacity, and the deep bonds of community. They do not endure their hardships so much as grasp them, white-knuckled and screaming, until the world permits them to return to their quiet lives, surrounded by their honored dead.

Dotting. Going to think about and work on backstory.

Dot! Will see what I come up with :)

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Definitely interested! Have a few ideas off the top rolling about; I'll post one in a day or two once I flesh one out a bit more.

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Putting a dot here, be right back.

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Let me see what I pull together. I'll want to put in a bit of development, for sure.

dotting. Thinking a crypt breaker alchemist. That or a an occulist (if you are allowing them, you said any paizo material, but also say no occult rules so I am unsure)

Either or would be focused on finding forgotten lore of ancient empires, and any knowledge therein.

Definitely interested, thinking about a ranger. Have the two people you've picked chosen there class yet?

Thelizardwizard, true I did say, 'nearly any Paizo source', but to be clear, I am not using any Occult material.

Uthraed, don't worry about the others, just pick something wonderful for yourself. If we end up with 5 thieves, we'll just work on our UMD... :)

But remember, background is king. I love characters, builds are secondary.


Ok, think I will stick with alchemist.. That or an investigator. Not entirely sure which will wind up fitting more. But I'm thinking a noble born scholar, big into history. Not quite enough magical talent to become a wizard, but makes up for it with a bit of science and a healthy dose of disregard to danger.

Silver Crusade

Dot. I have read the AP, and run portions of books 1 and 4. It's been at least 6 months since I looked at any of the AP, longer for most, so I'm familiar with the broad strokes, but not the fine details. If foreknowledge is a problem, I'm happy to bow out.

Will be thinking about an option that seems fun both mechanically and for story purposes.

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Dotting, I have a warpriest of Ra who just needs some tweaking to the build guidelines, he should be up and ready by tomorrow.

GM Lari, I have no problem with foreknowledge as long as your character doesn't act on it naturally. :) It can make the game a little tougher for you, and there will be times when you'll just have to be silent to avoid guiding the party one way or another, but it should be fine.

I will dot this to be sure. I have no idea what I will build for it but I will come up with something in the next day or so, hopefully.

Part of me want to submit a jaded-tough-no-nonsense-yet-religious-cigar-smoking-female-skull-knocker from Bargetown who's decided poverty is for the suckers and to use what Fortune recently brought her to get geared, step forward, and take a piece of the action resulting from the opening of the Necropolis.

Trait would likely be either Trap finder, Undead crusader, or Wati native.

Class... Not sure at all!

One of my favorite APs.
Dotting and thinking hard.

Liberty's Edge


Dotting this. I think a friend and I will be applying this evening.

Dot. Thanks for running this AP! I'm interested if the pre-chosen players have classes yet. I'd like to develop something that compliments them or at least doesn't conflict with them.

Sovereign Court

Have a human desert druid who is from a local nomad group, now getting involved in the craziness of the tomb hunting. Will flesh out the alias and get into the action shortly!

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Brooklyn85, don't worry about the classes. As I mentioned earlier, if we get five of one class or other overlaps we'll make it work. There are so many options out there, I'd be surprised if two people had the same thing in any event.

I'm much more concerned about your character - that's more interesting. We can always tweak classes if there's a concern when the party is selected.

I think I will apply with an herald caller cleric.
Are the old osirion gods acceptable?

Helikon, yes, the old Osirion gods are acceptable and even maybe desirable so long as you have Ancient Osirion as a language.

Dotting for interest with this character. Shaedeen has "Foreign Opportunist" written all over her, perhaps having traveled far to the east after a failed stint as a 'hero' in Sandpoint.

I'll try to work up an updated background tonight and tinker with her mechanics as needed.

Dotting. Considering a gnome bard (archeologist) who is obsessed with treasure hunting.

Okay, think I'll go with a Resurrected witch recently arrived in Osirion with a lot of questions and few clues! Will hopefully have her done within the next day or two :)

Interested. I'll start working on a character.

I have an idea (with a good portion of the stats already drawn up, in fact) for a Wordcasting Sorcerer. What's your overall feel about Words of Power? The system is rather complex, but there's a few guides that help clear it up online. (Even better, with a PBP, I can spend as much time as I want developing individual Wordspells without bogging down play!)
Specifically, I have a couple of questions that will influence some of my build details:

Do spells with a Duration of "Instantaneous" count towards the rule about spells having the shortest time determining the spell length? In other words, is it possible to use a fireball that leaves a fog cloud afterwards, or would the fog cloud immediately dissipate because it's "Instantaneous"?

Does the Human’s Sorcerer Alternative Favored Class bonus (i.e. one bonus spell of a level below my highest level spell) translate into Words of Power as well? That is, I get a bonus Word? Or would I get a bonus regular spell? A casual reading of the rules says it will, but there's room for interpretation.

Do feats that apply to spells apply to individual Words? To specific combinations of Words? In other words, can I take Spell Specialization (Wrack), and get the bonus to Wrack + Fog Bank?

Thanks in advance, and good luck to everyone here!

Daedalus, as I'm unfamiliar with Words of Power, I am going to give them a skip for this AP.

I like to be very familiar with something before trying to run it. That's not to say I have to know everything, but Words of Power at first glance look rather complicated. :D

Silver Crusade

Awesome, one more question, spoiled because it does connect to a bit of knowledge I have:

Plot Spoiler:

I'm thinking about an aggressively anti-undead Pharasmin, who's goal in Wati is primarily to cleanse the necropolis. I'm not sure about the mechanics, but how would you feel about the character being part of the Voices of the Spire? Naturally I'd find a reason to side with the party when they become relevant, but if that's too complicated I've got alternate origins I'm considering.

Too late to delete my dot. I'm dropping out of the running.

Have fun, all those who make the cut!

GM Lari, I'm intrigued. I think that will fit just fine. If selected, I'll give you some additional details about the order (some of which I'll have to make up!) and backstory.

Sorry to see you go Shaedeen! :(

Fair enough. Words of Power suffers greatly from poor writing. A lot isn't said very clearly and can be confusing. I'll try to come up with another character along the same lines, but with more familiar rules. (I had an idea for a sage-blooded sorcerer, using ancient Osirani words of power to shift his reality. A skittish, bookish scholar who held incredible power.)

Dilana enters Milki Dad, I know you want me out in the world but this? I just don't understand why people gather like this.

Barkeep, wine?

Finding herself ignored.

Barkeep wine! I am here don't make this worse for me.

A servant, a young man, likely a slave from his overall bearing and attitude, rushes up to Dilana as she bellows.

”What may I get you my lady?” He seems eager, yet he’s not writing anything down, and asks you to repeat your order slowly so he can remember it. You don’t have high hopes for this one, however hard he tries.

The completed submissions so far…:

Dilana Hemlock, the demanding intellect.
- - -

Dilana, can you give me more background? Read what I suggested in my first post under 'Background' carefully. I'm looking for three things - description, a sort of public background, and an even longer, more detailed background to help you develop your character. I've asked some questions in that post - answering them might help you expand your history. Thanks!

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Thinking I'll roll with an Inquisitor of Soralyon -- very much interested in preserving and restoring as much of the ancient monuments as possible.

Looks at the servant

Ok you then. Wine and some cold fruit. You can do that right?

Filling it in slowely. I tend to make a lot of changes as I narrow down the character as I write and then proof on a character personality and background. I added some more quotes from her and her neighbors about her.

I've got an idea for a Taldan Archaeologist Bard. Kind of a seventh son of a seventh son deal going on. I'll work on it later.

Got my crunch done. Gonna go get dinner and then put the story down. Just making sure, Unchained Rogue is okay, yeah? I'm looking at a historian and tomb delver that likes to find priceless antiquities and then put a price on them.

Edit: Also need to actually make an Alias for my character.

As Raman enters Milki, his eyes dart between the few occupants. Good. Not too busy yet.

He makes his way to a seat against the thick wall, dropping his heavy backpack on the floor next to him with a loud *thunk*.

He flashes a silver piece at a passing servant and calls, "Get me some goat and a mug of ale!", then returns to watching the strange woman at the bar. I sure hope she's not offering a job.

Hello. This is my submission for the AP. Augustus Voralius III, Human Cavalier.

While I'm fairly familiar with Pathfinder, this would me my first play by post game. I'm actually applying with my friend, TimFrie, who posted up above.

Let me know if there is anything you think I should change or elaborate on and I plan on doing some RP in the thread tomorrow morning.

Zoda sits slumped over at the bar and even though it is only midday he is thoroughly drunk. A half empty bottle of wine sits next to him and another bottle lies empty under his stool. He stretches his long, dark, tattoo covered arms and lets out a loud yawn.

”Have I ever told you about my father,” He asks the bartender doing his best to not slur his words. ”Of course I have Abdur, who hasn’t heard of the famed Boaz Kogala, scourge of the undead, defender of the godssss. *hic* He pauses to take another drink from the bottle and continues rambling on. ”And what have I done thus far in life… NOTHING," He slams his fist on the bar and the bottle begins to topple but he deftly catches is it and places it back where it was without noticing. ”But that’s all about to change Abdur, all about to change. Yesterday this bottle would have been half empty but today it is half full. Have you heard? I have finally done in, I sold my camels and I am finally ready to become my fathers son and delve into the ancient tombs. I just need to find a group who is in need of a guide. Zoda proclaims as if he has uncovered some big secrete. “And what better guide then me, Zoda Kogala, son of a feared corpse hunter and besides no one knows this city like I do. So you see my friend my fortunes are about to change."

Well, I've been waiting for this to appear on the boards for more than a year, so I'll go ahead and dot for now.

Doomed Hero here with my character pitch. It's a little odd but I love the concept of it, so bear with me.

There is a race introduced in the Mummy's Mask AP called the Shabti. They are created beings who exist to be the spiritual whipping boy for the person who creates them.

My concept was to play the Shabti of the Sky Pharaoh, who was created and locked in a sarcophagus to simply live and bear the Sky Pharaoh's sins and judgements.

Anubis isn't stupid though. Eventually he caught on, but by then his pantheon wasn't terribly powerful and the Sky Pharaoh had become powerful enough to sidestep the judgement of the gods by becoming undead.

Anubis decided to try for a hail mary play. He visited the Shabti of the Sky Pharaoh and explained what he had been created for. He offered power in exchange for service and the chance at revenge.

The Shabti agreed. With a little divine nudging, it was arranged by Anubis that the Shabti's long-lost sarcophagus would be found by a group of adventurers who could help the Shabti escape and may even help him on his divine mission.

You might have noticed that I like to tie my characters deeply into the storyline. I know it's an odd concept that might give the character outside odds at being chosen. I can only hope you like the idea.

Based on my current backstory, I'd have to wait a while for the party to get into the first dungeon and find his sarcophagus. I'm willing to do that.

As a player, I'm a prolific poster and a team player. My goal for Shabti is to be something of a White Necromancer. he is a healer primarily who has been empowered by Anubis to temporarily enlist souls to the cause (i.e. command and control undead). He has a great deal of respect for the living, representing both sides of the scales of life and death. He doesn't see the undead as inherently evil (why would he? Anubis' views aren't really like Pharasma's). His primary job is to destroy undead and usher their souls to judgement. Basically, his stance is that any undead not in service to Anubis need to be destroyed.

As for his personality, a lot of his inspiration comes from Teal'c from Stargate and Castiel from Supernatural. He's a powerful, driven spiritual warrior, but he has no practical knowledge of mortal customs or nuanced morality. All his knowledge of people and society comes from the vague bits of what he remembers from the early days of his creation, and the information that the various spirits of his tomb tell him.

If this idea isn't one you like, I'll withdraw. Let me know what you think.

Dilana watches people come and go from the bar noting new arrivals. Truth be told she is not sure how to approach people for this sort of thing.

Well the dwarf looks promising if I am too go into the tombs as father wishes. Dwarves are good for that sort of thing.

I wonder if that drunk smells. listening to Zoda ramble Well he thinks he has information at least. I will sit and listen discretely.

Dilana observes the newcomers thinking herself very sneaky (she is not) and sure she blends in (she does not).

Giuseppe here. This is my submission. Background is in a Googledoc linked in the profile. Also, please take note that the current avatar is temporary. I failed to find something more appropriate, although a link to a full picture of Benedictus is included in his profile.

As far as crunch goes, I'm still working on it. I think I'll go wizard, and I'm considering the scroll scholar archetype from the Pathfinder Society Field Guide, as suggested in People of the Sands. Anyway, according to GM Euan's (and mine) preferences, I'm not so set on a particular class for my PC. The character comes first, and there are a few ways I can make it work using different classes. I'll submit a complete character's sheet in a few days, anyway.

There are a few ortographical errors in the introductory letter I'm aware of, but I've not been able to edit them because I don't have my PC with Photoshop here with me.

Well, what can I say more? I hope to have the chance to get to play under Euan, for this is what I've wished for over the course of the last year or so.

Before entering the Mueaddat Almalaki Wadar Aleamm, Benedictus gives an inquisitive look at his new clothes—a plain beige shirt with a blue sleeveless vest, loose and airy yellow pants, and fine leather sandals. Behind his back is a large, fresh new backpack containing his books and accessories. Well, I know I can’t wear formal suits here in Osirion, but I wonder how does one distinguish himself from the others if he cannot even buy something better than these…unmatchable rags! The Garundi young man shakes his head and smiles ironically. Then he hunches his shoulders, fixes his clothes for the last time and opens the door.

Benedictus has always been afraid of pubs. Well, of all gathering places in general I must admit… To him, places like these are always too noisy and chaotic. But he had decided to win his fears and find someone to adventure with. Not that this made things easier actually, but at least he had a reason to be there.

Benedictus looks around himself for a few seconds, as though still stunned by the sudden wave of noise and smells. Then he closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and walks to a table. No, no, no, no, no! Not an empty one, my dear! Ben suddenly stops. His reclusive nature was literally pushing him to an empty table. Come on, be strong. What was father used to say? If you don’t have friends, you don’t have ends. Well, I have a precise end to be in this city so…

Without even noticing it, Ben staggers forward as he meditates, bumping into a staff member. “I-I-I…I’m sorry!” Clumsy as usual with his words not less than with his body, Benedictus staggers backwards, until he feels something behind his knees. A chair… He swallows and sits down. In the meantime, he’s still smiling at the woman he bumped into. A way as any to avoid looking at whoever else is at his same table.

Barkeep wine! I am here don't make this worse for me.

Hearing that voice so close to him, Ben realizes the woman to whose it belongs must be sitting at his same table. He awkwardly turns toward her and smiles clumsily. “Perhaps asking more politely will work…” he tries, hesitantly. Nodding at the girl, Benedictus turns to one of the servants. “Sorry sir, can I have…” Ben is whispering, and not even an elf would hear him in the bustling chaos of the pub. As soon as he opens his mouth, though, a young man is at the table. For a moment, Ben smiles at the girl, proud of his words…Until he realizes that the young servant is there for the girl. I bet he has not even heard me…

As the girl orders something, Ben notices that the young servant asks her to repeat her words several times. Grinning, the Garundi wannabe explorer pulls out a piece of parchment from his backpack and writes something on it.

S-Sorry, young man, b-before you go…” Starting with his usual hesitation, now Ben tries to gain confidence as he ensues. “Could you also bring me this?”, says Benedictus as he hands out the piece of parchment to the servant.

**Please, bring me today’s special. Whatever it is. Thanks. **

Interested. I'm thinking a worshipper of Sekhmet, maybe a Warpriest, but a Druid is also an intriguing possibility. Lion Shaman seems really thematic there.

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