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HP 10/10, AC 10, Fort +1, Ref -1, Will +5, Perception +5


Channel 4/4, Suggestion 1/1

Special Abilities

Darkvision 60, Resist Level Drain


Lawful Neutral






Ancient Osiriani (same as orison when spoken, but different when written)


Karmic Whipping Boy

Strength 14
Dexterity 8
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 16

About Ankh, Bearer of Judgement

Shabti Spirit Warden Life Shaman 1


In truth, he has no name. He was created for a terrible purpose and locked away before he could learn even the first thing about his existence.

He has spent the entirety of his long life sealed within a sarcophagus, listening only to the voices of the dead and dreaming of forgotten gods.

The spirits tell him the living stir in the dead city where he is sealed. The god of his dreams tells him he will soon be released upon the world.

He was never given a name. Only a purpose. First by his creator, then by the gods themselves.

Soon, he will be the very judgement brought down on the one who created him.

Then he will have earned a name.

About Ankh:

Ankh isn't so much a name as it is a description. He bares the image of the ancient symbol of eternal life on his chest from neck to waist. It is what the spirits have called him, so it is what he has come to think of himself as.

Ankh is a Shabti. A spiritual whipping boy created by Pharaoh Hakotep in order to escape judgement. As such, Ankh is immortal. He was created and almost immediately sealed within a sarcophagus for safe keeping. It would not due for the pharaoh's get-out-of-hell-free card to be wandering around in danger of some accident.

At one point the pharaoh's servants cared for the ancient sarcophagus, treating it as a holy relic. In time though, the priests were driven out by raiders and wars as Wati changed hands over and over again, eventually controlled by the current dynasty, who has kept the old ruins sealed for hundreds of years.

In that time, Ankh has sat unmoving and unchanging in his coffin prison, nightly sustained by the power of Anubis. He dined in a Dream Feast at the foot of the scales of the Jackal-God, speaking to the spirits of the dead in his dreams as he ate.

All he knows he has learned from spirits. They taught him to speak and taught him their ways. He has heard many stories of the lives of the ghosts who wander through his tomb. Besides those fragmented stories, Ankh knows nothing of the world outside his sarcophagus.

When he was sealed in his tomb he wore finery. Silks and linens and golden clasps and ornaments. Now the fabrics have rotted away to dust and the gold litters the inside of his tomb. He has long since memorized every part of every one of the trinkets. Now he ignores them.

Recently the spirits speak of the living returning to the tombs. In his dreams, Anubis tells him the will soon be freed. He's looking forward to it.


Ankh looks like a work of art. A sculptor's masterpiece. He was created for the vanity of one who claimed to rule the world and formed in his creator's own image. Unsurprisingly, Ankh is taller, more muscular, and fairer of face than his creator actually was. The vanity of pharaohs is legendary after all.

So Ankh is very beautiful, not that he is aware of that.

He stands a hand higher than most men, with broad shoulders and a lean waist. He grows no hair anywhere. He does not sweat or cry. His fingernails never grow. He is as he was created, perfect and eternal.

His eyes are black and his skin is the color of rich leather. A huge black ankh is emblazoned on his chest and running in rows up and down his entire body are rows of hieroglyphs. The pictographs change daily. He cannot read them and rarely notices.

Init -1

HP: 10

===== Defense =====


AC 10 (-1 dex, +1 natural armor)

CMD 11

+2 Fort (+2 con)
-1 Ref (-1 dex)
+5 Will (+3 wis, +2 class)



BaB +0, CMB +2

=====Traits and Feats=====


Resurrected: You gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against death effects. In addition, you do not die until your hit points drop to a negative amount equal to or lower than your Constitution score + 4. I was assembled from many souls to bear my creator's sins. I was built to resist death. Strange then, that a death god has become my path to justice.

Dangerously Curious: +1 to Use Magic Device and it becomes a class skill.

Selective Channel



4 shaman, +1 favored class

+7 Intimidate (1 rank, +3 cha, +3 class)
...+9 Demoralize (+2 spirit warden)
+4 Perception (1 rank, +3 wis)
+4 Knowledge History (1 rank, +3 class)
...+3 to checks regarding Osirion's history.
+4 Knowledge Local (1 rank, +3 class)
+8 Use Magic Device (1 rank, +3 cha, +3 class, +1 trait)



italics = spirit magic spells

Orisons x3 per day

Detect Magic
Dancing Lights
Arcane Mark

1st- x2 per day +1 spirit magic

Detect Undead
Cure Light Wounds

=====Race Abilities=====


Darkvision: Shabti can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.

Immortal (1 RP): Shabti do not age naturally and cannot die of old age. While some might come into being at age categories other than adulthood, they never leave their original age category. Spells and effects that cause aging affect a shabti as normal.
Immune to Undeath (1 RP): Shabti can't become undead. Spells and abilities that would transform a shabti into an undead creature have no effect.

Resist Level Drain (1 RP): A shabti takes no penalties from energy drain effects, though he can still be killed if he accrues more negative levels than he has Hit Dice. After 24 hours, any negative levels a shabti takes are automatically removed without the need for an additional saving throw.

Past Life Knowledge (2 RP): Shabti remember bits of their past lives. As a result, they treat all Knowledge skills as class skills.

Shattered Soul (–1 RP): Shabti who are killed are exceptionally difficult to return to life. Those who attempt to return a shabti to life using raise dead, resurrection, or similar spells must succeed at a caster level check equal to 10 + the shabti's Hit Dice. If this check fails, the spell fails and the caster can't return the shabti to life for the next 24 hours (though the caster can try again after this period).

Spell-Like Ability (3 RP): Shabti can use suggestion once per day as a spell-like ability, with the caster level equal to the shabti's class level.

=====Class Abilities=====


Unnatural Mien (Ex) At 1st level, the spirit warden's dealings with the spirit world give her an unsettling demeanor. Diplomacy and Handle Animal are not class skills for a spirit warden. Intimidate is added as a class skill, and she gains a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks to demoralize a foe.

Restless Magic (Su) The spirit warden adds the following spells to the list of spells she can cast using spirit magic: detect undead (1st), command undead (2nd), halt undead (3rd), death ward (4th), possess object (5th), undead to death (6th), ethereal jaunt (7th), control undead (8th), foresight (9th).
This ability replaces the spirit magic spells gained from the shaman's spirit.

Life Spirit
Channel (Su): The shaman can channel positive energy like a cleric, using her shaman level as her effective cleric level when determining the amount of damage healed (or dealt to undead) and the DC. The shaman can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + her Charisma modifier.


Ioun Wyrd Sage

Fast Heal 1 (life spirit)





250 gp of ancient gold trinkets and jewelry