Dm Corerue's Wrath of the Righteous! The Worldwound Incursion

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Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

I know once Corerue mentioned something about rerolling once but I don't remember...

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Str 18
Dex 20
Con 10'
Int 10
Wis 7
Cha 16

Elven ranged paladin. Divine Aura makes up for your low wisdom. *shrugs*

reoll is fine, it was offered once before so I won't back out on that now just because the player in question didn't take it.

So you can roll up a second set of stats if you want to.

Will send PM's to Cid and Kieran in the morning, I'm not kicking them from the Campaign but I can't keep holding everything up waiting on them as much as it pains me to.

More posts in the morning once I figure out how to insert the new player quite forcefully into the ongoing battle. ;)

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Alright one more try then.

dice: 1d3 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18
dice: 1d3 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18
dice: 1d10 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
dice: 1d10 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15
dice: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 3, 5) = 16
dice: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 1, 5) = 14
dice: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 2, 4) = 12

Thats... err, well. that's going to be one hell of a paladin if I go that route.
Still unsure if I want Pally, zen archer monk or an inquisitor archer.
But I can put a frame up with that.
Though pally is very attractive at this point.

Remember that for each attribute, roll 4d6, dropping the lowest die. If you rolled less than a 7, re-roll, i.e., 7 is the minimum allowed attribute score. In addition, roll 7 attribute scores and drop the lowest. Assign attribute scores as you will. Alternately, you may employ "epic rules" and roll 1d3+15 for any attribute you choose, BUT for every attribute you roll this way, you must roll one other attribute as 1d10+6. So let's say you're rolling a sorcerer(ess). You would probably want to roll 1d3+15 for your charisma, and then take 1d10+6 for maybe strength or dex, leaving your other attributes as standard rolls.

Any who I am looking forward to your character. The reason I allow a reroll is because i have been stuck with a character that I couldnt do s&*$ with. I relied on mybanimal companion and due to low stats my wild shape forms were weak as hell. I was like a craptastic druid sorceror sicing their raptor on things all the time while I through small fire balls for crud damage...

Two wasted years lol. Too stubborn to quit.

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Don't boot me!!! Posting now! :-)

Lol no one is being booted. Just recruiting so we can keep moving forward. XD

Posts coming later when out new player gets their sheet up. Ty for your continued patience!

In other news putting together and Iobaria adventure. Something I have been interested in for a long time. However interesting enough Iobaria was home to dragonriders. ..

So far I am compiling all the known cannon on the area. The diseases will be a mechanical issue themselves but I have started building individual settlements using the paizo rules.

Large cities ibhave broken down into multiple settlements. Like Orlov is actually a six part city, currently only 3 area's are in use while the rest have been walled off due to degradation and neglect/not being used.

i am building all the rulers with class levels and such while making four different party paths. Some including evil adventurers while the majority are goodly. Centaurs will be a playable race. Along with goblinoids. Skinwalkers and such. All depending on the path the players take.

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Mah, low stats suck and druids need pretty much all of them if you want to take advantage of everything they can do.

I'm unfortunately rather slow writing prose about characters but I have a basic idea forming in my head so and I don't want to hold things up.

Backstory would be a half orc born to the shatter spine clan of belkenzan. She was beautiful and agile absorbing the legends and myths of her people to tell them in song. One of the youngest to attain the bands of apprenticeship, learning the arts of shaman.
The trouble was the initiation ritual following required several acts, most of which she completed with growing apprehension until the on the last rite they unveiled a captured elf, who she was to kill by snapping her neck.
She refuses and releases the prisoner creating enough of a riot to allow the woman to escape.
Due to chances of fate she managed to survive her betrayal, heavily wounded from the chieftan's axe and the shamans mystic flames she leapt into a river in hopes of escape.
Later she woke in a temple, one of sheylen specifically and was welcomed into it even as a stranger. The priest and priestess kind words and willingness to look past her orc heritage lead her to desire to protect such ways of life.
She took up the path of the paladin, there were several years of trials. Long periods of hardship as she strove to understand the worlds ways but she gained acceptance.
On proving her mettle and prowess in the things she would need she journeyed to one of the greatest temple to her goddess to participate in a great ritual.
In such she was given the title of Paladin and given her first duty to sheylen, to aid the warriors of the Kenabres in defending the land and keeping the creatures of the world wound from expanding further.

She would be a half orc, with the Shaman's apprentice and sacred tattoos racial trades.
A paladin of sheylen, using the Redeemer and Oath of vengeance archetypes.
(effectively acting with mercy in all things but bringing swift justice to those who will not change course.)
She wouldn't have the fancy armor/Ax yet, and would likely be festooned with far more things but This would be close to what I imagine her as.
had been planing on making a male but scrolling through fantasy art that particular half-orc struck a chord. The boob armor still annoys me though.

Oh and if you feel like it using a fiat there was an old spell for paladins that let them teleport themselves or other paladins to places they were most needed.
Ah, right. Door to Great Evil was the name, having the Rite for paladins of Sheylen to undergo a use of the spell would let you plant me where ever I am needed most at the time.
Or I could have just traveled to the world wound like a normal person. Up to you.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Desna weeps anothe holier dan thou paladin. Wha did I do ta deserve such a fate dey always be taken everding so serious. I jus don get it.


Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Birth of a Legend:

The sounds of child birth could be heard echoing throughout the slums. A man in tattered rags knelt next to his wife his head bowed in prayer as his wife labors to bring their child into the world. Unable to afford the churches prices or even for nonmagical healing it seemed unlikely mother or child would survive the night.

"I'm not the most faithful of men, but please save my wife and baby..."

His prayers seemingly fell on deaf ears, until he heard a nearly silent whisper.

~She'll die soon and take that frail unborn form with her. What would thou do to save them?~

He stared dumbfounded unable to form any kind of response.

"Who, what are you?"

~Who...or what I am, matters not what does matter is I have the ability to save both your wife and child. If you accept this offer your child will face persecution and will never be accepted by your kind.~

"I..I don't care just don't let them die I'm begging you!"

He pleads with the shadowy voice. After a short pause the voice speaks again.

~so you say so it shall be.~ The sounds of chanting begin to fill the small hovel dark and malicious sounding to the ear with a slight undercurrent of sorrow. The man remains kneeling as tears stream down his face partially in relief, partially in fear of this "savior".

A dark shadow descends over the woman. Seeping into her flesh, the chanting stops and is followed by the sounds of a small child crying. A healthy baby boy with a full head of shockingly white hair and kaleidoscopic eyes with slit pupils.

The next six years pass by uneventfully but with the weight of an unpaid debt always on the father's mind. The small child grows and plays like any other. It was easy to forget he wasn't human until one saw his inhuman eyes or the horns curling around his head.

One night men break into their small home and abduct them. In the unkown depths of Kenabres they begin a unspeakable ritual. He watches in horror as they kill his wife. His knees buckle and he collapses to the cold wet stones.

"Is this the payment for my agreement? What have I done?" He whispers his voice barely a whisper. His eyes dead as they come to take him away, his gaze falls upon the small tiefling staring off into the darkness and yet his eyes glow fully visible.

"Do we die tonight because you were born?" These were the last thoughts of a man whose child was neither his nor anyones. What destiny awaited this small child who would one day go by the moniker "Abyssal Knight Jaeger".

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

sooo.....without further ado [url=] The Adventures of Jaeger, Ethyra, and Friends.[/ur]

I'm going to try and keep up with this as possible if there is anyone I don't have added to it as an editor send me a pm...actually I think everyone except for Movin have access.

I'd like to try and put a loot sheet in here as well. Need to start with our current collect first though.

I'll be checking all that tomorrow bout to go to sleep.

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

Paladins of Shelyn are usually a lot nicer than the average, smite em all pally.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Mon ami, don'cha know dey da worse kind. Always tink dey know what bes fo' ja. Befo ja know dey got chu wonderin right from wrong but not know up from down.

Female Half-Orc Sacred servant/OoV paladin 3 HP39/39 AC15/12/13 CMD:20 CMB+8 Init:+2 Perception:+4, Fort:+11 Ref+12Will+10 Smite:1/1 LOH2/5:1d6+2

Not very good with orc names so it is likely to change, but here is the alias at least.
Half orcs seem to be a rare breed for aliases pics unfortunately.

And yes, followers of sheylen are all sunshine and flowers until that doesnt work.
After all she did seize an ancient weapon of power from her grimdarked brother and without it being said in the lore so far im pretty sure the reason shes kept it is ol' ZK knows he'd be sporting quite a few more piercings were he to try.
Heh, perhaps that could be my overarching mission. A quest of great good to be completed to remove one of the trapped ancient souls from sheylens glaive.

Shadow Lodge

Did someone say Chu~?

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Right, now I need gold.
Starting gold.: 5d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 4, 1, 6) = 17
= 170.
Righty-o. Now to figure out what ranged weapon I should use until the rather hefty investment of a quality bow comes into my reasonable price range.
Hrmm... in addition I might need to find a new character photo as it is highly unlikely Jen here will ever wear armor that heavy.
Well unless something like Celestial Full-plate becomes an option later down the line.
Hrmm... though I guess that would depend heavily on how far up the mythic tree we get as to whether it would be usable.


The name is fine, I tend to pick what fits best and ignore the racial stuff in regards to names~

Also I cannot remember if I had everyone start with full lvl1 gp or roll. At least you roll decently. Anyone want to help me remember? ^^; Anyone?

This campaign is designed to go to lv 20 and Tier 10 on the Mythic table. So i strongly suggest you plan your character out. INclude the campaigntrait and figure out which mythic traits you'll take.

Legendary weapon is just plain awesome. I have a cavalier that can change hers from a Lance to a greatsword as a free action. Fricken awesome!

Also make sure to pick one trait as a campaign trait as the traits tie into the Mythic path your going to take. Read them carefully so you don't get the wrong one. I allow Drawbacks but be prepared I will use them, accidentally and on purpose, against you.

The spell you suggested was one I had planed to use. I even had to glance around to make sure there wasn't a hidden camera in my room.. *Puts away the Ghostwalk book*...




No Rush Movin, once your character is ready we will continue forward. Apologies for the wait everyone but at the moment its a pivotal part of this encounter. Movin is going to be the preverbial trump card I think.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

You did full starting gold. Legendary weapon :) ^_^

Thank you Jaeger.

@Movin Full starting gold. :)


You have to take Legendary once at the first 1-3 tiers and again in the 4-6th tiers. Because having a minor artifact of well... Anything is just awesome!

Also Equestrian PLate is my second favorite item in pathfinder ever!

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Abyssion is definitely becoming a Legendary Weapon.

Speaking of...have you seen the 6 Legendary Weapon a ilities from Rogue Genius Games? I was going to take Enormous and Orichalcum. Large bastard sword able to ignore all material DR yes please.

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*shifty glance*
*slowly puts away his Goggles of GM mindreading*
Best purchase from the back of a cerealbox ever...

Alrighty, give me about 20 minutes and I can have her up and running.

As to legendary weapons I'll select it at 3rd as selecting it earlier means you lose out on abilites far as I can tell.
Also foebiting is terrifying in the hands of a paladin.

Female Half-Orc Sacred servant/OoV paladin 3 HP39/39 AC15/12/13 CMD:20 CMB+8 Init:+2 Perception:+4, Fort:+11 Ref+12Will+10 Smite:1/1 LOH2/5:1d6+2

With the exception of final tinkering with gear (i'll get to it but compiling a laundry list of mundane adventuring items is always a pain)
I'm fairly sure I'm set.

As to guardian, Dunno. Champion is rather enticing with that whole Full attack as a standard action thing they can get at Tier 3.
I could try dual pathing but without me being a melee focused character there isn't much I get from a good number of the guardian abilities.

I mean I very easily could swap dex and Str on Jen and go for mythic power attack/combat reflexes with a glaive.

I may end up doing that later on as I don;t beleive even mythic powers have something for archers to get around the bull crap that is the spell fickle winds.

if you go Guardian, Ranged Disarm is absolutely awesome. :)

Especially when coupled with Rapid Shot (M) and Manyshot (M) >:)

Sounds good, once the kids are in bed I will get some posts up but don't wait up that could be a couple hours...

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I work overnights, this is my daytime.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Sleep? Whats that?

Also our 3 year Halloversary(Anniversary) so posting will be spotty for us tomorrow :).

hehe sounds good, one kid down, one to go... lol

Will have a post up tonight. Sent an Email to Cid to get an update on whats going on and if I need to place them on hiatus for now. We will see. :/

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Congrats on the anniversary. My son's birthday tomorrow.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

The Swordmaster is such an interesting class the only problem is it makes it hard to choose a mythic path. It doesn't follow the traditional stand still and full attack method of most front line classes. Any suggestions? This is the main combat method for the class.

Swordplay (Ex)::
Swordmasters perform advanced techniques known as sword arts. Sword arts must be performed while wearing light or no armor, not using a shield and wielding only a single sword. Each sword art is either an opener, a sequitur or a finisher. Sequiturs must follow a successful opener or sequitur; finishers must follow a successful sequitur. Each successful opener and sequitur establishes a window during which a sequitur or finisher may follow. Unless otherwise stated, sword arts’ progression is specific to a single target - the target of a successful opener is the only valid target of a sequitur, and the target of a successful sequitur is the only valid target of a finisher. When an opener, sequitur or finisher is performed, all windows established by previously performed openers and sequiturs end. A series of sword arts directly or indirectly enabled by the same opener is defined as a compound. Sword art damage is identical to the swordmaster’s normal weapon damage, except that it does not benefit from his Strength bonus or the Power Attack feat and he adds his Dexterity bonus to the damage result. When using a two-handed sword, he adds 1-1/2 times his Dexterity bonus to the damage result. A swordmaster’s Dexterity bonus does not apply to damage results against objects or creatures that are immune to precision damage, even though sword art damage is not precision damage. If the swordmaster has a Strength penalty, half that penalty (rounded down) applies to sword art damage. A swordmaster begins play knowing the sword arts misdirection (opener), incisive strike (sequitur) and deadly arc (finisher).

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So it looks like the Swordmaster PDf is niche enough that I can't find a copy to check out online. Not terribly interested in the class myself having only just recently bought the Advanced Classes guide and the Swashbuckler fulfilling a similar niche.
So I'm just gonna wing this from what I can easily read and what you have posted on your PC's sheet.
Reading the rules on that ability arguably the Piranha Strike feat would still let you stack up some damage. From endzetgeists review of the PDF it sounds like much of the class relies on chaining into finishers.
What with you keeping fiendish sorcerery as a tiefling would I be correct in guessing you will be taking a level in sorcerer somewhere down the line?
If not you could swap it for the ability to always know if things are actually dead or not.

Arguably if our GM is game for it applying trades for full round/stand action equivalents (EX Champions fleet charge tricksters ability of the same name, move +make 1 standard action attack could be traded for an equivalent action sword art? Similar to some GM's rulings on vital strike. If that turns out to be a possibility then Champion's Tier 3 ability to get pounce-ish type thing would be quite good for you.
Beyond that it looks like you will be primarily focusing on single attack rounds with fancy things tacked on.
Perhaps you could take the focus you have in intimidate and roll your character into a Debuff focus?
Intimidation + cruel weapon enchantment would knock a bad guys saves down by 4 points. That would get you some serious points from the casters in our group.
Taking the Trickster route you could pick up Deadly dodge and make up the damage difference by provoking attacks and making them miss. Then you'd get to stab them for their trouble.
Were there a way to get around the 'unarmed strike' bit of either Snake or Panther style I'd say they were absolutely your best options.

Also, bit confused on a piece of your character sheet Jaeger, where did you get the extra feat from? Dodge that is. Cus if there is a hoop I can jump through to pick up another feat I'd love to do so. Paladins are rather feat starved and while archery might end up ridiculously powerful later its quite slow to start.

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

In another game I play a Magus who's always dashing back and forth across the battlefield, more focused on mobility than armor. Champion works really well. Being able to roll twice and thake the better of the two, ignore DR, or even strip the target of Fast Healing, Regeneration and DR are pretty amazing.

Move in, use a strike like that, move on to the next target while your allies now drop the guy whose defenses you destroyed.

Surprisingly there are a lot of good options involving mythic.

I can't wait for Mythic Mania! :D

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

The swordmast is a single opponent class, its not really meant to jump from opponent to opponent. In fact it doesn't even have any ranged options which I plan to fix via intelligent item spells and such. I'm kinda building an idea for mythic abilities most of them are just flavor, like nimble glide. How cool would it be to jump from a tower and land on the ground unharmed? Also Sardonic Wit...because its Jaeger and its what he does.

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*shrug* I plan on being real simple. Stand in one spot, see my enemy and chain gun them until they stop moving.
Now of course in game this would be Jen's last resort as living things can make choices to change their ways while dead things stay dead.
But I also know as a player that WotR involves hordes of demons which Jen would have absolutely no compulsion to have mercy for. Least I think so.
Err.. lets ask before that starts happening.

@Jaeger True, though Boots of the cat can get you a similar effect for minimal investment later on.
If you are looking at trickster abilities I'd also suggest escape master as being able to use your skill ranks in Escape artist in place of your will save on stuff like hold person is very good.

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

For myself I plan on of course going Archmage, and playing up the Celestial Dragon in human form angle starting with Mythic Abilities like Bloodline intensity, Enduring Armor and Energy conversion.

Male human Nerd 2

As it stands I'm looking at a threat tank.
Much of my investments in mythic will be toward making me able to kill more things faster. This will likely mean mooks realize this issue and pile on me after I insta-gib someone. Then while they become focused on preventing me from getting off another full attack you guys will have a lowered number of bad guys to deal with.
Between pally save (don't even have Div grace and saves are still 6,7,5)
and lay on hands I've got the survival aspect covered.

And if they don't deal with me? well gravy, mythic Multi/Rapid shot and the damage increase of paladin stuff means when that happens they don't get to try and kill you guys anyway.

Though I'm really torn on full range option or a thrown weapon build. Thrown weapons are a classic of fiction, so I'd definitely be down with redoing my build to fit with a thrower if I could find a thrown weapon brutal enough to make the investment worth it.
(Well that and fast tracking myself to a belt of mighty hurling.)
Sad fact is Longbows overshadow every other ranged weapon when it coems to required investment and prospective reward. Only other ones that get close are guns, and only when you are running a gunslinger to make them worth it.
Makes me sad they nerfed the hell out of the harpoon in pathfinder. I'll admit the thing was rather crazy in 3.5 but the shenanigans that were had with it were glorious.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

For Jen

Never worry about killing an enemy on accident again.

@Jen Sorry for the wait, your post is up!

Everyone else Waitingon a responce from Cid, no such response from Kieran just yet. Cid wants to stay in the game but is having RL issues that are preventing him from having stable internet.

Kieran is MIA.

Once I get some starting posts up for Jen. Should be done by today or tomorrow at the latest we will get the main action going again.

Apologies for the long wait.

Happy Anniversary to Jaeger and Ethyra! :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

For those of you who sent me PM's will answer them tomorrow, doing research prior to answering.

Iobaria campaign update. During sick baby time got all the known facts compiled into one spot. Lots of copy and paste. Now its a matter of a PLot, and making the adventure so. Its gonna be fun, lots of work but fun!

Female Half-Orc Sacred servant/OoV paladin 3 HP39/39 AC15/12/13 CMD:20 CMB+8 Init:+2 Perception:+4, Fort:+11 Ref+12Will+10 Smite:1/1 LOH2/5:1d6+2

Yeesh, that took way longer than I had anticipated.
My being terrible at writing back story delayed that little response by hours.

@Jaeger I had actually considered that but due to being the Redeemer archetype paladin I can use non-lethal on smite targets.
though if a trait reflavor is possible the Blade of Mercy trait would be really cool for my concept. (typically it is restricted to Sarenrae, but I'd love to take it if its on the table for Sheylen and/or due to my being a redeemer paladin.)
@Corerue: would that trait be cool?

Secondly, don't suppose there would be some trade I could make on Jen'Dalash in order to grab precise shot? Being unable to reliably use my combat focus in the party for at least 2 levels is making me a sad panda.
I know Divine hunter archetype trades heavy armor Prof for it but my archetype choices prevent me from selecting divine hunter.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

If you've ever seen the flaws pdf by purple duck games it allows you to take some kind of negative in exchange for a feat or bonus skill points.

I took:

You are convinced of your own superiority, and more
importantly, of the inferiority of everyone else. You aren’t
necessarily evil or cruel, but tend to be condescending and
sardonic when dealing with those you feel are beneath you.
Penalty: The character’s condescending nature results
in a -2 penalty to all Diplomacy and Perform checks.
Buying Off the Flaw: The character must invest a
total of 2 skill points in Diplomacy and 2 in Sense Motive no
earlier than 4th leve

Its how I got dodge as an extra feat.

Male human Nerd 2

I actually have those PDF's hadn't known we were cool to take one though.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Corerue will allow most goodies as long as its run by him first. Like my Swordmaster though I actually purchased the PDF for him as incentive.


What I liked the class! Alot of the swordarts fit my Dantesque character build. :) There is even an attack that does extra damage if you fell 10 feet before performing the attack. Helmbreaker :)

Male human Nerd 2

Hey I'not knockin' it class looks quite solid as it is. The concept is cool and I will be keeping it in mind for future if one of my players wants a dex based fighter but is unsatisfied by the swashbuckler.
I'm a bit leery about the whole Leveling sword of free loot thing/ Sword that can eat loot and become better thing but thats mostly up the an individual GM to keep in check.
Like most classes it has points that can be broken and weaknesses just like normal. (Looks at Jaegers will save.)

I like flaws, its just unfortunate the amusing ones are completely negated by paladin uber saves.
The uneducated flaw works fairly well for Jen's background, not being at all scholarly. the other ones that are interesting (allergies/insomnia are all something that I would basically be getting something for nothing after I passed level 4-ish.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Hey my will saves not that bad...when facing demons at least.

The devouring blade ability increases at the same rate as a magus' black blade so its not like I can consume every magic item and end up with a +10 equivalent weapon at level 5. Speaking of level 5 a swordmaster gets "swordmaster's intuition" I treat all swords as if it was an intelligent item. So say a sword taken off a demon's body would be one Jaeger would have Abyssion consume essentally destroying the demon taint left on the weapon. Its fluffy amazingness.

Stats: HP 27/27; AC 14, touch 12, Flat Footed 12; CMD 14; Fort +3, Reflex +3, Will +8; Perception +; Initiative +42

What did my rolls find?!?

Also Lasciel...I have a scroll of bane if you want to hit them with fear after I've lowered their saves I'm ok with that.

Still no word from Cid or Kieran as of yet. :/

Will work to get Jen together with the group shortly-ish.

Iobaria continues to move forward fairly well. I guess they had an ingame office game at one point and utilized the Kingmaker AP stuff/mixed with Iobarian ruins and such to give it a Kingmaker: Iobaria feel.

Gives me some great Idea's but I already have some interesting ideas going already~

Using what resources I can but stating up the existing towns is going quicker then I thought. Evernote is a great program as I have it on both laptops and my Galaxy Tab 3 so no matter where I add to the notes its updated on all of them. Which is awesome~

Still trying to figure whether the starting level will be 1st or 3rd. Kinda sick of 1st but work in progress. Looking at resources ike Red Hand of Doom to sway a higher level start. Besides Higher level is more fun for people who like writing and crafting characters. Such as those of you here. ;)



Color Spray
Web Bolt

Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Cure Light Wounds


Added the Disease of Golarion page....

Only 150 to choose from. <.<


Welcome to Iobaria... >:3

3d150 ⇒ (82, 73, 76) = 231

Jaeger gets Syplilus! D:
Ethyra gets Bonechill! D:<
Lasciel gets slimy doom :S

Just Kidding! Wiuldn't be that brutal, I need to sift through them all and make sure they are the type found in an arctic enviroment~

Like I said a lot of work to make this more... Realistic.

Working on Shining sea as well. Will start it again in the next week once I am back at work.

Stats: HP 27/27; AC 14, touch 12, Flat Footed 12; CMD 14; Fort +3, Reflex +3, Will +8; Perception +; Initiative +42

If its ok I would have given both scrolls to Lasciel since I can't use them :)
I'm sure she can come up with a good use for those.

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