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Skyfall - The colonies of the Shining Sea

All characters will start at level 4.

Allowed materials are as followed: any Paizo Product currently printed and any SGG material is fine. I may allow additional books so long as I have them.

So rolling will be as followed:

For each attribute, roll 4d6, dropping the lowest die. If you rolled less than a 7, re-roll, i.e., 7 is the minimum allowed attribute score. In addition, roll 7 attribute scores and drop the lowest. Assign attribute scores as you will. Alternately, you may employ "epic rules" and roll 1d3+15 for any attribute you choose, BUT for every attribute you roll this way, you must roll one other attribute as 1d10+6. So let's say you're rolling a sorcerer(ess). You would probably want to roll 1d3+15 for your charisma, and then take 1d10+6 for maybe strength or dex, leaving your other attributes as standard rolls.

The Demi-human races are long gone, only remnants of Elven, Dwarven, Halfing or other demi-human kind remain. Many left the world through unknown means, tired of Humanities ceaseless violence and war. Once they were gone though much of the worlds highest magics and knowledge faded away, forgotten over time and without it humanity was too weak to stop the coming Armageddon.

A multitude of kingdoms exist but few are so grand as those that rose after the fall of the Bright Empire. The Kingdoms are as followed.

The Imperium of Man / The Imperium - Lawful Neutral

Born from the fires of anarchy and from the betrayal of demi-human allies, the rise of the Imperium was bloody, brutal and without mercy. When the Bright Empire was wracked by war with the hordes of greenskin, the royal family was among the first to be lost in the conflict and with them all stability was lost. Once loyal vassals abandoned the dying Empire, retreating to their holes and watching the empire die from disobedience, civil war and the horde.

That was when the High Inquisitor came, bring the wrath of Abadar and humanity down on the enemies of man. Those who refused to obey were purged by blade and flame. Those who failed to aid humanity were deemed enemies of the Imperium and were subjugated or purged depending on their crimes. Every person who refused to obey, be they general, soldier or craftsman, was judged a traitor of humanity. Leading to immiediately being placed upon the rack and used as an example to those who thought disobedience would go unpunished.

Demi-humans of any kind are tortured and questioned relentlessly before being wracked or executed, most die in prison from malnutrition or their injuries sustained during torture.

The Holy Kingdom of Lyonesse - Lawful Good

An Oligarchy, dedicated to the worship of Lyonesse and upholding her tenants to the highest degree possible. The High Priestess of the religion, the Hand of Lyonesse, is the ruler of this fair and lawful nation and makes sure that the concern of its citzens recieve the utmost attention from the benevolent goddess.

Empire of Qin - Lawful Neutral

Consisting of many clan houses and ruled by an ancient dynasty. Qin is one of the most stable kingdoms of the five super powers, its people are hardy and ruled by strong traditions of honor. Following the code of the bushido, while being protected by some of the finest warriors the world has ever known.

The Nation of Cygnus - Neutral Good

The most technological of the goodly kingdoms and the only one actively engaged in war with Cryx. Cygnus is well known for creating revolutionary advancements as they continue to stave off the machinations of Cryx and their unholy warmachines.

Cygnus is the only democratic nation, with the most advance military the world has ever seen. Their airships are second to none and are on equal terms when engaged with Cryxian Blackships. The only other nation that comes close to matching the resolve, training and discipline of Cygnus's troops is the holy kingdom of Lyonesse.

Cygnus was the first to develop long guns and utilize them with brutal efficiency when they invaded the Cryxian port of Blackwater and reduced it to burning rubble. Ever citizen of Cygnus is reputed to own at least a pistol if not a rifle and are required to serve for five years in the military starting at the age of fifteen. Some make a career of it, others becoming craftsmen and help advance their society with the dedication and discipline they received during their time in the military.

And the Nightmare empire known simply as: Cryx -Lawful Evil

Cryx scouts the nations for corpses, slaves and any knowledge that they can aquire so that they can undermine the lands beyond their broken islands. Cryx is a nation of murderers, cutthroats and pirates that wouldn't hesitate to sell their neighbors or even their own families to the Meat Market for coin. It is a nation that thrives off piracy, smuggling and slave trade as its major industries. But the living do not rule the Nightmare Empire, no, it is a land ruled by the dead.

Torak, the greatest Dracolich ever to exist, rules over the broken isles of Cryx with an admantine claw and beneath him are his twelve Lichlords who carry out his will to the far edges of the known world. Each of his Lichlords were selected for their abilities and professions in their 'mortal' life. Some were great scholars of their time, easily seduced by the temptation of immortality and some were the most blood thirsty of pirates from days long past, who refused to let old age or death stand in their way.

Beneath the Lichlords are the Ironliches and their armies of thralls, necrotechs and servitors who help ensure that the nightmare empire has fresh goods, and corpses, to keep its industries running while advancing the unread warmachine as they plot to conquer the world. Putting every soul under absolute dominance.

Current military state of each kingdom.